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Sneezing Up a Sandstorm [serpent+pokemon]
« on: October 26, 2020, 06:46:43 AM »
(I haven't been feeling my best lately, but here's something I wrote over the weekend. I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors.)

It was a particularly chilly day in the wilds of Galar. Feral pokemon roamed the brisk plains and dusty fields, going about their day like any other. But one pokemon, a large serpent-like creature, wasn't having the best time. She was a sandaconda, a ground type with a coiled body and a sac around her neck that contained her body's sand.

This earthy reptile had hidden herself in some mud, awaiting some fresh prey. Quite some time had passed before something wandered into view. A green quadrapedal pokemon, sporting a closed flower on its back waddled in close. Sandaconda recognized it as an Ivysaur.

The chubby Ivysaur pawed at a mound of dirt in search of buried food. It let out a merry croak as it uncovered a few berries.

Sandaconda's forked tongue excitedly flicked in and out. Now was the time to strike!
She slowly slithered up behind the distracted pokemon, her mouth wide in preparation when suddenly, an itching sensation crept through her snout.

Her prominent nostrils twitched.
"Ssssehhh...," a hissy inhalation began.

The Ivysaur whipped around to see a  gaping-wide maw pointed its way.
Thinking quickly, the pokemon extended a vine from beneath the plant on its back and whipped it against the face of its attacker.

Sandaconda whimpered in response and backed away. If only she hadn't been distracted by her nose, she'd hsve her meal!

The Ivysaur stamped its forefoot on the ground in an attempt to show it meant business. A gentle wind blew from behind the grass pokemon, carrying the inocous pollen from its flower bud onto the path to Sandaconda's nose.

The snake pokemon's eyes went half-lidded. "Ssssehhh....sehhh..."
Her large nostrils expanded with her   every huffy breath.

The Ivysaur cocked its head at the curious display. Whatever its enemy was doing...was no move it had seen before. It kept watch on the snake's pinkening nostrils.

The Sandaconda's eyes shut against her will. Her chest heaved.

She felt a sudden pressure against her irritated nostrils. "Sss?"
Her eyes opened to the sight of the Ivysaur's vine pressed firmly against her snout.

With a bemused grin the Ivysaur called out to its friends. Two pokemon came out of hiding: a fluffy grey chinchilla pokemon, Minncino, and Whimsicott, a cotton-headed plant pokemon. The pair exchanged glances upon seeing the large Sandaconda, but Ivysaur's smirk put them at ease. The three huddled together and whispered before returning to grin at the snake pokemon.

Something was off, Sandaconda began to try escaping, but Ivysaur caught hold of her in its powerful vines, pinning her to the ground.
She hissed in protest.

Whimsicott skipped forward with a giggle. The snake pokemon shot it a paralyzing glare. Despite the setback, the Whimscott shook its fluffy head, causing a rain of cotton spores to drift towards its enemy.

The fluffy seeds slowly made their way to Sandaconda. She tried to hold her breath, but the seeds' tickly touch coaxed an involuntary sniff.
A tinge of pink returned to her cavernous nostrils.

Minccino crept close, pressing a large stick against the snake's teased nostrils.

Sandaconda's  building nasal desire had once again subsided.
She let out a breath of relief.

The Ivysaur laughed and gave its partners a nod. Minncino removed its stick.

"Sseehhhhh....hehhh," the snake pokemon's teasing, tickled nose plagued her once more.

Whimsicott hummed softly as it created a sweet scent. The flowery aroma drifted towards the pinked snout of its enemy.

On its own this sweet scent would have been pleasant and gentle on Sandacona's nose, but it combined with the teasing off the cotton spores stung at her sinuses.
Her chest ballooned out.
Her gaping nostrils widened to their brim.

Mincinno returned its anti-sneeze stick to its enemy's quaking nostrils
...but the building sneeze was too great.

The Sandaconda's scaly chest heaved to the point of straining the vines restraining it. Her well-teased sinuses overpowered her.

A powerful stream of sand burst from her vast nostrils. She sneezed again and again, each spine bending release buliding into a sandstorm.

The Ivysaur lost its grip on its tormentee and called out for its friends. But the veil of sand was too thick to see through.

The snake pokemon huffed.
She puffed...

As Ivysaur squinted in the direction of the hitching snake, it could just make out Minncino...sitting atop Sandaconda's snout.
In a panic, the grass pokemon tried to motion its friend of the danger zone, but the oblivious Mincinno still thought this was part of their prank.

The chinchilla pokemon gazed downward at Sandaconda's quivering, ever widening nostrils.
It giggled to see her suffer for trying to hurt Ivysaur.

Sandaconda's snout scrunched as she took in the sandy air and..
A gale of hot sand uprooted a small berry tree a few feet away.
Her teased nostrils throbbed.

Not wanting the fun to end so soon, Mincinno slid between the bridge of the snake's nose, and vigorously tickled a dark pink nare.

Ivysaur cried out. Was its friend that dense?! It dashed blindly into the storm.

Sandaconda's mouth gaped wider and wider, competing with her enormous nostrils.

The mischevious Mincinno allowed its fluffy tail tip to dip into one of the cavernous nostrils and tickled it mercilessly.

The snakes chest expanded.
With her every mighty inhalation, she pulled in a forceful amount of air through her nose.

Mincinno began to be pulled inside.
It squeaked fearfully and tried to fight back.

With bleary, clenched eyes the snake's desire to expel grew.
Her torturous nose had never felt such teasing.

A sandy twister shot from her now gargantuan nostrils. The helpless Minncinno was caught in the uproar.
Her snout wasn't yst satisified.

The Ivysaur ran as fast as its bulky little legs would allow, chasing after its spinning friend. It shot out its vines and leapt high into the air.

Another powerful sneeze shot a sand tornado into the air.

The Ivysaur barely managed to miss getting pulled in.

Sandaconda nose craved relief. She felt as though she may never stop sneezing.

The determined Ivysaur leapt once more. It wasn't going to let its dear friend be torn apart. With as much strength as it could muster, it stretched its vines into the spinning debris and wrapped them around Mincinno.

With a hissy, huffy, forceful motion, a massive sneeze wracked the snake
The fearsome blast shot a fluffy grass pokemon from its snout.

Loose cotton spores drifted from the freed Whimsicott as its lightweight body let it float in the sandy air.

The Sandaconda collapsed with a heavy breath and an aching, sensitive snout. She was thoroughly exhausted and depleted of sand.

The Ivysaur collected his sky-bound friend and kept their distance from the Sandaconda. It was thankful no one got seriously hurt. As the three ventured to grassier pastures, Whimsicott's airborne pollen and spores had travelled their way back to a pair of pinkened nostrils...


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Re: Sneezing Up a Sandstorm [serpent+pokemon]
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2020, 06:15:49 AM »
Nicely written!! :)