Author Topic: I Win By A Nose [Animal-Alien+M] T.U.F.F. Puppy  (Read 1858 times)

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I Win By A Nose [Animal-Alien+M] T.U.F.F. Puppy
« on: November 29, 2017, 03:02:04 AM »
        Today was a warm summer. Leaves were green, pollen was still blooming, and every kid was out of school. At T.U.F.F., everyone was hanging out in the break room. Crime was slow today, probably because the bad guys were hot and too lazy to go out today. Keswick happened to be taking a nap while Dudley and Kitty were fanning themselves. Chubster was snacking, and the Chief was doing his power-jog. As Keswick loudly snored, the Chief tried to run in order to avoid getting sucked up his alien scientist's nose. Too late.


   The Chief's scream faded as he was trapped in Keswick's nose. The snoring came to a sudden, loud stop when Keswick woke up with a sharp tickle in his nose.

"ah.. Ah... Hhh... HAh..."

Chubster writes: Dad, are you alright?~

        Kitty walked over concerned for her friend. Dudley looked over to Keswick as well before covering the genius's large nose. Keswick sniffled.

"Feel better?"

        Keswick nods. The Chief struggles inside Keswick's snout. He tried climbing to find a way out. It was so dark and slimy. The flea slipped and nearly fell. He grabbed onto a nose hair yanking it by mistake.


Chubster writes: You okay?~

"I'm f-feh-fine, Chubster, don't worry about me."

        Chubster went to eat some more snacks, and Dudley took a nap as well. Meanwhile, the Chief climbs back up and makes his way deeper into Keswick's snout. As he climbs, the sharp tickle in Keswicks muzzle comes back.

"Aaah.. aah... hiih.."

"Keswick, what's wrong? Do you have allergies?"

"th-theh-there..ah... 's... s-suh-aah.. some..theh-thing.. id..-*AhChih!* by d-duh-duh-dose..!"

        Keswick suttered through his hitching breath. The Chief was flying back and forth as Keswick's nose twitched and ran a bit. He tried to hold in an oncoming fit, but the sneezes vurst out of him.

"aaah... aah... *AhChOO!* *Hehsch!* *AhTskx!* hhh.. ah.. *Chehz!*  *snuffle*-*AhschOO!* *HahpsChx!* ugh.."

        Keswick sniffles looking at the saliva on his paws, and Dudley wakes up. Kitty hands the sneezy alien scientist a tissue.

"Bless you."

"th-theh-Thank you, Agent Katswell."

        Kes blows his nose and sniffles. Kitty heads to her cubicle as Dudley stays in the break room with Keswick.

"Keswick, have you seen the Chief?"

"No, Agent p-peh-Puppy, I th-theh-aah.. *AhChOO!* I th-thought I heard him earlier as I sleh-ehh..slept. aah.. hhh... hah.. hih.. *AhChOO!*"



        The alien scientist returns to his lab alongside his genderless clone and child, Chubster. As everyone continues working, the Chief continues to find a way out of Keswick's nose. Hitting the insides by mistake, he causes another sneeze fit.

"*AhChOO!* *HahTsch!* *sniffle*-ahh.. *aaAh-AhChx!*"

        Chubster hands his dad a tissue, and Keswick blows his nose. There was a little blood, and the Chief was there.

"Oh.. Sweet air!"

Chubster writes: Chief!~


        The flea hops towards the bathroo to clean himself off.

"So th-theh-that's where you've been."

        He came out of the bathroom, and when everyone heard Keswick and came, the flea explained everything.

"Sorry, ch-chuh-Chief.."

"That's okay, Keswick, I was the one who got too close while you were snoring."

"That's twice this happened."

"That's because Keswick, Chubster, and I have big noses."

        With that sentence, he pointed towards his, Chubs', and Keswick's noses.

"Alright, we g-guh-get it, Agent Puppy."

"No more sneezing?"

"No m-meh-more."

        Chubster puts a paw on his dad's shoulder, and the two head back to the lab. Dudley and Kitty head to their cubicles. The Chief heads to his office, and everyone gets back to work.

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Re: I Win By A Nose [Animal-Alien+M] T.U.F.F. Puppy
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2017, 05:59:35 AM »
Good job with writing about the characters from the show. Nice short story too, and interesting choice to color code it like this.