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Digimon Haunted House Fanfic (M)
« on: October 04, 2020, 06:18:36 AM »
Here is a little Digimon fanfic I made involving Gomamon sneezing while searching in a haunted house along with the other main Digimon from the Digimon Adventure series.
(BTW I used this from a template by SarahGirl1998 :3)

(In the first scene, the Adventure Digimons head into the abandoned living room, then they all hide behind an easy chair.) 

Narrator: It must have been a long time since anyone lived here. There was dust everywhere. 

(Gomamon suddenly needs to sneeze, and places his flipper underneath his nonvisible nose as he inhales. His friends look at him in concern.) 

Gomamon: Eh... Ah... Heh... EehhTCHOO!!! 

(When he sneezes, he zips back underneath the easy chair as all his friends cringe. Then Gomamon pops back up from behind the easy chair, looking a bit embarrassed as he still has his flipper under his nonvisible nose.) 

Augumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Biyomon, Palmon, Patamon, Gatomon, Veemon, Armadillomon, Hawkmon, and Wormmon: Bless you! 

Gomamon: Thanks, guys. 

(He pulls his flipper away from his nonvisible nose as he and his friends stay behind the easy chair.) 

(In the second scene, the Digimons are looking for something in the kitchen, with Gomamon looking in a cupboard. A bag of flour that was on the cupboard falls over, right onto Gomamon, which creates a brief cloud of flour around him.) 

Gomamon: Hey! 

(When the cloud of flour clears, Gomamon is completely white. He turns around to face Tentomon and Armadillomon, but then both of them freak out.) 

Tentomon: AH!!

Armadillomon: (points at Gomamon in fear) A GHOST, A GHOST!!! 

(Just as the other nine Digimon turn to look at Gomamon, however, Gomamon is about to sneeze again, this time due to the flour.) 

Gomamon: Ahtt... Hehtt... Ehtt... HahESCHOO!!! 

(When he sneezes, all of the flour puffs off of him. He then rubs his nonvisible nose with his flipper as Palmon giggles in amusement.)

Palmon: That was cute, Gomamon!

Gomamon: (blushes) Thanks, Palmon.

Biyomon: Why, that wasn't a ghost.

Agumon: It was Gomamon as he was covered in flower.

Hawkmon: Gesundheit.

Gabumon: Bless you, Gomamon. 

Gomamon: Thank you. 

(He sniffles, then pulls his flipper away from his nonvisible nose, and finally goes back to looking in the cupboard. The other eleven Digimon continue searching as well, with Tentomon and Armadillomon wiping their foreheads with sighs of relief.)