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[Rules] Attachments and other rules for 'Art, Art, Art!'
« on: June 20, 2008, 08:57:34 AM »
(To Be Updated.)

Rules and Etiquette

Just a note that on this board, you are allowed to upload images when you post. We would love to see your art and writing. A few things to note:

1. If an image contains adult content, please mark the topic as such.

2. Do not harass artists for art. PMs are reportable and any harassment found will be strongly punished. Unless an artist is openly asking for ideas or suggestions, do not bother them with requests.

3. Do not upload BMP files. Please convert your images to JPG before uploading (GIF/SWF for animations). In addition, please restrict the width and height of the image as much as possible. Image size should be no larger than 1200 for both dimensions, unless consisting of multiple combined images in which the smaller of the two dimensions should not exceed 1200.

4. Flash files (SWF) are welcome.

5. For this board, posting content that you have not created IS ALLOWED. However, please be sure to credit the artist when doing so, so that the image may be sourced. A gallery link in addition to the upload is preferred.

6. Low quality art, such as that made in MSPaint, is not allowed. While it is not expected for an artist to be an expert to share their works, a certain level of quality is expected when posting artwork at this website. It is suggested that an artist spend time refining their ability before attempting to create sexual or fetish images. Thank you for your understanding.
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