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NSFW - Dragon University Student - Discovers His Groove

Some things about Rhagnar, he was a dragon, though he walked on two legs not four, and usually kept his wings wrapped around him like a cloak.  He was 6’7” tall and had golden scales and red wings,spikes and horns. He could breath fire, but tended not to, as it made him feel set apart from those around him. Rhagnar was adopted, fitting in was hard, being the only dragon around, and he lived with a family of dinosaurs. They were nice and treated him well, and everything had been great. But……...Rhagnar also had….an embarrassing problem.and now he was in college, his issue was even MORE embarrassing. Rhagnar couldn’t climax. No matter what he did, or what he looked at he just couldn't… Which had led to more than a few awkward break ups. So he sort of just gave up dating. It made him irritable, and so very very lonely.

Well new town new year, maybe he’d go for a walk to cheer himself up. The mountains had a unique set of flowering trees. They apparently looked like real life fire flowers growing and they were in full bloom right now. It was late and a little chilly tonight so he should have the whole park to himself.  He headed out on the trail taking in the sights and sounds happy to be out in nature.

Rhagnar traveled through a ravine and came out into a forest of beautiful golden leaved trees with huge red and gold flowers. He had never seen anything like them in his life in the late evening light they seemed to glow. He noticed a spicy sort of cumin  smell in the air but spicier, more potent. He liked the smell, spicy foods being one of his favs as a dragon. He leaned into the flowers hanging in the branches closest to him and took a slight sniff. Yup the smell was definitely coming from the flowers.

He noticed his eyes starting to water a little. Must be the wind. He thought to himself, as he continued to walk. Blinking the tears away as his eyes burned a little. He also noticed a strange feeling in his large tear drop shaped nostrils. There was a tickle creeping inside them, a slight twinge whisking its way up his nasal passages. He raised a hand and rubbed at his nose and continued deeper into the fireflower forest. More of the blooms surround him the smell of cumin getting stronger.  That tickle was getting stronger, and he was sniffing a little as his nose started to run. Rubbing the itch out of his nostrils as he walked.

He came upon one of the older taller trees that had the flowers but also had a HUGE bloom on the bottom. The flower was the size turkey roaster, and was glowing brighter than the smaller blooms around it as he approached. He got out his camera and leaned in close for a better shot. POOF!!!! The flower exploded a huge PUFF of pollen right into his face. Right up his nose. His eyes immediately reddened, his nostrils flared round and he took in deep hitchy breaths. His entire nose was on fire from the strong spicy scent that made his whole muzzle tickle. His head reared back his eyes watering and closing, “RRRRRRAAAAHHHH -- AAAAHH HAHHHHH RRRRRHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!”
As the tickle in his nose spread and built he felt something that had never happened before, his cock was hardening. It was growing and expanding pushing up powerfully against the fabric of his underwear and his shorts. His clothing suddenly felt very limiting, and he unfurled his wings and they spread out behind him, as his head tilted back. His cheeks were flushed and he felt tingles of pleasure as the tickle in his nostrils built and built along with the tingling pleasure in his pants. “RRRRAAAAHHH RRRAAAHHHHHHHSSSSSSSCHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” He let out his first sneeze a gout of flames bursting forth from his nostrils. Precum dripping out of his hard erect cock as it strained inside his shorts.  Gods that felt good. The release felt amazing.. And oh he was filled with that tingling pleasure. His nostrils still zinging with a teasing tickle. He looked ahead of him and the flower wasn’t burning it had absorbed his fire and was glowing brighter.

He glanced around and listened. He was alone, no one else here, so he unzipped his shorts and let his cock peek through the underwear. It felt so good when he touched it now, as his nose continued to tickle from the scent in the air. Rhagnar smiled to himself and leaned into the flower, and sure enough it exploded in his face and so did the three beside it. Instead of jumping back this time he leaned into it and took a DEEP DEEP SNIFF Enhaing as much of the tickling pollen as he could.
His nose was ablaze with powerful twisting itch that traveled up to his sinuses. He was helpless against it. His head tilted back, his muzzle scrunched his nostrils flared and his chest heaved with powerful hitchy breaths. His cock tingled with pleasure and more precum leaked out as the sneeze built. He touched his rock hard cock and it felt GOOD. His nose spasming as the pollen made it tickle.
He pitched forward each powerful sneeze driving him closer and closer to climax.

Until the final powerful sneeze pushed him over the edge.
His cock erupted with fluid coming all over the flowers and the garden a long hard powerful orgasm that lasted minutes and he unleashed sneeze after powerful sneeze. Fire exploded out of his nostrils with each sneeze and was absorbed by the fire flowers. He finally stoped sneezing and covered his muzzle with a cloth to stop breathing in the pollen. He sank to a nearby rock the cumm still dripping off his massive cock.

Wow….he thought to himself….College is gonna be great.

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Mmmm, lucky Rhagnar! ....where can I find me some of those flowers? XD

That was really good. Love how there was a lot of leadup to the sneezes, between his itchy nose and the strong scents of the flowers.

My fave part was when the pollen exploded in his face, and he took a deep sniff. Purposeful sneezing is always the best... especially when for that purpose  ;D Great job!