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Story suggestions welcome
« on: May 22, 2018, 09:42:58 PM »
Not sure if this is exactly the place? (FS help me out here if it doesnít belong) but Iím seeking inspiration. Iíve been getting involved in the community again after a while because I love you guys, and Iím wanting to write more.

Obviously Iím not promising to do it, but if youíd like to leave an idea here feel free. Iíve also been getting into what I like to think of as cooperative storytelling, so if any artists would be interested in working to make a story that has images or wants me to write a story to go along with something they drew, feel free to drop a line.

Iíve had some issues with commissions in the past, so Iím not really looking to exchange my writing skills for money, but I guess that isnít entirely off the table. Letís try this first and see what happens. Just to reiterate, Iím not saying if you leave an idea here I will definitely do it.  Maybe I should call it the inspiration board?
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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