Author Topic: (a sneeze fic based on myself and my fursona) [M]  (Read 1908 times)

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(a sneeze fic based on myself and my fursona) [M]
« on: March 05, 2018, 09:45:11 PM »
My fursona doesn't have a name yet but everyone just calls him Wolfe he is Red and white with Icy blue eyes

Wolfe got up to go to school, it wasn't his best day, he didn't feel very good, his nose was tinted pink, it was itchy and sore, his throat hurt, he was really congested, and he was coughing and sneezing a lot, he knew he was sick so he had tissues and a few handkerchiefs with him in case he needed it, he was not looking forward to today.

He got on the bus to go to school he didn't want too stay home, he hated missing school but he didn't like school that much, he was sitting in his first class and listening to his teacher talk when he felt a tickle in his nose, he didn't want to sneeze but he knew he had to so he brought his purple handkerchief up to his twitching nose just in time he stifled 5 sneezes into his handkerchief "Hnnxk hnnxk hnnxk hnnxk HNNXK" before blowing his nose wetly, Wolfe noticed the person next to him was staring at him, it wasn't Wolfe's fault he was sick, the malamute sniffled thickly before coughing into his sweatshirt. the person sitting next to him eventually excepted the fact that Wolfe couldn't help all the sniffling and sneezing and coughing, at lunch Wolfe saw his friends Elliot and Meghan.

"you ok Wolfe?" Elliot asked

"yeah, just sick" Wolfe said sniffling thickly

"that sucks" Meghan said

"yeah it does but I'll be alright" Wolfe said rubbing his nose before stifling 8 sneezes "Hnnxk Hnnxk Hnnxk Hnnxk HNNXK HNNXK HNNXK HESHOO!" into his handkerchief

"stifling your sneezes isn't good for you, you know" Elliot said

"yeah I know" Wolfe said before coughing harshly

"do you think you'll be able to sing in chorus with that cough?" Meghan said 

"no I'm not going to be able to sing" Wolfe said

After lunch was over he had history and biology and chorus, after his classes were over it was time to go home where he could sleep
that's exactly what he did when he got home, he was miserable, he couldn't keep his nose clear and he couldn't stop sneezing he thought a nap might help, it did

its over...not my best story tbh