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[F+Anthro+Elephant+Induced] A Floppy Trunk
« on: November 23, 2018, 04:03:25 PM »
Warning: Contains scenes of bullying!

Alinea was a young 12-year old elephant girl who lived in the small city of Gerindeer. Gerindeer was rather segregated from the main cities, being in the middle of the vast plateau of the continent. The city was not as advanced as others, with innovation running low here. However, it was a popular stopping point for truck drivers, who often came to the bars for a refreshing drink or two. Other than that, there were several popular tourist attractions that could not be found anywhere else, such as a humongous geyser.

You see, Alinea was no ordinary African elephant girl. She has an incurable disorder known as floppy trunk syndrome. She first discovered this when she was only eight years old. She found it difficult to move the tip of her trunk while picking up cutlery, but didn’t really care about it. When both tips became dysfunctional, she still didn’t tell anyone. Three months later, she had difficulty sniffing objects because the end of her trunk became stiff and unresponsive. With eight months, nearly her entire trunk felt ‘dead’, and her mother had noticed.

The two decided to consult a doctor, who then told her that she had floppy trunk syndrome. She became devastated at the realisation. In the weeks following, she couldn’t play with anyone - not even her adorable little brother - simply because her trunk lost its flexible use. Most of her friends were elephants and she was rather left out. She could still detect scents, but she couldn’t exactly sniff or blow her nose effectively.

Alinea’s mother Helen felt bad for her daughter, yet she couldn’t do anything. Then a miracle happened. During work at the robotics lab she worked in, she had an epiphany. Discussing it with her coworkers, some of them agreed and cooperated with her idea.

The next three years of Alinea’s life mainly involved gaming, watching TV, and occasionally playing with her brother, despite the troubles of not having a working trunk. Meanwhile, her mother had been inventing something that would help her child’s troubles. The project was huge, took years, even with the help of neurologists and robotic engineers. When it was finally complete, Helen couldn’t be any more proud.

Alinea got a surprise at her twelfth birthday. At first, she was disappointed that her mother didn’t give her a present. But after everyone had gone home, her mother ushered her into her bedroom. Inside her mother’s room was a large box. Alinea suddenly became very ecstatic, ripping her gift open in a flash.

She was confused though at what she saw. It looked like some kind of exoskeleton. When she asked her mother what it was, her mother surprised her even more by taking her to the lab she worked at. There, she and her coworkers attached the exoskeleton onto the nervous elephant girl’s trunk. Although the process took a while, it was worth it in the end.

Her mother explained the invention to her thoroughly, “This exoskeleton is designed to help move your trunk whenever and wherever you command it to by using this remote,” She handed said remote to her curious daughter. “Your trunk will be able to bend, pick things up, sniff, suck, just with the push of some buttons! The controls are simple enough to be followed by anyone. Floppy trunk syndrome won’t be a problem anymore for you, Alinea.”

The remote looked like a game controller. Her mother explained which thing does what. “The left joystick moved your trunk in a general direction, while the right one makes your trunk bend as much as you want without exceeding the limit. If you want to sniff something, you push the right button, and it’ll sniff as many times as you press it. If you want to suck something up, just hold the button. The left button is to help you blow through your trunk easier. The left shoulder button controls your upper tip, while the right one controls the other. They make your tips close together so you cling on to even the most minuscule things. The other pair of shoulder buttons moves your tips away instead.”

When Alinea tried it out, it felt like a whole new experience.

She pushed the left joystick the right. Her trunk moved to the right. To the left. Her trunk followed.

She pushed the right joystick upwards. Her trunk bent backwards until she could see her own nostrils. She pushed the right button twice. She watched in amazement as her two little breathing holes shrink and enlarged at her command. She used the shoulder buttons. Her tips opened and closed.

She looked at her mother. Tears streamed down the handicapped girl’s eyes. She couldn’t ask for a better gift. Using her mother’s invention, she let her trunk wrap itself around her mother’s trunk. Her mother smiled, gently wiping away the tears on her daughter’s cheeks. It was a turning point for Alinea.

When she got back to school the next day, her friends gasped in awe and astonishment at the contraption holding Alinea’s trunk. Most of them congratulated her, while others… well, you know. Word spread about the groundbreaking device, causing the internet to explode. As expected, there were market demands of the item, and the small group who invented it decided to quit the company and begin their new business. Now, Alinea was back to her usual self, socializing with all of her friends and family, both at the school or outside. Alinea became the happiest girl alive, all thanks to her mother.

It was Friday afternoon. The bell signing the time to go home rang, kids pouring out of the classroom. Alinea was packing her bags cheerfully. She normally used her regular arms for this; using her trunk would take too long.

Suddenly, two figures walked up to her. She looked up. They were Axiel and Randor, a pair of dragons. These two were pretty nasty bullies; they like to tease people and steal stuff for fun. Being in the same class with them is not the best experience, especially when you hear them talk back to the teachers. Alinea knew that the two glared at her more often since she got her new trunk-moving device, but they never really bothered her…

Until today.

“Well, Alinea, not using that trunk of yours~?” Axiel said in a mocking voice. “I’m sure it’d be much faster.” Axiel was a small dragon, but really feisty. He was a purple-scaled dragon with a yellow flesh underside that went from tail to neck. His short neck supported his squarish head, a long horn sticking out of his forehead. His back supported the large, spiky wings that have been known to cause lots of damage at school.

Alinea didn’t retort back. Instead, she said, “My trunk moves like a robot arm. It’s slow.”

Randor snorted. “The why do you even have that lame thing?” He was bigger, but not as big as the school basketball players. He had dark orange scales which contrasted to his bright purple eyes. Blunt spikes lined up his back all the way to the tip of his tail. His neck was long and tall, making him appearing bigger than he actually is, though he did have bulky arms and legs, with massive claws too.

Alinea rolled her eyes. “I don’t use it for packing my bags, that’s all,” she replied sternly.

Axiel’s eyes averted to the remote control on the elephant’s desk. A sly grin appeared on his face. Before Alinea could stop him, the dragon leaped for the remote and grabbed it in a flash. “Hehe, gotcha!” He said, tightening his grip on the remote, keeping it away from her.

“Hey, that’s mine!” Alinea yelled, trying to grab the remote back, unable to do so. Randor only laughed at her.

“It’s mine now. Let’s see…” Axiel toyed around with the controller, like testing out the controls for the game. He quickly figured out how it works, now toying with Alinea’s trunk instead. “Hehe, this way, that way, up, down, bend, bend~” he snickered, making Alinea’s trunk move to his free will. Alinea could do nothing but follow.

“H-hey, stop that already!” Alinea scolded, her voice breaking a tiny bit. Her trunk swayed left and right, curved forwards and backwards, and she was forced to exhale large amounts of oxygen, making her tired and weak. “P-please, Axiel, seriously…”

“Nu-uh, this is way too much fun!” Axiel laughed. “Randor, tie her hands.”

Randor did so, but when the little dragon said ‘tie her hands’, he didn’t really want to waste time attempting to get his knots right, so he just forced Alinea’s arms behind her back, earning a shriek of protest and pain from the elephant. No one was in school anymore, not even the teachers. Ones that haven’t gone home are all outside waiting for their parents. No one would discover them.

Axiel made Alinea’s trunk move towards him. He made the flexible appendage rest on the scaly palm of his hand. Her skin felt so soft and warm compared to his scales. He gently squished the fleshy trunk, feeling the thick muscles and hot breath coming out of her nostrils. “My, my, so beautiful~” Axiel cooed, smoothing the top of the trunk with his claw.

“S-stop it…” Alinea whimpered. She didn’t like it when people touched her trunk. It made her feel… vulnerable. It was like touching a private area.

“Naw, come on~” Axiel placed down the remote on table so he could use his other hand. He let the tip of his claw slide up and down her septum, triggering a shaky breath from the elephant. “Does this tickle, Alinea~?” he asked in a teasing voice, enjoying tormenting her. He squeezed the very tip of her trunk, pulling on it. “Does it, hm?” When Alinea did not respond, Axiel continued on. He slipped a claw into her left nostril, carefully scratching the walls, making sure he followed the shallow grooves. Slowly, repeatedly, a movement that was causing such a burning itch in Alinea’s trunk.

Alinea could only whimper submissively in fear as she couldn’t do anything. Her floppy trunk was useless without the exoskeleton controlling it. She tried to move her head in an attempt to get away, but Axiel’s grip was tight yet gentle. “A-Axiel…” she pleaded, but words could not come out. Axiel slipped another claw in her nostril, the itch growing at the end of her trunk as it lightly scratched at the sensitive flesh.

Although Alinea’s trunk did not react in any way other than her slightly wavering breath, there was indeed an itch she wanted to quench, needed to, but she was unable to. Floppy trunk system rendered her trunk powerless in terms of movement, and she couldn’t inhale or exhale deeply effectively, since muscles in her trunk needed to cooperate with her lungs. All she could do was try to bear that single tickle crawling across her inactive muscles, still agitating her remaining nerves.

Not even a few minutes in, Axiel was already bored. Alinea was hoping for that, but that hope was crushed too. Axiel saw a single, black feather lay on the floor, left from the crow classmate of the class. Grinning, he picked it up, waving it in front of Alinea’s trunk. Her eyes widened at it, breath suddenly hitching. She was terribly allergic to feathers. “No, please, Axiel, I’m allergic to feathers!” She cried, instantly regretting saying that.

Axiel laughed heartily as he forced the end of her trunk to face upwards. He placed the thin feather between her nostrils, the bristles tickling the flesh as it started turning red. It tickled, tickled, tickled so much! She wanted to blow it away, but it might just fall into her nostrils, so she had no choice but to clench her eyes shut as her breath hitched. “H-hh… ehh…”

Axiel was enjoying this. “Sniff it,” he whispered into Alinea’s ear.

“H-heehh?” She sniffled, the feather almost entering her nostril, the tip of it just barely grazing the rim.

“Sniff the feather,” Axiel commanded.

Alinea shook her head, feather nearly falling in again, making her trunk itch more by the second. She remembered the time when she didn’t know about her allergies and sniffed up some feathers. The result was messy and pride-hurting.

“…Fine.” Axiel grunted. He pressed the right button twice, making her sniff. The feather move like a see-saw as the breeze swayed the feather up and down. He did it again, watching with pleasure as it touched the rims of her nostrils, causing her trunk to itch more and more. Then, he finally held the button, forcing her to suck air. The feather instantly went off-balance and slipped into her right nostril.

“G-GRNKKHH!!” Alinea snorted, the itchy feeling in her trunk multiplying. She shook her head violently, trying to get it out with no avail. Axiel was the one in control here. She wanted to scratch her trunk, need some sort of relief out of this itchy itchy situation, but Randor kept her in check. Her nostrils flared just a teeny bit, a body reaction that did not entirely go away even with her floppy trunk syndrome.

Axiel only made it worse, continuing to press the button, making her suck the feather deeper and deeper and deeper until it reached the back of her sinuses. The cavern within her nose shook and tremble from the feather tickling it, the nasal passage swelling with an allergic red colour. Her trunk puffed up at the base from having containing the sneeze for too long. “H-Hraagghh… Hrraaaahhh…” She gasped for air frantically, desperate to both sneeze and not sneeze.

“Yes, Alinea, itchy, itchy, itchy trunky~” Axiel teased with a maniac laugh. To top it off, Axiel slid his slender tail into Alinea’s left nostril. The pachyderm shrieked when she felt the scaly appendage enter her nostril, the agile tip swinging at the walls of her nasal passages. Axiel’s tail was very long, so it was able to reach in quite deep, triggering more and more sniffles as he irritated the trunk.

Alinea’s trunk may not be able to move, but could definitely still feel. She could describe how itchy that allergy-inducing feather feel being lodged inside her sinuses, the bristles gently poking the walls. She could describe the horrible sensation of the small dragon’s long tail slithering into her nasal passages, slamming into the walls and ceilings, rough scales scratching the thick flesh. All so vivid, all so noticeable.

“A-Axiel, I b-beg of youuaaahhhhh-“ Her plea was cut off as the urge to sneeze suddenly took over. She couldn’t think, her mind going blank as she was about to launch into a sneeze. “H-HAAA… HYAAAA… HRAAAAAAAAATCFLGHLLLL-“ The sneeze suddenly halted. Alinea opened her eyes from the sneezy tears. Axiel had gripped the end of her trunk as tightly as possible at the last second to keep the sneeze from escaping. The sneeze that was supposed to happen did not, and only worsened the building pressure.

“Not yet,” Axiel said nonchalantly, wagging a finger at her. He snatched up another feather from the floor with his tail that he just pulled out of her nose, then quickly shoved the feather back in. Axiel’s tail went over to the controls on the table and forced the elephant to suck said feather deep into her sinuses, just like the other one.

Alinea was practically going mad from the crazy itchy sensation that was trapped inside her trunk. Two feathers were lodged within the depths of her sinuses, unable to leave, nothing to do but tickle anything it touched. The building pressure spread throughout her itchy trunk like a raging storm. She could literally feel the sneeze trying to push its way past Axiel’s claw, which was gripping the end of her trunk, the one thing preventing the sneeze from emerging.

So… itchy… so… twitchy… going loose, going crazy!! M-must, must sneeze, can’t take it anymoreeeee!!!

She screamed in her head again and again, some of the words coming out of her mouth, but Axiel was a merciless bully. “You know, none of this wouldn’t have happened if you never had a remote…” Axiel whispered into her ear. “So. Say it. Say your invention is useless.”

At first, Alinea shook her head vigorously. She refused to pledge her submission towards this evil dragon kid, but when she didn’t respond, Axiel made the tickling much worse with sharp jabs at her trunk’s soft red pad. “F-fine! Th-this stupid this is useless!” She moaned, feeling like she betrayed a part of herself.

“And who’s fault is that?” Axiel continued.

“M-my mother!!”

“So say it. Say it that your mother’s useless.”

This time, Alinea fought as hard as she could. Admitting such a thing would mean betraying her own mother. But that itch, that feisty, resilient, pesky itch that simply would not leave her trunk, trapped within the confines of such a small nasal passageway, expanding and expanding till her trunk might blow…

“FINE! M-MY MOTHER IS USELESS! HER INVENTION IS USELESS!!!” Alinea cried out with a tear in her heart and pride.

Suddenly, her trunk was free.

But it was directed at her face.

By the time she realized, it was too late to stop the sneeze surging through.

She prepared herself as a massive sneeze shot out of her trunk. “H-H-HAAAHH-HRRRRRRRRAAAAAAGHHHHHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” It was so powerful, the amount of air blasting at her face literally knocked her backwards to the wall. She stumbled back, trying to keep her trunk under control, only to see Axiel using the controls manipulating her trunk’s movement, even in a sneezy frenzy. Her trunk flailed around, practically a cannon under Axiel’s command, ready to fire at any time.

“GRYAAAAAITCHOOOOOOOOOOO!O!!” There goes the tables.

“GRRAAATCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Through the air soars the chairs.

“HRRRAAAAEEEETCHOOOOO!!!” Dust and dirt are flying everywhere, filling the air with yellowish clouds.

“HAAAIIIICHEEEOOOOOOOOO!!!” Class decorations get knocked off the walls and some literally tear.

“HEEETTCCHROOOOOO!! HEEETCHOOOOO!! HYATCHRROOO!! G-GHRRITCHOOOO!!” Several more sneezes blasted out of her robot-controlled trunk, utterly obliterating the once tidy classroom into a teacher’s nightmare mess.

She finally fell down, crumpled and devastated on the messy floor, trunk flopping down with her. She sniffled heavily, her trunk worn out to the point where it felt numb. The insides of her trunk still burned like fire, the effects of the contained itch remaining even after she released nearly a dozen sneezes. Her nostrils shrunk weakly, as though feeling sorry for Alinea as well. A feather - one of the two that made her trunk go crazy - drifted lazily and landed in front of her, somehow having escaped unscathed from her trunk’s wrath.

Eyes full of sneezy tears and dust, she couldn’t see that Randor had grabbed the controller away from Axiel. By the time she noticed that Randor wanted to join in the fun, it was too late. Her tired trunk sucked in the black feather, the furry thing disappearing into the base of her nose.

She gasped loudly, the insides of her trunk trembling and squirming once more, a fiery itch that pierced through her muscles as she was forced to bear the horrible sensation. She wanted to let her trunk run loose, get the relief early; she wanted it so badly, she cried for it. “R-Randor, A-Axiel, p-please stop!!!”

Axiel walked over to her, a large, malevolent sneer on his face. “You make a great playmate, you know,” he said, bending over to her, cupping the seemingly lifeless trunk in his large claws. He set one of his claws on the septum, feeling the elephant’s frantic breath. “Now, let it go.” He did a swift drag up the septum to the tip of her trunk, earning one last sniffle before-

“H-H-HI-HGGRRRITCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” A large blast came out of those red-rimmed nostrils, feather ripped to shreds and dust and dirt flew up into the air. Shortly after that, she sniffled, her feeble attempt at easing her nose, only to see puffs of debris sucked into it. Her eyes fluttered as the flesh inside wiggled in itchy agony.

“HYWWATCHOOOOOO!!! HYRWATCHOOOOO!!! GREOOOTCHOOOOO!!! H-HA-HAITCHSSHEEEWW!!! GREWTCHOOO! HITCHOOOO!” Sneeze after sneeze after sneeze came out non-stop from her tortured trunk, oval cavities repeatedly shooting out all that built-up pressure in consecutive blasts. The sneezes exhausted Alinea to the point where her trunk literally could not sneeze anymore.

“I think we’re done for today,” Axiel smirked smugly, looking at the crumpled figure of the elephant girl on the floor. “That was fun. Might do that again sometime.” With that, Axiel walked out of the classroom, followed by Randor, who didn’t say a word.

Now, completely alone, Alinea leaned her back against the cream classroom wall and held her knees together. Tears came out of her eyes as she sniffled wetly, crying. Completely, utterly broken, she caressed her trunk gently, properly easing the sensitive appendage. She couldn’t believe herself. She couldn’t believe that she had called her mother useless, along with her ‘worthless’ invention… She felt like a failure. A ruin.

She could have done something. Scream for help. Fight back. Do something. Anything. Instead, she stood there and endured all the torture done upon her helpless trunk. Breaking her, tearing her down bit by bit till all her will was shredded and she became nothing but fragmented remains of her cheerful personality.

She just sat there, sobbing and crying her eyes out, her heart full of self-resentment for all the pain that she endured and yet blamed on her mother for. She cried and weeped for what felt like hours until she couldn’t tell anymore.

By the time she realized it, it was nearly nighttime, and her mother was in front of her, kneeling. She lifted up her daughter’s chin, looking deep into her tear-filled eyes. Her mother asked what had happened. Alinea told her mother everything. How Randor and Axile bullied her. How her trunk was tortured by all means. How they made her sneezes destroy the classroom. How she didn’t fight back. How she called her mother useless.

“I-I’m so so so sorry, Mum…” She cried into her mother’s arms, hugging her tightly.

Her mother only patted her only the back, lifting up Alinea’s trunk with her own with a gently touch. “Alinea, it’s okay. It’s my fault; I should have redesigned the remote so it would me more user-exclusive. Tomorrow I’ll tell my coworkers and have them do something about your remote.” Alinea could feel her mother’s trunk coil around her own, reaching to her face and stroking her cheek affectionately. “You’re still my baby girl, no matter what.” She whispered kindly into her daughter’s ears.

Sobbing, Alinea moved her hand to grab the remote. She gripped it tightly, moving some of the controls. She let her own trunk squeeze tightly around her mother’s. Her mother was so kind and forgiving. She couldn’t ask for a better parent. “A-and Axiel and Randor?” She asked weakly.

“I’ll report them to the school board. Don’t worry Alinea. Come on, let’s go eat something; it’s really late.”

The two elephants then walked out of the classroom, holding trunks, off towards home.
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Re: [F+Anthro+Elephant+Induced] A Floppy Trunk
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2018, 05:44:08 PM »
this was pretty detailed and in-depth! :3 sneezes were great but the plot surrounding it was really engaging. i really liked this! :3

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Re: [F+Anthro+Elephant+Induced] A Floppy Trunk
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2018, 05:16:53 AM »
this was pretty detailed and in-depth! :3 sneezes were great but the plot surrounding it was really engaging. i really liked this! :3

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it; it was a concept that I haven't seen around here so I wanted to try.
I try to do my best, even if I'm not the best.