Author Topic: NSFW- Nora/Sprig- Part 2- A Tickly Trunk’s Revenge (F/F -Allergy-mess-explicit)  (Read 1362 times)

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Part 2 - A Tickly Trunk’s Revenge - Sprig’s first Sneeze -
**Nora contributed by guest writer - MzMental

After that last sneezing fit from the moving tickle Nora the Elephant gasps for air, giving her trunk another good blow. She leans back, trying to catch her breath. Boy was that a fit! Wiping her messy trunk, she goes about cleaning up her living room. Walking to the closet, she frowns to see she doesn't have any air freshener left. Hmmm, maybe some perfume would work. She goes to her room and picks out her strongest scent, hoping it will cut through some of the funk in the air. Happy SHE isn't allergic to perfume. Nora comes back to the living room, spraying a good amount into the air.

"What is that she is doing." Sprig thinks to herself fluttering after the lovely Elephant watching her do boring things like tidy up til she gets out strange bottle of perfume and starts to spray it. "OH what's that!" the tiny fairy says to no one in particular. "Mmmmmmm it smells like flowers!" she takes a deep breath "Oh! Bbbut its nnnot flowers...mmmy mmy nose is tickling....ohh oh my tttturn my tttur--tttturn- I’ve nnnever hhad--- had a ttickly nnno---nooo--- haah hahah ahhh hasscheeeew!!!" The first sneeze she doubles in size. Now the size of dime her light visible in the dimly lit room as Nora sprays another huge spritzz. "OH! The tickle!! ---hah---haaaahh---aaah- Oh oh my it tickles my nose so so very much...hah hahh---ahhh-- haaassschew assschhhoooo hhassstttchhhhheeew!" With each sneeze she doubles in size again she is now the size of a beanie baby toy.
'hah --- oh oh the tickle it...its so…. so much in my my nose--don't sneeze if I gggget any bbigger she'll ssse mmme---ahhh ahah hahah--fffor sssure--ahahhh HHHhheee ahhh--hahh" The doll sized fairy paws at her nose with her tiny hands trying to hold back the sneeze as you spray more perfume into the room. Her eyes watering her nostrils flaring.

Nora looks around the room, swearing she heard something...a tiny sneeze? She takes a deep sniff, still not able to smell the perfume...maybe a few more spritzes? She sprays a bit more of the perfume into the air, until there's a small cloud of it, hovering in the air.

"Oh...nnno... cccan't... hhhold bbback... I hhhave tttto sn--snnee--Hahh ahaappschooo happpschooo K'Tschhhhooo hahh hahhh hahhhh aaaaappsscccchoooo!!!! Hah hhah haaassschooo!" each tiny sneeze made her double in size again til now she was about the size of pillow. "The sssmell is ssso so --ahhh hahh hasscho ssshoo tttsccceww tttschhhew sschhhhewww! Hah hah hah hah hah --- hasspppschooo! haaappppsschooo--- gasp gasp gasp-- happpsschooo! haasstchew! "

*More sneezes fly out of her as she flutters in the air moving and darting with every powerful sneeze. Growing bigger each time now almost 2 feet tall. *
"Oh... it feels so good, but i cccan't bbe sss--ssseee--h'appschooo!!!"

Nora the elephant jumps back with a start, hiding behind a wall as this sneezing thing flies out from behind her curtain. She cant be certain but is that a...person? There was a fairy in her living room!

"heeh hheeehh heeecchooo hheh hehchoo ehccho tttsschew tessschew" her high pitched tiny sneezes echoed in the apartment as you spritzed a huge puff almost in her face when you turned around. She is now about 4 feet tall. "hehh heeechooo aaasschooo..."

Nora's eyes widen as the fairy begins to grow before her eyes. She sprays more perfume, watching her get bigger with each sneeze.

"Oooh hhaah hahh hhaaachooo AASCHOOO hah hah haapppsccuuuuu sschoooo ttttsschooo hxxxttppshhhhuuu!"

Nora shifts the perfume bottle in her hand nervously, flabbergasted by the fairy sneezing in her living room. As she fiddles with the bottle it tips out of her hand and tumbles to the tile floor. The bottle shatters into a million pieces, releasing the strong scent into the air. "Oh shit." Nora whispers, ducking behind the wall again.

Sprig’s tiny nose turns bright red, her eyes are watering like two rivers as the scent overwhelms her. Her nostrils flaring as the tickle ignites her nose. "hah hah aaah aasschooooo sschooo happpschooo asschoooooo aasssssschooooooo! hah haha haha haha haassch tccchooo kssshhhew!" The little fairy sneezes and sneezed til she was a full sized person with fairy wings delicate features. She glares at the bottle and the liquid on the floor and it literally vanishes. Though the smell is still in the air as her head tits back and her nose continues its assault of her senses. "HHHHAH EESCHOOOO AASSCHOOO hatckkkttttscchooo hpppchoooooo aasschooo aschoooo ascccccchhhhhoooo! HHHHAH hAHhh AHHSCCCCCHOOOOOOO!!!! SSSSCHOOOOOO!!!!!!" The fairy doubles over with each sneeze her wings fluttering and fairy dust and pollen puffing off them into the room in a cloud.

The sudden appearance of the pollen tickles is sucked up by Nora's long trunk. She had gasped at the sight before her as she peeked at the fairy. Her trunk nostrils flared wide and turned red,  as she begins hitching. Her chest heaving back and forth after the earlier fit, her trunk was so sensitive. "Heeeeeeh...heh heh heeh....wh-whats going...heeeeh..on....snnf Heh..HETSHEEEW! HEEEEESSHEEEEWW!" Nora begins sneezing, giving away her position behind the wall.

The fairy cries a little struggling with her nose to get teh words out. "Oh nnnnno---you can sssseee mmmmee-eeechhhcoooo hhheeh heh heh eeeCHOOOO!!!!"

"Wh-who....heeeeh...who are you...HEEEEEEESSSHHHEEEW!! HEEESSHEEEEWW HETCHEEWW!!" Nora demanded between thunderous sneezes. Her long trunk contracting and blowing out blasts of spray and hot air as she sneezed and stepping out where the fairy can see her. Still sneezing but beyond curious. A strange, sneezing fairy woman just materialized in her living oddly cute, sneezing woman.

"I'm in ssso--ssshheewww-- mmmuch----Ahhppssshooooo ---ttrouaaaschooooo trouble." Sprig was conflicted she had NEVER gotten to SNEEZE herself before it felt wonderful. She wanted to keep sneezing and sneezing it made her tingle all over. But she wasnt suppose to be seen. But now... well it was to late. "I'm----Sprig the Ssss-sssspr--Hechoooo kkpsschuuu hhapsscho asschooo happpssschooo!"

"Im N-nora...heeeeeh...heeeeeeh...snnnnf snnnnnnf HESSHEEEEWW!! HEEETCCHEEEEW!" Nora says, trying not to sneeze but failing. The pollen tickled her nose so much. But she couldnt help but get closer. "Where...heeeeh....di...did you....Heessheeeeww!! Heeetcheeew!! Where did you c-come from...?"

"I ccame innn wwith--yyy---yyouccchoooooo eeechooo eechoooo eeeh heh heh EEHHHCHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! EECHOOOOOOOO!!! heh HEH HEEESCHOOOOO!!! ooohmmmmmmmmm pant pant pant the big ones feel so good!" She exclaims joyfully "Don't tttthey--eeehhchoooooo!!!?' Sprig’s cheeks were starting to get flushed and she was feeling so warm. The sneezes felt so amazing the build up the release. And she was starting to tingle in other place good places. 

Nora blushes. "Yeeeh...yes they d-doo...HAAAASSHEEEEWW!! HAATCHEEEEWW....D-do...heeeeh..ddo you not....sneee..sneeee....HEESSSSAHEEEEWWW!!"

The pollen assaults Nora’s  trunk, it scrunches up as she tries in vain to hold back, so she can talk. It bulges and wiggles but the tickling in her sensitive nostrils is to strong. Her eyes close her head rears back as the pollen taunts her nose. "HAAAAAATCCCHEEEEEW HAAAAASSHEREWW HAAASHEEEEWW HAAASSHEEEEWW!!" Her sneezes are starting to get messy.

“Yyyyour tunnells are so bbeautiful and sssso iss yyy---yyy---youraaaaasschoooo AAASSCHOOOOOOOOO!!!! MMmmmmm.....your sap." Sprig says trying to speak through the massive sneezing fit  "AAH HAH HAAASCHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" She doubles over that last one pitches her off balance and into Nora.
Nora catches her, both of them falling onto the couch. "B-bless..yooooou..hheeeeeeSSSHHEEEEW!!! HEEEEETTCCHEEEEEW!!!" She sneezes, spraying the side of Sprig's arm as she does. "Whaaa...heeeeh...what do yoooou t-tunnels and sssap...heerhh heeeeehh.."

"This." she says stroking Nora’s trunk and nostrils in a way that makes her shudder involuntarily with a jolt of pleasure. "are yyyour tt --ttunnels--HAASCHOOOOO!!!!" She sprays her chest as she sneezes her bare breasts pressed against you, her nipples hard.

Nora blushes wildly, this beautiful naked woman sneezing on her. With every sneeze a puff of pollen flies in the air, tickling Nora's trunk. "You...heeeeeh...l-like my...tru...trunk....heeeeeeh..." Nora says, willing herself to holdback, her body thrumming with excitement.

"Yes, tis beautiful so long, so much fff---ffff---fffun---aahhh --hahhhh HAAAASCHOO hassCHOO AASCHOOOO!!!! MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm. Oh that ffeels ssso ggggoood---aahh hahhhhh i get to go again---ahhh HAAAASSCHOOOOOO! AAASCHOOO!!" she covers your chest and neck in her spray as her little nostrils sneeze powerfully into you her air hot against your neck. "AAAASCHOOOOOOO!!!! Mmmmm..." she moans a little never having felt this way before

"Mmmm" Nora moans softly, feeling the spray from Sprig on her chest. Her own trunk beginning to itch beyond holding back. "Heeeeeh...heeeeh...HEEESSHEEEEWW! HAAAAAASSSHEEEEEWW HASSSHEEEEEW!" She sneezes on Sprig, blasting her body with snot and air.

"OH....that felt so good..... I have never felt such a thing before." Sprig rocked her hips as pleasure coursed through her.

"I can snnnnf I can sh-show you more...heeeh..." Nora says, blushing slightly. "AHhh HA AASCHOOOOOOOO!!!!!" she says as she sneezes on your chest again.

"More! Yes! I like thisfff--ffeee-- eeehhchoo eechooo EESCHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! MMMMMMMmmmm.."

"Mmmmm...okay...heeeeh...heeeeeeeh..HEEEEHH!!" Nora hitches, letting her writhing trunk press itself against Sprig's skin. "Haaaaaah...HAAAAAAAHHH.....HAAAAAAASSSHEEEEEWW HAAAAAASSSSHHHEEWEEWWW!! EEEEHHSSHHEEEEEEWW!!!" Nora sneezes, letting each one blast over Sprig's bare breasts, the last one brushing over her stomach, the warm air and spray almost caressing her skin.

"oh that fffeel ssssoooo nnnnice....I heeehhh heeeehh haaah hah haaccchewww cchoooo ahhh HAHA HAAASSCCHHOOO!" Sprig replies leaning into the spray and Nora’s touch. Her whole body tingling and glowing slightly as her pleasure builds. Her nose still tickling and twitching front the strong scents swirling about the room.

Nora lets her wet trunk travel lightly across Sprig's pollen covered skin, pollen sticking to the rims of her nostrils as she inhales it. " im so ah...ah....aallergic....HEEEEEEHHH....HEEEEEEEEEE TCCCHHHHEEEEEWWW!!! HAAAAAASSSSHHHEEEEEEEEWWW!!! HAAAAAAAAAATCCCHHHEEEEEWW!!" She sends more blasting sneezes, each one messier than the last.

"MMMMMmmmm--- oh my that tingles in such strange places its getting so strong....HaCCHOOO! HAH haaah HAAASCHOOO!" the fairy replies rocking her hips as Nora sprays her.

"I...heeeeh...I can do m...more...heeeeeeh....HAAAASSSSHHEHEEEEWW....If you waaaaant....heeeeEEEEEEEESSSHHHHEEWWW!!" Nora stammers for permission, sneezing again on her bare breasts, warm air and spray tickling her neck. The pollen in the air was thick, and it mixed with the cloud of perfume still hanging in the room."hahhh haaah haaaiiichoooo!"

"More of the good feelings please yes yes! Hmmmmm-----hhhhehh heh heh heeechoooo eeeeeh hehh ahahh ahhhhoocchooooooo! Oh my nose is so big now and so tti---tttii---tttttiiiieeeeechoooo EEEHHHAAASCHOOOOOO --tickly! Is this what it fffeels lllike fffor yyy---yyyou----AH AHH hahh AAACHOOOOOOOOO!!!" she sneezes hard onto your chest spraying you her brightly colored wings glowing brightly and fluttering. "HEHHH EAAAAHH AAHHHHHHSSSCHOOOOO!!!"

"Yeeeeeh...yess....Heeeeeh...HAAAAASSAHHHEEEEEEEEW W...HEEEEESSAHHEEEEEEWW!!! EH....Ehh..eeverry..d-day....SO.....ITCHY......HAAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHHEEEEEEEEWWW HAAAAAAAAASSHHHEEEEEEWWW!!!" Nora sneezes, aiming her trunk between Sprig's thighs, air blasting over it like a thousand fingers, tickling her thighs and lower body. Her legs are wet with moisture from the intense spray. "Immm heeeeeeh....enj-j-joying....yeeeh ...yours...toooooooooeeeeeEEEEEESSHHHHHEEEEEEWW!!!"

"OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!" The sprite bursts with a intense bright colorfull light that builds and then explodes in a puff of intense pollen powerful flowery frangrance and beautiful glowing rainbow lights as she orgasms. The entire perfume scent evaporated and replaced with powerful potent flowers like being in the middle of a whole field of giant smelly flowers. "AAAAAAAASSCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HAAAASSSCHOOOOOOOO!!!!" she sneezes on you as she works


"Sprig having discovered that the sensitive area feels good sends a blast of air like a mini tornado zipping up between nora's legs. It feels like she is being taking by a tiny vortex of air as she sneezes and sneezes. Spring Moaning and building to another climax, her breath hitching and gasping. Her glow getting brighter. The swirling wind between Nora's legs moving faster and vibrating with Sprigs own desire*

Nora's body rocks with Sprig, moaning in between sneezes, the vortexes thrumming and swirling against her. "HAAAAAASSSHEEEEEWWW...MMMMMM...MMMAAAAASSSSHHHEEE EEEEWWWW...OH G-GO..GO...GOD....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSHHHEEEEEEEWWWW!!!!!!"She lets out final blasting sneeze that comes just as she climaxes, giving another good blast to Sprigs own legs.

"MMMMMMMmmmm-------OOOHHHHHH_--------AASSCHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!" She orgasms again the same bright flash but this time with a powerful blast of WIND that clears the room and Sprig falls over exhausted.
Nora pants, sniffling heavily. "A-are you SNNNF Are you o-okay?" She stammers, a little disoriented and mildly bewildered. She isn't quite sure what just happened...but it was AMAZING.”

Sprig shivers and nods "A little dizzy but no more then if I had been flying...oh my we are a mess aren't we." she waves her hand and you are both instantly cleaned, her voice is soft and high pitched with a slight irish lilt.

Nora melts a little inside. She was adorable. Blushing, she offers a hand to help her up. "Y-you can use my shower...i-if you want?" Nora stammers, still blushing wildly.

"What's Ne're ken a shower.....oh oh RAIN! Is it rain... I can make it rain! But i'm not supposed to use my powers...In front of a....OH oh no..." she gasps in alarm "I am going to be in so much TROUBLE!" she says shrinking little by little as she speaks til she is about the size of a teddy bear about 12 inches tall and fluttering in front of you. Fairy dust coming off her small sparkly wings and she flutters back and forth and she waivers in the air. The effort of magic and all that fun and sneezing she looks unsteady and dizzy. "ooh ...i don't feel sso.." she starts to fall out of the air going limp

Nora reaches out quickly and catches Sprig in mid air, holding her delicately. "Oh shit...what do I do?" She whispers to herself. She rushes to the sink, turning it on and splashing a little cold water onto the poor fairy.

"Oof blehh--- why?" she says her wings fluttering
“Sorry I was worried you’d sniff-- passed out” Nora says.
"I'm awake -- " she whines in her thick irish brogue " just so tttired." she shivers

"Oh okay...hold on" Nora grabbed a hand towel and wrapped the small fae in it, so she was warm. Almost as if she were in a soft fluffy nest.
She sets the towel on the couch for extra cushioning. "Is that better?"

Spring nods "thank you....Walking one. That is kind -- YAWN-- of you--- YAWN-- its so soft and warm-- Yawn---" she the small creatures big voilet eyes getting heavy
"You're welcome" Nora says with mild bewilderment, as she watches the small thing slowly fall asleep. She yawns herself, leaning back on the couch.

"mmmmm....Sleep now." murmurs Sprig

Nora yawns and stretches, laying her arms across the back of the couch. She nods off herself, exhausted from the strange events. When she wakes- the little fairy is gone.