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[Guide] "Where are all of the stories?!?"
« on: July 05, 2014, 08:40:47 AM »
Things look empty around here, but we have tons and tons of content! Stuff's always getting shuffled around a bit, but here's where you're likely to find stories.

1. Media Archive -;sa=album;in=14
The Media Archive has some of our oldest stories, but with some luck and help from the community, more can be potentially added into the archive. Contact me if you have a high attention to detail and the time to help. Most stories here also have an 'Archived Topic' link, which will point you to where the story was first posted. NOTE: You can comment on the stories found here, as well as rate them.

2. Archived Stories / Roleplays - /
These forums contain the topics mentioned above. There may also be a story/roleplay or two that IS NOT a part of the Media Archive. Such stories will be marked with the tag of "Non-Archived". Generally this is due to a lack of proper source, or a format that doesn't work well being stored in the Media Archive.

3. Unarchived Stories / Roleplays - /
These forums contain unarchived stories or roleplays from the last half-dozen years. The stories found here are NOT located in the Media Archive, but hopefully will eventually be cleaned up and transferred into it. In the mean time, you're encouraged to leave comments on any story there if you like it. :) NOTE: You cannot create new topics here. As such, new contributions are made in this central Writing forum.

4. Writer's Den -
The central writing area is where you should post contributions and discoveries regarding furry / animal-based sneeze-writing. From here, it will eventually be sorted into one of the other sections, with the exception of certain threads.

5. Other Sections - /
The first section is called Looking for Roleplay and if you want to find an RP-partner, you'll want to post or browse there. State what you're looking for when you post. The other section is rather underused but we always encourage people to try, and involves public forum-driven roleplays. These can consist of any sort of format, the section is simply meant to give a home to whatever fun experiments are run.
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