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[F+Anthro+Elephant+Cold] Sneezing But Not Really Sneezing
« on: September 18, 2018, 03:04:36 PM »
Here's a story with quite the unexpected twist! I'm not sure if everyone will like it though. If you don't then that's fine, it's a spin that I based off my preferences.

It was another regular day in the city of Furridelphia. As a city known for its advancement in technology and education fields, there is no wonder that some of the best inventions were made here. This wonderful city continues to grow, bringing technology and people closer in every way. For example, comfy ear muffs that can completely block out all noise, even for the perkiest rabbit ears.

However, perhaps the most helpful, useful, and precious thing for must furries here, are the Anti-Sneeze products.

The Anti-Sneeze line was released just about a year ago. Years of research in chemistry and biology has managed to create an incredible concoction that can dramatically decrease irritation of nasal passages. In a place full of sensitive noses, the sales went higher than every gadget sale in the city, making a world record, literally. At first, it was only sold as cream, but the company — Siniff Corporation — proceeded to make it available as a gas spray as well.

Andrew the wolf was one of the people who had authorisation to sell the product. He had been doing so since it first came out, and the little apothecary that he runs got quite famous. But now, almost every apothecary sells this stuff, so it was difficult to rely on only the Anti-Sneeze products. He has been continuously importing medicinal herbs from around the globe, hoping that it would attract more customers.

He sat on his metal chair behind the counter, texting on his phone. His two feline friends who help run the shop were in the back. They manage medicine-making and prescriptions. Andrew’s just the provider and manager. He chose to be the cashier as well because he was very insecure about his money. His friend got robbed two years ago and the fear spread to him too.

His ears were alerted by the sound of tapping at his window. He groaned a bit, getting off his chair and passing the racks that displayed some medicine. He looked outside. The apothecary only had two windows in the main room; this one and the one above the couch he put so customers can wait. This window pointed at the dirty alleyway next to his place. He never really liked it, it was an eyesore. Maybe he’ll remove the window once he’s got time.

There wasn’t anyone at the window. Not anyone in full person. He saw the small trunk of an elephant peek out from the bottom of the window. It tapped the window again. Andrew opened in. The trunk let itself inside, just over the window frame, sniffling. At least he didn’t need to move his buff body outside the window.

The trunk was a very pretty light brown colour, almost a mix between cream and tan. The small size of the trunk and nostrils made him assume that it was the trunk of a small elephant child, maybe no older than twelve. It only had one tip, though not like it’s rare. There was a tiny shade of red around the pink pad of the trunk. Andrew had a guess on why the elephant was here.

“E-excuse me?” The voice was unmistakably recognisable as a voice of a young female. By young, it means around ten years old or below. “D-do you have any more Anti-Sneeze Cream?”

Yup. Definitely a cold. “Got a dozen more. You want to buy one?” The trunk made a movement that imitated a nod. “That’ll be ten harriors.” ‘Harriors’ was the currency around these parts. The market is stable right now, so one harrior would be three-quarters of a US dollar.

“B-but… I-I didn’t bring any money…” The little elephant said sadly. Sniffles were caught between her words.

“Welp, sorry partner, why don’t you go home and ask your parents for some cash?” Andrew said gruffly.

“C-can I get one now, and then pay later wh-when I have th-the money?” She pleaded.

Andrew rolled his eyes, annoyed. He hated customers like these — ones that one to pay through debt. The way he sees it, it’s a cheap scam tactic. Lots of people fall for it. Hell, even a small girl like this one could do it; anyone can become a fibber.

“Nope. Cash first, product later.”

The trunk rose up a little, nostrils pointing at him. The red colour around her nostrils was spreading. Looks like her cold’s getting worse, he thought. But, no matter what, he still needs the cash. The elephant pleaded once more. “P-please, Mister, I-I really need it, I’m in a hurry.”

“In a hurry, huh?” Andrew considered letting his guard down, but then he thought, this is how they bait you into giving away free stuff! “Sorry, kid. I have a business to run, ya know.”

“B-but, sir, p-please, I rehe-haaah… haaa…” Her words were cut off short by the sudden flaring of her nostril, trunk jerking upwards a curving. Andrew’s arms instinctively raised upwards at the clear signs of a sneeze. Fortunately, she didn’t. “Haah… I-I really need it… I n-need to go somewhere soon, and I d-don’t want to look like this!”

A good reason. Possibly a clever lie.

“Look, I understand that you might have a cold, it’s just that I—“

“H-HAAAAAHHH…!” Her trunk suddenly acted up again, recoiling and curving into a twisted shape. Her trunk tip twitched around, nostrils flaring wider and colour getting redder. Wrinkles formed as she tried to resist the sneeze, but the urge overpowered her. “H-Haaah…. Haaah…. HETSCHYOOO! H-HITTSCHEEWW! HITCHEEW!!” She released three dainty sneezes in a row. Andrew was worried about the snot, although there doesn’t appear to be any.

Her trunk recovered soon after, sniffling and twitching. The end of her trunk was a red colour that obviously indicated she had a cold. “M-mister… please…” She begged weakly, sounding tired after that fit. “I… I need the cream… I’ll pay you back later, I promise!”

Andrew sighed. You know what? Fuck it. If the girl breaks her promise, so be it. He’s not going to lose a lot anyway. “Fine. Wait here.” He said frustratingly. He walked over to one of his shelves and grabbed a small, white canister. The label on it read ‘Anti-Sneeze Cream’. Promised to chill down any sneeze, no matter how irritated your nose is, so says Siniff Corporation’s CEO during the press conference about the product. Andrew walked back towards the trunk of the sick elephant. “Here, take it. But if you don’t pay me back, I’ll report you to the police, you got that?” He warned her, even though it was a bluff, since he doesn’t even know what the girl’s face looks like.

“Y-yes, mister!” The elephant said, grabbing the small bottle from his paw. “I-I’ll pay you back today, don’t worry!” And her trunk disappeared from the window.

Andrew sighed again, shut the window, the walked back to his chair. One of his feline companions called out from the office through the blinds. “Who was that?”

“Just some annoying elephant who’s got a itchy trunk.” He answered with an irritated tone. “Had to give the cream away for free because she’s a nuisance and I don’t wanna deal with her right then.”

“Well, you better hope she returns the money~” She teased before closing the blinds.

“Hehe, we fooled ‘im didn’t we?”

“Hihi, we sure did!”

The so-called ‘elephant’ was never an elephant to begin with.

That elephant’s trunk was just a tentacle, cleverly camouflaged to appear like a trunk.

Skit was an ordinary orange-skinned octopus, the common cephalopod. He wasn’t an anthro like most cephalopods. Instead, he’s just a regular octopus, but with the mind of one. Not everyone evolved into walking squids and starfish. Some did not evolve and retained their original shape. However, their mind did evolve, and just as genius as an anthro would be.

Like all octopuses, Skit had the natural ability to change colour to his will. These days, not a lot of people still do it; technology, business and all that. Skit’s family highly revered the old days and they taught him all sorts of skills and tricks. Soon enough, at around the age of 6, he can already sneak up on fish, hide in the tightest places, and master at mimicking objects. There, his hobby was born.

He had a knack for imitating objects. However, his passion was mimicking people too. He loved playing pretend — something that became essential in his life — and became quite well known in his village for it. He could copy a wolf’s fluffy tail, a pair of perky rabbit ears, a polydactyl paw, and tons more. His favourite disguise of all though was an elephant’s trunk. He found in fascinating and incredibly easy to mimic: he just had to curl the end of this tentacle, change the colour accordingly, raise his skin to make the tip, and make sure that the nostrils were perfectly shaped and coloured. Of course, if someone tried to poke inside the nostril, they would realize that it’s a fake, but that had never occured before.

Skit may have been a cheeky prankster, but he had good morals. He’s honest, trustworthy, and kind. Whenever he uses his tricks on someone, he always makes sure to pay it back later. Like last time, when he sprinkled pepper all over a poor wolf kid’s nose. He placed some deluxe candy on her bedside the next day — which he bought legitimately.

Skit did not have a lot of friends, so he developed a trait to take care of all that loneliness: he played pretend with himself! Not only was he an expert at camouflage, he was good at making voice impressions too. He could change his voice to sound like a little girl, a teenage male, or a strict adult. He does not like imitating old people though, since he sounded weird.

His favourite character of all was Britta, the young blonde elephant girl.

Who is currently part of his arm right now.

“You did great out there, Britta.” Skit said, facing the trunk. The reddish tint was not there anymore. Well, of course it wasn’t. “I was starting to think that you wouldn’t be able to convince him.”

“Heeeeeyyy, you know I can always do it!” ‘Britta’ said grumpily, bonking Skit’s head.

“Ow. That did not hurt at all.”

“D-don’t be so mean!”

The octopus decided to stop and take a break in the alleyway. Heaving over the backpack he always carries onto his lap, he rummaged around. He took a bottle of water and drank it, all the way till it was half-empty. After that, he examined the Anti-Sneeze Cream. Holding the small jar in his tentacle, it felt strange having something that wasn’t really all that useful to him. He wanted it, obviously, but not actually for him.

“Maybe you could rub some on me?” Britta asked, nuzzling against his face.

“Your trunk’s not even itchy.”

“Y-yes i-ihihit… is… aaah… haaa…” The pinkish-red colour suddenly spread across the trunk pad again, the urge to sneeze quickly taking over. Visible wrinkles can be seen on the outside as the trunk desperately tries to hold it back, scrunching up. “Hiii… Hiiaaaa…. Hiaaatscchooo! Hittscheeww!” Two small sneezes came out of the small trunk. “S-see?” I-i-itchy…! HYESTCHOOO!!”

Skit only smirked at the poor elephant trunk. “Come on, I know you’re faking it.”

“N-no, I’m n-neeaahhh… Naaatchooo! I’m not!”

“Aw, Britta, you know very well that I am your puppet-master~”

With barely any difficulty at all, he made the itchy sensation on Britta’s trunk seamlessly disappear. “H-huh…?” She sniffed a few times, confused. “It’s… gone? How’d you do that?”

“You know how~” Skit laughed, hugging the trunk. “Now, time for you to go.”

“Oh… See you later then!” Right after she said that, the elephant trunk disguise was revealed and reverted back to just a normal-looking tentacle.

“Hehe,” Skit chuckled to himself. How he loved these self-conversations… He found them so comforting…

Now to collect ten harriors.

Skit had never asked pocket money from his parents. He figured that he could find his own money. Sometimes he’d find several coins on the street or under furniture. This time, however, the sidewalks were clean.

After some time, he passed by the twenty-third alleyway of the day. All of them look the same really, but as he nearly walked away, he saw something that caught his attention. An open window. He can see an old cougar lady sitting on an armchair from here, knitting.

It appears that he will have to call Britta again.

Getting in position under the window was easy. With his back against the walls, he raised one of his tentacles. The orange colour quickly changed into a pale brown as the end of the tentacle curled up and nostrils began to form. In less than five seconds, his tentacle had become a perfect trunk. “So soon~?” Britta teased him, nuzzling against his tentacles. “What job is it now?”

“The normal beggar’s job.” He told to Britta, A.K.A himself. This little conversation was just so he wouldn’t be bored. It’s become a habit now. “We got an old feline lady in here, so be gentle, ‘kay?”

“Got it!” Britta went into action.

Raising the trunk above the window frame, he made some sniffling noises. The old nanny seemed to notice it, looking at the elephant trunk at her window, though she didn’t move from her seat.  “Hm? Who is it?” She asked.

“Uhm… Excuse me, miss? D-do you have any spare money?” Britta called out to her. Old people are fairly generous, and Skit hoped that this cougar was too.

“Hmm…” The old lady stopped knitting. It had been a while since someone asked her for some money. When was the last time? Five months ago? Bah, what did it matter. “Of course, dear.” She said in a soft voice. Grabbing her purse on the side table, she pulled out a few bank notes. “Here, five harriors.” She said, handing over to the trunk. She was surprised when the trunk shook ‘no’.

“I-I’m sorry, miss, b-but I need ten… M-my little brother’s got a fever, and I need to buy some medicine for him, but I ran out of money!” Britta tried to reason with her.

“Can’t you just ask your parents for another five harriors?” The woman asked in an inquisitive tone.

“I come from a poor family. M-my parents’ haven’t been paid their salary y-ye-yeeaa…” Britta snorted, her trunk scrunching. The area around her nostrils turned a bright shade of red. “Y-yeeheeeheeet… a-aahh… hyaaaa…” The trunk curved back as an ‘itch’ overtook it. “Hyaaatchooooowww! H-h-hyaaatcheeowww!!”

“Bless you, dear.”

“I-I think I c-caught my brother’s cold…” Britta said sorrowfully, sniffling. Hopefully, playing the part of a girl trying to look out for her poor, sick little brother would soften the lady’s heart. Britta continued sniffling wetly. “O-oh no, I-I feel another… h-h-hyiihh… hiiiaaahh…. Hitssheeoooww!!” Her trunk jerked forwards as another sneeze came out.

“Bless you again,” The lady repeated. It seems to have worked. She reached out for her purse again and pulled out a 5-harrior bill. “Here, little girl, take this.” She said in a mellow voice, gently handing the money to the quivering trunk. “Go buy some medicine for your brother and yourself.”

Britta grabbed the money with the end of her trunk. “Th-thank you, miss!” She said gratefully. “I-I’ll pay you back tomorrow!”

“No need to pay it back, dear.” The old woman said calmly. “It’s for your own health. I’ve got plenty of money in the bank.” She chuckled before grabbing her knitting set again. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to making a scarf for my granddaughter.”

“T-thank you so much!” Britta yelled as the trunk disappeared beneath the window. She sounded almost apologetic. As she walked away, there was a faint, small sneeze from the little elephant, one last convincing trick, despite being unnecessary.

The old woman shook her head and sighed. “Hah… Kids these days…”

When the two got far enough from the alleyway, Skit laughed heartily. “Great job, Britta! He told his elephant companion. “We got the money. Now we can pay Mr. No Freebies his precious cash.” He said mockingly, remembering that not-very-generous attitude.

“Hihi, all thanks to me!” Britta chimed. She sniffed the air a few times, much to Skit’s curiosity. “Hey, where did my cold go? I got another one back there for some reason…”

“Hey, you know that I am pulling the strings, right?”

“Um… no?” Skit himself couldn’t tell if the answer was sarcastic or genuine. “Anyway, let’s get to that wolf guy!”

Some time later, they arrived back at the alleyway where the apothecary was. Britta tapped the window with her trunk. It opened, and she let herself in. “H-here’s the money, mister…” Britta said weakly as she handed him the money. Andrew gladly took it.

“Looks like you’re honest after all.” He said, almost smiling.

“O-of course I’m honest!” Britta cried, feeling insulted. “A-and the A-Anti-Sneeze Cream?”

“Hold up,” He said, grabbing one of his best products from the shelves. “Here. Should ease that itch inside your nose, eh?”

“Th-thank you!” She said, grabbing the small can with her trunk tip. “G-goodbye, mister!” The trunk disappeared, but not before giving two light sneezes. “H-hyaatchoo! Haatchoo!”

“Who is it, boss?” One of her feline companions just came back from shopping for herbs and overheard the conversation.

“The elephant from earlier.” He explained, flopping down onto his chair and putting the money in the register. “She paid back the money.”

“Well, isn’t it good to know that there are children who don’t lie to adults~”

Skit and Britta decided to go and rest at the beach. Shirlock Beach was the shoreline that connected the mainland and Skit’s underwater home. “That’s that problem taken care of…” Skit sighed, twirling the cream container between his tentacles. Such a small thing, yet it can easily pack a punch. Or more like ease a punchy itch.

“Hey, could you give me some of that?” Britta asked him in a sweet, coy voice. “I think my trunk’s feeling itchy…”

“Oh come on, that’s totally not true.” Skit said, rolling his eyes.

“Y-yes it is! H-hyatchoo! Histccheww! Hitcchooo!! S-see!?” Britta argued, releasing three conveniently-timed sneezes in the process. However, they sounded so fake that Skit just wanted to laugh in her face and humiliate her, but that would be mean of him.

“Hmm… Maybe if your trunk is actually itchy…” A devilish grin appeared on his face. “Like… this!” He shoved the tentacle-trunk into the sand.

“K-kyaaa!!” Britta screamed at the sudden movement. “Wh-wha— ah… haaa… S-Skit…!”

“Itchy, isn’t it?” Skit teased her, rubbing the base of her trunk. “Itchy, itchy, tickly, sandy~”

“Sk-Skit…” She wanted to complain, wanted to yell at him for doing such a horrible thing, but the grainy sand tickled her nose so bad. Her trunk scrunched up and curved, still buried in the sand. haaah… HAAAHH… HYAATCHOOOOOOO!!!” She shot a powerful sneeze, forcing her trunk out of the sand.

Some of the sand was still visible on her trunk pad though. Her trunk turned pinkish-red as it still felt irritated by the little grains. “Hiih… H-HAATCHEEWW! HITSCCHOOOOO!!” She released two more sneezes, relieving herself from the troublesome itch and cleaning her trunk from all the sand. “Hhff… Y-you’ll pay for that later, Skit.” She threatened weakly, out of breath.

“We’ll see, my long-nosed friend~” Skit laughed. “Let’s head back home shall we?”

“…You know I can’t go underwater, right?”

“I’ll call you later once it’s clear.”

“…Okay! See you later!” The trunk turned back into a regular tentacle.

Skit giggled to himself. “Time to go home, I guess. Another adventure’s waiting tomorrow.”

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