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[Guide] Gallery Guide - Rating and Commenting
« on: July 22, 2013, 12:22:34 PM »
This guide is to help make it more obvious how to actually view, vote, and comment on images in the Media gallery. :) SO! Welcome to the first installment of the Media Gallery guide. If anyone has suggestions on other things we need picture-guides for, I think I've got a pretty decent grasp of how to put one together. Just let me know what about!

First, from wherever you're choosing to browse, you'll see an image panel like the one below. Click the title of the image and you'll be taken to a super secret (NOT MY FAULT! XD) section with some extra image information!

Once here you'll notice a few things. Tags, a voting box, and way down at the bottom, acting all secretive and sneaky, a section that will allow you to comment directly about the image! :D (PLEASE DO!!!)

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