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 Sprig the Sprite - Playful Pranks

Sprig was a pixie. A sprite of spring and pollen, growth and flowers. And she loved all of those things, but she also was fascinated by mortals. By the many people that walked around. What fascinated her most about these walking ones. These large mortals-- was their noses. To Sprig the nostrils were massive tunnels and sometimes, when the pollen from her flowers went inside them, they did the most amazing thing!

Today she found one of these walking ones she had been watching for a while. They had long long hair that hung down to their waist in a braid, and pretty blue eyes like the sky, but the best part was they had HUGE tunnels on their face! Sprig was so excited to go inside and explore the tunnel she just couldn't wait, I mean after a long day of jumping on pollinating flowers with the bees, helping spread the seeds, she deserved a little fun! So she leaped onto the walking one’s coat and hitched a ride into their boring box.

It has been a long day for Chris, their medication for their allergies had started to wear off but luckily they were back inside now they were safe from all the pollen of spring. Windows were closed, their box like apartment was secure, they could relax and chill. They flopped down on the couch and turned on a decorating show. It wasn’t that they hated their allergies, it was how much they enjoyed them that made sneezing in public so damn awkward.

“Good!” Sprig thought, the walking one is finally sitting on the soft thing. “Oh I just can’t wait to play” She said to herself, her voice a barely audible soft jingling. She fluttered up to the massive tunnels above her. She could feel the warmth from the slight wind of the walking ones breathing, and see into the moist dark warmth of the tunnel lined with the soft sticks. Sprig was COVERED in pollen from her work with the bees, but she didn’t worry about that. She wondered to herself how sensitive these tunnels were. Wondered how much fun she could have, and she giggled to herself as she fluttered into the left nostril. A trail of pollen dust falling off her fluttering wings as she headed inside.

Chris was watching their show when they felt it, a slight tickle in the left nostril. A slight tingle along the edge of their large nose. They lifted their hand up and rubbed it a little. Maybe the air was dry. They though to themselves and their large nostrils flare. They take in a hitchy breath the tickle starting to grow stronger. Their nose starting to itch a little more.

Sprig was so excited, she hadn’t even started playing with the sticks yet and already they were starting to wiggle. She giggled joyfully and started skipping up the tunnel hitting as many of those sticks as she could as she moved pollen sticking to every single one of those tiny sticks as she zipped by. Oh such fun!! They vibrated all the way up the tunnel, and all the soft fuzzy sticks inside twitched and wiggled and then then the whole tunnel jiggled and bounced. It was starting to get wet, and fill with warm wet wind. And the river of sap at the bottom of the tunnel was starting to flow. The tiny sticks boinging all around Sprig as she happily danced her way up the tunnel.

Chris was becoming increasingly distracted, the left nostril was feeling peculiar, yes it was tickling, but it didnt start deep inside like their allergies usually did. No this tickle was near the nostrils, oh it was slight at first but now it was getting intense. Chris sniffled and their eyes started to water. Oh the tickle was traveling up his nostril. The tiny sensation of tickling tingling tiny touches inside the wide nostril made it flare. Chris took a shaky hitchy breath, smiling letting the tickle build. Their brow furrowing, eyes shutting. They sniffed again. “Ahhh hah” taking a deep shaky breath as their nostrils twitched the tickle moving up deeper into the sinuses.

SNIFF- “WHEEEEEEE!” cried Sprig as the deep sniff of Chris made the tunnel contract around her and she was sucked deeper into the dark tunnel. Grabbing and rubbing against every stick she could on her way by, til it opened up into a huge cavern with lots of nooks and crannies and crevices. OH how she loved this part time to dance. She giggled and wondered how fast she could get to each of the crevices and which parts would make the tunnels dance best.

“Ahh HAH” Chris rubbed at their nose totally distracted by the intense tickle building deeper and deeper into their sinuses like they’d sucked up something and it was twirling inside their nostril. The tickle intensified it felt so good, and so all encompassing, they couldnt focus on anything else. The show forgotten the tickle in the huge wide nostril was all they could focus on. “AHH HAH-” The breath hitched the tickle was building, but they wouldn’t sneeze, not yet. No not yet.

The air swirled around Sprig as the tunnels before her danced. Now for the real fun she decided to fly inside the nostril and dance upon each part til she found the spot that made the wind and wiggling the most intense. Most of these dark tunnels had one. She giggles again and starts bouncing around the sinus and edge of the nostril clouds of fairy dust, pollen and her light touch exploding deep in the nostrils til she found a ridge. “OH!!! These are usually bendy!” She squeals with glee and grabs onto the edge of the nostril ridge and starts to wiggle it back and forth tickling it with her tiny fingers and dancing on it with her tiny pollen covered feet.

“AAHH HAH GGHHHAAHH TSSHHAAA -- Oh… OH MMmmy TTTHAT… THAT’s INTENSE!” Chris says outloud as their massive nostril convulses and their large nose crinkles their eyes forced close by the intense powerful tickle coming from the sinuses as they feel like something is dancing upon the spot in his nose that will MAKE them sneeze. All control forgotten all attempts at holding back lost in the intense and all encompassing powerful tingle that DEMANDS release.

Sprig dances and tickles the ridge tucked in behind it so as not to be blown out YET. She is holding onto it tightly as the air blasts by her, giggling as it tickles her wings and the warm liquid flows by her feet. Giddy as she torments the walking one making their tunnels wiggle.

Chris’ nostrils flare as the tickle in their nose gets even MORE intense.They have never felt so sneezy in their life, it was unrelenting, and each sneeze brought relief for a moment only to be replaced again by the powerful tickle. Their breath hitched, and they tilted back their head. Spray covering the coffee table and couch as they sneezed and sneezed. “CCan’t STOOP!--- AHH HAHHSSSPPPTTSCHOO aah HAH TSPCXXXXPPPSSSHHOOOO TTXXCCCHOOOO!! HAH HAH HAH AAPPSSCCHOOOO!!! HAHHSSSSCHOOOO Ah HAH HaapSTTSCCCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! HHHAH HAAAH HAAAPPPPSSHSOOOO!!!!”

Sprig was finally ready to let go as the fluid was now sufficient for a good ride out. She danced and she tickled fluttering and moving all over the ridge as fast as she could. Unleashing a small cloud of dust and pollen inside the sinus. She then let go and rode out the results with a joyful WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Chris SNIFFLED as the tickle dance finally stopped in their sinuses. “Mmmmm that felt good.” They said sagging with relief, sniffling.