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Casper - Spooking about Africa (Elephant - Feather) / Tribute Description, Offer, Request

I'm totally fascinated of Elephant Sneezes, escpecially when they are caused by tickling of feathers.
So it's naturally that my favourite Scene is based on a cartoon that deals with Casper the friendly Ghost who mets up Wheezy the sneezy Elephant.

Since my childhood, this cartoon was around me and I'd just like to share my own description of its content with you as a Tribute to its Authors and Actors (I especially like the constant trigger on the problem as such, which always consistently leads to the triggering of sneezing).


The short story about Wheezy the Elephant (in Germany he is called "Hatschifant") is already well introduced with the reference Caspers on certain sensitivities of animals. Fittingly, Wheezy follows right in the next scene, immediately displaying the sensitivity of his trunk (in this cartoon versus feathers). I find it remarkable that Wheezy / Hatschifant always sneezes when he is reminded of his dilemma (the itchy feather in his trunk):

1. Sneeze Scene: He's obviously caught a cold, why whatsoever, and reminds himself of his cold. As a result, he must sneeze promptly, but this can just stop by holding his mouth.

2. An admirably beautiful peacock crosses his path. The double trigger is the feathers of the peacock and the name the peacock gives the elephant. His name is "Wheezy / Hatschifant" from this point in time.
Of course, Wheezy / Hatschifant responds to this speech with a sneeze directly in the direction of the peacock and thus shows unconsciously how he could get rid of his sneezing problem: the removal of the Feather.

3. When he runs into a well-known trio of monkeys, artistically swinging from Liane to Liane, his presence returns with a hint of an earlier meeting with him, which was probably disastrous for one of his sneezes. Immediately with his nickname "Wheezy / Hatschifant" addressed, he must sneeze as a matter of course.

4. Casper takes care of the elephant attacked by coconuts by the monkeys. He addresses the elephant without hesitation with Wheezy / Hatschifant and recalls the catastrophe-causing sneezing. As a result, it tickles again in the trunk of the elephant. This time, however, he is processed by the outsider and sneezes the trees out of the ground into the air after Casper has buried his trunk in a hole that he had previously dug.

5. Terrified, Casper notes the high intensity of the sneeze of Wheezy / Hatschifant and wants to help him. His speech to want to help him and stimulate the associated knot of his trunk, and of course remind the elephant of his situation and let his short joy over the supposed solution of his problem quickly fade, as he makes up for the next sneeze and thereby self, respectively his trunk, transformed into an elephant-elastic balloon.

6. Through a jungle fire, the sneezing forces of Wheezy / Hatschifant that are no longer active, due to the removal of the feather, are in demand. The situation turns around surprisingly. Before he had to sneeze, but did not want this. Now he wants to sneeze, but can not. Even the call / trigger of the sneezing process does not help.
The reversal of the dilemma transforms the feather from worry to savior. By inhaling this, Wheezy / Hatschifant can finally sneeze and blow out the fire.

7. After a successful sneeze, Wheezy / Hatschifant and also Casper, his faithful Sneeze-preventer as well as -assistant, can be celebrated by the other inhabitants of the jungle. In this moment of bliss, of course, he also thinks the cause of his sudden popularity and must sneeze spontaneously. Violent sneeze, ever. All revelers are sneezed aside and dozens of trees fold.

8. Intimidated and reminiscent of the violence of his sneezing attacks, Wheezy / Hatschifant brings out another catastrophic sneeze. However, Casper reacts with lightning speed, thanks to his ghosting powers, he can smoothly slide into the trunk of Wheezy / Hatschifant, thus removing the tickling feather from it.
The incredible liberation that Wheezy / Hatschifant experiences is the "happy end" of the short story.


I have some versions of this cartoon. Different qualities / run lengths / languages ​​and can share them if interested.


I am looking for a long time for a version in German. Especially after the for the TV station "SAT-1" produced synchronization, since this for my terms, the content is extremely good. Also known as "Casimir & Co / episode: "Der Bär ist los".
Otherwise I am also pleased about answers to available version in any language, otherwise modified execution.

Thank you for your answers in advance! :-)

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Oh, I remember that one. I've seen that on YouTube, but unfortunately they're not in German. I could share the link to the video if you like.
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i'd be interesting in seeing other versions of this cartoon, if you could DM me. :3

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It would be a great scenario for other classic holdback stories if they later transitioned to from wanting to prevent an inevitable sneeze to wanting to provoke/coax a stuck sneeze.  For example what if the sequel to "Stand back," said the Elephant, "I'm going to sneeze!" was something like "Please help me sneeze!"
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Wow, I didn't know this. Thank you!  :)