Author Topic: [M+Jackal+Tiger+Feral] Hiding (Commission for Gerplexan)  (Read 1695 times)

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[M+Jackal+Tiger+Feral] Hiding (Commission for Gerplexan)
« on: May 11, 2019, 12:29:16 PM »
   This just wasn’t Tabaqui’s day. He was refused a cold remedy due to his failed attempts to catch the man-cub with Shere Khan, and now he was the only animal in the jungle without a cold. “Ar'kshee!”, sneezed the jackal. Tabaqui soon found a leaf on the ground. “It’s just not fair.”, he said and blew his nose on the leaf.
   As Tabaqui was blowing his nose, his eyes widened as he heard a voice. “TABAQUI!”, he heard an all too familiar voice shout furiously. “Where are you?!” he asked in an angered tone. This was then followed by a sneeze, “HAKICHOO!”
   Oh dear., thought Tabaqui.  It seems as though I have given Shere Khan my cold.
   Shere Khan’s voice sounded as if it was getting closer. “It’s your fault I caught this cold! Now come out so I can rip you to pieces!”
   Tabaqui then felt a sneeze coming on. “Oh no.”, he said quietly. He covered his snout in hopes of stopping the sneeze. However, as the previous events of the day would suggest, that wasn’t going to happen.
   Tabaqui rushed towards a nearby tree with a hole in it. The jackal then stuck his snout in the hole. “h’kktoo”, he sneezed. Although the sound of the sneeze was muffled by the hole, Shere Khan heard his sidekick’s movement and began walking in his direction. ”Enough playing around, Tabaqui!”, the tiger commanded. “Come out now!” Shere Khan let out another loud sneeze, “Ah'rktheeeeeeeewwww!!!”
   As the tiger approached steadily, Tabaqui made a hasty exit. He ran through the jungle until he was reasonably certain that he had lost Shere Khan and had found a suitable place to hide.
   After running for some time, Tabaqui found a suitable area to hide in. Before settling in, Tabaqui listened for the forceful voice of Shere Khan. He heard nothing but the chatter of other animals.
   Tabaqui then felt a sudden tickle in his nose. As he held the roof of his snout, Tabaqui scanned the area and found a tree with a hole in it. He immediately ran up to the tree and began sneezing into the hole. “ehttshoum!! h'eetshoum!! eh'kishoo!!!!”
   As soon as he finished sneezing, Tabaqui felt a tap on his back. He pulled his head out of the hole and turned around. When he saw who had tapped him, Tabaqui’s eyes widened, his ears flattened, and a sheepish smile adorned his face.
   With the furious face of Shere Khan glaring down at him, Tabaqui replied nervously, “Oh, Hello Shere Khan. Hehe. Fancy meeting you here.”
   “I’ve had just about enough of this, Tabaqui!”, the tiger shouted. At this point Tabaqui’s nostrils began to flare. “Because of you, I now have the cold! I told you very clearly what I would do if you or anyone gave me the cold!”
   Tabaqui’s nostrils flared wider, and he was grasping the roof of his snout with his paws. Then, as Shere Khan was about to act, the cannon fired. “Haekkisheeeeeeeewwww!!”, Tabaqui sneezed right in Shere Khan’s face. “GAH!”, Shere Khan yelled as he recoiled in disgust. He began wiping his face with his paws.
   Tabaqui used this opportunity to run away. Shere Khan caught a brief glimpse of him. However, it was not long before he was betrayed by his own nose. “H’RSHOO! AHEECHI!! A’EECHOO!!!” By the time Shere Khan’s sneezing fit had subsided, he had completely lost track of Tabaqui. While he was sneezing, he could neither see nor hear where the jackal was going. Now, he was unable to sniff him out with how stuffed up his nose was. This time for sure, Tabaqui was safe.