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Sprig the Sprite vs Nora The Elephant (F-macro-mess)
« on: July 28, 2020, 04:45:27 AM »
Sprig vs The Elephant -
**Nora contributed by guest writer - MzMental!**

It was another wonderful night of bouncing with the bees, from flower to flower and the tiny fairy was so excited and tired. She was just covered in pollen from all those lily flowers she had been jumping in. Sprig was definitely ready for some fun after all that hard word. But who .... hmmmmm she was just thinking that sitting on a mailbox when she saw her walk by. A creature with a nose so beautiful she just couldn’t believe what she was seeing. They were had beautiful grey skin and lovely curved hips and a beautiful cushy bosom. But the BEST thing about this walking one was her NOSE! It was long! So long it hung all the way down to her waist, and swayed a little as she walked!! And those massive oval shaped caves at the end so much larger than any others she has seen! Oh this could be just what she needed a tunnel she could truly EXPLORE! She giggled with delight and hopped on the person’s shoulder. Riding with them til they got to their boring box and the soft thing. She liked to have something soft to land on in case something went wrong. She was so very very excited!

Nora walked down the street, groceries in hand, a breeze rustling her short purple hair. The sun had almost set and she was so ready to head home. She gave her trunk a soft rub, the pollen in the air already irritating it. Sleeping with the windows closed tonight, she supposed. Arriving home, she put her groceries away and relaxed into the couch with a sigh. Dinner could wait a few minutes, she was exhausted.

Spring grinned she's on the soft thing!! Sprig squeed with delight and flittered down to the large entrance to the tunnels. Sprig was about the size of a single clove or a peppercorn. She looked up at the massive oval shaped tunnel, her wings fluttering as she hovered in the entrance. Miniscule particles of pollen already starting to dust the outer rim of the nostril. "Time to play!!" She jingled with delight. "Oh this tunnel is so LONG! And the sticks are so tiny. This will be fun!!" She landed on the inner edge of the left nostril of the elephant’s trunk and began skipping up the tunnel in graceful leaps. Her tiny hands and wings grazing the 'sticks on the inside.' Potent lily pollen particles coming off her in a small cloud as she rapidly skipped about 6 inches up the tunnel. Dancing skipping and touching everything she could on her way with squeals of delight. "Ohh so far in and still not even close to the end!! Oh I am soo excited."

Nora's sensitive trunk twitches, her nostrils quivering slightly. She scrubs at the end of it. Snnniiff sniiff The tickle persists, traveling slowly up her trunk. She glances up at the windows, everything closed. Hmm, how weird.

"OHH! Its moving look at that I wonder what will happen if I dash!!" Sprig giggles - she flies up the tunnel at full speed getting almost to the end of the trunk twirling as she moves. It feels like a thousand fluttering feathers are moving inside your trunk heading up up up.

The tickle incredibly intense like nothing the young elephant had ever felt before. Nora immediately gasps, her trunk twiching and squirming, moving in ways Sprig has never seen before. "Heeeeeeh!!! Oh g-ggodd....heeeeh heeeeh....Snnnnnf snnnf!! w-what h-haappening..." She hitches, her trunk rising up towards her face, as it wiggles, her nostrils starting to turn red. Her eyes starting to water as she fights the sneeze.

Sprig giggles inside the trunk as the whole thing shakes and moves "OHH! It does so much more then twitch it MOVES this is so cool!!!" she smiles and starts twirling around in the trunk, fluttering up to the sinuses and then zipping back down tickling and touching every spot where the trunk walls are crinkled with fascination. Pulling the thousands of tiny sticks that lined the twitchy twirly tunnel and letting them spring back in place wherever the truck had creases or bends. Chasing them like it was a game.

It seems like the more her trunk crinkled and squirmed, the worse the tickle got, Nora had never felt anything so strong. "Heeeh..HYEEEEH...HEEH HEEH HEEH....OH G-God it Ti...tickles! Whaaa...HEEEEEH!!!" Nora gasps. She could feel the sensation traveling up and down her long trunk, her large chest heaving as she hitches furiously.

Sprig giggles inside the trunk and makes sure to tickle the creases treating each crevas that formed like a game of tag where she needed to tickle every wrinkle in the trunk moving around as fast as she could even as the 'sap' started to increase. The little sticks she kept going BOING-- BOING springing back each time she tagged a crease, moving fast and faster all in and around that long trunk. The tickle-tag game she was playing made her squee leaving small tiny trails of pollen wherever she touched.

The tickle was unbearable, Nora's trunk began to flow like a river, even as she snuffled and sniffled, trying to quell the itch. She was so close to a sneeze, but every time she thought the tickle was strong enough, it moved. "HEEEEEEEEEEEH!!! SNNNNFFF SNNOORTT HEEEH HEEH HEEEH HEEEEEEEEH....I C-CANT..HEEEH. .I NEED TO...SNEE...SNEEEEZE....HEEEEEEEEEHH...OH GOD....HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEH..." She grabs the edge of the couch, overcome with the itching of her trunk

"hehehehe" The fairy giggles as she is tossed around then flies up the trunk. tagging each crease and crinkle on her way heading for the cavern. Building up her magic. She gets up in the top of the trunk up in the sinus and looks for a ridge or special spot to hide behind so she doesnt get sneezes out right away the wind was already getting so strong in the tunnel it blew her right up to the cavern. She found a ridge and grabbed on. And found that little spot at the back of the ridge the tickley spot and started to tickle it with her feet and her hands and her wings* "Giggle - tickle tickle tickle tickle- Oh I wonder how long she can last. I'll have my magic ready for when I'm ready, for my ride."

Nora's trunk was swollen and out of control, like a ticking time bomb. It dripped onto her lap, as it hovered in front of her, stuck in unbearable perpetual itchiness. She needed to sneeze so bad. "HYEEEEHHH...HEEEEEHH. ...I CANT....I...I....SNNNNF SSSNNNFFF....HEEEEEEH...." Nora finally can’t handle the tickle any longer. "HEEEEEEEEESSSSSSHEEEEWW!!! HYAAAAAAATTTCHHHEEEWWW HAAAAAAASSHHHEEEEEWW!!! HHEEH..HEEEH.M.HEEECCCHHEEEEEWWW!!" Nora sneezes wildly, spraying the floor in front of her.

"Ohhhh that wind is so wonderful!!” Sprig exclaimed, “and so powerful, but there could be stronger I think...he he he!” She Giggles--- “This calls for some Pollen bubbles up in the cavern I think purple yes purple lilac pollen will be the best for this amazing cavern Its so dark and grey in here!" *POOOOOOFF Her entire sinus cavity is filled with a fireworks spray of lilac pollen and the fairy dances for joy on your ticklish ridge.* "Lets see what THIS does!" She giggles eagerly to herself. "So PRETTY!" She says tickling the sinus ridge eve as it is filled with pollen the strong scent of Lilac all of a sudden filling Nora's trunk.

Nora feels her sinuses erupt with an intense tickle, as if someone shoved a flower right up into her sinus cavity. "HEEEEEHH...OOOOOHH GOD!!! I CANT...HEEEEETTCCCHHEEEEEWWW...I CANT S-STOP... HAAAAAAAAAASSSHOOOOO!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSHHEEEEWWW!!! HAASSSHEEEEWWHAAASSSHEEEEEWWHAAATCCHHHEEWW!!!" Nora sprays sneeze after sneeze, soaking the area in front of her.

Sprig the tickles on the nasal ridge suddenly stop the fairy giggles in her nose and hold perfectly still as the sap flows around her. "Let the tunnels quiet again.. let them - giggles-- THEN I DANCE and stop and play see how big a build up I can get... so i can ride this out OHHHH what fun! What fun this long tunnel nose is!"

Nora sniffles thickly, as her trunk starts to calm down. She gets up to find a tissue. "What snnniiffff what was that.." she pants, leaning against the kitchen counter. She blows her trunk with a loud PPPPFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT!!

As the fluid starts to drain Sprig giggles with glee again. "OH perfect.. Now lets...Tickle tickle tickle tickle." The fair starts on the nose ridge in the back of the massive trunk and sends a gust of pollen filled wind won the length of it with her magic as she she tickles the ridge and sneeze spot with her tiny hands. "tickle tickle tickle - how much can you take."
she giggles.

Nora grips the counter as the tickle returns with a vengeance. Her sinuses felt like they were on fire, almost as if they were being vibrated. Her trunk almost immediately begins to drip, flowing onto the counter. Nora presses a new tissue to her flaring nostrils. Her trunk starts to scrunch and bulge as she tries to hold back the tickle. Tries to keep from sneezing. But the tickle she cant stop.  "HEEEEEEEEEEHHH...HEEH HEH HEH HEEEEEEH....EEEEEHH.. HIIIH...SNNNNNF SNNNNF SSSNNNNNOOORRT D-DONT...SNEE....SNEEEZE...HEEEEEEEEHH!" Just as she was about to be pushed over the edge, the tickling abruptly, suddenly stops it goes quiet again nothing,

Sprig giggles deep inside the twitchy trunk.

"When will it stop when and when will is go,
 you don't get to sneeze til this sprite says it's so."

She giggles as she waits a few seconds for the twitching to calm and then. "TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE." She puts her tiny tiny hands tickling softly gently on that sweet sneezey spot. Making the whole inner tunnel before her scrunch and pull back. “Hehehe, tickle tickle tickle”  Sprig giggles.

Nora NEEDS to sneeze but it isn't strong enough to make her, not yet. Nora's trunk scruches as she gasps, feeling the need to sneeze build and release, only to build even stronger.. "HEEEEEH...HEEH.HEEH..HEEEEEH....SNNNF ITS...ST..STUCK...HEEEH...OH GOODNESS...I C-CANT...STAND ITT . .. HIIIIIHH..HIH HIH...." She tries scrubbing at her trunk, in an attempt to massage out the tickle. Her nasal cavity shifts and quakes.

"now now silly one. no sneezing til i say." Giggle as she watches the dark tunnels ahead move and shift in front of her safe spot behind the ridge in the sinuses. Sprig lets the tickle subsides a little for a split second then starts to tingle that slight annoying tingling itch, as Sprig very gently tickles the sneezy spot in the sinus by fluttering her wings across it. It’s so light it tickles like crazy but not enough to sneeze.

Nora wrings her hands in frustration, "Heeeh...i just...heeeeh...oh i just wanna...sneeze...heeeeh ihhh hhiihh..." Nora hitches, less intensely, but enough that her breath is coming in short gasps. Her chest moving up and down with each one. She sits back down on the couch, taking the tissues with her. "Maybe....heeeeeh...i sh-should open a window...heeeeeeh..." she wonders aloud, wondering if that would make this maddening tickle give her the sneeze she needs.

"HMMPH! If ANYONE is gonna make you sneeze IT’S ME! " Spring decrees with irritation.
as another puff of pollen suddenly smells like pine fills the cavernous sinuses and whooshes down the tunnels of the scrunching wiggling trunk.. "SNEEZE- GIGGLE- I bet it will be a big one!"  Sprig joyfully cries as she dashes all around your sinuses and the upper parts of your trunk tickling all the tiny sticks she can reach as pine pollen drifts down the long dark tunnels of the trunk and all around from her rapid twirling movements.

That fluttering tickle in Nora’s trunk suddenly got stronger and stronger rapidly buidling in  intensity. Nora stops on her tracks, immediately sitting back down with the intense tickle in her sinuses, the whole sensation rolling down her trunk like an electric shock. She needed to sneeze NOW. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH.....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TCCCCCHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEWWW!!!!! HAAAASSSSHEEEEWWW HAAAAAATCCHEEEEW!!!" She trumpets, spraying her coffee table. "HEEETCHEEW HEETCHEEWW HETCHEEEWW!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSHEEEEEWW HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSHHHHEEEEEEWW!!"

"WHHHEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Sprig rides the air and sap out of the trunk. “OOF!OWW"

Nora glanced down amid her fit. Something hit the coffee table with a slight plink sound like a pellet of hail on the pavement. 

Spring smiles and she leaps up. "That was so fun. WOW look at that long tunnel go! Hehe." she flutters up to tickle the end of the trunk one last time hoping to get a big sneeze.

Nora swears she sees a tiny speck of light hit the table then vanish. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW!!!!" Nora lets out one last big sneeze, her nostrils flaring twice their size, spraying Sprig and blowing her across the room.

"WOW! That was amazing" sprig says hitting the soft curtain and then fluttering to hide behind it to watch the sneezy walking one recover herself.

Nora gasps for air, giving her trunk another good blow. She leans back, trying to catch her breath. Boy was that a fit!

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Re: Sprig the Sprite vs Nora The Elephant (F-macro-mess)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2020, 10:16:59 AM »
Definitely the most beautiful story I have read so far.
I just love how sadisitic Sprig tickles the nostril of the giantess and forces her to sneeze.

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Re: Sprig the Sprite vs Nora The Elephant (F-macro-mess)
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2020, 07:13:47 PM »
Very lovely! I like the teasing and tickling, and the naughty little fairy enjoying playing with Nora's awesome, long, sensitive trunk! And I loved the magic with the lilac pollen.  :)