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This is a one-shot I wrote a few days ago because my brain is now obsessed with this enjoyably awkward movie. I haven't gone a day without thinking about those goofy dragons and I felt the urge to write a fic about Devon, thus, I made this. I already know nobody's going to care about what's written here because nobody cares about or remembers this movie. But I don't care, it's a niche that needed to be filled and nobody else would do it but me. This is also my first time writing a QfC fanfiction so hopefully everyone's in character. I should mention that this takes place during the events of the film, but it shows an alternate way to how the dragons discover their fire-breathing powers. Meaning, what if the two heads working together wasn't the secret? What if it was...allergies? I don't know, it was probably a dumb idea to share this and I can feel some harsh judgments coming my way, but this was truly the only way to put my mind at ease and I regret absolutely nothing. Besides, everyone on here can't resist dragon sneezes, right?  ;D Maybe someone somewhere will get something out of this. Probably just me, though. Oh well.

Devon Discovers Flowers

“Hurry up now, Garrett!” Kayley called. “Excalibur can’t be too far now!”

The courageous brunette swung her legs over a fallen tree and did a near-perfect landing on the other side. Treading carefully behind her, was the blind hermit, with his seeing-eye bird Ayden flying beside him. He pushed aside some low-hanging tree branches with his walking stick staff as he attempted to catch up to Kayley.

“Hm. You seem quite confident in that assumption.”

Kayley leaped up onto a mossy rock. “Oh, it’s not an assumption. It’s instincts. My father taught me that I should always listen to them.”

“Oh, yes…” Garrett looked down, recalling moments from his past. “He taught me the same thing. Of course, that was before he…and I…well…you know…”

Kayley frowned sympathetically. “Oh, Garrett. I’m so sorry I-”

“No, no. Don’t be. I understand. Your father’s lessons have never meant more to me than they do now. He was a wise man, I’m sure you know that.”

Kayley nodded and was about to reply when Ayden screeched and flew ahead of them both.

“Seems like Ayden has found the right path. We’d better keep moving.”

Garrett used the sound of his feathered friend’s calls and flapping wings as his guide as he walked ahead of Kayley.

“Hey! Wait for us!” two voices cried from behind her.

Struggling to catch up was the two-headed dragon Kayley and Garrett had stumbled upon in Dragon Country, Devon and Cornwall. Since meeting them, Kayley had grown rather fond of the pair and their charming ways and had insisted that they tag along on her and Garrett’s quest. Garrett wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea, considering they were always going back and forth between one another and never seemed to let up about their differences. Not to mention, they were quite useless compared to other dragons, as they lacked the ability to fly and breathe fire. It didn’t matter though, because Kayley seemed to like them and, much as he wanted to, Garrett couldn’t leave the poor duo behind where they would continue to be bullied by the other dragons for their impairment. And while he himself had never been bullied for being blind, he understood their feelings of isolation from their peers.

The two conjoined dragons sprinted to meet up with their human friends, but just as they reached them, they tripped over a rock and fell faces first to the forest floor.

“Ow! Way to watch where we’re going, ya carnivorous klutz!” Cornwall scolded.

“First of all, I am a vegetarian.” Devon argued. “And second of all, it was YOUR foot that made us trip up, not mine!”

“Come on you two,” Kayley insisted. “Stop fighting already. We think Ayden might have found Excalibur.”

The dragons lifted themselves off the ground.

“Well, do ya think maybe he could find us some grub?” Cornwall patted the belly he shared with Devon. “I’m starving here!”

“Hmph! Always thinking of our stomach!” Devon retorted. “You’re the reason we can’t fit into our own bed anymore!”

“Can it, lizard lips! Without me, you would’ve gone hungry and turned into a fossil! So quit yer whining and help me find food!”

Cornwall forcefully moved himself and Devon with his half of their body until the two-headed reptile came across something they had never seen before in their five hundred years of existence. Something colorful. Something beautiful. Something delicate. And there were dozens of it growing right out of the ground.

“My word, what do we have here?” Devon stuck his head closer. “I’ve never seen plants as vibrant as these! They look absolutely lovely! Don’t they look lovely, Corny?”

“Yeah, and they look tasty too.” Cornwall plucked a big red one. “Especially those yellow candy-coated centers! What are these things anyway?”

“They’re called flowers.” Garret answered without even turning around. “And that’s not candy in the middle, it’s pollen.”

“Flowers?” Devon repeated. “Of course! I’ve read about those in my book on Forbidden Forest botany! And might I say they look more appealing than the pictures made them out to be.”

“You mean you’ve never seen a flower before?” Kayley confirmed.

“How could we? These things don’t grow in Dragon Country. Quite a pity, really. I could stare at them all day.”

“Well, you won’t be staring at this one much longer.” Cornwall interrupted. “Bottoms up!”

The shorter head opened his mouth, preparing to dine on the dainty daisy, until Devon bonked him on the head.

“You imbecile!” Devon swiped the flower from his other half. “If you actually bothered to expand your feeble knowledge, you would know that flowers aren’t meant to be eaten.”

“Oh yeah, Mr. Smartyscales? What do ya do with em then?”

“Obviously, one is meant to take in the beauty of these rare vegetations. Furthermore, I’ve heard they have the most exquisite aroma.”

The taller of the two heads held the crimson blossom to his snout and gave it a sniff.

“Ahh…simply delightful!”

Kayley shook her head in an amused manner before walking ahead.

“You can’t be serious.” Cornwall moped. “Why would nature make something that looks and smells appealing, but not bother making it edible?”

Devon continued to sniff the flower. “Really now, Corny. You complain so much about one kind of taste that it’s no wonder you lack the other kind. I, on the other hand, know when to show appreciation to even the smallest of pleasantries the world has to…”

Devon wasn’t finished scolding Cornwall, but an odd, tickling sensation taking place inside his nose prevented him from speaking any further. And with each passing second, he could feel the tickle growing bigger and bigger.


Kayley turned her head upon hearing the dragon’s hitching breath.

“Garrett, look out!” she warned.

Ayden screeched and flew out of the danger zone as Garrett stopped in his tracks, moving his head around in an attempt to hear what was coming for him.


Kayley quickly got to her knees and covered her head as two streaks of flames darted over her. Ayden hid himself in a nearby tree, nearly avoiding getting hit by the blast. Garrett, meanwhile, sensed the heat approaching from behind and at the last possible moment, ducked his entire body, which consequently led the fire to burn a nearby tree instead.

Cornwall, who had his eyes shut the entire time, opened them up and gave Devon a look of pure shock and awe. Devon looked to be quite surprised himself as smoke emitted from his nostrils.

“Whoa…was that…?” Cornwall stammered.

Kayley and Garrett slowly got to their feet while Ayden flew out of his hiding place.

“Did he just…?” Kayley asked.

Garrett picked up his staff, which had a tiny flame coming off the tip. He hit it against the ground to put it out.

“And now you know exactly why they don't grow flowers in Dragon Country.” he said.
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Short, but nice.  :)

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Short, but nice.  :)

Thank you ;D! Not sure if I should write more of these.