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My first Scooby Doo fanfic
« on: November 05, 2017, 01:18:42 PM »
Hello, it's my first story about Scooby Doo. Let's go!

Scooby was running through the corridor as fast, as he could. He was followed by a ghost with a big shovel. Scooby turned and jumped into the narrow closet. When he was hiding there, the ghost ran through all the room. The Great Dane tried to be quiet, but it wasn't easy, because he was horribly shivering with fear. But the worst thing, which could meet him, just was coming.
He suddenly fell over a broom, which unfortunatelly jostled a floor soap bottle, from which fell the plug. The green fluid floated from a bottle, and it's strong, chemical and annoying smell spread out through all the closet. Now began something really terrible. When only Scooby felt this smell, his eyes began to tear and his large, black nose started to sniffing and twitching. "Oh, no! I cannot let me sneeze!" thought the frightened dog squeezed his flaring nostrils to stop inhaling this reek and opened his mouth, because if his poor nose was plugged, he had to breath by mouth to avoid a suffocation.
Then Scooby understood, that it wasn't very helpful. The detergent's vapour started to tease his throat, so he felt a vexatious scratching there. In the effect, his lower respiratory tract appeared an galling dryness, which made Scooby cough. Poor dog began sweating from the nervousness. He tried to avoid it too, but that was impossible and he started to cough strongly. And as if that wasn't enough, the closet was so narrow, the Great Dane was so compressed there and the cough attack was so rapid, that he unwittingly... released his nose!
That was too much for Scooby. The odor was so mighty and the shaking  made so big sea of smacked from the walls dust, that his huge, sensitive nose started to twitching extremely violently and was sucking these allergens like a hoover! "Raaah, raaahhh...!" dog made a  loud breath and rubbed his suffering, wide opened nostrils, from which began to floating large drops of snots. Scooby tried to keep his eyes opened, but it didn't give any effects and his vision got fuzzy. He felt in his sniffing nostrils a bigger and bigger tingling. Finally, his poor, enormous, black, sensitive and unimaginably violently twitching nose couldn't stand this irritating overhelming by the awful smell of the chemical vapor and the dust, so Scooby rapidly closed his watered eyes, his muzzle creased, lung filled by the air and this frightening moment came: "YEAH, RAAAAAAHHHH, RAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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