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Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon)
« on: November 02, 2017, 08:48:05 PM »
(Hi there!!! Soooo this is my first post... story--- *new to this* and well here's a first furry perspective---(bear)--- ummm-- so I hope you enjoy this and bare (pun intended) with me-- I'm still figuring out the parameters of dabbling in furries--- anyway-- on with the story)

I shivered in the darkness of the cave I'd managed to find.
"'It's a lovely day. You should go out and get some fresh air,'" I huffed. "That is the last time I listen to Leo. I'm going to die out here and I'm going to go back and haunt him," my vow for revenge made me smile, I had to look forward to something as I plopped my bottom down on the cave's chilly floor.

As minutes turned to hours, the storm raged on. My eyes grew heavier and heavier.

"I'll just close my eyes for a minute," I murmured as I began curling up into a ball.
"Just until the storm ends... And then I'll have the energy I'll need to hike back out of this nightmare."
With that resolve, I fell instantly asleep, and only the occasional crack of thunder roused me enough to still see the downpour of rain outside the cave's entrance.

Water cascaded down upon me and I grumbled as worry began to seep into my bones, "The cave's flooding..." Blinking my eyes several times to clear the grogginess.

The dragon at the cave's entrance opened his wings to get rid of the wetness on them. Sending water everywhere. And on my own 'finally' dry fur. I would've scolded him but some part of my brain kept my mouth shut for fear of being eaten. At least some part of me was intelligent enough for survival. So I watched in silent horror as the dragon lowered himself to the floor, nearly sealing up the cave with his size.
"Rats," I murmured under my breath. I nearly cursed as I saw the dragons head turn directly towards me. I'd caught his attention.

I could see him looking in my direction. But the glimmer of confusion I could just make out in the shine of his eye told me he hadn't spotted me.
I refrained from curling even further into myself. Not wanting to risk any movement and draw attention.
With the shadows helping me, and the dirt floor, my brown fur and plumpness surely were concealing my presence.
I must've looked like just another boulder littering the floor.
Through cracked eyes I watched the dragon rub his snout along the floor. I bit my cheeks to keep from laughing at how cute he looked. Especially when he raised it back up with a near satisfied look and a dirty snout.
The satisfaction didn't last long as wrinkles formed as he scrunched his snout, nostrils flaring wide.


Ooooh how I badly I had the urge to get up and run. The only things that I knew for sure about dragons were that they breathed fire, consumed anything smaller then them, and that they were ruthless. Sweat began to coat me with the former issue. But there was nowhere to go. My exit was sealed by a dragon and the back of the cave was a dead end, but at least that would give me some distance.
Yet, before I could move once I'd decided to make a go for it, I felt something massive and wet pressed up against my stomach and side.


That was it. I was done for. The sudden blast of heat against me made that clear. Well at least I wouldn't have to work off my hibernation weight ever again I mused. There was a silver lining after-all to being dead. With what remaining consciousness I had left I looked down, expecting to see nothing. No more legs, no more belly.

As the dragon removed his snout from where it pressed into me, I could see my stomach was still there and so were my legs and feet. What else was there made me wish I hadn't looked. Globs of faintly green goo marred my fur. The sounds of snuffling caught my attention, looking over to see the dragon's head was rearing back, I closed my eyes, preparing to be used as a tissue again.

Then the cavern was filled with the sound of a tired yawn which had interrupted the shaky inhales and exhales.

Opening my eyes again I looked out to see the dragon settle down, resting his head that was just about the size of me, only bigger, down. Tail coming around to wrap around him like a cat to keep his warmth.

I didn't have to wait long for the quick, shallow breaths to become slower and longer as the giant beast fell into a deep slumber.
As soon as I was sure the dragon wouldn't wake up with only little noises. I kept my eyes on the dragon's as I started to get up. Every little scrape of my claw, or the shift of a dirt I made as I rose had me freezing with worry of waking him.
When I finally made it onto all fours I slowly started towards the left wall of the cave. There was no gap between the wall and the giant reptile.
Refusing to let this hinder me, I began my baby steps in front of the sleeping dragon as I crossed the cave to the other wall.
Annnnnd it was blocked.

Sitting back in my haunches, I was just about to give up when a crack of light caught my attention. There was a gap between the ceiling and the back of the dragon.
That was my way out.
The only downside... I would have to climb along the dragon to get to it.
I paced about the cave as I looked for any other option but when I couldn't find a magic door leading out I turned back to look at the closed eyes.
He hadn't moved an inch.

Sighing through my snout I slowly approached the dragon. Placing my paw on his leg. When the dragon didn't move I took this as a good sign and began climbing up him. Stepping up onto his foot, I dug my claws gently into the groves of his scales along his belly.
With no signs of waking him, still, I continued up.
I was almost to the top. My nightmare, over. But the ground beneath me shifted, and I tumbled backwards. A groan slipped passed my lips when I landed on my rump.  I reached back to rub it. Snarling, not coming from me, gave me pause.
Looking up, the dragon was wide awake and fully aware that I was the one who must've disturbed his peace.

Long, pointy teeth greeted me as lips curled back to display them.
I closed my eyes. Just because I was going to get eaten, didn't mean I wanted to see how it happened.


Warm air blasted through my thick fur as droplets seeped in.
I clawed at my face and eyes.
"Ewwwww," I moaned. Before flinging the remnants to the side as I shook my paws out.
Well I wasn't dead, yet. But I was covered in snot. And I couldn't help but selfishly want the former.
A frown tugged my lips down as I looked up at the dragon.
"Cover your sneeze next time," I growled.
After my last word, it dawned on me that I was out matched and acting unbelievably idiotic if I wanted to have a chance of surviving this encounter so I could go home and maul Leo, I had to shut my trap.

As the dragon lowered it's head towards me I shuffled back as quick as I could. As my back came up against a wall, halting my clever escape attempt, the dragon that has been following me rested his head down on the ground before me.
I didn't move.
The silence seemed to stretch between us as I coward bravely in fear, and he looked at me with wanting eyes and frequent sniffles.
His snout was massive. Bigger then me. I had to look up to see the top from where I sat and I was positive if I were to stand up next to the full height of his nose I would still be a bit shorter.
A huff of air from his nostrils broke up my musings.
"Don't eat me..." I breathed, putting my paw up before my face to shield myself as I looked away with closed eyes.
"Huh?" I breathed when I felt warm scales being pressed up against me.
Looking back the bridge of scales between the two leaking nostrils were beneath my claws.

"I--III---IhhhHh--Itchy," came the dragon's gravely voice.

Pulling my arm back, "You have claws..." Looking down to the massive claws that pierced the rock below the dragon, I gulped.

The dragon belly crawled closer to me. Those claws coming uncomfortably closer.


"I can see that," I growled.
And that's when it dawned on me.

Slowly I stretched my clawed paw out and placed it back on the awaiting snout. Raking my claws down the soft scales.
My fur blasted back as the dragon let out a sigh of bliss and closed his eyes.
Taking this as a good sign to continue I brought my other paw over to begin scratching.
The scales here were much softer and smoother then the scales I'd climbed on his leg and back.

The dragon's back foot began to thump on the ground. The earth quaked below me, making me bounce a bit.

I'd hit a good spot I smiled.


I stopped when the mouth, mere inches from me opened as he hitched.

"D-D--HhH--Do--UuHh--Don't s-ssss-stop," the deep voice begged.

I chewed my lip with my hesitance, but began scratching him again. His back leg started back up to thump the ground as I scratched along the red rimmed nostrils. Grimacing as I touched the wetness that oozed out of the deep caverns.


"A-Are you alright?" I asked as I slowed my movements.


"Mmmm..." I rumbled unsure.


I was already pressed up against the cave wall, and yet the sneeze somehow found a way to press me even further into it.


My eyes instinctively squeezed shut while my lips puckered just as tightly as a wave of wetness and wind.
When the calm came I opened my eyes to see I was covered in green globules that dripped.

"HeihhhhH--- ehhHHH---"

I hurried to put my arms up before me to shield myself (like it would do any good now).


When the last unsatisfied exhale ended I lowered my arms.
The red rimmed and flaring nostrils were trembling with anticipation. But that seem to be it.

"S-S--SSSS-tuck," he rumbled. "H--HEh--He--EhH--lp--HHhH!!"

I didn't want to... but how do you tell something that's mightier then you 'no.'
Slipping my right paw in to the nostril before me, I gingerly scrapped my claws against the sensitive inner walls. Just wanting to help push the sneeze the rest of the way out, not injure him.


His panting came on quickly. Too quick for me to prepare.


If there had been any part of me that had been dry before, it was gone now.
Sighing as I retracted my paw to wipe at my face, "Bless you," I finally finished.

With a thick sniffle and a lazy smile the dragon shifted to lay on his side, pulling me along until I was pressed up against his warm belly.
It was nice. Very nice. Toasty even. My eyes grew heavy despite knowing I could be in danger. The sound of rain pattering on the forest floor told me I could go freeze my nubby tail off or I could take the warm invitation.

Burrowing in against the massive stomach of the large reptile, I laid my once again heavy head on my paws. The long reptilian tail slid up to circle me in as he settled in again.
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Re: Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon)
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2017, 10:31:49 PM »
Very cute story!

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Re: Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon)
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2017, 12:56:34 AM »
Oh this presses some good buttons, ha ha. Goodness. This is great! I love the little bits of humor sprinkled in.

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Re: Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon)
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2017, 05:49:23 PM »
Aww! I love this! Sooooi good

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Re: Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon)
« Reply #4 on: November 04, 2017, 05:45:00 AM »
Very nice story! Especially that very last part, reaching inside to tease and tickle the delicate inner walls of that big dragon's nostril~
Coochie coo, you'll sneeze soon~

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Re: Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon)
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2017, 04:22:05 PM »
This was really good! Even though I am not into mess and stuff, you wrote this incredibly well! Great job! Would love to see more work from you :)

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Re: Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon)
« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2017, 09:52:41 PM »
I like how descriptive this story was. Nice job.

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Re: Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon) pt.2
« Reply #7 on: January 31, 2018, 03:56:03 PM »

(Thanks!!!! I'm mega glad you enjoyed these two!!! Here's a bit more of their saga---)


Even while digging my claws into the ground, with each thunderous gasp I was pulled back. "Four, three..." I counted backwards from ten, "two, o--"


The ground shuddered beneath me. Sighing heavily, I folded my ears back just in time before I felt the massive rain-like release fall upon me. Again.
Gritting my teeth I whirled around.
"Stop following me!" I growled furiously.

When I'd awoken and noticed that the rain was no longer falling, I'd managed to get the dragon to move his hindquarters that blocked my exit to the cave and had set out to head home.
Much to my surprise and then sobering annoyance, the gargantuan reptile began following me. I allowed it for sometime, thinking perhaps he was just going in the same direction as me. So I decided to walk in a circle and when I still had a tail, other then my little nubby one attached to me, I knew I was being followed.
Turning to sit on my haunches, "Go back to the cave," I said as I pointed back in the direction we'd come.
The dragon cocked his head and appeared to take what I'd said under advisement.

Satisfied that he was considering, I turned and began moving again.
When the ground shuddered beneath me, I relaxed, thinking he'd decided and turned around.
But when I felt another sneeze pull at me and then coat me, I knew he was still right with me.
I paused to shake out my fur.
Cutting a glare at the beast over my shoulder, he had the audacity to be looking jovially at me, tail wagging in the air.
"How many times do I have to tell you?! Cover your sneeze!!" I roared.
The dragon's mouth opened.
Those sharp, ivory stakes, capable of piercing flesh dazzled in the light.
"This is it," I squeaked as I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. I'd finally done it. I'd finally angered the mighty beast enough to devour me.
I braced when I felt his near scalding breath hit me.

"Yuuuuuuuck!!!" I whined when a long squishy tongue met me. Plastering my fur up.
Raking my paw down my face to remove the hot, gooeyness of the dragon's saliva.
"Licking is right up there with sneezing on the 'do NOT DO's' to me!!"
I didn't mention that 'eating me' also was on that list. No need to put that thought in his head if it wasn't already... And if it was and he was just playing with his food, then that was just bad manners.

Paw over paw I combed my fur back down on my belly. It just felt 'wrong' when it was parted the wrong way.
Pointing my paw away from the direction I was headed, "You go THAT way!! And stop following me!"

The massive reptile looked at me, and I had no idea if he'd understood me.
Praying that he had I started off again.
When the ground began to quake beneath me my shoulders slumped in defeat.
And that's when I heard my opportunity arise.


Turning around to find the dragon sitting on his haunches. Head tilting back as he couldn't help but give in to the pending sneeze.
Eyes involuntarily closed.

Seizing the moment I took off as fast as I could.


At the massive release I ducked behind the large trunk of the nearest tree.
Peeking around it's bark to see the dragon itching his nose on a nearby boulder. I ducked back when he lifted his head.

Whining filled the silent woods. The sounds coming from the dragon tugged at my heartstrings, but the cynical voice in my head told me it was a trap to lure me out and into his belly.
The voice always had a way of making sense.
Staying as quiet as possible, I listened to the dragon as he walked around. No doubt looking for me, with his head down, stuffed up nose sniffing as much as it could of the ground.
As the whining and heavy steps seemed to move away, I took a chance and looked around the tree.
He was gone.
Closing my eyes, "Finally," I sighed in relief, As I leaned back against the tree.

My peace ended when a blast of warm air forced my fur back.
"Oh, c'mon!" I groaned as I opened my eyes to find twin, slit, red rimmed nostrils before me.
"UhGgggg!!" I cringed as the dragon licked me.

His tail wagged happily behind him.
He thought I was playing hide and seek with him.
"Yes, yes, you found me." Gritting my teeth, I pushed off of the tree and continued on.
Giving up, he could follow, but there was NO way he was going to 'fit' with where I was going.

With what felt like forever, the trees finally thinned and I couldn't help but smile at the little cottage that I'd been fantasizing about for the last several miles.
"Finally!!" I beamed as I sped up.
I was home.
I immediately stopped.
Turning around to find the massive beast still following behind me, well, rather he seemed to be preoccupied investigating a spider and it's web.
"Hey," I called cheerfully. The dragon's attention instantly snapped to focus fully on me. Walking towards him to keep him from seeing the cottage, "Why don't you go hide now, and I'll look for you?" I grinned.

His head tilted, but the light that filled his eyes told me he understood.
As well as the wagging of his tail. That was a good clue too.
With a gleeful hop, the dragon turned around and hurried behind the closest tree.

"Your fanny is sticking out," I said with a roll of my eyes.

A whimper broke the silence of the forest before the ground began shaking as the large reptile went in further into the forest.
"I can still see you," I called as I turned around.

This time the whimper was trailed by a groan.

I watched as the red dragon finally disappeared fully from my sight.
"If I can't see him, he can't see me," I smiled.
"Ready or not, here I come!!" I called out before turning around to head towards the cottage.
Gravely chucking filled the air behind me.

I didn't waste anytime getting home. Locking the door instantly behind me. Sighing in relief, I leaned against the door.

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Re: Seeking Shelter (M--Dragon)
« Reply #8 on: January 31, 2018, 09:34:54 PM »
Hey nice story :).