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Sprig's Interrogation- F-Torture-induced-mess
« on: July 28, 2020, 07:36:58 PM »
Sprig’s Interrogation - The Truth Comes Out
**WinterWisp Contributed by guest Writer MzMental**

The day after Sprig’s adventures with Nora, the spring sprite had just finished her work with the bees when 4 of the Fairy Queen's soldiers surrounded her on humming birds. Their tiny toothpick spears aimed at her. "Sprig you are summoned to the high court of the Fairy Queen." Sprig gulped- they knew.... well they knew something.... She thought to herself. But it was just her and the long tunneled walking one yesterday so they couldn't know WHAT. It will be ok. She told herself. She was escorted into a dark stone room and placed in a wooden chair.

The 4 guards stoicly strapped down her arms, waist and legs so she could barely move.Her wings draped over the the arms and through the holes in back.

The fairy queen sat on a throne high above overlooking the small chamber below. She regarding Sprig with cold detachment. Sprig gulped and her heart started to pound in her tiny C cup naked chest. 

Another fairy with a large bag made of leaves lands beside the chair and sets up a small table made of a bottle cap on some sticks. And starts getting out 'tools'. She is a winter fairy, her hair tied back in a pun. Her eyes regarding Sprig coldly.

The Queen stood and glared down at spring, her thick irish accented voice carrying to every corner of the small interrogation chamber. "Sprig, Sprite of the winds and the spring lands, thou was seen with a walking one. Entering their home, and not seen again until today. We wouldst have thee tell us what occurred. And as it will amuseth me., and to ensure thy speaketh the truth. My assistant shall coax thy words from you. Do not be afraid we are not savages. Thou shan't be harmed in any way." She smiles coldly as she looks down at the trapped sprite. "Please 'Winterwhisp' proceed, ask queries as thy will. I want to ensure she tells us all."

 Sprig sighs with relief at the no harm. The Fairy Queen is a high fairy, she cannot lie. At least it won't hurt...but if it won't hurt. I wonder how they will coax me to speak. She muses to herself. No matter what I am NOT getting in trouble for this. Just gotta stay strong and not talk. I can take it.

Winterwhisp steps away from the table, where all of her tools have been carefully laid out. Sprig looked over, and she saw several feathers of varying lenths, a mysterious crystal vial, and a strange looking flower under a glass dome she had never seen before. Winterwhisp picked up a feather, short and fluffy, and walked over to where Sprig was strapped in. "Tell us, why did you enter the domicile of the walking one?" She asked, a brisk coldness to her tone that almost chilled the air.
"It seemed interesting.” Sprig replied hastily-- thinking to herself... yeah that was true enough right heh-- WinterWHIMP has no idea. Sprig smiles with an attempt at a fearless truthful grin plastered on her face looking at the feather curiously.

"Your answer is unsatisfactory." Winterwhisp said coldly her eyes hard icy orbs as she starts brushing the feather against Sprig's nose, tickling it delicately. Moving it back and forth, the bristles brushing her nostrils in gentle circular motions.

"Hheey----oh...that..tthat..ttickles a little." Sprig giggles and it sounds like bells.  Her tiny nostrils flaring slightly, her tiny nose scrunching just a little.

"Then we will increase it." Winterwhisp said mercilessly, turning and switching to a longer feather. This one was coated with a healthy dose of dust. Inserting it into one nostril and beginning move it, she asks her next question. "What prevented you from leaving?" She asked firmly.

"Nothing--pree--pree” It tickles Sprig though. She can feel that tickling twinge in her nostrils as the feather twirled inside her nose. Her chest started to move up and down her breath hitching sightly “pprevent-- hheh he heh heh- prevented--” she giggles again but it is interspersed with hitchy breaths her wings fluttering slightly.As the feather continues, her nostrils flare and her eyes start to close and water a little. “Heeeh” Sprig tries to pull her face away but she can't get to far because of the restraints. " Ppp--heh--ppllease...Ttthat ttickles... nnothing pprevented me from lleaving---heh heh--hhhah hah-- sniffle-" Sprig’s tiny nose was starting to drip wiggling and krinkling as she can't rub it to dissuade that building tickle as Winter teases her nostrils. She takes a deep wet SNIIIIIFFFF.

WinterWisp is not convinced by Sprig’s denial "You risked exposure of our world. You were with a walking one. Why were there so long?" She twirls the feather inside her nostril, coating Sprigs nostris with dust, the firm bristles of it tickling the inner walls of her nose. The tip reaching further and further back.

Sprig shudders her wings fluttering, "ah hah---oh oh that tttickles---mmy nnnose it tttickles---ppplease sstop....I ddidn-t--heh hehhh hhah aahhh --aah--- didin't rrrisk----hhhahh uuuss....hah hah---" *her nostrils flares like crazy as the feather tickles the inside of her sinus. But she won't sneeze no she can't yet and TECHnically what she said is true... she didn’t RISK anything..the damage was done… she was revealed- fairy’s exposed. She thinks to herself. But if I say that….I’m No don't sneeze keep her distracted. I can hold out i can do this.... "By Titania tttthat tttttickles ssso mmmuch---ppplease sssstop--ehhh ah hahh hah---pplease."

Winterwhisp rips the feather out of Sprig's nose, tickling her all the way out. "We dont believe you...You are Definitely hiding something...let's try something else..." She smiles coldy and picks up the strange flower carefully removing the cover. It was a bright blue, almost glowing. And it was covered in a vibrant yellow pollen. Winterwhisp brings it over to Sprig and waves it lightly in front of her face. "Do you know what this is?"

Sprig moves her head back and forth in the restraints trying to get away from the overpowering scent and the tingles now climbing up her nostrils. "Hah ghhhah gghhhah -- nnno--- I dddon't, I've nnever sseen--- it bbbe--heh hhhah hah hah-- bbeefore" *say the tiny sprite, her nose twitcing desperately as she closed her eyes and tried her best to hold back. her tiny chest heaving her eyes half closing and rolling back a little as they watered.

Winterwhisp grabbed her under the chin forcing her head to hold still. The flower was waived in front of her nose, and Winterwhisp pinched her so Sprig gasped in. Breathing a deep enhale of the yellow pollen. The tickle in her nostrils became a tingle of a thousand tiny tickles in her nose, all at once as the yellow powder of the overly sweet smelling flower zipped up her nostrils.Sprig closed her eyes. Oh by Titania and the woods it tickled so much... so very very much. She sniffles and sniffed and sniffed and wiggled her nose trying not to sneeze trying to hold it in. Her eyes closing and watering, her head tilting back trying to get away from the tickly flower. But Winterwhisp held her in place.

"HAAH Ah--HAH--hahahaha--- haaaah gghhh GGGHHAAAH--HA-- SNIFF SNIFF-- HHAH--- snifff snifff sniffe- WWhat iss --- SNIFF SNIFF-- it?"

"It's the Heshewlia Lily," Winterwhisp says, with an almost evil grin, "It only grows in lands with magic and has the most potent pollen in all the worlds...there isnt a soul alive who isnt allergic to it." Waving the petals in front of Sprig's nose, she gives the flower a little shake, a puff of pollen coming off of it. "Now tell me. What happened inside the home of the walking one?"
“It wwwas a bbboring bbbox—- hah haha hah— ah— nnnothing mmmore-“

The pollen drifts in her tiny nostrils got it tickles more then a thousand feathers “GGHGGAAAhAHHahh hah”- her nostrils drip- “Aaah” - her eyes water, She can’t-- “haaachiii haaacheeew — hah haha haaacchuuu- k’chew cheew- ha haha - scheee tsshuuu!” she sneeezes a tiny highpitched fit, that expells puffs of pollen and spray flying everywhere as she sneezes.  This time not growing due to the chair but she struggles in the restraints wanting to touch her nose to stop the tickle to blow the running drips. “Jjust a bbboring bbbox—— aaasscheee! ----HAH Ahh--pant pant-- I ---- I ssswear—- aaascheew all that is in ttthere —- ppplease ssstop— HHAH hah hah aaahhhaptvhuu!”

"If it was so boring why were you there all night?" Winterwhisp takes pollen covered petal and rubs it right up against Sprig's dripping nostrils, pollen sticking to the rims of her nose. Petals almost seem to move on their own, forming to the shape of the nostril, in order to spread the pollen more effectively. It glowed in Winter's hands as she twirled it around and around. She and the other fae around her were immune, thanks to a charm done before the interogation by the Queen.

"Oh Nnnnno! Hahh haha--- I dddon't pplease sssstop---AAHhhhaha hah-- haasschooo SSCHOOOO AAASCHHHOOO! hahh ahhhh aahhh hasssshoooo!" She sneezes strongly unable to fight the twisty tendrils of tickling pollen that puffed into her nostrils. "I ddddon't --- ohhh--- Asssshooo sshoooo hapttsschoooo!" Sprig sniffed trying to stop the tickle trying to turn away but that just snorted the pollen in deeper. "I dddon't dddon't --hah hah hHHAH -- HAHH-" Her nostrils were bright read now her eyes watering her eyes squeezed shut tight as she fought with the powerful intense burning tickle all through her tiny drippy wet nose* "H'aatchoooo h'aatchoooo!" I'm so sneezy she thought but I can hold out. still not as bad as the perfume was.
"It wwwas a bbornign SNIFF gasp gasp gasp* SNIFF* bbbox- hasschooo assssshooo!"

"You have not answered the question. You are lying to us. This method is also ineffective." Winterwhisp states coldly, breaking the petal off and leaving it in Sprig's twitching nostril as she walks over to the table, evaluating her options. "You may stay there and reflex a moment while i choose another device."

"I'm ttttelling--- gasp gasp- SNIFF SNIFFF_ hah haaaah hhahh aaapppssshew! the ttttruth wwwas jjjust a bbborning--- hahhh hahh-- bbox." SNIFF SNIFF "Ppplease sssssto---sttt---haaaah hahhhahhh--- hahh -- assschhhheww!"
"Stop." She begs and pleads and sniffles as she tries to wiggle her nose to get the petal out. Her tiny nostrils flaring with each bit of pollen tickling it. I mean technically she was telling the truth the BOX was boring. "heeh hahh hah--- hah--- haaschooo!" Doing well so far - she thought to herself- it tickles so much but I can stand it. I will never talk.

Winterwhisps studies the tools left. Picking up the crystal vial, she grins to herself. This will make her talk. She opens the vial and makes a slow walk back, letting the scent waft out of the vial and fill the room. Perfume- Whinterwhisp smiles sadistically. THIS will break her.

"Ppplease---lllet mme---oooh oh no....nnno nnnoooo that's AAAH HHAH--- HAH--"
The poor Sprites nose started to twitch like crazy as soon as she inhaled that powerful potent scent. Perfume...oh by titania it smelled like the flowers..all the flowers and that spray...oh no. Her nose was on FIRE- Every single part of her nostrils up to her eyes were tickling and tingling. "I -- ooooh AAH AHHH--- AAAASCHOOOOOOOOOO-- HAH HAH HAHHHCHCCCCCHOOO AASSSCHOOOOO-- HAH HAAAH gaps gaps--- AHHHHHHHHHHSCCHOOOOO AAATTTTSSCHHEEEEEEE --- HA HA---gasp gasp-- HAAAASCHOOOOOOOO!!! AAASCCHHOOOOOO!!!!" the petal flew across the room and her whole tiny body pitched forward with each powerful uncontrabe sneeze spray covering the back wall of the cave and seat her wings fluttering out with each powerful uncontrollabe sneeze. "AATTTSSSHEWWW HAH HAH AHA SSCHEWWWWW!!!!!"
Her tiny nostrils were bright red exploding with each powerful uncovered sneeze her nostrils dripping like a river. Her eyes streaming. "AAHA GGAHHHSCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Winterwhisp capped the vial and waited for the sneezing to die down. Standing in front of a messy, exhausted Sprig, she knelt down in front of her. "You will talk. Tell us what happened, now." She commands, holding the capped vial in front of Sprig's face menacingly.
" Nnno. ... I wwwon't tttell-- " sniff SNiff* SNIff* "I mean nnnothing....there was.... nothing important...that... SNIFF SNIFF" Sprig caught her breath and to late, the exhausted sniffly fae realised her mistake

"Nothing important? Or Nothing? Those are two very different things." Winterwhisp says, victory blazing in her cold grey eyes, her eyebrow arching at the new development. "Tell us, and we can stop this. I dont have to open this vial, if you just tell us what happened."
Sprig bites her lip stubbornly and sniffles

Winterwhisp growls in frustration, narrowing her eyes and opening the vial and shoving it directly under Sprig's nose. The strong floral scent wafts directly into her nostrils, creeping up her sinuses like a million tickling fingers. "If you wont talk, you will suffer." Winterwhisp says.

*Sprig’s head tilts back instantly her nostrils flare wide and her nose drips and crinkles her eyes snap shut.Her face contorting as the powerful sneeze builds in an instant. "AAAH HAAH--AAAAH TITTANIA!!! I -- I -- AAASSCHOOOOOOOO AAAASCHOOOOO AAAaSchOOOOO--- HAH ahapp ahppp aasss TXXCCHHOOOO TTXXNNNGGGG TTXXXXXCCCHOOOOOOOOO HAH AH AH AHAAAASSCCCCHOOOOOO."
Sprig gasps and pants she can is getting so dizzy, and her nose is on fire. She can’t stop!
"HAHHH HAAAAHHHH AAAHHHSSSCHOOOOOOO!!!!! THERE WAS---WWWAAAAS--- AASSSCHOOOOOOOOOOO--- TTTTUNNNELS-- AAAAAASSSCHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! HAAH AHHHAAAAAA--- AAAASSCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" pant pant pant pant pant. Spray hitting Winterwhisp and the chair and covering the cave floor and walls as she sneezed and sneezed and sneezed.

"Tunnels, what tunnels? Tell us, NOW!" Winterwhisp yells, shaking the vial and some of the perfume splashing Sprig on the nose.

" It WWWAS AN ACCCIDENT!!!! AASCHOOOOOO SSCHOOOOOO AH HAHHH HAHAH SSSSCHOOOO ASSSHHHHEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! HAAAPPPTTSSCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" She cries as she sneezes uncontrollably all over WinterWhisp and everything else covering it in mess and wet spray. Her wings glowing pollen filling the room with each powerful flutter from her uncontrollable fit.

"A grey one with elephant?!" Winterwhisp exclaims angrily. A worried murmer erupts from the Queen and those gathered near her, all eyes on the sneezing fairy in the center. "Do you realize what you've done?! You've exposed us all! Elephants are immune to our memory wiping spells." In a fit of rage, Winterwhisp grabs the longest, tickliest feather in her arsenal, pouring the perfume all over it. She grabs the back of the chair, not even caring about being in the spray zone. She inserts the feather deep into Sprig's nostrils, the tip of it dripping with perfume and reaching far back to the most sensitive parts of her nose.

"I'M SSSSSSORRR-------" the reaction is INSTANT Sprig’s eyes go wide for a moment as the feather and perfume is jammed inside her nose tears streaming down her face "AAAAHHHHHHCHOOOOOOOOOO--- HAAHH HAHAHAAASSCHOOOOOOOOO -- SCHOOOOO AAASHOOEWWWWW AAASCHOOOOOO AAASSHHHHEWWWWWWWWWW AASSCHOOOOOOOO0---- HAH HAHH HAHHH AAASSCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHTHTTTTTPPPPPPSSXXXHOOOOOOOOOO TTXXXCCCGGHSSSHOOOOO SHOOOO SHOOOO CCHHEWWW!!!" She sneezes and sneezes and sneezes unable to stop she gasps and pants and pitches forward again and again and again as the helpless fit takes her.

The Queen stands and says in a cold detached voice- "REMOVE the feather Winterwhisp. She can't breath. I gave my word. No harm." The Queen says imperiously


"As you wish my queen" Winterwhisp grumbles, pulling the feather out of Sprig's nose, and dropping it on the table. "What do you wish to do with her?"

The Queen glared down at Sprig her expression thunderous- "Sprig. Sprite of the Springlands. You are hereby banished to the winter caves for a fortnight. I strip thee of Titania's blessing, you no longer carry our immunity to the ravages of illness, the bite of cold or the passage of time. May the elements be thy judge. You may come before us again when we summon you. And we shall see if thou hast learned thy lesson."

The Queen closes her eyes and gathers her power.  Winter wind whips around poor Sprig and her glow diminishes and she shivers as the cold winds whip around her and she disappears in a cloud of snowflakes her punishment begun.