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Oh my god I致e neglected this account! I知 so sorry guys, especially sorry to the lovely person who I致e been role playing with! I致e been so busy what with the last year of school coming up and all. I hope you guys don稚 mind too much!

So anyway, here痴 another Thorn and Claws story! This time with Claws on the receiving end 😉 I致e never really written with mess before, this might be the only time I do...who knows! Enjoy!

In the taxi to the meeting, Claws felt a tickle at the back of his nose. He壇 been suffering an extremely tickly cold that left him feeling as if he was constantly on the verge of sneezing. The result? A very irritable, sensitive-nosed cat who hitched like crazy at the slightest touch of his nose. He cringed as he remembered a torturous hitching fit that he had a few days ago, all because he got a drop of water on his nose when he was washing up. He didn稚 even sneeze at the end of it!

He was in his best suit as the meeting he was going to was extremely important. His boss was notorious for firing people at the drop of a hat, and if Claws had even the slightest stain on his clothing it could be the end of his career.

On the seat next to him, Thorn was watching Claws scratch at his nose. He could tell he壇 been battling with that sneezy cold since it started. He壇 seen, around the office, Claws go cross-eyed and hitch madly, only to look defeated when no sneeze came.

It was also a little known secret that Claws was days away from being promoted. Promoted to a high-paying position, with his own PA and everything! The only people who knew about this upcoming promotion were Claws, Thorn and the boss himself.

And Thorn was seething. In his eyes,  he worked much harder than anyone at that stupid company. He deserved that blasted promotion more than anyone.

And so his grey tail curled in delight as a plan hatched in his mind.

Turning to his itchy co-worker, who was scratching at the side of his muzzle to try and keep the tickle at bay, Thorn grinned.

選 really wouldn稚 sneeze right now. With such a massively ticklish cold in that nose of yours, I知 sure there壇 be quite a mess to clean up

Claws turned to look at Thorn quizzically.

繕m...sorry? What was tha-aHHHhh- Claws bristled as Thorn poked at his nose, sending ticklish vibrations all the way down his twitching muzzle.

塑ep. This is one sneezy nose you致e got. Good job it痴 not sneezy enough that I can稚 do THIS Thorn ground a knuckle into the side of Claws nose, where the nostril lay.

Claws jumped and hastily grabbed at Thorn痴 hand, pushing him away.  The tickle was immense. That was more than enough to set off a hitching fit. For once, Claws hoped there would be no sneeze at the end of this.

羨hh...He-heeeghhh...wh-whaah-what are you do-duhhh...doing?.

Thorn shuffled closer to Claws, trapping him between himself and the Taxi door. Claws tried to squirm away, but couldn稚 reach to unbuckle his seatbelt and was stuck.

船on稚 sneeze, Claws! You値l make a dreadful mess of your lovely suit!

And with that, Thorn used one hand (now having unbuckled his seatbelt) to force Claws head so that his nose was pointing downwards towards his suit, and used two fingers of his other hand to scrub furiously at the pink feline nose. 

Claws writhed and his eyes twitched as they strained to keep open. Why was Thorn doing this? He had become so sneezy over the past few days. This usually wouldn稚 of bothered him, but his nose was just so ticklish at the moment.

When Thorn felt like Claws had had enough of that particular method, he pulled out a tissue from his inside pocket and very quickly rolled the tip into a point.

塑know what makes my sneezes go away? He teased, 爽sing a tissue!

He held up Claws head and waved the tissue around in front of Claws, making sure he knew what was coming.


Claws squeezed his eyes shut as the urge to sneeze grew and grew. Both himself and Thorn were on the edge of their seat, for entirely different reasons. Claws, trying in vain to hold back the massive, definitely messy sneeze, Thorn eagerly hoping it would be too much for him and he壇 sneeze.

But he didn稚. Claws huffed and drew in great hitching breaths, but would not sneeze. He tried to wriggle free from his temporary prison but Thorn pressed harder against him, and his cold added with the tickling had sapped his energy.

He started to panic and his struggling became frantic as he saw  the rolled up edge of the tissue come closer and closer to his nose. He knew he would crumble if that went anywhere near his sensitive nostrils.

選致e seen you hitching and whining at work, Claws. But yknow, I don稚 think I致e ever seen you sneeze. Imagine that. All tickles and no sneezes! Your nose must be so full of tickles, huh?

He smirked as Claws moaned something that sounded somewhat like a plead for the tickling to stop. Thorn patted his shoulder in a 素riendly way, as if he was helping Claws instead of torturing him.

銑et痴 release all those pent-up sneezes, yeah? You値l feel much better when there痴 no more agonising tickles in your nose

And with that he gently inserted the tissue into the twitching, pulsing nose in front of him.

Claws suddenly went rigid and his hitching stopped. It tickled so much that out of shock he壇 gone silent.

And then it started.

Thorn dragged the tissue up and down the back of Claws nose. He felt a strong sense of satisfaction when Claws eyes crossed in effort of keeping them open. They slowly became less and less visible, until they were thin watery slits.

Claws clenched his hands into fists at the exertion of holding back the monster of a sneeze Thorn was inducing from him.  His nose was tickling so, so much. Thorn was relentless, his technique making Claws shiver and curl his toes.

薦EAAAGH-HEEEGH...EHHH-  he absolutely couldn稚 sneeze now! His suit would be a total mess...but his nose throbbed and twitched, and Thorn was making him feel like his head would explode.

塑ou look so sneezy right now. All those sneezes that never came...all being stored in your nose, waiting for a generous soul like me to come and tickle them out

And god was he tickling. Claws couldn稚 help but think that there was no possible way Thorn was this skilled at inducing sneezes unless he practiced. How many other noses had he tortured?

The tissue prodded at a clump of sensitive nerves at the back of his nose and Claws had started to scream out hitches.


Claws was in pure agony. He was crying like a baby and his eyes were rolling frantically. His claws had unsheathed and were ripping out stuffing from the seat of the taxi. His gasps were vocal and laboured. He was willing to pay Thorn money to make him stop. He couldn稚 take it.

践ere it comes. Say goodbye to your job, sneezy. Bad time to catch a cold, huh?

Claws tried in vain to point his nose upwards, so that maybe he wouldn稚 make a mess of his suit.

But Thorn guided his head so that he had no chance of not ruining his suit. He struggled to move his head again, but Thorn was stronger than him.

All through this, that torturous tissue had been stroking and stroking the most ticklish part of Claws nose. He was so delirious with the need to sneeze that he almost didn稚 realise there was only two minutes left of the taxi ride. If he could hang on for two more minutes, he壇 be able to pull away from Thorn, open the door and sneeze into the night, causing no mess to go on him or his suit.

But he壇 been tickled and teased for the best part of 8 minutes. And 5 of those 8 minutes had been spent with his most sneezy spot being stimulated.

He wanted to weep knowing he still had 2 minutes to go. He wanted to sneeze! He wanted to sneeze so badly. His mouth has been hanging open for so long that drool had started to drip. He hoped that wouldn稚 stain too obviously.

銑ook at yourself. You池e in agony, I can tell. Why don稚 you just sneeze? Get it over with? You値l be able to go home without too much embarrassment from the boss, and I値l tell everyone you were feeling too sick to come

Thorn started to vibrate the tissue. It wriggled madly and struck every part of Claws nostril.

羨ww, does it tickle? Tickle so much that it hurts? Is it too much for you? Aww, poor you. All tickly. Well I知 not stopping until you sneeze

And then his more sadistic side came out.

羨 nice, big tickly sneeze to make you snot all down your suit. A sneeze so extremely tickly that you sneeze again and again, spreading more and more snot down yourself. What will the boss think? Showing up to a meeting with stains all down yourself like a child. Instantly fired, I think

Thorn slid his hand down so that it was pushing Claws chin into his chest. He then began pinching at the sides of Claws nose. Quick, ticklish squeezes. This paired with the tissue jabbing at his ticklish spot was just too much.

薦AAHH...HEEEGHH...UGGHHAAA- Claws was making strangled groaning noises, clenching his teeth together to try to stop the sneeze. But it was too late.

His hitching became flustered and high pitched. He didn稚 want to lose this job. He loved it. But his nose was just too sensitive. His squirming became desperate.


前h, it痴 here? Already? Gosh, you must be super itchy Thorn jeered.

And then-


Claws shuddered through the first sneeze.  Almost immediately he took a massive breath and sneezed again.


Thorn quickly rubbed a ticklish circle over the twitching nostrils, coaxing the stuck sneeze out.


Claws didn稚 have to open his eyes to know that his suit was a mess. His nose was so runny he knew there was no way his suit wouldn稚 be covered in snot.

The tickle in his nose was still there but the sneezing had stopped. He glared at Thorn. This bastard had probably just cost him his job. This bas-baahhh...bastahhhrd...

践稚ch! E稚chh!

Two more small sneezes escaped him, making him jump in his seat.

羨ww, Claws. Your lovely suit! It痴 all messy

The taxi pulled up to the building where the meeting was held. Thorn got out of his side and walked round to where Claws was about to open the door. He stood in front of it and motioned Claws to roll the window down.

塑know, you should probably stay in here. I値l tell you all about it when I see you at work on Monday. If you値l be there, of course

His sharp feline teeth flashed in a smile and he quickly poked the Panther痴 nose.

Claws immediately crumpled over and started sneezing rapidly. He壇 be sneezing for days after having a tickling like that.

As Thorn strutted off into the building, tail held high and swishing proudly, Claws was suddenly aware of a presence shuffling around in his seat and looking at him. The driver, a Grizzly Bear.

塑ou gonna clean that up?

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Re: Don稚 make a mess! (Anthro, Panther, Cat, holdback, mess, cold)
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2019, 05:21:18 PM »
Thanks for posting. Just wanted to poke in and remind you of this topic: - If there's something further you'd like to outline outside of this formatting, the best place to add it is in the preamble (which you did include here. :3) A consistent format makes browsing easier for everyone. :)
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Re: Don稚 make a mess! (Anthro, Panther, Cat, holdback, mess, cold)
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2019, 08:13:42 PM »
I would preface with this "I'm not really a big fan of mess" but that would probably be a lie lately. OMG this was hot. I'm definitely not into the forced dynamic, but I REALLY felt for Claws here, and that agony was absolutely amazing. The sounds he makes as he builds up were stunningly spelled. So perfect. And those strong sneezes were exquisite. But I also adored all of the talk about how tickly and sensitive his poor nose was from his cold. This was a delight.

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Re: Don稚 make a mess! (Anthro, Panther, Cat, holdback, mess, cold)
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2019, 03:28:49 AM »
This is brilliant LOVE it!

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Re: Don稚 make a mess! (Anthro, Panther, Cat, holdback, mess, cold)
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2019, 05:22:41 PM »
I was totally expecting Claws to sneeze all over Thorn instead.  You subverted my expectations!
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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Re: Don稚 make a mess! (Anthro, Panther, Cat, holdback, mess, cold)
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2021, 03:08:43 PM »
God, I love this. The verbal teasing is just divine and Claws desperation and ultimate surrender is a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing!