Author Topic: Howl of a Sneeze Part 1-4 [werewolf-m/f-allergies,caregiv-mild-violence]  (Read 1391 times)

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Part 1- 
It was late, near the end of my shift and my partner had called it quits early for the night, claiming he was under the weather. It was early autumn here in the port city of Halifax, and I was chasing down a perp on foot through a back alley. My fiery red hair flowing behind me in the cold ocean breeze, my athletic muscles burning as I chase down my criminal, my white skin glowing under the full moon. He leaped a 6 ft chain link fence like it was nothing. I however had to climb my 5’8” frame over the thing, which I did with ease.

I was surprised to catch up to him again as we got to the old industrial park. He seemed to think he lost me, pausing outside an old dilapidated warehouse, and ducking inside. Gotcha I thought to myself, gun drawn as I followed him inside cautiously. THAT’s when I heard the snarling. There were creatures that looked like wolves but weren’t wolves they were bigger, they smelled like rotting flesh and had sickly green symbols tattooed and glowing in their oil slicked fur and flesh. They attacked me one from the front and two from the side, I emptied my gun into the one in front of me, and it didn’t even slow down as it closed the distance between us. I thought I was done for those foul jaws dripping with green glowing drool opening wide as it lunged at my face. When a blur to my right  tackled it to the ground. It was another wolf but THIS one was beautiful, and walked on two legs, like a creature out of Zootopia? It had dark black fur, and was about 12 feet tall, as it tackled the wolf INTO one of the others, allowing me to dodge the third. There was snarling and teeth and claws. My dark savior ripping the head off the one that had lunged at me easily with his clawed hands, while the other two pounced on him.

I SHOULD have run…… I SHOULD have fled for my life, but I didn’t, I couldn’t. 3 on 1 wasn’t fair odds don’t care how big you are. So I grabbed one of the chains from the warehouse floor and wacked one of the monsters. It sliced into the flesh of the thing and released a green ooze instead of blood, that splattered, and sizzled like acid as it hit the floor. It snarled and ran towards me but the distraction was enough to allow hero-wolf to finish off the second monster and take my now attacker from behind. The last monster went down but as it did it let out a monstrous howl and exploded the massive Dark wolf leaped on me covering me completely and YIPED as the explosion of acid-blood covered their backs. The creature, my savior shuddered and collapsed.
Great, now what! I can’t carry him back to my car even if it is down the street. I decided to search around the warehouse pulling back a sheet i uncovered a cart, which was really just a platform with wheels. As I moved the sheet the dust filled the air in front of me. I could see the particles in the moonlight streaming through the warehouse broken windows, there was so much of it. I tried not to inhale too deeply but it was to late.
My large oval nostrils flared in my pointed roman nose. The intense tickle of dust working its way up my nostrils as the treacherous particles spun upwards into them. My eyes watered a little as my sinuses filled and my nose began to twitch and crinkle as I tried to repress the inevitable. Ehh heh heh aeeh eeeh heh….heh My large breasts heaved beneath my dress shirt and tie as I struggled to repress the sneeze. My breath hitching, trembling which only stirred up more dust. Heeeh heh heh eh eeh aaeeh hah ha-a-a-a--- heeeh he--e--e--h heeh--- HEEESHEW!  My whole body pitched forward and spray flew out my nostrils from the force. I tried desperately to get control back but I knew once started my nose would have it’s way. “ heh heh heh HEEEH--- gasp gasp gasp --- not ggggonnna----nnnnot ggggonnna sssne---sssneee---sneee --- oh gggod the ttickle--- gasp gasp -- heeeh heeeh hheeh HEEEH HEH EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW HEHSHEW HEHSHEW---- gasp gasp --- HEEH EEEISEHHEEE EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ------ EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW ------------------- EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW --- sneeze.” **I took out a handkerchief and blew til my nose was empty but the dust was still floating in the air.** “HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW HEHSHEW HEHSEW---- gasp gasp --- HEEH EEEISEHHEEE EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ------ EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW ------------------- EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW-----------HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW HEHSHEW HEHSEW---- gasp gasp --- HEEH EEEISEHHEEE EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ------ EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW ------------------- EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW” **I put a cloth over my nose and started to pull the cart away from the dusty sheet and the tickling blissfully subsided.. Though some deep part of my brain wished it hadn’t.

The ‘werewolf’ was still passed out though his long black fuzzy snout seemed to be running a little now, snot dripping from it. And his breathing was a little unsteady as I flopped his burned unconscious form into the car. While the monsters slowly melted into a sickly green and black puddle that could be mistaken for oil. I dragged the cart the 2 blocks to my car and as carefully as I could pulled him into the back seat. Stirring up some of the dust on my clothes. “ heeeh heeeh hheeh HEEEH HEH EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW HEHSHEW--- ugh….I sniffle and wipe my nose with my sleeve. Can’t take this guy to the precinct…… or the hospital…. Guess. I’d better take him…. Home… See if I can clean out those wounds.  I thought to myself, and headed up to my building. Once we got to my home I dumped him in the garage grocery cart and threw a blanket over him as I wheeled it into the elevator. I was starting to get a little worried he was panting in his sleep a little and those wounds looked pretty nasty. I could smell the foul sulfur scent as I pushed him down the hall. 

I get him to my small condo and takes him straight into the shower gently placing him on the floor and taking the handle of the shower down to start rinsing out the wounds. I rig it in the shower door handle and go to get gloves, wash clothes and my med kit and start administering first aid. I manage to get the sickly goo mostly out of the wounds but the panting continues and his wolf nose is dry and warm even though it’s running like a faucet and he feels really warm. I get out my thermometer and googles how to take a dog's temperature on my phone. It reads 102.8. “Fuck--- not good not good.” I whisper to myself, and turn the water to cold and tries to cool him down as best I can and he starts to shiver and so do I, as the cold water hits me.
He begins to wake his muzzle and head in my lap his furry shoulders and chest flopped on the tile floor. He snarls and snaps a little then his whole muzzle wrinkles. He pulls back his head his breath coming in a hitchy gasps. “AH--- AHH HAAH ---” *His sniffly wolf nose twitches as he tries to hold back the sneeze his nostrils flaring.* “HAH AH AH AH APPPSHOOOO! PPPSHOOOOO AAASCCCCHOOOO ASHCHOOOO ASSSCHOOO!” **spray flies from his soft black muzzle as he sneezes uncontrollably. He sniffs trying to clear his nose, but its congested, full of mucus. He is plugged and his attempt to sniff just makes his black nose twitch more. His muzzle wrinkles into ridges. “ HA AHH AHH ASCHOOOO ASSCHOOO ASSSCHOOOO HA HAH HAH-- Can’b Stob- He growls- HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO!”
The wet spray of his sneezes hits me as the poor werewolf sniffs and sneezes. His sneezes are powerful and cover me forcefully. I take a shaky breath, trying not to be attracted to those sneezes despite myself. I smile down at him and stroking his head he is panting and whimpers a little leaning his wolfish head into my touch.
“Shhh…...easy ….. Let's get you to bed big guy….. You’re sick as a---- ummm. You’re sick. Can you stand.” He nods, and I turn off the water and gets under his arm helping him to his feet. My hands around his muscular chest. Careful to avoid the wounds on his back which are already starting to heal. He leans on me heavily as I help him out of the shower and gets him a towel and a robe. Drying him off while holding him up and he takes off his pants once to robe is in place. All the while his breath coming in panting hitchy gasps as he tries desperately not to sneeze on me. I can’t help but watch his sniffly muzzle, his heaving chiseled chest, trying to ignore the feeling of excitement tingling inside me as he tries to hold back his sneeze. I’m in so much trouble. I think to myself, and I shiver a little from the shower. I slip into an old robe while he isn’t looking. But I stay under his arm leading him to my king size bed.

The wolf trembles against this woman, she should be running by now. She should be crazed and terrified, this close to him….. Unless…..hmmm…..his muzzle crinkles again as he tries to sniff her. His congested muzzle twitches terribly, The itch inside his nose intensifies til he can’t stand it. He pants his black nose twitching as his head rears back nostrils flaring and he crinkles his nose to sneeze. “ Gonn---ggg---gggonnna Sn--ssnee---sneeeze--- HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO-------- HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO------ HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO! HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO!!!!! HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO!!!!!!” He covers his robe and hers in his wet spray, she doesn’t flinch just smiles and blushes a little and moves closer to him her arms holding him closely tightly as his head swims.

“Here we are, easy now wolf-knight.” I say softly putting a cold cloth on his forehead.

His golden eyes look up at hers confused. “Wolf-knighb? HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO” *sniff*

“Well you came charging to my rescue from those things… yyou saved my life.” I say with a shudder. I pulled over a chair to sit in it and hold his hand.” Get some sleep ok? Whatever they did to you… I think you’re allergic to it or something…. Ummmmm there’s no easy way to ask this… WHAT are you?” I say with a slight shiver.

He looks over at me with puffy eyes and sniffs uselessly, his muzzle twitching again his mouth gaping open eyes closing. “ HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO!!HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO!! --- I’b so sorry….” He says in a gravelly growl “ I can’b mabe it st---sss--- HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO! Stob.--- My nabe is Christopher Edward Smyth, bub -- -HAHhah --- haaah  mmmosb folbs call me Chris.--- HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO!!!! Ugh….HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO! I’b sorry I keeb ssn--sss HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO--- sneebing ob you. I can’b helb ib. Anb I’b a werewolf… I loob like this for the three nighbs of the ff--ffff HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO-- full mmoon….. The resb of the time I cab choose ib --- HAH AAAAH A-A-AH--- HAAASSCHOOO AAAPSSSCHOOO APPPSHOOOO AAAASSCHOO---- cough cough cough---- I wanb to be a wolb ” He shivers and lets out a soft wolfy whine.

“Ok Chris, I’m Detective Leah O’Mally, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She says gently. “And I have loads of questions, but I think you need some rest. I’ll be right here when you wake up ok. I’ll watch over you. Just like you watched out for me tonight.”
Poor guy looks so miserable…...And his sneezy nose……..I can’t help it, I need to help him. Besides he’s kinda beautiful. I lean forward and kiss his forehead. “Rest well wolf-knight chris.” I tease softly as I pull the blankets over him.

Chris nods and closes his eyes passing out finally and snoring loudly from his plugged nose.

Part 2

I stayed by Chris’ side in my chair, my hand in his. He was still shaking with fever so I got him another blanket, his breathing coming in gasps as he sniffled and coughed in his restless sleep. His muzzle crinkling his furry chest heaving irratically at times. I changed his cold cloth twice while he slept, and I became more and more worried as I watched over him. Stroking his soft black fur making him lean into the touch, and let out a long contented groan in his sleep. Eventually I closed my eyes a moment and fell asleep.

And I Dream
We were standing in a warehouse the old abandoned shipyard overflow. Broken cranes and half finished ships scattered about the massive structure. I heard chanting in a language I have never seen, there is No Moon in the sky that I can see above through the broken roof.

I see 13 people in bloodied torn halloween costumes pinned to glowing burning symbols on the floor. They’re mouths are open, they writhe in agony their expressions contorted in pain, but there is no sound save the chanting. Their cries magically silenced.
The symbols burning their flesh are drawn in a massive circle. 13 Symbols that are slowly being burned into their helpless victims chests. There is also an inner circle with glyphs - I don’t read but somehow understand. ‘Death’, ‘Destroyer’, ‘Pain’, ‘Power’, ‘Gate’.  They are glowing that sickly green color and I can feel heat coming off the circle and the smell of Sulphur and smoke is thick in the air. And something else….death….. It smells like rotting flesh. There are 5 of those sickly tattooed wolves prowling the inner circle. There is also a werewolf standing on two legs at 13 ft tall resembling Chris in appearance….but different…. So different….He also has the sickly green tattoos carved into his fur and flesh, and he is chanting. His every word makes my hairs stand on end and I shiver.
I see the doors blow open, I see Chris come in try to kill the man chanting, but as he crosses the circle he roars in pain. As he goes after the chanter, his blows are sluggish the chanters are not, and as I watch the chanter reaches his hand into Chris’ chest and pulls out his heart. It lights on fire in the chanter’s hand blood dripping down his claws and arms. The chanter smiles as Chris falls to the side his eyes vacant, dead. His red blood pouring into the glyphs on the floor and they glow brighter. “You Failed.” The chanter whispers.
With that he holds the heart above his head. I hear the screams 13 screams in perfect unison, screams of pure agony that make my blood chill in my veins. Then a swirling Gateway appears made of swirling sickly energy. Through this gate HUNDREDS of those hell-hound-wolf-creatures  start to pour out and flying sickly bats the size of surfboards eyes glowing green. Then I felt this deep paralyzing fear, two Burning green eyes the size of trucks open in the depths of the gate as blackness fills it. A giant clawed hand comes through digging its claws deep into the concrete floor. The hand is the size of a transport truck made of oil,shadows and sickly slick flesh and bone, green fiery veins lining it, green slime dripping from it sizzling as it touches the ground, like acid. 
The eyes find me, look at me, and my heart stops, I am cold through every part of me I am cold, freezing solid where I stand. And then ---- Nothing. I Died.

I wake with a start, my heart hammering in my chest, and I am cold, shivering every part of me is frozen solid. My hand is icy and as I look over I see Chris is sitting up looking at me his golden wolf eyes filled with worry. “Detective?....” He doesn’t seem ill any longer, that’s good at least
I glance over at my alarm clock it shows 6pm. We slept the day away. My head is swimming my robe is soaked, I feel dizzy and the room is spinning. “Pant pant- yeah- cough-cough cough cough---eiheh eeiheh….uggh..What is it Chris?”I say weakly in my thick Irish accent.  My lungs feel like they are burning, and I’m cold… so cold, the kind that goes from the inside out.

“ Are you alright? You’re shaking and you look so pale.. And your lips are blue, and your hand is like holding a block of ice….. I know we just met…. But… I reckon you need your bed more than I do, little lady.” *he has a southern drawl when he speaks, his golden eyes gentle with concern.*

I try to stand and my head swims. I’m so cold. Yes I want my bed. I want your blissfully warm arms around me. Your warm fur around me. Oh God those eyes. I shiver again and I still can’t figure out which way it up I vaguely feel my knees buckle, and I go down in a shivery heap...but I never hit the floor. As the room spins wildly and I shake I feel Chris’ warms strong arms scoop me up. I lean into his furry warm chest.
“Easy there little lady…. You feel like a block o’ice. Let’s getcha under the covers and warm yeh up pronto. This ain’t good.” *you can hear the tender worry in his southern accent. The deep baritone of his voice warm and kind, as he tucks me into my bed withdrawing the blissful warmth of his arms and furry chest.* “No! Ppppplease….don't gggo….” Not intending my voice to come out so panicked and pathetic but the words stopped him from moving.
“ I won’t go far little lady. Don’t ye worry none.” He says gently, while I start to shake more violently the further he and his warmth get from me.
“Pppplease…...hhhhold mmme fffor a wwwwhile…. I’m ssssso cccold. And dddizzzy…And yyyou’re arms and fffur is ssso wwarm...” He takes a deep breath.
“Are you sure? You smell…...afraid….. Darlin…. In fact yeh smell terrified…..” I can hear the worry and a little bit of hurt in his voice as he assumes I are terrified of him. “ I ain’t gonna hurt yeh none. My word of honor Mam, so long as I’m here nuthin will getcha. I promise. OK?” 

“Okk…..tthank yyyyou. Bbbut I ssstill want….ppplease...I’m ssso cccold.--- heehhh heeehh eeishee...eeishheee EISSHHHEE! *sniffle* ” He frowns as he looks at me and I sniffle and shiver. He slides into bed next to me and wraps his warm furry arms around me, pulling me into his furry chest. I let out a soft sigh as I cuddle into that blissful comforting warmth, some deep instinct knowing he wont hurt me. “Ttthank --y--y HEEEISHEEE!--sniff-  you.” I whisper softly. Gods I never do this. I never cuddle up to a stranger… I haven't had a real date in like 2 years ...But he’s so warm. He makes me feel safe ...and I need to feel safe… those eyes…..I shudder. He pulls me in closer, pulling the covers up and wrapping me in his arms protectively.
“You’re alright Detective.” He whispers gently.
As soon as I am conscious I feel those safe arms around me, like furry steel cables. I opened my eyes and everything is too bright. Everything hurts, my head is throbbing my throat feels like I swallowed a cactus and breathing is hard. And once I reached consciousness. My nose… oh god my nose is twitching and tickling. I don’t want to sneeze on him… I mean I love sneezing… tickle the release… normally this would be quite enjoyable were it not for these strong arms around me and the pain in my head.
“I’m -gobba -S---sssn--- heeeh heeeh HEEEH HEEEISHEEE! HAAAHHYIIISHEEE -- EEEH HEEH HHEEH HEHH - gasp gasp gasp HEEEH-AAAHYISHEEE --- EEEISHIEEE! AAASCHIIEE. Cough cough cough cough -- I sniffle wetly. The sneezes felt so good to get that out but as soon as my nose was empty. It was filling again. I looked down horrified to see the furry arms covered in my spray.
“I’b so sorry --- HEEH HEEEH AAAHYIISHEEE! AAAEEEISHEEE AAA--- haahhh EEAASHEEEEW!-- gasp gasp -- cough cough cough-- ugh...”

“Hey there little darling….. I was gettin mighty worried bout you. You’ve been out most o’ the day and yeh gotz fever. There are some meds here fer yah… darling if yeh wanna take em…” he says gently, not seeming to mind at all that I just sneezed all over him. His golden wolf eyes looking into my brown ones with deep concern. “And nuthin to apologize fur little darlin. You’re pretty ill and I think ya’ll need some rest. Them monsters made ME sick, and that don’t happen easily. So you really need to rest up. Yeh here? I’ll take care o’yeh. You just rest now. Soon we’ll get yeh right as rain.” He says stroking my hair.

Staying awake is difficult, and I take the meds he presents with a wince as swallowing feels like hot coals in my throat. I try to sit up and my head swims he helps me getting in behind me so i can lean against his chest like it was the back of a chair. He steadies me gently and guides me to a mug of lipton chicken soup with a spoon in it. I slowly let him help me drink each swallow agony and I let out an involuntary whimper after the 4th swallow and he stops putting it down. Giving me instead some ice cold water to try to soothe my sore throat, I wince with each swallow there to but manage to finish the glass. All the while with Chris stroking my hair, and telling me it will all be ok in his thick southern drawl.

I don’t remember much of the next week. I was in and out of consciousness, so fevered I was delirious. And that dream came again and again. The eyes chilling me to the bone. When I finally woke Chris had a small leather pouch that smelled of herbs and spices, its heady scent tickled my nose a little as I woke. As I looked down the necklace around my neck glowed a little with a subtle warmth, that finally seemed to have dispelled the chill. I finally felt warm and the illness seemed to have gone. Though my nose still tickled a little from the herbs.

Chris pushed my damp hair back from my eyes and looked relieved. “You’re awake… How do you feel?” he asked tenderly his golden eyes worried. His human form had shaggy black hair, tanned skin and stubble. He was still wearing the beaten up robe from that night and he looked like hell. Dark circles under his eyes, worry lines in his features.
“I feel much better thanks --wh---ww hhhheeh hheeeh HEEEISHEEE. Heeeshhhew hheh eeishew.” Sniffle “Sorry- the herbs in this-
“Medicine bag” He filled in.
“Medicine bag, are tickling my nose a bit. But other then that I feel much better thanks ...what happened?”
Chris sighed, “So this may be hard to accept but.. You’re a wolf-blood and an oracle.”
“I’m sorry a what?” My head swam and I thought back to the dream, thought back to my work as a cop. How I always KNEW where the baddies were, KNEW what they were gonna do. And in my bones…. Deep inside my guts something clicked in me. Yes ...I thought. I’d always known this to.
Chris studied my eyes gently “A wolf blood… You have werewolf blood in your veins but… You haven’t changed. You may never…..change.”
“ I know…. I mean… I couldn't have ...but. I -- hehh heeh EEESHEEEW HHHHEH IIIESSHEE IIEESHEEE IIESHEWW! Excuse me… But I did know”
“Bless you.” Chris hands me a handkerchief.I blow my nose with a honk into it and put it on the nightstand.
“So …. Getting back to the oracle bit that means the dream…”
“Yeah.” He says gravely.
“And we’re running out of time.”

Part 3 - A Plan

Chirs brings me some tea as I recover my strength Halloween is in just three days. I know that’s when this ritual will happen. I’ve taken sick leave from work, with my fever, weakness and erratic heart rate and breathing it wasn’t hard to get the forces medic to sign off on leave. I was on bed rest for a month. They diagnosed concussion, so that left me free to plot with Chris.

Chris, his human form was a sight to behold, he was all muscle, with short brown hair and golden brown eyes.
“So, I was wondering if we could go out for a bit today. I know a place where we can work on something. My uncle has a workshop out on his farm, and I have an idea for how we can take em all out. But it will require some supplies and some testing.”

“Alright, little lady but no pushing yourself, yah heard the Doc, yer still healing. What’ere’s got yeh laid up, its claws are in yah deep.” he says gently. His brown eyes looking into mine with deep concern. He’d been doing that for the last two weeks. Taking care of me, making meals, cleaning my flat. He was deeply concerned I was still so weak.But I was grateful for his company. I still had that dream…. Over and over again. And it chills me to the bone everytime. I shudder thinking about it and Chris slides into being next to me, drawing me into his sculpted warm chest, wrapping his arms around me. “So we’ll get yeh dressed and then head out. But we ain’t shopping fer more in an hour. And yeh tell me this time yeh start to get dizzy alright?” He whispers tenderly stroking my hair.

I nodded, wishing silently he wouldn’t worry so much about me. “So I need you to get these things then we’ll head out to uncles.” I handed him a list of parts. Time to build bombs. I got the idea from watching a glitter bomb video on youtube. I was good at building things, so I was gonna build a bomb but instead of glitter, it was gonna fill the room with something that would drive those sensitive wolf noses crazy. I had noticed that Chris sneezed around strong scents, I lit a scented candle last week and he had sneezed for hours. So I am thinking I can definitely make a scent bomb. Poporii leaves, glass perfume bottles and lets not forget a pollen/dust/chikni/powdered silver & wolfsbane, all ground in with the popori. I found a wholesale bag of the stuff, and was able to get it shipped in express, Chris just had to pick it up and then we could head out to the workshop to test it. If this worked. It would disrupt the casters and the creatures so we could get the people out.  Chris said the guy in my vision was a wolf like him, so were those nasty things on the ground. If I can make them sneeze uncontrollably…..I’m hoping we can take em out with silver bullets light em up and burn the ashes. Chris glances at the list and nods kissing my forehead tucking me in with extra blankets he goes out to get the items.

I shift a little and get dressed having everything ready to build what I need. Automatic sprayers for the perfume. And the devices for the powder bombs, that we can throw and then detonate. Everything set I sit on the couch to wait my head spinning a little, even from the slight movement and I shiver now that I’m not in bed anymore. Since the dreams began i was always cold, which made me ache and sometimes made my nose tickles. I could feel a drip starting as I shivered and I sniffled, the mucus running down my nose making it start to tickle and twitch. “Hehh iiiee hheh hheeh EEEH-AAAHYISHEEE --- EEEISHIEEE! AAASCHIIEE -- HEH HEEEH EEEH-AAAHYISHEEE --- EEEISHIEEE! AAASCHIIEE” I truly loved the feeling of that blissful release as I blew my nose the drip stopping for now my head swimming. I leaned back on the couch closing my eyes a moment…..

I awake hours later a blanket draped over me laying on the couch, I open my eyes and look around.  Chris sitting at my side in the easy chair waiting for me to wake. He’d been insistent I get my rest.  “How are you feeling?” He asks gently putting a hand on my head to brush back my hair and plant a tender kiss on my forehead.

“I’m ready to go. You shouldn’t have let me sleep so long did you get what I needed?”

He nodded and glanced over at me.  “Yess….**sniffle** I packed it in the trunk of the car and left it there” **Sniffles** in a growl his nose twitching a little his nostrils flaring. “I don’t know what’s in the packages but it smells like the worst perfume and air freshener combined, and that was THROUGH the packaging.” Sniff his chest heaving in a few hitching breaths.  “ I had it in the car at first and my nose wen--w--NIYIIIEEESHEEEE!! HEEEISSCHEEE!!!!!!!” a powerful explosive sneeze interrupts his sentence, spray flying onto my arm, and the coffee table as he fails to hold it back. He grabs some nearby tissues and empties his nose with wet honking blow and sniffs again looking annoyed. “ My nose went *sniff* crazy. I was sneezing so hard I almost drove off the road. I still have the smell in my no--- no---” his large masculine nose twitches again I see his nostrils flaring as his eyes droop and his head tilts back. He fights it his chest heaving, he rubs his nose a little trying to finish the sentence before he- “NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! Nose ” He sniffs wetly. I smile and hand him a tissue, and blush. His sneezes are always so powerful.

“Good, that bodes well.” I say with a smile as we head down to the garage.

“It does?” Chris says with a wet sniff.

“It does.” I say with a grin. If he is this effected THROUGH the packaging. Our enemies are doomed.

I unlock the car and open the door. A hint of the sweet scent of the potpourri I ordered wafts out of the car, as I get in. Even from the TRUNK through the packaging it’s THAT strong. I get into the driver’s seat, Chris opens the passenger door to get in and immediately starts sniffing, his nose starting to drip. I close the doors and start the engine glancing over at Chris sympathetically as he sniffs and rubs at his nose his eyes started to water. “How long *sniff* is the *sniff* dribe? - heeh hhhe hhhaaah hahhh….” His breathing hitching and shaking as his deep southern accent asks the question.

“About an hour. Sorry.” I do feel a little bad for the poor guy as I glance over at his twitchy nose and watering eyes. If it’s this bad no wonder he was still sneezing in the house. But this definitely bodes well for the plan.  My eyes get back to the road and I hear his hitching beside me. I hear the squelching sound as he rubs his nose trying to stop the inevitable. He manages it for about the first 20 minutes of the drive until---  Heh --s squelch-- HEEEH -- I glance over - his head is throne back his eyes closed, his pink nostrils flaring wide as he takes in that last gasping breath and he pitches forward and covers the dash of the car in thick wet spray “NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! Heh hehh heeh heeeh NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!” Spray continues to fly as the fit grips him and he gasps his chest heaving. “NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! -- hehe heh heh heh ev ev ev --- NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! Hehh heeeh heeh NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!” He is trembling his shirt the dash his hands are all covered in spray. His eyes watering and his nose dripping. He sniffs wetly and finds the tissues blowing into them, going through half the box before he sits back a little and sniffles. His nose doesn’t relent and he starts to sniffle, and sniff wetly. Squelch--- squelch -- squelch as she rubs at his nose trying to make the tickle stop. He tries to breathe lightly softly, gasping a little to try to keep the sneezes at bay. Heeh heeh -- squelch squelch squelch--- heeh HEEH hhehhh- Squilch -- PHHHHFFFFT he blows into another tissue, and that was his mistake.  He’d battled his nose another 5 minutes before “ NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! -- he heh heh heh NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! “ He pitches forward violently unleashing more spray hitting the dash and the windshield, and I open the window the icy wind chilling me but I don’t want to watch him suffer anymore. “Yyyyou’ll fffree---f--NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!  Heh heh heh NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!  What if you catch cold? NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!“ Chris spits out between violent sneezes.

“You’re sneezing is going to block the windshield soon if you don’t get it under control, wolf-knight. Now stick your head out the window and get some fresh air --- maybe it will help.“

His nose twitches again and he nods -  “HEH HEEEH NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! --- ok --” he sticks his head out the window and sniffles. I can hear him sniffing but the rest of the way he manages to only let out a few wayward sneezes.


“Yeah so why don’t you wait out here while I get things ready and then I’m gonna test it on you. I’m making sneeze bombs… like glitter bombs but for sneezing. You said silver burns your kind right… and them to?” He nods “So I am gonna make some of my bombs with powdered silver but I won’t test that one on you.”

He nods and sniffles “HECHEW - excuse me.” he says taken aback at the surprise sneeze. He sits down outside the workshop letting me take the packages. “Ok - sniff--- so you’re making--- sneeze bombs with the addition of silver… so like p--- ppp NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!  Pepper spray and sneezing powder on one to stop the ritual. But something that our noses are--- sens---sens-- NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!” Spray flies everywhere as he sneezes uncontrollably “Sensative to--- NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! --- what is in--- the-- hehh hehehh NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO! Packages.” I hand him tissues and gently stroke his hair.

“Potpourri made with the strongest smelling flowers I could order. Its mixed with 15% dried wolfsbane flowers. They don’t affect us too much in that concentration...but….”

“ hehh hehehh NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!-- heh hehh --  hehh hehehh NIYIIEESHEEE! EEEICHEEEE --- HEH HHHEH IEEECHEEEEE, NYICHOO EIEEECHOO!---- They definitely affect me.” He says sniffling desperately. I give him a pile of hankies.

“I’m gonna close the doors, I’ll be a few hours so hopefully you get some relief. Before I test one out.” I say kissing his forehead. Inside I begin to work carefully assembling each device. By the time I’m done I have 6 active ‘sneeze grenades’, and one to test.

“Ok Chris I’m ready……. Chris?” I walk a few paces and find him in his wolf form sleeping under a tree. I smile watching him looking so peaceful. “CHRIS!” I yell startling him he starts awake and comes lunging towards me. And I throw the grenade.” In this form his nose is even MORE sensitive and the grenade goes off right in his face. He loses his balance coming down mid lea shaking his head. His wolf nose crinkling he snorts and snuffs trying to get it out of his nose. He paws at his nose with his front paw. His nose is running and wet I can hear the thick sniff. His head rears back showing his teeth, His entire muzzle wrinkling his nose dripping” HEH SNNUFF-- SNNUFFF---  MSSCHEEEEE SSSCHUU SCHHHUUUU SSSCHHEE SHCUU SCHHU SCHHU SSSCHHHHEEE SSCHUUU SCHHUUU” The sneezing starts it stopped him in his tracks his sensitive nose won’t let him do anything but unleash sneeze after sneeze after sneeze. “ SNNUFF-- SNNUFFF---  MSSCHEEEEE SSSCHUU SCHHHUUUU SSSCHHEE SHCUU SCHHU SCHHU SSSCHHHHEEE SSCHUUU SCHHUUU--- SNNUFF-- SNNUFFF---  MSSCHEEEEE SSSCHUU SCHHHUUUU SSSCHHEE SHCUU SCHHU SCHHU SSSCHHHHEEE SSCHUUU SCHHUUU -- SNufff snuff -- snort ssssnufff -- snufff --- heheh aaah heeeheh heehehh SNNUFF-- SNNUFFF---  SNNUFF-- SNNUFFF---  MSSCHEEEEE SSSCHUU SCHHHUUUU SSSCHHEE SHCUU SCHHU SCHHU SSSCHHHHEEE SSCHUUU SCHHUUU”  He sneezes for 10 minutes straight before he can even start to run towards the nearby brook to rinse out his poor nose. “SNNUFF-- SNNUFFF---  SSSCHUU --- snuff snuff -- SNNUFF-- SNNUFFF---SSSCHUU SCHHHUUUU SSSCHHEE SHCUU SCHHU SCHHU SSSCHHHHEEE SSCHUUU SCHHUUU”
He manages to get under the water sticking his muzzle in then he gets out and coughs and coughs till his snout is clear of water. He shifts back to his human form his body rippling with power. He looks at me with his puffy bloodshot eyes and sniffs wetly.
“ I think they work.” He says with a predatory gleam in his eyes.
“ I would say they do. We’re ready. Halloween is tomorrow night. Let’s go home and get some rest. It’s all or nothing time. “

He nods and glances at me for a moment as if deciding something. He closed the distance between us suddenly, and wraps his arms around my waist pulling me against his bare muscular chest. He dips me his arms around me and presses his lips to mine in a long tender kiss. I’m caught by surprise. Joy filling my being and I lean into it kissing him back in return.
“I love Leah.” Chris murmurs in a low baritone rumble “No matter what happens tomorrow... I wanted to say it once” *he sniffles a little*

“ I … I love you to Chris.” I replied ,my heart in my throat, my excitement flaring as I noticed him lean his head back, his nostrils twitching, but I stay there wrapped in his arms. “ Eeee heh hhhheh HEEEEH HEEICHIIIEE NYEEECHEEEE IEEECHIEEEE!” His spray from his powerful sneezes lands on my cheek, chest and neck and I look up at him and smile heat in my eyes, and lean up to kiss him. He kisses me back his arms tight around me, and we slowly fall onto the soft blanket he was sleeping on. Spending the next hour wrapped in each others arms.

Part 4 - Battle of Halloween

I paced in my apartment waiting for Chris to return. It was almost time. I’d had the dream again and I felt like shit. Everything inside me was chilled to the bone, and I couldn’t stop shaking. I was sore and achy, but I had our grenades ready. Our gas masks so we wouldn’t be affected by the plan, I had Silver bullets for my gun and I had Chris… Heh HEEICHEEE! A powerful sneeze interrupted my thoughts. My nose was tickling along with my scratchy throat and soreness.

I think I might be getting sick. Sleeping on the ground last night outside hadn’t done anything for my body , even if it was an amazing. Humans even wolf-blood humans should not sleep under the stars in October.   “Aaaschew assscheee aaschooo!” my nose is dripping i can feel the ttracks of mucas making little tickly tendrils through my sinuses. But in my dream I wasn’t sick… that’s one thing that’s changed already! Maybe there is hope for those poor people…. Those poor people I am about to make sneezing like crazy. I shuddered at the thought, over 13 people sneezing in tandem from my induction grenade. The thought excited me, and I pushed it away. I resumed my pacing.

Chris walking in the door handed me my body armour and box of silver amma his hands shaking. Even holding it he could feel it draining him. “You ready my mate?” he asks gently reaching up to brush my hair back from my face.

“Ready as I’m gonna be.” I say in a raspy voice I try to make sounds husky to mask the fact: I’m getting sick. If he knew, he’d never let me come, but I was a cop. On medical leave or not Protect and Serve was in the fibre of who I was. And we didn’t have time to argue.

“Good.” He cups my chin in his hands tilting my head up and kisses me deeply. The fluid in my nose is objecting to the movement as it shifts back and forth from my tilted head. I kiss him back my passionately trying to distract my body from the tickling in my nostrils. I pulled away gasping trying to convince Chris it was the kiss that was making my breath hitch and shake not the building tickle in my nose. I smiled up at him and discreetly rub my nose the tickle mostly subsides for now. “I love you.” He whispers tenderly.
“I love you too.” I reply with a warm tender smile. In some ways this has been the best month of my life. Meeting him, learning what I was. He has taken such good care of me.

We were standing in a warehouse the old abandoned shipyard overflow. Broken cranes and half finished ships scattered about the massive structure. I heard chanting in a language I have never seen, there is No Moon in the sky that I can see above through the broken roof.

This WAS my dream… this is exactly how it started. Any minute it would start to… The heavens opened up and it started to pour with rain. Thunder and Lightning cracked over head. The power for the block WINKED out with a clap of thunder. I started to shiver. I didn’t remember the storm in my dream…. Another difference -- good --- differences were good. It meant we’d changed something. I glances at Chris and the lightning and he smiled. “I made a deal with a storm spirit, we will need cover to do this, nothing discourages investigating things like a good deluge, mam.” He says in his thick baritone southern drawl.

He was right, of course,  the rain was good for our plans. But I was getting sick, and this rain would not be good for me. I could already feel the fluid in my nose thickening, the aches increasing 10 fold. It was icy, and chilled me to the bone as it soaked my hair and pants. A thick deep heavy fog also rolled in to cover our entrance. Chris really had thought of everything. I sniffled as my nose started to drip, fluid now running freely through my tickly sinuses. Must-not-sneeze. “Heeeh heh hehh aaahhh hheeeee--- ah hahh ha hah heeeh...hehhh..”

We move towards the center of the warehouse and I put on the gas mask. The recirculated filtered air in it tickles my sinuses even more. Must-not-sneeze. My breathing came in gasps, and my heart raced as fluid dripped from my nose, my sinuses tickling like tiny little ants were crawling inside the fluid. Must NOT Sneeze. Oh God the Tickles. “ HEeeh HEEEEHH” The small river of fluid was tickling teasing tormenting my poor nose. My breathing hitching. In the mask I couldn’t even rub it. I wiggled and crinkle my nose *SNIFF* SNIFFLE* SNIFF*. I tried sniffling wetly hoping it would help the tickle. It did a little, but oh it was still there teasing my nostrils. I wanted to sneeze so bad. I was shaking, and shivering as we dropped down behind the crates on the catwalk above the rite.

We were in position. Chris took a perfume grenade and a silver grenade and moved off the catwalk silently heading to our target. I see them… the 13 people from my dream,  in bloodied torn halloween costumes pinned to glowing burning symbols on the floor. They’re mouths are open, they writhe in agony their expressions contorted in pain, but there is no sound save the chanting. Their cries magically silenced.  The symbols burning their flesh are drawn in a massive circle. 13 Symbols that are slowly being burned into their helpless victims chests.

I see the 5 sickly tattooed wolves prowling the inner circle. The werewolf, the caster of this whole ordeal is standing on two legs at 13 ft tall his sickly green tattoos carved into his fur are glowing the hairs on my arm and neck are standing up. That deep cold chill starts to fill me. I’m to bomb the wolves while Chris takes the caster. Time’s up I can feel the power of the rite deepening the chill in my bones, andy longer and those eyes… the portal. It has to be NOW.

I grab the grenades out of my bag twist them to arm for 5 second delay and throw them into the inner circle - CHUNK - tink tink tink -  CHUNK - tink tink tink- CHUNK- tink tink tink, the grenades landed and the wolf creatures moved to them drawn to the sound sniffing them, nuzzling them with their ugly scared noses right on them when. Whoosh! WHOOOSH! WHOOOSH, They popped and released the potent mixture of powdered silver, Potpourri, wolfsbane, dust and pepper right into the faces of all 5 of the monsters. The wolves howl of pain and sniffle and snuff their snouts wrinkling they toss their heads whimpering in agony from the burning of the silver and the pepper. “HEH HEEE SHSSNEEEECHUUUU SSCHUUUU SHCUUU SHUUU SHUUU SHHNNNEEEEUUUUU SHNNUUU SNUFF SNUFF SNUFF SSHHNNNHUUU.” The monsters started sneezing uncontrollably unable to do anything else. I envied them a little as I felt my nose twitch and tickle as I ran down the stairs to the people.

The mixture was drifting the them now and they were free of the magic holding them they started to get up in a daze and right into the sneeze cloud. Men and women their nostrils flared a few big noses sniffing more deeply as they tried to catch their breath from the pain they had been in….. “It burns” All around me as I arrive down there. Hitchy, shaky breaths so like my own. I was shivering with another sensation now, surrounded by 14 people who desperately needed to sneeze,  including myself. My nose seemed to object to being denied the sneezing. The tickling increasing 10 fold as I watched my 13 charges noses twitch and crinkle, 26 nostrils turning pink and flaring in and out. A symphony of hitching gasping breaths as I moved them towards the exit with as much speed as we could manage.
“Heh”       “haah hahaha”       “EHhehhh hehh”    “Hah hah ah ah ah ”  “Eeei”
“EHhehhh hehh”    “Hah hah ah ah ah ”  “Eeei” “Heh heh heh”     “Heh Ieeh“     “Heh heh heh”     “Heh Ieeh“ “Heh heh heh”     “Heh Ieeh“ The sounds all around me as we moved in a cluster to the door. Almost free as I heard the wolf monsters continue to sneeze distantly behind me. 

Then I heard another sound join them. “EECHOOOOOOO - AAASCHHOOOO NYIIEEEECHUUUUUUU NNNKKPHSSTCCCHUUUU SSSTTTCHHHUUU!---EECHOOOOOOO - AAASCHHOOOO NYIIEEEECHUUUUUUU NNNKKPHSSTCCCHUUUU SSSTTTCHHHUUU! “ It was have snarl half sneeze, Chris had nailed the caster. I felt it then the power in the circle in the room SNAP, broken.

We reached the door all of us clustered shoulder to shoulder me in the middle guiding the traumatized people through. Like a damn breaking the first one started to my left “NyyichUUU” “EECHIEEEE” another to my right, “AASCHEWWW- asscheww ASSCHHOO” a third. Then all hell broke loose 13 voices, 13 wiggling noses sneezing all around me, “NYICHHU, Eechich, NSschtuuu, Nyyychtteeee,”  “ ESHEEW HATSCHOO” “Heshoo”   “ACHHchoo” “HAPSCHHO”  “HIIIHHHCCUUMPPHH!!! ”Asshhccchhooommppfff!”  “TCHU! HEEECHUU!!!”  “TCHU!.....uhhh...IHHCTCHUU!!” “Hhaaappssshooo!!!! Haaassshhooo!!Hhaaaafffsshhooo!!!” “Eeee.....eeeeeeeEEAASSHOOO!!” “HEECHU! Ihh....ihh....IHHCHU! CHU! CHU!....ISSHU” Surrounded by sneezes I was getting very excited my breath coming in hitches, I felt my cheeks flush with color as I led the people off and to the waiting bus to take them to the hospital. Chris assured me they wouldn't remember this, part of wolf magic he said. I needed to get them out of here. Though part of me would remember the symphony of sneezing around me for the rest of my days. I shuddered with excitement before I turned back towards the building. Still shivering and achy but my need to help my mate drove me back towards the building.
My nose was dripping again, the mucus parading down my nostrils with the tickley tendrils that wouldn’t be denied. My nose wouldn’t be silenced anymore the drip, the tickling and then the sneezing all around me. “I’m gonna sn--sneeze”
I opened my mask and tried to sneeze away from the passengers boarding the bus. I unleashed my sneezes into my arm. But they were wet and explosive and thick, spray flew out of my nose into the pouring rain.  “Heh hehhh hhehh --- HYEEEEH --- HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW HEHSHEW HEHSEW---- gasp gasp --- HEEH EEEISEHHEEE EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ------ EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW--- HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW HEHSHEW HEHSEW---- gasp gasp --- HEEH EEEISEHHEEE EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ------ EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW” I sniffed thickly not nearly done the tickles in my nose more persistent than after after so long being held back. The inside of my nose was on fire with tickling my whole sinuses full. “HHHEEESHHEEW HEHSHEW HEHSHEW HEHSEW---- gasp gasp --- HEEH EEEISEHHEEE EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ------ EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW”

I sniffled thickly and stopped as I heard Chris HOWL in pain, and I ran into the building. My breath coming in hitchy gasps my lungs burned, my sinus still tickling. I ran AS I sneezed “EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ---Pant pant pant pant--- EEEISHEEE ---pant pant pant - heh hehh eeehh heeh heh -- IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW-- pant pant pant” As I ran I felt a flash of my abilities trigger, I went left behind some crates then right then up a ramp onto a shipping container. I barely stopped moving I FELT I had one chance. SURPRISE.
The caster was Sneezing wildly as he loomed over my mate,  “EECHOOOOOOO - AAASCHHOOOO NYIIEEEECHUUUUUUU NNNKKPHSSTCCCHUUUU SSSTTTCHHHUUU! “ Chris’ shoulder pulled out of joint, his legs broken and misshapen the concrete on either side of him spiderwebbed from impact like he’d been picked up and used to pound it like a mallet, He was snarling his eyes wild as he coughed up blood. “DIE! EECHOOOOOOO - DIE!!! AAASCHHOOOO NYIIEEEECHUUUUUUU NNNKKPHSSTCCCHUUUU SSSTTTCHHHUUU! “ The caster snarled and reached up his clawed hand to deliver a death blow. A blow that would never land.

I got into position, and emptied my 12 silver rounds into him. His chest seized as the first 8 shots hit his chest, and I strafed up, 2 rounds in his neck severing his head and 2 rounds in the head as it fell to the ground. “Paws off MY MATE.” I heard myself snarl in a hoarse demand my voice trembling with rage.
I ran to Chris and he set his bones and his shoulder, they healed in seconds as I watched. “Chris are you o-kkk? I cccame as sssoon as I cc-cc Hheh hehh hehh” my nose twitched again the fluid dripping from it as I shivered uncontrollably. I couldn’t help it “EEEISEHHEEE EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ------ EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW”  I sneezed down into his chest and sniffled wetly. I felt dizzy. The adrenaline that had gotten me this far wearing off rapidly. My body reminding me with insistence that I WASN’T a werewolf. That I was sick, and this night would cost me, but I didn’t care. We’d saved them, we’d stopped it.
“I’m fine little darling, thanks to you, but you sound like y’all have caught a chill. Let’s get this fire started, then head home. Y'all are shaking like a leaf in a storm,darling.” He says softly his soft golden eyes looking into mine with deep worry as he shifted back into his human form with a ripple of magic passing over him.

I was, I was shaking and so very very cold and tired. I wanted nothing more then to collapse into his warmth. Let him take me home. But we had one last thing to do. We spread gas over all the ritual spaces the old wooden crates and boxes, then set a few gas containers in the center of the blaze that would explode when the plastic melted. The building would burn, but it needed to come down anyway and we couldn’t risk any more dark wolves trying something like this again.

Once our job was done we walked away to our car, I was staggering and sniffling so cold my limbs were starting to go numb. My nose twitching and red, dripping with fluids and tickling again. “ Heh heeeeh heeehhh” Chris scooped me up and held me close to his chest. “EEEISEHHEEE EIEEESHEEE HEEEHSHEEEEWW HEH HEH HEH ------ EEEISHEEE IIEHHSEEE HHHEEESHHEEW” I sneezed explosively onto him, my wet spray covering his cheeks, neck and chest, but as usual he didn’t mind instead he smiled and kissed my forehead.

“You’re burning up…. with fever… My poor Detective ...this is not good. We are getting you home to bed. You’re sick..” He says tenderly his deep baritone rumbling with concern as he held me closer. And this time I didn’t deny it. I wanted nothing more than my wolf-knight to take care of me. To be swallowed up in the bliss of his warm arms and sneeze in the warmth and comfort of our bed. And that is exactly what we did.

The End