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Stuck On You (Male Tyrannosaur)
« on: July 02, 2020, 06:38:21 AM »
The Jurassic Crew is back for a short— quick recapping intro— Alber’s a Tyrannosaur (but with ‘new’ discoveries)he’s got some feathers here and there on him ;3 and Lenny’s a Chaoyanasaurus also they talk in like a totally Chicago mobster accent—soooo just imagine that with the typical Big brute vs. pint size intelligent one— and Penelope is also a Chaoyanasaurus and Lenny’s love interest)

Stuck On You

The corners of Penelope’s lips drew up in a giddy smile when she saw her date for the evening.
“Hiya Lenny!” She giggled to the cute Chaoyanasaurus that had finally worked up the nerve to ask her out.

Lenny jumped at the melodious laughter and instantly winced, the skin of his backside staying in place rather then following along with his upward motion.
“Penelope!” He grinned toothily.

“Lenny... What’s the matter?”

“Wh-What do you mean?” Lenny stammered out as he watched Penelope’s smile falter. Knowing full well what she meant. His jovial expression wasn’t portraying the excitement he’d been going for. The excitement he’d been feeling ever sense she’d agreed to go out with him. No, his expression was strained.
“N-Nothing’s the ma’ta Doll! Honest!”
Lenny cleared his throat when the sweet and clever girl waited quietly for him to crack.
And that wasn’t going to take long.
Sweat began beading everywhere. His tail twinged and stopped, it would’ve been swishing spastically behind him if it could move.
“I-I picked these flowers for ya,” he offered, the blooms in his already out stretched claws with a nervous shake.

Distracted successfully Penelope finished closing the distance between them to bury her snout in the bouquet.
“Mmmm!!” She hummed at the lovely fragrance.


“Oh Lenny!! They smell amazing!” Penelope beamed as she took the flowers and sniffed them some more.

Lenny sighed happily as he watched the Chaoyanasaurus of his dreams. Butterflies banging about his chest at her appraisals—

Oh yeah, and that.


Penelope gasped,looking around in a panic at the booming sound. But she’d heard it before. She looked around but couldn’t find the Tyrannosaur that sneeze had come from.
“Alber—?” Her call ended with a gasp as the boulder behind Lenny moved and Lenny whirled away from her, replaced by a massive sharp-tooth maw.

“H-Hiya Penelope,” Alber said as he turned to address the little dinosaur.
“L-Long time n-no s—eeEhHH—“
He had allergies, and turning to greet her had brought his snout right into a thick bundle of his allergen.

A warm but fast cooling spraying wind blasted over her and Penelope tumbling backwards.

Alber sniffled as he blinked his eyes a few times after the tremendous sneeze.

“BleSs YoU AlBer,” Penelope called dazedly, as she picked herself up. Giving a small shake which only made the world spin a bit longer.

“Son of a— Alber!!!” Lenny squawked as he could only hear Penelope’s distressing tone.

“L-Lenny?” Penelope called. She could hear her date... just not see him.

“Turn me back ya Maroon!”

Penelope’s now empty claws went up to her mouth with her shock as the massive carnivore turned around and Lenny came back into view. She noted the dark goo that seem to be on the both of them. Sticking them together.
“Ohh Lenny what happened?”

Humiliated, the stuck male Chaoyanasaurus kept his head angled awkwardly unable bring himself to look the girl in the eyes, which he now hung above. Making the down trodden look a bit difficult.
“Nothin’ like I said—“

She was smitten, but she wasn’t going to let him off easily. “It doesn’t look like a whole lotta nothin,’” Penelope grumbled.

“Lenny wa’d pig’gging you flowers,” the helpful and heavily congested Tyrant Lizard began supplying.
“An’d he got s—s—st-huhH—UUhHh!! HEhHIURRRSSHHEEIIIOOOO!!

“Ooh Lenny!!” Penelope crooned again now pitifully as she realized what must’ve happened. The dashing Chaoyanasaurus had to have been picking her flowers for the date, gotten stuck in tar and his helpful friend had freed him but they had managed to get stuck to one another in the process.

“I didn’t get stuck!” Lenny snapped over his shoulder and to the broad backside of the Rex. “I was fine and you came around and messed everything up—” Lenny growled angrily and tried to pull himself off but ultimately couldn’t. “—like you always do!”

“You were stuck,” Alber said flatly with a sniff.

Lenny huffed with grumbling. He HAD gotten stuck in tar (Penelope’s favorite flowers only grew around the pits) but he wasn’t about to admit that to Alber of all Dinosaurs!

“I’ll go get some lemon oil,” Penelope hummed sweetly.

“She might not know it... but I’m gonna marry that gal,” Lenny sighed under his breath and watched the beautiful Chaoyanasaurus as she left with the intentions of coming back and helping free him from—


“Birdbrain!!” Lenny snapped, startled.

“S-Sorry Lenny,” Alber whined. “But i’mb allergic!!”

Lenny sighed and looked to all of the long golden flowers that were stuck to the both of them.
“Ya... I figured that out for myself... earlier...”

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Re: Stuck On You (Male Tyrannosaur)
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2020, 01:11:52 PM »
Oooooooh. Really liked this one, and always good to have the Jurassic crew return. Great job. :)

((Also,wanted to mention this here as well. I had an idea for an not too long RP involving your characters and one of mine.  My idea was about maybe Lenny hunting for food and catches a smaller feathery dino like a smallish raptor, which then begins using its feathers on its tail to stall for time by slowly tickling and teasing Lenny's poor nose until the Chaoyanasaurus eventually, against his best efforts at holding back, he has a big sneezing fit and has to let go. What do you think? :) ))