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[F] Elephant Anthro Request, 2 Parts*
« on: September 20, 2011, 11:34:06 PM »
While the Strong Still Stand...and Everything Else Falls

There are times and places for everything, and sometimes nothing can be done to avoid a disaster, no matter how much you prepare for it. This story is one of those times. The unfortunate disaster that has destroyed over half of this village could’ve all been avoided…if it wasn’t for one stubborn gentleman that refused to quit. The village helped itself into this mess…the mayor was a greedy fox that was desperate for attention. His village was so close to becoming a town he could hardly stand it. All what he needed was something big. Something popular that would really attract a crowd. What he chose would be the start of an uncontrollable force.

Mayor Turns, a brownish-red fox that was 42-years-old, strong, and incredibly hungry for power and fame waited anxiously to meet the person that would finally bring this dump into a blooming society where he would do things his way. The village had over 300 citizens, mainly dogs, pigs, and felines, and about 10 mice. There were no snakes, no dragons, no deer, and above all, no elephants. That was what the mayor wanted…if an elephant could show that it could live here without any worry, it would prove to the other towns in the forest that THIS was the place to live. For years the other mayors of the forest towns had mocked him, poking at his ego because they knew it irked him so badly that he was on the bottom tier of power. A town is any place that has over 50 buildings and over 500 people. Towns had special privileges so they could connect to the main cities that were far away, but villages couldn’t. Mayor Turns had to rely on sly trickery in order to contact a city, but it would be worth it. He was absolutely sure of it.

About 50 miles away, there was an unusual sight in the forest…a huge limo. It was heading slow, mainly because the driver didn’t want the paintjob to get ruined, but that didn’t matter to the star inside the limo. The limo was huge because the star inside was huge…Veronica. Veronica was a star in over 20 different cities and had risen to glory and fame rather quickly. A young age of only 24, to say she was a big girl was a major understatement. She was REALLY big. At 2 ½ tons, she wasn’t too overweight. She was also stunningly pretty for an elephant. Being overweight didn’t shallow this fact at all, but her attitude did. She had the perfect attitude for a professional model: cocky, a little stubborn, determined, and having that aura around her that she knew what she could do. She wasn’t selfish, but she was willing to do just about anything in order to please her fans, both for herself and for them. She also had a secret…but she took precautions before coming here, so that secret couldn’t possibly show itself.

Sighing in boredom, the youthfulness that rarely was shown on stage or on the modeling platform was revealed to the driver, her best friend Frank the zebra.

“I’m bored. Sigh…why can’t we get there sooner? I don’t even know…” She froze midsentence as one of her worst fears started to appear in the window. Quickly, she closed the window and wrinkled her trunk, making absolutely sure nothing was wrong. Frank laughed.

“Listen Veronica, there’s nothing to worry about. Those nasty flowers won’t go anywhere near you. I’ve talked to the mayor of the town we’re going to and he made absolutely certain that the pollen won’t be within 50 feet of where you’ll be at.” He above all others knew of Veronica’s secret…which in some towns wasn’t so secret.

Veronica had only one thing…ok, maybe 2 things, that made her sneeze. One was feathers, but that wasn’t what she was worried about. She personally orders people to keep any bird away from her at all times. No, what she was worried about was her allergy to pollen. It didn’t seem to matter what pollen that sometimes blew in the wind, if enough pollen tickled her large nostrils, her trunk would rear back and she would release a sneeze. With most non-macro furries, that wouldn’t be a problem. However, to an elephant, a sneeze could be a huge problem…and for Veronica, saying her sneezes was a problem was pitiful. No, her sneezes were chaos and disaster themselves.

When she feels even the slightest sniff start to build up into a sneeze, she rubs her trunk, making it wriggle less and makes it seem like there’s no problem. However, if 10 seconds go by and the rubbing doesn’t work, her trunk will visibly start to shake. When she wasn’t famous, this caused no problems at all. She lived where many flowers would tickle her sensitive trunk constantly, and her sneezes, even though they were just as powerful, never were held back, so the wind that was generated from her sneezes back then were tiny compared to what she does now that she’s famous.

Holding back a sneeze is something no large animal should do, especially whales, some sharks, any macro larger than 20-feet tall, and elephants. Veronica’s parents weren’t…smart. They taught her to hold her sneezes in no matter what if she was in the presence of any animal other than elephants. This was the root of the problem, but the results of the problem are much more dramatic.

During Veronica’s 13th model stop in a tiny town of only 550 people, a daisy flower blew in from nearby and while she was taking a deep breath of satisfaction, listening to the crowd cheer as she did her thing, the flower got sucked inside her right nostril. Having such large nostrils most of the time isn’t a bad thing. It made breathing a lot easier for her to do, and it also was a heck more attractive to breath through her trunk rather than constantly have her mouth open to breath through. Having these natural traits though made the daisy get sucked right inside her trunk, and that’s when the first disaster started.

For the first 3 seconds, she only paused, shrugged, and then continued on with her performance, listening to the crowd cheer. As she moved to her left, the flower inside her nose moved along with her, and when she waved her trunk to the crowd, the flower broke apart into tiny pieces, the pollen trapped in the flower was scattered all throughout her trunk. All of this took less than 10 seconds in order to happen. It was then the crowd realized something was wrong.

Veronica was still waving her trunk around, but the people watching her could see the sneezy look in her eyes and the wriggling of the trunk while it waved around alerted people to her situation. Unfortunately for the people in the town, they decided to stick around, stupidly thinking this was somehow part of her show. Veronica gasped as she saw what the people were doing, and she tried to warn them to get away. In taking a breath to try and speak, she made the tickle in her nose intensify tenfold.

“What are you people do…ooo…ah…aaahhh…” This lasted a full 20 seconds of her having larger and longer hitched breaths. The trees in front of her trunk swayed toward her with every intake of breath she had, and Frank was the only person that wasn’t frozen, and if he didn’t yell out an order to get down, the sneezy fit that followed could’ve killed some of the audience. While everyone got low to the ground, their heads facedown, Veronica was still holding her sneeze back. She had been fighting this tickle now for over 45 seconds, her eyes tearing up, but she knew she couldn’t hold the sneezes back any longer.


Each sneeze blew a cannon of wind that was strong enough to collapse the houses nearby the stage she was on. Still she felt sneezy, and while her trunk once again wrinkled up and she started to hold back the sneezes yet again, the people finally understood to start to run away. Panic was in the air as screaming citizens ran for their lives as Veronica held back these sneezes even longer than the ones before, knowing she had to let her fans escape from her own sneezes.

The longer any large animal holds back a sneeze, the stronger it becomes, and Veronica’s trunk followed that rule of sneezing perfectly. The huge sneezes that followed were louder, more powerful, and more damaging than her previous 3 sneezes from before. She sneezed 5 more times before the daisy was completely out of her trunk, but when she opened her eyes to view the damage her sneezes had caused, she couldn’t believe it.

Over 20 houses were obliterated from her sneezes. She’d only sneezed 8 times, but the wind that was produced from these sneezes was so powerful it destroyed 2 houses at a time. Thankfully, no one was hurt, so this didn’t appear on the news. No major city cared about a little small town. If word had gotten out…she shuddered at the thought of it.

She had gone back to small towns before, just so she would feel better about destroying over half of the one she visited before, and for the most part, every time was fine. One thing she loved about main cities was that there were no wildflowers, but in the towns, there were. Every time since that first disaster, she brought allergy medication. During her last visit to another small town, she discovered that the allergy medication does have its limits…she shuddered at that memory too.

Frank sighed, and then focused back on the road in front of him, speeding up a little bit. He too was there at their last town stop…and he felt like a fool for allowing Veronica to step foot outside the limo. Their last stop was to a large town called Ginger Town, and it had over 1000 people living in it. The only thing that kept it from being a full-fledged city was the fact that there was no Mayor and no main business that set itself there. Also, the houses were so different from everywhere else that people thought ancient people lived here. Both Frank and Veronica this would be a simple celebrity trip that wouldn’t go without any problems…boy they were wrong.

Ginger Town, unknown to them, was previously named Flora Town. If it hadn’t been changed, Frank would’ve personally stopped this stop. Flora Town was well known in most of this part of the country for being a haven for the rarest wildflowers in the whole world. This spelled serious trouble for Veronica’s allergy to pollen. Even with the medication working at its full capacity, it was no match for the hundreds of different wildflowers that grew there. Veronica couldn’t even make it 2 minutes.

She was performing and showing off, just like she always did, and she was secretly glancing all around her. The flowers were everywhere, and she was praying the whole time she performed. She took a quick bow in the middle of her performance and her trunk went close to the platform she was standing on…and it went crazy.

Right under the platform was around 50 types of the rare wildflowers, and while she was performing, her mind was too distracted to notice anything wrong. When she bowed, her trunk brushed against a huge cloud of pollen that had formed while she was moving around. She didn’t even sniff, the pollen was just so thick that only that swift movement of her trunk scooped up the pollen like a sponge…and that’s when Veronica felt the tickle.

Looking frantically around, she no longer focused on her performance and looked at the stage around her. Everywhere she looked, there was pollen. Her weight had caused the platform to slightly move with every step she took, making more and more pollen scatter all around the platform. Instantly the wriggling happened, and unlike the previous crowd, this crowd wasn’t standing around. Instead, they were doing something that shocked Veronica. One of the popular citizens cried out “SAVE THE FLOWERS!!!”

In a frenzy, while Veronica was fighting the sneeze before her first hitched breath, the citizens rushed all around what seemed to be everywhere, digging out the rare flowers and then running to safety. One incredibly small child, a duck, was thumping up to Veronica, a rage clearly shown on his face.

“You big stupid head! Look at what you caused! Now mommy is crying and it’s all your fault. TAKE THIS!” He may have been small, but he could still fly…and he was stupid. He flew right at Veronica’s quivering trunk and slapped it constantly with his wings, feathers brushing against the moist pink nostrils and causing them to flare up. Thinking his plan to make this stranger leave his home was working, he continued to slap his wings on the long trunk, making each second agonizing for Veronica. She was crying, sneezy tears falling down her face as she couldn’t hold back her building hitched breaths any more.


The small duck continued to swipe his wings at the trunk, making it wriggle faster and her nostrils to flare up even more.


The mother of this child, finally seeing what her son was doing, shrieked and frantically flew up to her son, stealing him away just as Veronica’s tickle in her nose reached its critical point.


With those incredible 2 sneezes, she managed to get rid of a lot of her irritation in her trunk, but the kid’s slaps had caused her trunk to still think that it was being swiped at, even though the kid was gone. Looking cross-eyed at her trunk, she saw loose feathers brushing against her trunk, creating this sneezy feeling. The citizens watched in horror as more sneezes exploded from her, the last sneeze causing her whole body to recoil backwards and she fell off the platform. The damage…well, it was really bad. Over 50 houses were destroyed because they were made from grass and mud instead of the logs that were used almost everywhere else.

With that, both of them shuddered. Frank mentioned something about the weather, but Veronica didn't care. This will be my last time going to a town to show my stuff. After this, no more. I can't stand not knowing if I'll create mayhem every time I come out here to the middle of nowhere! Oh well, nothing will happen now. Frank took care of everything. This shouldn't be a problem at all. And with that, they arrived at the village of Mayor Turns.
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Re: Elephant Anthro Request 2! (F+Anthro+Story)
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2011, 08:36:27 PM »
You write so many stories... I am impressed.
Life keeps me busy, I am rarely around here anymore, but pop in on occasion.
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Re: Elephant Anthro Request 2! (F+Anthro+Story)
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2011, 03:08:55 AM »
Mayor Turns was about ready to turn into a bomb. Where was this so called famous celebrity? IF SHE DOESN’T SHOW UP IN THE NEXT 2 MINUTES I’LL…finally. Here is a car coming. The mayor straightened his suit and stepped out in the middle of the road, thinking this was the celebrity. Unfortunately for him, this wasn’t the person he was waiting for. He had to use his fox reflexes to dodge the car that was honking at him. Just when the mayor was about to flip his lid, the long limo appeared in his view. He didn’t realize his suit was all dirty, but even if he did notice, it wouldn’t have changed anything. He was desperate for this celebrity to show up, no matter what he looked like.

Just as he was about to move towards the perfect spot to meet the people inside the limo, a small tug appeared on his bottom part of his pants. Looking down, he saw Gregory Finch, a foot-tall mouse that had an extreme reputation for being the utmost gentleman. Normally…he did this too well. He wasn’t rude, but he would always, no matter how small, point out other people’s flaws in their manners. People got to the point where they hated his absolute overly mannered outlook on life. He was a ladies man too, which only infuriated the men here in this village more. Women loved him, but kids and men absolutely hated his guts. Gregory was the tutor for every child in the village, and he ordered perfect manners from every one of them. Until they were 18, the kids in the village had to deal with who they called ‘Mr. I know everything and you should be just like me’ teacher.

Frank parked the limo while the mayor and the mouse were talking. “Hey, Veronica, looks like they’re planning something. Hopefully it isn’t like the surprise gift Vas Legas gave you.” Veronica chuckled as she remembered that unfortunate surprise. Having a real life jack-in-the-box, with a fanatic named Jack really inside, as a surprise gift wasn’t what she called a pleasant memory.

Meanwhile, the mayor was nodding his head. “Of course we should greet this person right! Who do you think I am, a slob? Just go and give her something right after her performance. We need to make her performance go uninterrupted. Just go find SOMETHING…ahem…and get out of my way. I need to introduce myself. Buzz off now Gregory. We have only 15 minutes until she does whatever she’s going to do.”

Gregory, with a glare in his eyes, walked off. It was a gentleman’s rule that you never act haughty when someone makes you mad, or to mutter under your breath in public, so he did neither of those things. What he did do was tear his tiny claws into the grass when he was all alone with no one around to see. He absolutely hated the mayor’s attitude towards him, but that’s just how the mayor was like. Collecting himself, he looked around. What would a lady celebrity like as a gift? Seeing the perfect thing, he went over to “it” and gathered “it” up.

Veronica looked around in happiness. Yes, there were flowers, but they were far away from the platform and unlike before, there wasn’t a breeze in the air at all. Taking a deep sniff with her trunk as a test, the small blades of grass nearly got sucked up out of the ground around where she was sucking. Frank put his stripped arm around the mayor’s shoulder and had a small talk.

“Look, uh…Mayor Turns…what do you think you’re playing at? I know this isn’t a town. You are lucky I don’t report this to the city councils I work for.” Mayor Turns looked nervous at first, and then he smiled cockily.

“Yes, but you can’t do anything about it now. According to laws in this celebrity’s contract, you HAVE to perform once you enter a city’s borders, no matter how small. This includes even a village like this one. Report me, and I’ll report you.”

Frank, his black and white stripes on his face turning red, was really tempted to punch this slick mayor right in the muzzle, but Veronica started to walk to the stage platform. Frank lost his anger and sighed. “You got lucky Mayor Turns. Veronica’s my best friend, so I won’t ruin this for her, but don’t think for a second this is for you. I’ve met people just like you before, thinking they can slink their way into a higher role, but don’t think for a second this will help you.” With that, Frank stormed to the back of the platform, making absolutely sure everything was going fine. The Mayor breathed a long breath of relief.

Heh…you have no idea how wrong you are zebra boy. This will push me higher up in the rankings faster than any major business would ever do. As soon as I publish that this small village had a celebrity perform here, the population here will at least double in size, making this a full fledged town and I’ll be on the way to greatness. Hurry up elephant. I can’t wait for this to be over and done with so that I can take the glory of your pathetic popularity.

Veronica did the same old routine for the next 15 minutes. Matter of fact, she felt so good that she did it for 5 minutes overtime, just to feel the rush of doing something like this. With no flowers torturing her allergies, and with no feathers from crazy birds in the audience coming anywhere near her trunk, she had been happier than she could remember. She didn’t even care that this crowd was so small compared to the crowds she normally had. As soon as she took that bow that signaled she was finished with her performance, everything turned horribly wrong.

“Thank you. Thank you! You’ve all been very kind to me here today.” Veronica waved at the crowd with her trunk and smiled a huge smile. Bowing her huge head low, her huge ears picked up a single voice from right behind her…and that voice wasn’t Frank.

“Marvelous performance my dear. Marvelous indeed! Here, have this as my parting gift for a lady that has given us such a stirring show.” She naturally blushed, but a split second later, she realized something was wrong. There shouldn’t have been anyone right behind her. She was still on stage! Turning around, she took a large deep breath in fear as a mouse was standing only 2 feet behind her. She was nervous around mice, but that wasn’t what she was horrified at. It was what he was holding.

The mouse was holding a dozen of the biggest roses she had ever seen in her life. There were 3 different colored roses, but it didn’t matter to her. All of them held a horribly dense amount of pollen, and that large breath of fear unfortunately sucked up a lot of pollen from those huge roses. Frank, noticing something was not right, stared in horror as he too saw the mouse…but it was too late. The damage had already been done.

Veronica’s trunk gave a small shudder, then started to shiver slightly, and then a huge wriggle started from her flaring nostrils all the way to the top of her trunk. She turned around and hoped this would at least lessen the burning itch in her nose, but it seemed to make things worse. Her trunk was wriggling more and more, and now the crowd could see it happening.

One hyperactive golden-retriever kid, only 12, sounded the alarm. “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! IT’S AN ELEPHANT SNEEZE!!!!”
The panic that followed was quick and swift. People crashed into each other, screams were heard everywhere, many people ran straight out of the big village, and some just flat out fainted right where they were. The mayor, realizing what was happening, shook with selfish horror. Everything he was working towards, all of his dreams, were soon about to be ruined by the very thing that was suppose to bring him success!

The mayor and 5 other random citizens stood in front of the sneezy elephant and begged her to stop, to do anything, ANYTHING, but sneeze. Veronica tried her best, grasping her wriggling trunk with her large hands and squeezed as hard as she could. This actually seemed to be working. Her wriggling wasn’t as severe, the itch in her nose lessened, and even though her eyes were watering more in pain rather than sneezy tears, the attempt really did work. Unfortunately, all what Gregory saw was a lady that needed help.

“Don’t worry my dear. I’ll save you from this infernal tickle! Let me help you ease the itch. It isn’t right for a woman to fight something like this all by herself!” Stepping forward, he tripped on one of the roses that had caused all of this and fell face first into the roses. Quickly recovering, he started to climb the elephant’s back and reached the top of her head in a matter of only 30 seconds.

“YOU IDIOT! STOP!” To everyone’s surprise, Frank was yelling that. Veronica let go of her trunk and turned her large head towards her best friend, wondering what was wrong. This movement made the mouse slip and fall…and he grabbed the very end of Veronica’s trunk.

Veronica, not realizing how bad this situation was, kindly asked what the mouse was doing. The sneezy tickle in her trunk was almost completely gone now, and although she still had hitched breaths, they were starting to die down. The mouse swung up around her twitching nostrils and started to rub right above them.

“I’m going to make this tickle go away my dear. Leave everything to me.” He continued to rub and massage the trunk where he was standing on, not realizing that the pollen that was covering his whole body was shaking off of his fur and resting all around the trunk where he was…and Veronica took a sniff and was about to say a grateful thanks…and then the pollen made the itch in her trunk come back full force.

“Ha…haaaa…” Veronica’s trunk had gone from ‘relieved nose’ to ‘this sneeze is imminent’. The strong hitched breaths made even the smallest blade of grass sway, not to mention the citizen’s fur that was in front of her, and Frank knew this situation had gone from really bad to downright awful.

“Everyone get down!” Everyone but the mayor did, the terror changing into rage. This girl was going to destroy everything he had planned! Croutching down, he suddenly charged at the elephant, having a crazy look in his eye and his teeth bared. The mouse, who was STILL rubbing her trunk, now just barely noticed the danger he was in. What alerted him was that now every time he shifted his hands to somewhere else, the trunk underneath him would visibly shake from the irritation he was causing. Jumping off, he noticed how blind he had been. He had been completely oblivious to the wriggling of Veronica’s trunk, even though the trunk was swishing all over the place. Veronica knew she was going to sneeze…and this one was going to be huge.


This one sneeze sent the charging mayor flying back, the cannon of air shooting out of her trunk hitting him square in the chest. He barreled into a house that was luckily made of wood instead of bricks. The mayor, the lucky jerk, was only knocked out. Veronica, her trunk now completely out of control, was sneezing in random directions. The trunk now was controlling where she faced, not her mind, and she willingly allowed herself to sneeze. This tickle was killing her! Every inch of thought she had was to get this itch out of her nose!


This happened a good four more times, each time her whole body swelled up to the point where her dress she was wearing could hardly take it, but it held. Elephant cloths were well known for being made with the toughest fabric in the world because of how big a normal elephant could get. This resulted in 15 more incredibly strong sneezes. Everywhere within 5 miles of this place felt the rumble of the force of the sneezes she sneezed.

At long last, the entire itch disappeared from her trunk. She saw a few mischievous specks of pollen, still on the outside of her trunk from where the mouse was standing on, but she quickly brushed them off before she sniffed them inside her sensitive trunk. Taking a deep sniff, she headed back to the limo, fighting the urge to burst out crying. This was supposed to be her last visit to a town. How could something like this happen? As soon as she closed the limo door, she burst out into tears, nearly filling up the space where she was sitting at with the water from her tears. She opened the door, letting the rush of water flood out of the limo.

Frank sighed. He knew Veronica would not take this to be her last trip to a town…but this had been, by far, the worst trip either of them had gone on. Her 19 or 20 sneezes had destroyed over 30 of the buildings here in the village, and 10 of those were made from bricks! Sure, they were stupidly built brick buildings, but still, this proved to Frank that Veronica’s sneezes were becoming stronger. She definitely needed to talk to an allergist about this.

Walking over to the limo, getting his keys out and about to drive away from this village, Gregory tugged at his pants.

“I…I don’t know what to say.”

Both of them sighed, knowing that this would haunt them for a long time. Getting back inside the limo and driving off, Frank headed back to the city where both of them lived, knowing that this would stick with them for a very long time

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Re: [F] Elephant Anthro Request, 2 Parts*
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2023, 10:48:31 AM »
surprised no one's commented on the second part x3 this was an entertaining one