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I awake in a massive cavern, the wizard it would seem had captured me, taken me while I slumbered no doubt, the coward. If I’m not careful...I'll be a slave soon, shackled by magic, like the others. I need to get out of here....

As I look around the room I see a massive boulder blocking the 20ft entrance, so no luck that way.. As I turn to the wall I feel a breeze and notice a massive dragon. Chained and asleep beside my piled straw they call a bed. His scales gleaming in the faint torch light.
As my eyes adjust to the darkness, only lit by the flickering flame of sturdy wall-mounted torches lining the dungeon walls. My attire consisted of a long blue robe and an equally blue silken hat, dressed like a wizard myself. More blue than the color of my own skin, myself only able to be described as some form of Dragon-kin. My floppy rounded ears stuck out of the top of my hat, rested on the large round brim.
It only takes me a few moments to realize that what I was seeing was no pile of treasure, but a living breathing dragon. A sense of panic grips my chest, taking in the situation. The dragon himself was chained up, but the massive beast inside of the entangling darkness of the dungeon raised my senses. I needed to get out of there
I calm myself, steeling my nerves and regaining my adventurer's intuition. This isn't the first dungeon i've found myself in. My eyes traced the walls, looking for any sort of door the wizard may have used to proceed deeper into his lair. And if he had left behind any sort of key. Or something I could use to craft one.

I get up from the straw bedding I was laying on as I move about and notice not a key but the glint of some shed dragon scales on the floor near the great beast. They must have been here a long time. Hmmmm I could work with the metal. Craft a key, that could unchain the dragon, I mean if I can get them free. They could possibly take care of that boulder blocking the door. I examine the shed dragon scales littering the floor around the dragon, taking note of the luster. I get closer, only to kneel down and collect a pile of the discarded scales. The texture was smoother than anything else I could think of, and the fragments were sharp and rigid. This seemed to be no mere chromatic dragon, but one of metal. I have seem dragons of steels and bronze in my day, even mithril, but this color was much richer. I scour the stone and dirt floors of the dungeon for numerous minutes, gathering what I can off the cold floor and making the cast of a key to the best of my ability. A lockpick in the loosest sense of the word. Now it was time… to wake the beast.
"Hey. Pssst, hey. Are you awake?" I speak up once the cast had been assembled and placed on a wide brick in front of the dragon. I needed their help if we were to both leave this place in a timely manner. I place a large handful of shining scales into the cast, the rich colored flakes piled over the top of the mould

There is a great rumbling from the dragon that I feel in my chest as he lets out a deep groan struggling to wake. "I am now." His voice booms like a deep base drum resonating in my chest as he speaks turning a bright blue eye towards me. Unable to raise his head because of the chains that bind him.  "I wouldst offer to thee what assistance I can, but many hast tried and failed to escape this place. The ArchMages spells are powerful, and my aid is limited. I have been bespelled myself. A powerful enchantment forged in blood. I cannot breath lightening, nor use my full strength of my free will. Thou must needs do most of what thou requires on thine own. But by all means tell me mortal. What didst thou have in mind?"

"I've aided lots of people in their quests around this world, dragons not withholding. I have a way of getting myself out of situations like this~" I wink, a soft confident tone coming out to attempt to assure the dragon.
"Sadly I cannot help you with your spell-bound limitations at the moment. I lack the runes and my spellbook has been taken away... you are unable to breathe elemental fire, is that correct?"
The dragon's voice was deep and wise. And the willingness from the titanic reptile was soothing to hear in this troubling time. All too often have I run into people who haven't been all too keen on helping me, even if it meant helping themselves

"I am a bronze dragon gifted with the power of the 7 winds, I breathe lightning plucked from the storms of the heavens themselves." He says Deep voice thunderous* "But no more......" he says his voice sad, longing. "I am incapable of doing so at the moment. I even ponder attempting it without searing pain for hours. Thou art without my most powerful aid I am afraid."

A bronze dragon. I was certain I had seen these sorts of scales before
"Magic is fickle in nature, maybe there's some way around this enchantment that restrains your breath" I approach the restrained dragon, trying not to lose myself in admiration of their size. The colossal sized feet bound by chains and shackles were also slightly distracting for me in particular, but... that wasn't the focus right now. There was no room for a playful situation at the moment now that deduction had begun.
I looked at the dragon's snout, and the way their head was shackled to the floor. It takes just a few moments longer as I brainstorm how to find this spell's loophole from that point forward. Hmmmm, I muse.. Runes-- no no that won’t work the ArchMage is to strong…. magic could be exploited and dispelled if not properly considered. “Hmmmm ….. Hmmmmm…..” I pace a little kicking up some dust as I lean on the cave wall thinking. Some dust drifts down into my nose. I feel that tingling itch in the back of my sinuses.“Ahh-ahhHeeea--hassccchooo!” I sniffle and then I smile as an idea occurs.  “This is awful, i'm sorry you've been here so long... but do try to keep your muzzle directed towards the mold I have created containing some of your scales" I pause as I ponder. Free Will, he’d said….so he must be unwilling, HA there is the loophole. Always a catch...I can’t tell him what i’m planning. Not yet. I muse to myself.
"I need you to trust me. By the end of this, I promise you'll be free, and be longing no more." I smile widely at the dragon, standing near the dragons massive torso sized nostrils.

He snorts a whoosh of air whoofffing past me from his massive nostrils. Each one the size of my entire upper body, the teeth in that muzzle like short swords. "Thou mayst try as thou wouldst. But I .... many hast come before thee in my long years here.. and none have kept unto their noble words. The Archmage is exceedingly cunning, they would have to be--- to have kept one such as I so long--- But do as thou wouldst young wizard. Tis better then despair and idolness I suppose." he says in a deep rumble. His ancient eyes filled with a deep sadness.

Ok, I can do this….Look at those large nostrils, wide and gleaming, with those tiny hairs inside. A tingle wraps my tummy as I anticipate what I will need to do. My cheeks grow the slightest tint of red, even in the chilled cold air of the cavern. My tail swayed slightly under my robe, and could feel a tingle down my nether regions. 
"I do have a plan; I don't know if it will work. If not, we will find another way. But for now... hold your head still if you would~"
I reach my blue, clawed hand towards the dragon's mighty snout. My five fingers lightly touching the surface of the snout between the gargantuan golden nostrils. And a singular claw of mine begins experimentally tease the very bottom of the dragon's right nostril. Touching the rim with a slight tingle~
"Coochie coochie..." I whisper softly with a smirk, admittedly, a little to indulge myself than to tease the dragon.
"What are't thou doing?" His voice booms as I touch him. The edge of his nostril not being a particularly ticklish spot. His hot breath whooshing over me as he speaks. "Please desist that is irritating."
"Aww, is that so?~" I laugh softly, hearing the deep rumbling voice speak to me. Feeling it once again in my chest. The gusts of his giant breaths as he talked were invigorating, feeling just how massive the dragon really was. My claw circles the rim of the GIANT nostril, teasing around the edge slightly. It wasn't particularly ticklish it seems. Guess I need something a little stronger.
The massive Dragon snorts sending two blasts of air over me blowing my clothes back against me. "That is annoying. Whist thous not dessist with thy games..Mortal--- what is thy name anyhow! I am Mnemoth, Father Thunder."

My robes flutters out behind me before setting back to the floor in which I sat, cross-legged. "My name is Dreka, it's a pleasure to meet you Mnemoth~" I smiled wide, hearing the snort. I was beginning to be sure of my plan, time to up my game...Good thing I was prepared. I reach into the pocket of my robe, picking out some of the long pieces of straw I had gathered from my bedding. I raise the straw, and lift it to the other nostril. The long firm twig gently sliding into Mnemoth's massive nostril, and I begin to gently prod at the softer flesh that was inside; just beyond the rim of his nose.
SNORT a rush of hot air past me but i persist.
"It sounds like this... tickles a little~" I felt a little bad for not letting him know of my plan; seeming as though I was irritating his snout without reason "Is it ticklish in... here?~" I swoon mentally, the firm piece of straw lightly dragging outwards back towards the rim of the nostril. Gingerly scraping the roof of his nostril.

The massive dragon blinks in surprise a moment as I stick the long thick piece of straw in. Then I go back for another. Yes this one i was saving, it is so big it’s almost a stick, but supple and soft. And this straw has a long cone at the end of it. I stick it in his left nostril wiggling it up against the upper ridge, and to my surprise it puffs a cloud of pollen and dust into the wide cavernous nostril as I slowly tickle.
The dragon's massive muzzle wrinkles up the nostril flares wide under your touch and you feel a WHOOSH of air being sucked in along with that cloud of pollen and dust from the exploded seed pod at the end of the straw.  "Oh---ddear--RRRAH---AH" there is  a deep rumbling grumble from the dragon that resonates in my chest as he takes a powerful hitchy breath. I see fluid start to cover the walls of his nostril where the pollen pod went off. MMmmmm the pods seem to have done something….I notice several more of those long straw pieces with the pods still attached and I smile to myself. The dragon appears to be allergic to it. "My nostril feels curious. Thou really shoulds't cease thy meddling mmortal." He says with another wuff of air and a flare of his powerful nostrils.

The brief desperation in the dragon's voice made my entire body tingle, slightly excited by it. I take a deep shuddering breath and bite my lip, not the time for such thoughts. The key we need that lightning magic.  I pull out more of my straw, creating a feather duster shape of the pod filled straw. For the sake of safety, I stood up and sit next to Mnemoth's snout rather than in front of it. And I slide my fist full of grain into the gargantuan nostril, and... begin to delicately dust the wall of his nasal passage
"Tickle tickle tickle." I coo. The cool air of the dungeon was no longer enough to keep my cheeks from growing red
“RRAHH!!” The nostril twitches and flares.
"Mmhmmhmm, dragon has a ticklish nose. Ooooh I bet it itches"
Tickletickletickle the grain and sticks tormented the flesh inside of his left nostril~
Flaring so many nerves to life. The pollen pods exploding inside that deep muzzle.
I had to ignore how much this was working me up... tickling the dragon, hearing their breathing waver and hearing them ticklishly gasp.
"DDRR---Kk---RRRRAHH--RRRAH--DDDRRREEKK--" The dragon strains against his restraints which glow with power as they hold him. His whole muzzle scrunches up his massive nostrils flaring wide as his breath shakes and rumbles. I can feel him trembling. I see the pollen pods EXPLODE one after the other inside his nostril and his hitchy breaths helplessly breathe them in deeper and deeper into his long nostril. "CCCEASEEEESE- RRRRRRAAAH AAAH HHHHAAAA---RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHH." His eyes are watering now and tinged red, the rims of his muzzzle redden as well. Oh yes, i mused to myself, he is DEFINITELY allergic to those pods. "RRRAAAAAAAH-- Ttttthat tttttickles...Mmy nnnnostrils aaare---RRRAAHAHHH HHHHHAAAAAAH." Even beside him my garmets are pulled at, by the movement of the air in each of his deep hitchy helpless breaths.
"RRRRRAAAAAAH HAH---" The deep growls of protest as he hitches and strains against the chains trying to move away from my tickling straw but he can't.
And in his nostril as I watch him intently I see it a slight crackle of lightning - HA! This could really work.
"Come on now dragon, you gonna sneeze! Ooooh tickletickle tickle boy!" I say playfully, looking at the eyes that were once filled with sadness now roll up as he desperately tries to control his growing red flaring nostrils. His voice lets out deep rumbling hitches, the chains rattling as he fights the tickle. But it was impossible.. He is about to sneeze, I just know it.
"Give in, give into it~" I purr, lightning crackling in his throat as their gasping hitches begin to roar out more and more. "S- Sneeze for me~" I say softly my voice shaky with my own building desire as I continued to induce the dragons allergies. Wiggling the tender nasal passage that twitched and wriggled before my eyes , assaulted by wisp and straw, irritating the tender flesh inside of his nostril. Dust and debris being sucked deep inside.
"NNaaay--- I wwwwoulds't nnnot -- RRAAAAAHHH AAAAHHH--- CCCCEASSE This AAT--OOnnnn_-ARRRRRRAAAAHH---ONCE!!!" the Dragon roars desperately in shaking hitchy rumbling breaths. His nostrils flaring. Fighitng the restraints shaking his head in vain. He needs a little more pollen a fresh piece of straw.. I spot a big one. A pollen pod so large it is the size of a toilet brush. And dusty it was COVERED. This will push that stubborn dragon over the edge.
His nostrils flare and air rushes and swirls all around us both with every hitchy breath. His sides are heaving and lightning is crackling deep in his snout. Yes that piece of straw was LONG to it could reach in their nostril VERY very deep

I slide the straw in deeper. Ignoring his pleas and tensing my legs slightly, I slide the straw towards their sinuses, getting my arm in there and flicking the straw around the tender skin that is seldom touched by any irritant "Sneeze. Sneeze. Sneeze..." I huff, almost begging the dragon to unleash the maddening tickle that he is desperately fighting. I could see they were getting FRANTIC at how badly they had to sneeze, yet they fought it. "Come on... I know you can't hold it back. Tickle... tickle tickle" Antagonizing their sinuses, I huff lightly. Hearing their heavy body scrape the ground and fight their chains. “Sneeze... p- please, I just had to hear it. You can empower the key and we can be free….. I think as I continue to tickle the nostril, trying to break the stubborn dragon.
This was it... the dust and strands showed the deep reaches of that... fleshy, delicate nasal passage no mercy. He had to sneeze! I thought to myself.

"RRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH-" *his head reared back as much as it could his eyes shut tightly and there was a WHOOSH of Hot warm breath as it rushed past me as he sucked in air for a deep powerful hitch. The TICKLE was too much. HE was GOING to sneeze he couldn't stop it now. His hole body shook with the forceful breath, Lightnignt crackled all around him, and as i took him in, I noticed something else something I never thought I'd see, between his hind legs. His cock was hardening and extending now over 3 feet long and thick.  Lightning crackling up his scales and nose.  "RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH----- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTCCCCC CCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RRRAAAASSSSHHHHHHOOOOOOOO RRRRAAAATTTCCCCCHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! RRRAH RRRRAH RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTCHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
I am blown backwards by the force of the sneeze lightning crackled out of his muzzle with each powerful blast of air and ozone. His scales were glowing crackling and his manhood was leaking a little fluid growing harder and larger with each powerful sneeze. Throbbing.
the dragon was helpless in the attack of allergies I’d brought on with my tickling. "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO!!!!!!"
I paled a little looking worried. P- Perhaps I had gone a little too far into tickling his nose, this was a VIOLENT reaction... b- but the loud sneezes after his desperate hitching; my robe was hiding my own reaction,  I was getting from all of this. Groaning slightly as I clenched my legs over my self and my hand gently brushing the area for a moment,  just to please myself slightly.
The powerful elemental breath had scorched the mould however, melting the bronze scales inside into the rough shapes of the cast that would be used to unlock the chains restraining the dragon. Of course, these chains made me think of other things, but this place wasn't nearly ideal for that either. I lightly touched myself a little, trying to take the edge off, huffing softly as I tingled curling my back slightly. I waited for the sneezing fit to slow down
"S- Sorry about all this Mnemoth! I had to make it... u- unwilling" I paused "It's worked though!" I try to shout over the powerful sneezes.

The dragon gasps for air as he breaths in. "RRRRAAAAH HHAAAH HAAAAAHHH--" The dragon’s erection was huge! Pre-cumm was dripping out of the top of him. Lighting crackling across his scales, his eyes still closed pre sneeze his cheeks flushed with his own arousal. "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH AHAAAAAA---RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" he was holding back you could tell he was going to start sneezing again and he was trembling and trying to fight against the restraints even more desperately "RRRRRAH--- TTTTHOU AART--RRRAHHHHH UNIQQQUE MMMORRRTAL----RRRRRRAH HHHAHH HAAAAH-----GGIVE yyyou TTTHAT. RRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHH I AM GOING--TTTO ---CCCCAN'T HOOLLD BBBACK...GGGET YYYOUR KKKEY" He saids even as he tried to rub himself against the ground a little alleviate his ROCK hard massive erection.

I quickly throw myself to my feet, lunging towards the mold and quickly diving out of the way of the dragon as they hitched and gasped. I didn't pick myself up quickly, panting softly from the sudden action I had taken. Listening to Mnemoth struggle and gasp out loud against his sneeze. I began picking apart the warm, charred dirt cast for the metal it had formed inside while I prepared to... hear Mnemoth sneeze again.

Another powerful sneeze and his cock throbbed the dragon let out a groaning growl struggling against the restraints. He SNIFFFS- a massive whoosh of air and he shudders.
I scraped at the dirt, withdrawing a rough metal key from the mould, and two long bronze rods tensile enough to pick a lock. The dragon was shuddering and sniffing now, sounding like they were finally calming down. I approached the snout, seeing the irritation of the skin trying to hide under the solid bronze scales, but still peeking out.
“Are you alright?”

The dragon's nose seemed to be calming "SNIFF--SNIFF--RRRRrrrrrrrrr.....Neh."   But it was painfully clear he had another problem his massive cock was still hard and twitching dripping. "NAY. SNIFFS-- Thou hast wrought this Mmmortal." he rumbles and sniffs deeply his blue eyes looking into mine, as if he can sense my own arousal and it is feeding into his own. He snakes out his long tongue between my legs, finding me beneath my robes and he wraps his wet warm tongue around me and in me and starts to lick and stroke. I gasp with pleasure, letting out a cry of surprise and bliss.
"I can feel thy need that echoes mine own."
"Do ast thou was....I must release myself, Mine muzzle and dragonhood as one... I shall take thee in kind. Be'st thou wiling." he rumbles in his hitchy sniffly breath. His growl a sultry husky half rumbling purr that echoes across me as he licks me.
By the gods...I suddenly gasp and collapse over his snout, feeling that GIANT warm tongue find its way under my robe and... begin licking me. Wrapping me in warmth and slickness. My robes offered no protection, I was taken wildly off guard and by the gods I didn’t want it to stop.
"GhhHhd- Mnemoth...~" I groan, shivering as the giant warm tongue tended me,stroking me. Brushing over my needy wetness. My hips bucked... my voice beginning to tremble as the colossal dragon began to pleasure me, defeating my desire to move.
"I- I need to pick your locks,” I gasped between blissful shudders of pleasure “ I- oh- OoooOooh Gods" I was limp over his snout, legs shivering to support me as his tongue worked.
My  hips rocked against his muzzle, even as he breathed on me.

" PURRRRRRR.....MMMMMMMMMmm SNIFF SNIFF "Thou likest ttthis." He rumbles stroking more vigorously with his tougue rapped warm and hot around me. It begins to pulse with a subtle vibration of the dragons electric current, and moves sending me further into the depths of pleasures I have never known. "Thou's nnneeds do as thou didst, Please, I MUST Sneeze." he says in a desperate gasp his own cock crackling with need and he rumbles against you. My body shivered, my legs feeling weak. I began to plead softly
"You’re...nose and cock are linked to finish, you need to sneeze? Wow….Ok...ok..W- We can do this later, Lllets take ccare of you….fffirstI… i need to free you." I gasp between heavy breaths, struggling against his warm slick tongue, masterfully swirling and pumping against the needy flesh. Gods i wanted to cumm, i needed to focus.
"I need to ….I will make you sneeze... unlock your binds... t- then please we can continue…. This… gods please…. " I fought my urges, pleading with Mnemoth to withdraw his wonderful wet tongue for the time being.

He lets me pull away and manages to catch me as i stumble a little with his claw.
"HURRRY" *he growls desperately SNIFF
Panting, still suffering from the strong arousal he had antagonized, I plunge a whole handful of pollen pod filled straw into the desperate dragon's demanding snout.
It would be... MORE than enough to send their already irritated nasal passage into another fit. Taking deep breaths, I fumble over to the biggest lock I could see on the restraints, and kneel next to it. Letting the straw wreak havoc on the nostrils. Listening.

The pods burst, and peppered the nasal passage with a fresh new wave of irritant~
His massive cock twitches lightening crackles all across his scales "RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH RRRRRAAAAHAHHHH--" he is trying to give me time to free him holding back as best he can til you pick the lock. The straw is tickling the inside of the bronze dragon's nostril as my lockpicks picked at the insides of the metal mechanism.
"D- Don't be afraid to sneeze now, I can pick the lock even if you... AHAH!!! SUCCESS!!"
The chains around most of his body broke away as the lock's handle popped open. The Chains crumble the mystical magic broken as the lock is snapped free. The Dragon raises his mighty head rearing it back towards the ceiling his WINGS Flare outwards and back with the force of his buildup. "RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH--- HHHAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSCHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O!!!!--"
He sneezes shake the cavern as his cock throbs and crackles
He has a massive intense fit with all I had stuffed in his nostrils -- he sneezes and sneeezes and sneezes til his cock matches his nose twitching with each powerful sneeze and finally unleashing its load with a crackle of lighting and a spray or cumm that covers the side of the cave.
"Mmmmm NOW for yyou *pant pant-- SNIFF-- MY friend." he purrrrss/rumbles and moves his toungue to find you again.

Meanwhile, I was listening to it all unfold...  and I hear his purring, seductive voice beckon for me. He wastes no time his tongue finding me again and I fall backwards his wing gently lowering me to the ground.  A tiny piece of the pollen filled straw finds its way up my nostril moving by itself as if by magic, twirling and releasing its dust and pollen into my nose, even as Mnemeth uses his massive tongue to pleasure me. My whole body tingling with my arousal and my hips rocking in rhythm with him. My white snout twitches, thin nostril flaring slightly
"Gh- OooOooh please, ye- yes please keep going. I’m gonna sn...snnnnee--- hheh ehhh " 
he is careful but it feels oh so good. and he tickles mynose as much as he pleasures me. The straw finding the perfect spot in my nostril to make me sneeze. Wet hot warmth and tingling pleasure. That echose the tickle in your nose
"i'm gonna sneeze... s- stuuUhh..."
I humped against the tongue again... trying not to sneeze. It felt so good, what he was doing with that snout. I feel a second piece enter my other nosrtil tickling and twirling even as he continues the pleasure building echoeing the tickling powerful burning tingling NEEED to sneeze now enveloping every inch of my nose.

"PleAs- o- OoohOoo- A- AhahuUUH!!" I whimpered out loud, body beginning to start and buck as the tongue twisted around me. The second particle irritating my other nostril, tickling so badly.
"I- IHIHi'm gonNA sneeze! I'm GohOHoNNA sSNEEZE!! H- hhuHUUUHHH!!" Whining, I squirmed. Eyes tended, mouth widening. The urge to sneeze was so exciting, driving me closer and closer to orgasm... I don't know how much more I can take.

"Yes..." He rummbles deeply his voice, breath a sultry purr that rumbles across your cock and chest and being. "SNeeze for me." He rumbles.
"N-NuhUUUU-UUhuUuA-AahuUUUAAAIITCHOOOOOO!! H- HUahuUUCHIEWWWW!!" My head rocks forward, eyes rolling in and submitting to the ticklish dusting of my nasal passage. Sneezing loudly, head and ears jerking forward. I curled up around the massive bronze snout as he continued slurping and sucking on my cock...~
"PlehEHASEI'm GONNA CUM!! I'mghUH-HUhua- Ahiee-AhooOAAA- AHIIIIECHIIIIWWWW!! H-HACHOOO!!" I couldn't stop them, the dragon's head bobbing slightly... the vibrating tongue was this close to setting me off, yelping and lifting my legs as they worked me. Sniffling loudly and whining as I got... CLOSE.

"THOU MAYEST!. DO SO!" he rumbles and a whoof of air blows a piece of wayaward straw into his nostril you can see it slightly above you., the straw disappearing sucked in as the dragon breathed in to speak his tongue wrapped round your cock his nostrils twitching in front of you as his muzzle crinkled. His tongue still wrapped around you. You feel his hot hitchy breath "RRRRRRRRAAAAAAHHH---AAAAH" Even as your own nostrils continue to tingle and tickle as the straw wiggles in them back and forth.
"RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Hot air whoosing past you his tongue wrapped round your cock.
O- Oh no~ The deep exciting hitches started up again, letting me stare at his GIANT twitching nostrils... I felt my pleasure swell, humping and grinding the tongue that had continued working me without a moment of relief for a couple of minutes now. And that's when he spoke up. I was commanded to cum, the deep rumbling voice echoing inside of the cave. They wanted me to cum for him. They not only gave me permission to finally cum, but DEMANDED it of me.I felt the pressure rise...~
"N-NUHuHUHUAAUUUHH!! HahAAAAH! HAAASSCCHHHHHHEWWWWWWWW!!!!!! HAUUUGHNN!!!~" I howl, experiencing a powerful orgasm as the tongue twisted trembling pathetically under Mnemoth's snout.
"RRRAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSCCCHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" *he sneezed over my head just as I finished my orgasm finally unleashing the sneeze he had held back.*
"Thou has freed me mortal and thou'st given and received mine pleasures. Climeth on mine back sittest thee behindst my head. And bringeth thy straw. Twould seem thou'st plan has merit after all. You wilst needest to maketh aim at the door. Then we shouldst be free to flyest out of this place. Take a moment rest. As thou willest Small one. Then we must need begin" his voice rumbles with affection as he gazes down at you outlining what needs to be done next.  "Thou hast given a great gift unto me today. I shan't waste thy efforts."
"Are you totally sure? I think we can give it a try, if you really want me to make you sneeze again we can do that when your nose calms down a little~" I chuckle softly, still having my breath slightly short I gather my strength and get to my shaky legs, looking over at the bronze dragon who was standing idle, waiting for me to board his back. I managed to get myself up on top of him, making myself comfortable
That didn't take too long. By that point, I was just about ready to get out of there!

"Now.." he passes up a handful of the straw- SNIFF "Thou are't of the art yes? Thou need's float it into my muzzle as we standeth before the door. Do thy best to try to maketh me unleash my sneeze as swiftly as possible. Art thou ready?"He asks as he strides over towards the door and gets in position. You are seated on his neck up behind his massive head, where you can hold onto his horns and still see.*
I do everything I need to help him unleash another sneeze, grabbing firmly onto him in order to hang on!
A massive sneeze unleashes itslef down the hallway as I tickle the inside of his muzzle with the straw. the Air rushing past me. Lightning crackles down the hallway and zaps the slaves guarding us, stunning them the Dragon gallops down the narrow hall heading for the light I can see at the end, the opening. "RRRAH HHHH RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTSSSCHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO OOOOO HRRRAAASSCOOOOOOOOOOOOO-- AAAA HHHAHHH RRAAAAAAHHHHHPPPPPPSSSSSSSHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" A wet powerful sneeze takes out a small army of guards that came to try to stop us. The lightning stunning them all as the dragon spreads his wings and leaps into the air off the cliff. He turns his mighty head backwards  towards the opening. "RRRRRRAAAAAHHHH HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAH-- AAARRRRRRRRTTTTTTTSSSSSCCCCCCCHCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOO!" he brings down the entrance to the cave on top of the soldiers it will take a while for them to dig themselves out.
he continues sneezing off and on til his nostrils are finally cleared of the straw. "SNIFF- * and he lands in a cave far from where we started. He looks exhausted.* "Come. Rest. Now. SNIFF."
* he heads into the nice warm cave and curls up on a pile of gold coins and other treasures plucking me off his back with a claw and nestling me in by his head to sleep, covering me with a blanket.*
He rumbles nuzzling me affectionately

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Oh my gosh!! ;D ;D I frickin loved this. Thanks for sharing!

Where to begin? I adored all the build up, and the fact that the dragon was made to sneeze multiple times to fulfill a purpose. Whether it was to melt the key, blow open the doorway, or to stun the guards....and also to ah...*wink* lol.  I love it when a sneeze has a purpose like that, especially from a macro or a giant creature. :)

And the NSFW parts were icing on the cake. *blush* I love how both of them got some pleasure out of this, hehe.

Overall, very well written!! And an awesome scenario. Keep it up!

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Nice, very nice. I think my favourite part is the slight implication he didn't understand what was happening to him - as if, somehow, he'd been immune from needing to sneeze until now, kept in such a sheltered place that he'd never needed the reflex.

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Nice, very nice. I think my favourite part is the slight implication he didn't understand what was happening to him - as if, somehow, he'd been immune from needing to sneeze until now, kept in such a sheltered place that he'd never needed the reflex.

More that in my headcannon his sneezes are for a specific purpose --- mating --- so.... heh... :) Yes he does stay away from things he is allergic to otherwise ;) And he was in that cave for ages!

Glad you liked it! and thank you for commenting. I hope to write more with this charcter!
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W-wow, this was incredible! I love how Dreka starts out fantasizing about Mnemoth and then actually gets to do/say the things he wants to.... and then Mnemoth ends up helping him get off too~

Ahhh, the functional sneezes are also just, so good and hot. Looking forward to seeing more of these two, and of your writing!!

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Wow, that was an intense read.