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Mason and Ryan
« on: April 01, 2018, 08:20:07 AM »
Ryan is a blond wolf with blue eyes
Mason is a red and black wolf with brown eyes

Mason was sniffling from the moment he woke up, he took his allergy meds, and he was still sniffly, his nose tickled a bit too, he checked the pollen count on his phone, it wasn't high, he sneezed

"ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose, it sounded very wet

"you okay" Mason's classmate Lexi, a pink and white cat asked handing him a tissue

Mason sniffled  "yeah fine, just a little sneezy I guess"

"you getting a cold?" she asked 

"no!" Mason snapped at Lexi a little bit, he sniffled and rubbed his nose

"you look a little sick, your nose is red" Lexi said

"I said I'm fine!" Mason said back, he felt his nose tickle, he sneezed "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose

when he got back home he knew he was sick, he was stuffy, his nose was really irritated and itchy, his throat was bothering him, he didn't feel good

"Hey Mason how was class?" his friend and roommate Ryan asked him

"longk ad tiringk" Mason said

"aww you sound so stuffy, you getting a cold?" Ryan asked hugging Mason

"I'b fide its just allergies"

"congestion isn't one of your allergy symptoms" Ryan said

"well we have to go to Zack's graduation party today!" Mason said before blowing his nose and letting out a few small coughs

"youre sick youre not going anywhere, and neither will I if you want me here" Ryan said

"I am not sick and I am going to take a nap because I'm tired and not because I'm sick" Mason said before sneezing "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO"
Mason blew his nose and went upstairs to his bed, he locked his door so Ryan couldn't try anything and find out for sure that he was sick

Ryan thought he was being sneaky by trying to take Mason's temp while he was asleep but then he couldn't get in, he knocked on the door angrily


Mason coughed roughly and sniffled "don't wanna"

"Mason come on let me take your temperature!" Ryan said

"for the last time no" Mason said

"You know if you really thought you weren't sick you'd let me!"

"fine" Mason unlocked the door

Ryan took Mason's temp and frowned "you have a fever of 100.3" youre sick"

Mason sneezed "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose "the thermometer is a liar"

"oh my god Mason please, you are sick okay?"

"ugh fine" Mason sniffled

Mason and Ryan both stayed home from Zack's graduation party, Zack understood

the next morning Ryan woke up with a stuffy nose and a sore throat, he was also sick, it came on so fast, him and Mason took care of each other until they were both feeling better

let me know your thoughts