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Here's a story I wrote with PPL's character Amber, and my character Kyle, who has never seen the light of day but actually does have a story and a backstory lol.

Accompanying cover art found here

“AHHHHSHHIISHHHH!” came the roaring sneeze, yet again.  Harsh, spraying, deep-throated... it seemed to make the big burly horse's whole frame shudder as it left him, mist drifting to the ground and clinging to the wall in front of his flaring, moist nostrils.  Some seemed to want to spill out, but it was just barely held back by the thick rims of his nares, the gray around the end of his nose standing out from his generally brown fur and dark mane.

“Gnnuuhhh... how do people stand this... I... I go-gotta snee-sneeze all the time... E-erh... H-here it... com—EEEEETTSCHHHH!” he let loose another uncovered blast of a sneeze, causing the other visitor to the farm to grind her back teeth in frustration, feeling as though she could snap her broom in half.  This had been going on for hours.

The blonde horse nearly stamped a hoof at yet another gasping, hitching breath, a flush suffusing her face as she watched him out of the corner of her eye.  Why did he have to be so dang sexy? His nostrils flared open like that, his chest heaving with his needy breaths, the talking... god, the talking.  If he would just shut up, maybe it would be bearable.  But no, he had to say, “Amber, I nnnn-need to sneeze agai- AGAIITTTNNCHHH!” and then sneeze so hard she could see a spray hanging in the air, watch little pieces of straw blow around, and sometimes feel a gust across her shoulder or on her leg.

She'd been trying to resist, really.  They both had work to do... but she was getting so worked up.  She thought she might be about to start soaking through her panties she was so wet, each time one of those huge gasping nasal explosions ripped through the air, her body shivered with want.  Her nipples had stiffened, rubbing uncomfortably against the cups of her bra, and she was chewing on her lower lip, trying not to gasp.  If she could just have a few minutes of silence, maybe she could calm down.

“Ahuh---- HH-hHAAEHH--” There he went again.  His strong handsome jaw open, eyes fluttering, hands uselessly waving near his gaping nostrils, like that would help.  His lungs drawing in deep, exaggerated gasps to try and rid themselves of this allergic tickle in his long muzzle, muscles all over his body flexing as he tried to overcome the instinctual urge.  “Hhuuh-- --nn-- whheeewh.  I thought I was going to -” he paused, giving a wet snuffle and then a snort, scrubbing his supple snout against the back of his wrist.  “Thought I was going to snee---hheeiihhhghh... oh-n-nuh-not again... I cah... I can'can't stah—HAAAA---HAAAAAAHHHPTTTTSCHHHHHHHSHHUUhhhppff...” This one was a huge, lip-flapping sneeze.  The blonde couldn't stand it anymore.  She just could not take it.

Kyle was wiping up his nostrils after yet another sneeze – the itch was still there... this was hell, right? The countryside... is actually secretly hell? - when Amber walked up to him.  She looked... flushed.  Probably from the hard work! And her tail was swishing from side to side... he turned away from her, sneezing again, and noticed her jump, her body tightening up.  Must've scared her.  “Wh-uh... whew.  What's up?”

“Oh, hey man, I'm gonna need you to chill with the sneezing, all right? You know, it's uh... It's kind of distracting...” Amber tucked a long strand of hair behind one of her ears as she looked up, seeming a little subdued, her hips wiggling from side to side slightly.  Kyle blushed... “Oh... I'm  sorry.  I'll try really hard to hold them back! I never usually sneeze like this, I swear.”  Here he was, making a snotty mess of himself in front of this beauty.  His roommates back home would definitely laugh at him when they heard that he'd embarrassed himself like this, especially since Ben and Eliza were the ones who always had to deal with his 'active nightlife'.

“Okay, thanks. Try your best!” a golden-furred hand reached up to gently pat the side of the huge draft horse's muzzle, fingers lingering for just a bit before she turned and clopped away, hooves clacking on the stone floor as they both got back to work.

Naturally, Kyle immediately began sneezing again.  He simply couldn't help but belt out gust after gust of uncontrollable allergic sneezes.

“Hnkght! Hhngkkh! HngKKTSCHHHOOO! EHTCHSCHH! AHTCHHH! HAHTCHHOO!” He tried to stifle, to keep quiet, he really did.  But his nose was just so big... and he was sooo sneezy.  They just burst out! Slipping around his squeezing fingers, even pinched shut he couldn't help but let out a burst as the tickle grew with each stifle.

“Dude! Please stop sneezing, I'm beggin' ya!” The blonde horse whipped around, her long hair and tail waving through the air around her with the sudden motion.  She leaned forward a bit, fists clenched, a slightly loose fitting shirt showing a bit of her collarbone through the neck and hanging off her just enough to create an air of mystery about her chest, though it clearly accentuated her hips.  The other horse was much larger than she was, but he almost recoiled from the ferocity in her eyes.  “I... I can't, Amber.  My nose is just so itchy... I think I have allergies? It never comes up in the city!”

He was able to get through a whole sentence without sneezing again, no doubt because the brown-furred horse was scrubbing at his gray-tipped nose with the back of his wrist the entire time, soft squishy equine snoot wiggling all over as it started to make a wet, squelching noise, his nostrils leaving a glistening trail on his hand and wrist, a few dribbles falling to the stone floor with an audible sound.  He looked strangely in place in his overalls and shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  It suited him, even if he did look like someone looked up a picture of clothes that farmhands wore online.  Amber's hoof was tapping on the cold floor, eyes darting to the big man, then over to the straw they were moving – well, he was trying to move, between his nasal events, and she was sweeping up what he spilled everywhere after one of his dramatic sneezy affairs.  Him talking like that was the absolute last straw.

She needed to have him.  Now.  If there was one thing she hated, it was being teased like this... she was hot all over, clenching need twisting through her insides, and she was going to have satisfaction.

The horse recoiled a bit as she strode towards him with a swish of her jeans, thinking he was about to get hit – she grabbed a fistful of his shirt, tugged him down towards her, and pulled him into a kiss, startling him quite a bit.  “Mmmfh.  Mmm.” She was squirming on the spot, feeling his nose press up against hers, her nostrils able to feel the tics and twitches of the big stallion's.  In fact, he was the one to break away – quickly turning his head to the side to take a deep breath and - “HhhhhhhhAEEEH---” It seemed like he was going to break the buttons on his overalls, he had taken in such a gasp.  “TTCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” it was a fully nasal release, thick strands shooting from his snout and slowly descending towards the ground, making the horse cough and sniffle from the force of his latest sneeze.

Looking a bit angry or perhaps disappointed, Amber grabbed the horse's muzzle and ran her hand all up and down it, fingers probing at his wet nostrils and palms stroking the white stripe up to his forehead.  “Don't turn away, Kyle!  And don't sneeze again until I've got somewhere for you to put It!”

For his part, the city horse just gasped and wrinkled his snout, her fingers tickling his already allergy-stricken sinuses immensely.  “Wait, is this … -snff—ghhehuhh...- Is this uh... doing it for you?” He knew that look – she was flushed, staring at him – well, staring at his... nose? And now she was... kissing his nose.  This was new.  “That feels kinda nice...” apparently this was happening – he wasn't going to question it, not with an absolutely stunning hottie like Amber. Trying not to drip on her, he gave a big snort and managed to keep the allergic slime contained in his nose, sighing a bit despite himself as his admirer started to rub her thumbs against his itchy nostrils, stretching them and relieving his tickles quite a bit.  He still felt that low burning irritation up in his sinuses – whether he was allergic to pollen, hay, or what he couldn't say – first time on a farm, despite his giant farmboy appearance.

While he was zoning out, Amber had already removed her shirt and bra, tossing them onto a deep pile of straw.  There was also a blanket there, she seemed to be adding to a pile... “Wait, right here? What about a bed, or-” “There's no beds in a barn, dude.” Was the flat reply, the blonde horse giving a predatory look as she unhooked Kyle's overalls, the big lummox finally getting it and starting to remove his shirt – nowhere in Kyle's vocabulary were the words “No thanks, I'm not in the mood.”

Even before he got it up over his head he could feel her hands stroking his well-muscled chest, starting to get him as riled up as she was once he got a good look at the golden fur, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and drawing his eyes to her bared breasts, his large hands seeking out the mounds and squeezing them, each of his hands enough to fully cover one.  Poorly skilled as he may be as a farmhand, Kyle had plenty of experience when it came to this sort of activity, and as they flopped down onto the surprisingly comfortable cloth-covered pile of straw, he made sure to gently let his palms stroke across her chest, thumbs flicking pink, sensitive nipples and eliciting a moaned “Yeah...” from Amber.

As a pleased flush started to form across her body, and while Kyle was distracted playing with her boobs, Amber took a chance to find some nice pieces of hay, stopping only when she felt something hot pressing up against her thighs – sparing a glance down, she raised an eyebrow and smirked.  Kyle was certainly big in every sense of the word, and she spared a moment of fantasy for thinking about that thick horsecock she was getting to play with.

Feeling lips on her collarbone, she let out a little “Oh!” and redirected her attention as the huge horse started to smooch his way down to her breasts, kissing them, suckling lightly on her nipples, and generally doing things that were sending pleasurable pulses down her spine, making her roll her hips a bit in anticipation.  “Oh, stay right there man.  Right there...” grinning now, she pressed her nose into his mane, rubbing her nostrils on his warm scalp, and bringing up the strands of hay to lightly brush against Kyle's massive nostrils, immediately getting a reaction.

She could feel him trying to pull away, but she wrapped her arms around his neck, keeping his nose buried between her breasts, one of her nipples able to feel his breath and the twitching and flaring of his warm nares as they flexed against her.

“Ambuh—HH-hHee-HEE” He was clearly trying to say something, but his chest was heaving, the big horse gasping desperately as his allergies triggered.  “I'm Gun-N-NAHSNEE---EEEEETSCHH!”

As that warm, misty blast – the first of many, as she shoved the hay deeply into his snoot – spattered across her, the blonde horse couldn't stop herself from wrapping her legs around Kyle's, hips rolling to try and get any kind of stimulation, his sneezes, strong and gusting across her, driving her crazy as she felt moisture starting to run out of her, her heat escaping into the air as her sex met his, and she ground herself against that hot pole as it slapped against her belly from her thrusts.

Amber gasped, pressing her nose up against his, feeling the trembling twitches and gasps rushing through him as he finally realized what it was she wanted, and stopped holding back.  “H-here comes abiigguhh-abuhh... HAHH... HHHAEEHHH...!” She could hear his chest creaking with how deeply he was heaving in breaths, and his hands were now cupping her shapely ass as her erect nipples ground deliciously against him.  His head snapped down, sending another gust across her small, light body.  “HAEETSCHHHHHUHH!”

“Nnhh!” Amber let out a moan as she clenched her eyes shut, leaning into the horse as she felt his nose slide off of hers, down to her breasts, and his nostrils flare, the sneeze rolling out and down across her abdomen.  She trembled, relishing the feeling of his fingers digging into her rear, his fur against her thighs, his heat touching hers.  Face flushed, she let go of him, sighing as mounted him, straddling his legs.  Kyle was sniffling and rubbing his against her chest still, bending forward to do so as she sat up.

“That hay really tickles,” He commented, closing his eyes and taking in a deep, slow breath as the blonde reached out in front of her and took hold of that towering cock of his, lowering herself and spreading her legs so that her fingers could play across her sex, rolling her clit through its hood  as she slowly ground herself against his leg.

Simultaneously she let her lips touch his penis, golden hair cascading down and pooling on his balls and around his groin, falling like liquid into the crevices between his thighs as her tongue came out to give it a lick.  Her free hand began to pump him, slowly, squeezing as she went, her tongue pressing into that bundle of nerves beneath his head, kisses trailing down to his medial ring which was promptly suckled.

“Hh-hhohhyou'regoodatthat...” the draft horse snorted out in a rush, Amber's oral attentions making sure he stayed rock hard as her own lust grew,  her eyes locking onto his as she let her tongue and fingers play across his massive shaft, too much for her to properly suck, but enjoyable to rub all over her face.  She developed a more aggressive sort of grin as she stared into him, her nostrils flaring as she rubbed her warm nose over his flesh, still working her way down, planting a kiss on his swollen balls before drawing her muzzle up the shaft... and down.  Up... and down.  The soft fur of her face was driving him mad, teasing him as she pressed him against her cheek and nose until even she could barely stand anymore.

“Sneeze for me, Kyle.  Right here.  Time to return the favor.” She slid up him, allowing all of him to slide over her moist, slick opening, the smaller horse gasping as his tip slid over her sex.   She crawled her way up his chest until her ass was planted right on his breastbone, thighs spread wide so he could see the dripping, flushed pink between her legs.

As he lowered his lips to her, his tongue came out and ran up her labia, tasting her, and flicking her clit gently at the end of the stroke, followed by his mouth suckling on her entire sex, gently drawing it into his mouth, tongue rolling circles around her hood.  “H-HHA!” She'd been trying to gently insert another piece of hay, but with that her composure slipped and she ended up jamming it deep inside his moist, inviting nose.   The effects were... potent.

“HAAAGHHHKKSHHHH!” He sneezed immediately, his large nose pressed directly against her mound, the woman's tongue curling up as her eyes rolled back, a shuddering tremor running through her body as the tightening coil of heat inside her snapped, and she felt herself clenching, cumming, orgasmic bliss washing through her.  But it was not merely one wave, no.  Another sneeze, and another - “HH—hHH—HAAATTCHHHHHSHIIII! EEEEEETTTTSCHHHHHOooo!” hot wind, spraying mist, warm, supple nostrils flaring against the core of her – oh yes, it only heightened the pleasure as her thighs clamped around the sneezing draft's muzzle, Amber curling up, hands twining in his mane as she lost herself to the pleasure, belly folding in as all of her internal muscles squeezed as tightly as they could.  His hands tried their best to roam across her, up the curve of her back, along her rolling hips, squishing over her breasts, but they were shaky – he was totally overwhelmed by the need to sneeze.

Her skin felt so sensitive at this moment, each shaky touch send pleasant tingles to her core and up her spine, like shocks of electricity as the feeling kept erupting out from her center, making her gasp and twitch atop her sneezy mount, the big nose still spasming, desperately trying to expel the hay that it simply could not, blocked as it was by Amber's pussy.

“Hh-HAEh-HHAATTCHHH! AATTTCHH! hh—hhh” It seemed he'd run out of breath, and she felt herself lifted upwards by the strong lungs beneath her rear, her perch swaying precariously as she collapsed forward, rolling her hips against him to try and wring every last drop of joy out of this moment, body bucking and twitching as each sneeze seemed to send an aftershock of orgasm ripping through her.  “HHH---HAAAH---HAAAKKEEEEECHHHHHHHHHEWW!”

Finally, Kyle could take no more.  Turning his head, he sneezed a massive, messy sneeze that blew the straw of hay out of his sinuses, leaving him with a lingering burning and watery eyes, his allergies making his nose red and raw.  As he lay panting, Amber slid bonelessly off him to the side, hugging him as tightly as her weakened muscles would allow in this blissful moment, letting out a happy, “MmmmmmMMmmmm...” as she slowly rubbed herself against him.

“Damn dude... that was fucking awesome... what a nose you've got on you...” Cracking an eye, she stared at the dick that was still swaying there, starting to lose some of its luster.  “Right, right, gotta finish you off too... I think you'll fit.  I'm all slick and ready now.” She said, drawing out the last words and whispering them into his ear.  The big horse, finally feeling like he was all sneezed out, didn't need to be told twice – he sniffled and rose to his knees, spreading them a bit apart and positioned himself behind Amber, who raised her rear end a bit – quite the lovely view, she thought, pleased with herself as she felt Kyle's member resting on her backside start to plump up again.  “Ooh!” He was a go-getter, reaching around her, arms encircling her and crossing over so his hands could play with her breasts, each arm squeezing its opposite as his hands began to roll her nipples, pressing lightly on them and bending them, lightly tugging, and palms moving with a rolling motion across the sensitive flesh, giving her a pleasant sensation of warmth.

By this point she had recovered, and was just as ready for this as he was.   Pressing back against him, she felt his flared tip stretch her, gasping at the feeling, and rolled herself backwards just a bit, easing him in.  He parted her soaking wet insides, the heat building once again as she felt him bury himself in her, that fullness and wonderful feeling of being stretched suffusing her.  “Ahh... ffffuuuck, that's deep... d-don't hold back.” Her body was shivering as she strained to keep herself in position, wanting to just collapse and let him give her more pleasure, but also unwilling to be still, squirming on his shaft until she felt her ass touch his groin.  “Yeesss...” She breathed softly, staying like that for a moment.

She felt Kyle shift, his nose was suddenly next to her face, huffing and snorting, his large nostrils still flaring and dripping with a slight bit of runniness as he was still inhaling plenty of his worst allergen.  She hoped he would sneeze like this, clutching her, starting to rock against her as she pulled away, the two of them getting into the rhythm of sex as he withdrew and pushed back into her, as she felt herself squeezing him, suckling on him, like  she both wanted to keep him trapped in her and also to push him out.  Every ridge and nook within her was being rubbed against in just the right way, and before long there were no more sounds but the slapping of flesh, the moans of sex, and the harsh breathing of both participants.

Amber got her wish – she felt him tense up, and thought he was about to blow – but instead, a harsh, wet sneeze burst on the floor right next to her, his hot breath caressing her once again.  “H-hh—HHAAASSSCHHHH! G-guh! I s-still can't stop sneezing!” He snuffled and nuzzled the back of her neck as they fucked, Amber really not needing more than that to have another tight, clenching orgasm, her hand coming up to clutch at his face, squeezing his muzzle against her more forcefully before he finally erupted inside her, that hot rush of blazing warmth, the pulsing of his meat buried deep inside her, and the warm burst of a sneeze over her back all combining into a supremely satisfying moment for her.

They stayed like that for a while, having collapsed over to one side, until slowly Kyle slid out of her, aided by tics and tremors from her well-sated innards, pushing him out, his spent cock quietly touching her flushed lips, one arm around each other.

“I'm gonna keep you.” Muttered Amber, smiling.  Kyle gulped, rubbing his sore nose, wondering if he could keep  up.

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That was incredibly hot. I love all the delicious descriptions and visuals, especially the drips in his nose about to come out at the beginning and the wet trail when he tries to wipe his hand at his nose. Guh. I don't blame Amber one bit for being distracted!

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Unff. Agree 100% with tarotgal, your descriptive abilities are amazing. Totally, unabashedly fetishy, but even without that, the sex alone is wonderfully written! Loved it!

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This is amazing. Definately pushed all the buttons.

Brilliant job!


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Honesty oneofthree, you're incredible.  :)