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Sonic sneezefic: Zeena
« on: November 06, 2017, 02:18:39 AM »
A/N: I’ve been remembering Sonic: Lost World lately, and this is just an idea that popped into my head. I always like Zeena’s design, and i’ve never seen anything, fic or otherwise, of her sneezing… let’s fix that, shall we?


He had beaten Zazz. The psychopathic one.

He had beaten Zonom. The fat one.

And he had beaten Zik. The wise grandmaster.

Sonic had conquered half of the deadly six. He was halfway to getting Eggman out of his hair, and going their separate ways…

Now if only he could HIT THIS GIRL!

“Come on hon, you gotta step up your game!” Zeena said with a smirk as she launched out electric whips, Sonic dodging with ease. He backflipped into the air… “Please, the game’s barely begu-” before slipping and falling, landing with an “oomph!”

“Aw, did wittle boy blue hurt himself?” Zeena asked with a fake concerned face. “GOOD!” Before whipping and sending Sonic flying. Sonic hit a block of ice and slid down it groaning. “Come on, next time could you pick a more solid surface?”

“Why would I do that? I want to kill you.”

“Yeah, but a fair fight means everything at the end of the day… right?”


“Worth a shot.”

Zeena whipped at Sonic yet again, who dodged out of the way. He attempted to run… but slipped and fell on his face. Zeena let out a snort and a chuckle. “Come on, this just getting funny!” She yelled as Sonic pulled his face up.

“Damn it.” Sonic thought. “This stupid ice is giving me no traction. I can’t spindash, I can’t run, I can barely even walk or jump! There’s gotta be a way to stop this.”

Zeena twirled her whips and smiled. “One more should do it.”

Sonic saw Zeena whip at him out of the corner of his eyes, and quickly pushed backwards. As the whip just barely missed him- “Oh, this is gonna hurt.” Sonic grabbed the whip and pulled with all his strength. Zeena was launched of her feet with a “Yeep!” Before being slammed into a pile of rubble, Sonic slamming on the ground and rolling to stop… then sliding for a bit longer because ice.

Sonic was right. It hurt, because when he put his hand on the ice to get up, he cringed. He looked at his palm and saw it was crisp and black.

“Ow.” He said quietly to himself before pushing up… only to have the rubble burst up. Sonic looked behind himself and saw Zeena rising up.

“You little blue twerp! You’re g-” Zeena’s face went from one of rage to one of… Confusion?





“HATISCHO!” Zeena sneezed into her arm, Sonic raising an eyebrow. “Gesundheit.” He said under his breath. Zeena looked up from her sneeze to glare at Sonic, but he saw she looked a bit different. There was pink around the edges of her nose, and her eyes were a bit red.

And just like that the light bulb clicked on.

“You’re gonna regret that!” Zeena said as she whipped at Sonic, who gained a smile on his face as he pushed himself back.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the explosion of mucus!” Sonic teased as he backed into another old, rusted pile of rubble.

“You little-!” Zeena said, whipping at Sonic, but not before sniffing in an attempt to clear out her nose.

Sonic spun out of the way as Zeena’s whip hit the rubble, causing more dust to fly into her face.

“Gah! Why y-yAH-y-you, obna-ah- HA-HATISCHO! ESCHEW!” Zeena sneezed into her arm again, letting out two massive ones. Sonic smiled as he picked up a metal pipe and slid over, slamming more old pipes and sending dust off, right into Zeena’s face. She didn’t even bother covering her mouth.

“I have ha-ah-HATISCHO-Had just about enou-ESCHEW-of you!”

Sonic slid to a stop and smirked. “Go on then. Hit me! Whip me with your best shot! I’m right here!” He yelled.

Zeena’s puffy eyes were filled with anger as she whipped at Sonic, who barley managed to dodge. Her whip hit a wall, and as she pulled it… she noticed it was stuck. She began pulling with all her might…

And half of the abandoned factory came crashing down, sending dust all over the battlefield. Zeena could only widen her eyes, and say two words.

“Oh no.”

Then she began sniffling. Her breathing began hitching more and more, as she dropped her whips. Her face stuck in an open mouthed, half closed eyes expression. Her arms were bent, but her hands dangled. And then,






As the dust cleared (quite literally) Sonic brushed off his hands. “Well, it’s been fun deary, but I think it’s about time I have to…” Sonic looked at Zeena and… woof.
Her long hair was a mess, her eyes were red and puffy, some sneezy tears were rolling down her cheek, and her arm was consistently held on her nose to stop the dripping.

Sonic rubbed the back of his head as he gave a half hearted smile, before dropping it.

“Yeah, probably shoulda cooled it a bit.” He said to himself and walked towards Zeena.

“Hey, look, so I might’ve gone a bit too far-”

“YOU THINK!” Zeena yelled in anger.

Sonic flinched, but soon got angry back. “Look, sorry, but you were sort of trying to kill me. I figured giving you an allergy attack might not be the biggest sin.”

“Yeah, well look what you did to me! I look like I just got in between Zonom and his fridge! I oughta gut you, yo… y-yAHH-” Zeena’s pre sneeze face came back. Sonic raised an eyebrow, but noticed the snow shifting. Sonic’s eyes widened.

“Dude, you can’t sneeze! This whole place is one big avalanche zone after that collapse!”

“A-AAH-And who’s fa-AA-ult is that!” Zeena said while trying to holding her nose.

“Ok, fair, but seriously-”

“I ca-haaan’t stop it! H-ha…”

Sonic looked around. What was he going to do?


He had to muffle the sneeze somehow. Otherwise they were both going to be pancakes! He had to… Hope this worked.


Before Zenna could notice what was going on, Sonic grabbed Zeena and held her face to his chest.



Sonic’s lips were pursed and his face was beat red as Zeena let out sneeze after sneeze into his chest. Zeena herself only noticed what was going on after her fit had ended, and she instantly turned just as red as Sonic.

The two separated, not speaking a word until Sonic broke the silence.

“So… tickle gone?”


The two stood in more awkward silence until Sonic broke it yet again.

“I-I’m gonna go stop some world domination.” He said before backing up onto solid ground and speeding off.

Zeena watched as Sonic sped off, and continued blushing profusely until she got back to base.

Sonic walked into the base he, Tails and Eggman had set up, Tails meeting him.

“Hey Sonic!” We’re just about ready to move to silent for-” Tails was cut off guard by Sonic’s expression. “What’s up?” He asked before leaning towards him. “And why is there mucus on your chest.”

“Little buddy, it’s a story for another time.”

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Re: Sonic sneezefic: Zeena
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2017, 04:26:19 AM »
Huh, the story is pretty fun. Great work!
I'll take a sneezefic, and WRITE IT!