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It was a sunny summer afternoon. Minou, an elegant panther lady with shiny jet-black fur, walked down the street lined with beautiful lush lime trees in full bloom. She had just finished a successful business deal, and was now on the way back to her hotel. Her bad sense of orientation annoyed her. Why the heck can I never find my way around whenever I’m in an unfamiliar place??... she thought.

A soft breeze whirled around her, bringing with it the scent of the blooming trees.

“HaaAASSSHHHOOOOH!“ The sudden explosive sneeze of a man made her jump. She turned around to see a tall, athletic husky man was hurrying past her, holding a white handkerchief to his face. He had just passed her when he sneezed again, just as violently.

There goes my chance to ask for the way... she thought, while at the same time feeling pleasantly touched by the two remarkable sneezes. “Uhm... excuse me!“ she called out. The husky turned around, still holding the hanky to his face. „Yes? Cad I help you?“ he asked in a sniffly voice. His stunning blue eyes were focusing on her, and she wished she could see more of his face which was partly covered by the hanky.

“Yes, please... Can you tell me where North Street is?“

He nodded. “I’m going right there now... huhhh... huuuAASSHHOO!... HuuuAAASSHHHOOH!“

“Bless you!“

“Thahhh... haaaaAAASSSHHOOO!... HaaAASSHHEEWW! Hagh... haaaEEESSHHHOOH! ... Agh, sorry, allergies.“ He blew his nose.

“Oooh, I see. It’s the lime pollen, right?“ She pointed to the trees, smiling.

“Yeah.“ He pressed the hanky to his nose that was obviously still very itchy. “I’m on my way to the drugstore to get some allergy meds. Would you join me? Then you’ll find your way easily.“

“That’s nice, thanks! By the way, my name is Minou.“

“Huhhh… hhhuuSSSHHOOah! Ahh… I mean… Hutch *sniff*. Nice to meet you, Minou.“ He lowered the hanky, and finally, Minou saw his nose. Wow!... It was pretty large and manly, with wide nostrils that were even wider now with the nasal irritation. His sneezy allergies made his nose quiver and twitch.

Forcing herself not to stare at his nose, Minou said spontaneously, “What a wonderful name!“

“Oh, thank you! Minou is a beautiful name too.“ He smiled, then his face contorted again, and he jammed the hanky to his nose to stop the next nasal explosion from bursting out. As they went on, they casually talked, getting to know each other. Minou told him about her job, and that she had to travel a lot. “I’m staying at the Furry Starlight hotel, that’s why I need to go to North Street.”

“Oh, the Furry Starlight! I know it – many of my friends have stayed there when visiting me. They say it’s very good.” He sneezed again, then blew his nose.

“Bless you!”

“Thanks. So… you don’t live here in this town?”

“No, I have to go back on Monday. I’ve got the weekend off, and I… uhm… thought I’d check out the area around here for some sightseeing.”

“Really? I’d be happy to be your guuhh… huhhhhahhhh.. haaAASSHHEW!... your guide! *sniff*”

“Oohhh!.. That would be wonderful!”

At the drugstore, Hutch quickly bought his meds, then they were outside again. Soon after that, they had reached the Furry Starlight.

Both were unwilling to part. As Hutch sneezed again, Minou said softly, “Have you ever tried ginger tea? It has a soothing effect on the nose.“

Rubbing his twitchy nose, he tried to smile. “I’d definitely like to hear more about that. Would you like to have some coffee with me?“

“I’d love to!... Actually, the Furry Starlight’s got a very nice cafe!”

The cafe was crowded, so nobody paid attention to them, which they both enjoyed. Still, Hutch was a bit shy about his violent sneezing. As soon as they had sat down, he had pulled out a fresh white handkerchief, very large. “I prefer those to tissues. Tissues just don’t withstand my sneezes, and on top of that, all the lint in them makes me sneeze even more!“

Minou thought the large hanky was just perfect with his large, enormous nose... He kept his nose buried in the hanky as the outbursts of sneezing shook him while they talked. The hanky made his sneezes sound muffled, gentlemanlike, but still forceful, manly, and tickly.

They hardly noticed time passing by, and the two of them were lost in each other’s eyes. Hutch’s sneezing had eased off, but his expression was still tense, his nose twitching sensitively. “Minou... you’re such a beautiful, hot lady... I wish my nose wasn’t so annoying...“ His face contorted slightly, and he wiggled his nose, nostrils flaring.

“Oh, but I love your nose! It’s so... sexy!“ Unable to restrain herself, Minou reached out and touched the trembly tip of his sensitive canine nose, stroking it with gentle, featherly movements.

“HeeeeAAASSSHHHHuhh!“ he sneezed abruptly, with no time to raise the hanky to his nose.

“Ohh... sorry... I couldn’t resist!“ Minou said contritely.

Dabbing at his nose with the hanky, Hutch looked at her with blissful amazement. “You think my nose is sexy? No woman has ever said something like that before... and no woman has ever touched my nose like that before...“ His face contorted again, his nostrils twitched and flared, and Minou couldn’t help it – she reached out again and gently touched those wide, twitchy nostrils, tickling them lightly.

“HaaaAAASSSHHHuhh!... HaaaAASSHHHagh!“ He quickly turned aside, jerking the hanky to his nose. “HaaaaEEESSSHHHkhh!... YyyyEESSHHHaahh!... HiiiIIISSHHHaaaghh! Ahh... geez...“ He blew his nose.

Shifting uncomfortably in her seat, Minou breathed. “Bless you, Hutch! Again, sorry! I shouldn’t play with your nose like that...“

Rubbing his reddened nose, Hutch shook his head. “No, on the contrary! It felt good!... I can’t explain it well... It’s not that I enjoy sneezing, but when it’s you who tickles my nose, it just feels good. I... love the feeling of your finger on my nose. I’d like to feel it more. I’d like to feel you more.“

“Then let’s get a room now!“

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Part 2

The window in Minou’s room had been open for some time, so yellow pollen was floating everywhere. Hutch started sneezing violently as soon as they entered the room. They fell onto the bed, Minou sat in his lap with her legs entwined around his hips, and as he kept sneezing, she passionately kissed and fondled his nose, rubbing and massaging it for him.

“Ohhhh, baby...“ he breathed in a nasal voice, then he gently opened her blouse to find her well-rounded breasts with the full, hardened nipples. How aroused she was! And how hot and sexy... such a cleavage! He started stroking and fondling her breasts and her nipples, playing with them.

“Ahhh... yessss!“ she screamed softly.

Boy, what a woman!... he thought, feeling hot waves of desire carrying him away…

They moved together in perfect harmony, and Hutch’s ragged breathing and hitching intakes of breath told Minou he was struggling hard to keep his urge to sneeze under control as he pleasured her, worshipping her womanhood.

“Ooohhh, honey… If you need to sneeze, just let it out!” she whispered full of excitement, and as she opened her eyes, she saw his reddened nose all tensed up, nostrils flaring wider than ever, ready to burst. Flinging herself against his chest, she began covering his nose with tender little kisses, nibbling at it, softly breathing into his widely flaring, quivering nostrils.

“HyyyaaaARRSHHOOah!... HeeyyYYEESSHHaagh!... EeeyyyEEESSSHHH!... Ehh... ehhh... EEEAAAHRRRSSHHH!... Aghh, that tickles-hhh... Huu ISSSHHHOOOO!... HuuuhhIIISHHOOOO!... HuuuuHRRRRSHOOOO!... HaaaaaAAAASSSHHHOOO!“ He sneezed violently and continuously, and Minou reached the height of pleasure, making him follow her only seconds later.

He still kept sneezing as Minou held him in her arms. “Bless you, my love! Bless you... bless you... bless you... oohhhh, bless you!!“ she purred.

Finally, Hutch sniffled wetly, reached for a fresh hanky out of his jacket that lay on the chair next to the bed, and blew his nose. “Thanks, Minou, my darling. Nobody has ever blessed me that much when I was sneezing *sniff*.“

Melting away, Minou looked at his red, sneezy nose. “I’ll always be happy to bless you when you sneeze, Hutchy!... I love your name – it sounds like a sneeze!”

Chuckling, he scrunched up his nose. Minou brushed her lips against it, and he sneezed forcefully.

They talked for a while, then Minou noticed her lover’s nose was tickling again. The familiar sneezy expression spread all over his face. When he inhaled as his itchy nose was ready to explode again, Minou reached out and pinched his nose, stopping the sneeze from bursting out. “Your poor, handsome nose! It truly needs a break from all the sneezing!” she smiled.

“Thahhh… thagggk youhh…” Hutch moaned, feeling the sneezy tickle still raging inside his nose.

Still holding his nose, she moved a bit closer to him. “Your nose is all red…” she breathed.

“And it’s itchy as hell!” he said hoarsely, and she felt his large nostrils flare under her fingers.

“Oooh yes, I can see that…” Gently, she began rubbing his nose. “Does that help, dear?”

“Aghhh… yes!” Indeed, it helped against the terrible itch and tickle in his allergic nose. Minou kept massaging her lover’s sneezy nose for a while, which felt very good to him.

“You are such a wonderful woman, Minou,” he said, wiggling his nose under her skilful fingers. “You’re the woman of my dreahh… dreams.”

“Let’s turn this dream into reality!” she smiled.

The weekend passed very quickly, and sightseeing was only a very small part of it…

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please continue this amazing story and keep up the great work

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Thank you so much, NickG1998! (Sorry I'm two weeks late to say thank you!)