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Maeve written by MsMentalz

Great - Maeve though all the wolf senses in the world and she was completely lost. The wind was starting to really howl. It was cold and starting to rain. She was partially soaked from the last downpour and walked into a massive grove of trees. Looking up they all are pollinating. She can see the buds on the trees. Then WHOOOOOOSH a HUGE powerful gust of wind hits and all the trees around her explode in a cloud of pollen so thick she can see it. It rains down all around her. As it starts to sprinkle again she spots a massive cave in the trees and some strangely shaped rocks around it. Maeve rushes into the cave as lightning flashes, covered in rain and pollen, her fur clinging to her. Her nostrils quiver as she tries not to inhale all the pollen covering her body. The bottom of the cave and the walls are sort of wet and there is a warm breeze in the tunnel. coming from deeper in.
Maeve shakes herself off, water and pollen spraying off of her. The wolf anthro’s muzzle twitched her allergies to pollen making her nostrils itch unbearably. Her black nose growing red and dripping. Her grey fur covered in pollen from the trees clung to her. And every hitchy breath her chest heaved, breasts bouncing in her tight wet shirt. Her ears tilt back her mouth gapes open and her eyes shut. The tickle… its to much… she has to-- all thought left her accept the release.  "Heeh...heeeeeeh.....HAAAAAAAAAAEEEEESSSHOOOO!!!" She lets out a loud sneeze, before sniffling and standing up straight to take in her surroundings.
There are many stalagmites in the cave as she goes in deeper hundreds of them in fact and they are tinier than she would have thought and they look so soft. They line the walls and the floor and ceiling. The air in here is warmer and moist; a breeze whooshes past her deeper into the tunnel then switches directions. The air flow is becoming a little unsteady, and she notices the ground has a bit of a tiny brook that is starting to flow freely through the soft grasslike stalagmites in the center.
Maeve shivers in the flow of warm air, the cold rain having seeped under her fur and chilled her to the bone. She wished there was anything around to make a fire with, but the cave is barren, aside from the weird stalagamites and the small stream. She sniffles, the pollen clinging to her wet fur still making her nose tickle. "Heeeh.....D-dont...s-sneeze...heeeh....dddonnt.....hhaaaahhh....HAAAAEEESSHOOO!!! HHHAAAAAASSHEEEOOO!!!"
She brushes against a stalagmite by accident with the sneeze, pollen and fur clinging to the stalagmites. That part of the cave seems to respond to the pollen, the soft walls and stalagmites bending to her touch instead of being hard stone. The wall shuddering a little and its soft and warm.... maybe if she could pluck them or cuddle into them she could warm up. The cave itself seems to quiver a little though that could be a trick of the eyes. The warm breeze whooshes by her a little more swiftly. Switching directions more quickly…..maybe she could hang her Jacket over some of them to sort of create a bit of a tent to keep the warmth in.

She travels deeper and deeper into the cave. The stalagmites deeper in the cave were longer wider and there were WAY more of them. Thousands and thousand they were like grass on every surface.The cave widening as she walked inside. The warm breeze moving faster beside her the more she walks drawing deeper into the cave. There were even ridges she could get near, maybe hang her jacket off of. Though some areas of the floor were wet with the stream in the middle seemed to be getting wider and larger. Filled with more and more fluid.
Maeve shivered some more, walking further in. She sees a perfect area to try and sleep, a couple stalagmites with a bed of grass underneath near a ridge covered in the soft shorter stalagmites. Hanging her jacket from the two stalagmites, she sniffles thickly as she crawls underneath and tries to nestle herself into the warm grass, a strange heat radiating from the ground itself.
The cave seems to shudder, the ground beneath her is warm and seems to convulse. There is a whoooooosh of air that rushes past much faster, much more powerful. WHHHHHHOOOOSH then rushes out. The breeze makes her want to cuddle more into the ridge and the soft warm stalagmites. She cuddles into the clump of them that surround her, moving them so she can get a good spot. Curling into the nook of the ridge surrounded by them laying on them.

As Maeve cuddles deeper into the ridge, pollen rubs off of her fur coating the ridge and the stalagmites. She shivers, sending small puffs of pollen up from the few places that arent soaked. She rubs at her itchy muzzle, trying to quell the growing itch. "Heeeeh...d-dont...snee...sneeezee...heeeeh.." she mutters to herself, her nostrils twitching. She was surprised her sneezes hadnt caused a cave in already.
As the pollen settles in the cave The entire cave shakes- the walls near her move and all the tiny stalagmites vibrate. The air whooshes past more and more rapidly whooosh WHOOOSH!!! And then she hears a thunderous “RAHHHH RAAAaaAAAHHah!!!!”
The river in the center starts flowing more and more freely filling with more and more fluid, making escape slippery and impossible. Maeve clings to the nearest stalagmite, wrapping her arms tightly around it so she doesn't blow away in the powerful wind. Her pollen covered fur brushes against her flaring pink nostrils. "HEEEEEH....HAAAAAAAAAAAEESSSSHOOOO!!!!! HAAAAAAASSSHEEEOOO HAAAATTCCCHEEOOO!!!" Her already sensitive nose explodes, as she sneezes powerfully, still trying to hold on.

The whole cave vibrates around her the thunderous sound -- “RAAAAHHHHhHHH—— RAHHH RRRAHH!!” The warm moist wind whooshes around her more and more violently now. The river in the Center of the cave is flowing freely, the entire cave is convulsing. Expanding and contracting around her. The stalagmites get more pollen on them, the ridge she is clinging to is vibrating. The cave lurches like the whole thing was picked up.*
“RAAAAAAAAhHHHhHhHhHhHhhH—— whooooosh ——- “ The cave contracts suddenly there is a massive slurping noise and some of the river comes back up along with a strong gust of wind and a loud - SNNIFFFF—- RAA-aAH HHAH HAH HAH——“

Maeve clings on for dear life as the whole cave moves, rubbing her body against every surface it touches. Her nose quivers as the pollen penetrates her sinuses. "HHAAAAAAAEEESHOOOO, HAAAAAAAEEETCHHOOOO!! HAAAAH HAAAAAAAATSSSHEEEOOO!!!!" Maeve's sneezes become wetter and more desperate with each one, spraying into the open air as she holds on desperately to the stalagmite.
“RAAHHHhH—- RRAHHHHHhHh- there is a massive blast of air the whole cave moves and convulses tossing Maeve around on all the soft stalagmites. “RRAAAAATTTTtTCCCCHHHSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!” a blast of fluid and air whooshes her down the tunnel part of the way. She tumbles rolling over hundreds of the soft stalagmites the cave wall warm and wet and vibrating beneath her as she rolls. Moist air Whooshing past her rolling her back up the nostril. She smells SMOKE all around her the inside of the nostril getting overly warm. Uncomfortably hot as air is sucked back past her along with more of the fluid.

Another rush of fluid covers her and a violent wind pushes her out onto the trees she lands on a soft pile of leaves and looks up to see a massive surge of flames go over her head and hit the trees nearby igniting them blasting some of them to splinters nearby from the force alone. She gazes up in awe at the massive golden Dragon muzzle raises to the sky. The Dragoness’s entire muzzle convulsing smoooke curling out of her mouth and nostrils as it gapes open.*

Blast after blast of flaming fury blasts the forest around you as the dragon unleashes powerful sneeze after powerful sneeze. Luckily the torrential pouring rain is putting out the fires almost as soon as they start.
Maeve stares up in awe, rain pouring down and soaking her thoroughly, washing away the pollen. She sniffles thickly as she watches the magnificent site to behold. "Holy shit, the cave was a dragon..." she whispers to herself.

Maeve sees the dragon eyeballing her and waves sheepishly in the rain. "Sorry about that, love!" She calls up, "I was trying to get out of the rain, thought your poor nose was a cave!"

The Dragon rumbles her voice like thunder “Thou SNORT—SNIFFLES—- hhhhhast awakened the mmmating in me....... gasp gasp —- Will you help me finish it?” She says trembling her Massive building sized muzzle wrinkling her nostrils flaring. Smoke curling from them.
“Thou mmmust RAAAH AAAAAAAHHHH  makes me ssneeeze mmmore..... as thou has begun.”
Maeve blushes, even in the pouring rain she can feel the heat coming off her cheeks. "Well, I guess it's only do I help?" She sniffles thickly, rain dripping off the end of her muzzle.

The Dragoness looks a little annoyed her eyes half closed. “You made me sneeze.... do as thou didst- she pants laying her nuzzling by you sniffling her wings flapping her tail twitching and she rubs it against the ground.*
Maeve notices a huge branch covered in Pollen that has been knocked off the tree. It’s just small enough you could pick it up and put it in the dragon's nose..... She reacted to all the pollen stuck to your fur…..maybe she’s allergic.... the pollen will get you to of course. But that was alright.

Maeve walks over to the giant branch, picking it up. A cloud of pollen wafts over her as she carries it over to the dragon's flaring nostrils. "Heeeeh....hheeeeeh....sniff snifff Oh g-god not...heeeh...again." She struggles to hold back the sneeze as she inserts the massive 10 ft long branch into the Dragon's nose, shaking it around so the pollen flies everywhere.
The reaction is almost immediate, the Dragon’s eyes close shut and start to water. Her nostrils flare widely and she sucks in a massive breath of air. It Rushes past Maeve as the dragon sucks in hitchy breath.
Maeve pauses, awestruck. How did she know? But her nose has other plans. "Y-yes...heeh...if y-you caaan. Heeeh..." She says through hitching breaths. Her sinuses throb as they ache for release, as does the rest of her body. She suddenly feels an invisible force like many eager warm hands gliding up her inner thigh.

“I ccca---n SNIFFLE” The dragon glows a little and all of a sudden the air around Maeve becomes thicker. Tendrils of warmth caress her skin sliding up your inner thigh like warm tendrils made of air. The air vibrates hovering over her clit and your cloth panties, gently stroking the area. Like the wind itself is touching her, vibrating.

Maeve gasps and rocks her hips into the touch. Gods it felt good as pleasure shot though her. Her muzzle tickling furiously from the pollen.
The dragons tail flicks towards you and you notice a ball embedded in its center that resembles a clit; it's the size of a large exercise ball. And it’s wet as you touch it. Meanwhile her head tilts back and her mouth hangs agape as another fit starts to take her from the pollen now raining down around you.

A small twig ,covered in pollen pods, brakes itself off a tree and floats itself into your nose, releasing a puff of pollen into your sinuses, even as the air-vibrator slides beneath your panties.
“Mmmmmmmm————- Haaaaah…” Maeve moans her muzzle on fire. Her ears flopping back eyes closing as the itch fills her nostrils. And her clit chenches with pleasure. “HAAAAAAAEEESSHOOO!!! HAAAAAATCCHEEOOOO!!!! HAAAAAAAASSHEEOOO!!!! HAAAAH HAAAAH HAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAATCCHHHEEOOOO!!!MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" Maeve moans loudly, the pollen making her nose explode with wet powerful sneezes.
"HAAAAAAAATCCHEEEEEOOO!!!! HAAAASSSHEEEEEEEOOOO!!!! HAAA HAAAATTTCCHEEEOOO!!!!" A tendril if air slides her panties aside from below, sliding into her wet slit like a dildo made of warm air. The vibrator air on her clit is still throbbing. The tendril inside her begins thrusting in perfect Sync with the pollen filled branch twirling in her nose. Maeve moans in pure pleasure. Using her hand to twirl the branch in the dragons nostril.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEASHOOOO!!!! HAAAAATCCHEEEOOOO HAAAAAAAASSSHEEEOOO!!! MMMMM, IT F-FEEEELS HEEEEH....SO G-GOOOOD....HEEEEEEEEEEESSHEEEOOOO!!!!! HAAATCCHEEEOOOOO!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!"  Maeve continues to sneeze, spraying the ball in her hands with blasts of warm air and spray from her powerful sneezes uncontrollable sneezes. Maeve begins caressing the ball in the dragon’s tail, rubbing it gently as she sneezes on it. The air currents pleasuring her between her thighs vibrate more vigorously as she starts to touch the ball. Maeve lets out desperate hitchy gasps of pleasure, as waves of bliss start to wash over her.

The dragon moans,”RRAAAAAHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM------” Her body shuddering with pleasure as Maeve sneezes on her ‘clit’ ball and begins to massage it. “RRRRAHH---YEEEES!!” The dragon roars as her….massive muzzle twitches….. “YES THAT---RRAHHH -AHHH-- FFFFEE--AAAHHHH--- MMMMMMMMMM--- FEELS SOOOOOOO---- RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT TTTTTTCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! - OOoooohhh MMMMMMMMMMMM-----I’m gonna cccummmm!!!  RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT TTTTTCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” The dragon thunders as she unleashes another powerful sneeze torching the area around you with white hot flames.

The ticking in Maeve’s nostril and the pleasuring in your panties becomes more intense thrusting deeper, and faster and more vigorously with the Dragon’s declaration. Maeve is tingling with pure bliss. Her muzzle scrunching and unleading sneeze after powerful sneeze.  "MMMMMMMMMM!!!! HAAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSHEEEOOOO!!!! HAAAAATATTCCHHHHEEEEOOOO!!!!!!!!! EEETTTCCHHHHOOO!!!" She has NEVER felt anything like this. The ball in her hands glows, and Maeve continues unleashing sneeze after sneeze, massaging the ball in her hands vigorously, running and drumming her furry paws along it like she is playing a piano.  Maeve’s entire body rocking to the rhythm of the invisible force pleasuring her.

The dragon rumbles in pleasure as your sneezes spray the sensitive ball in her tail, and lets out a ROAR of pure bliss as you begin to drum on its surface with your paws. In your hands. You can tell she is close to the edge. Her hitchy breathing more intense.

 Maeve continues to sneeze, spraying the ball in her hands, and rubbing it gently. The air between her thighs vibrates pleasantly as she moans.“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEASHOOOO!!!! HAAAAATCCHEEEOOOO HAAAAAAAASSSHEEEOOO!!! MMMMM, IT F-FEEEELS HEEEEH....SO G-GOOOOD....HEEEEEEEEEEESSHEEEOOOO!!!!! HAAATCCHEEEOOOOO!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!"

As Maeve rubs the ball/clit and sneezes on it one more time with that last intense fit, the dragon’s wings flare out her whole body tenses and fluid erupts from the ball.“ “RAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH——-OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH—— UUUNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH --- MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm------RRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHHHTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” Her most powerful sneeze rocks her as she orgasms. The air tendrils thrusting faster into Maeve, the vibrator moving vigorously over her clit like a vibrating tongue delving into her folds. The twig of pollen twirling in her nose.

"Mmmmm..mmmm..mmm...MMMMMMMMMMMM....HAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAEEESSSSHHHHHHHHHHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" Maeve lets out one final, powerful sneeze as she climaxes, her whole body thrusting powerfully.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm—— purrrrrrrrrrr” Rumbles the dragon as she sniffles -” come let us get thee to my cave thou mayest dry there.” And with that the dragon takes her deep into the raveen and sure enough to a massive warm cave. “Curl up by my scales they will warm thee.” she says, her wings acting like a giant electric blanket.
Maeve sniffles and curls up in the wings of the giant dragoness. She is soaked through and shivering, as she yawns in exhaustion. "T-thank you for the help" she stammers, beginning to doze off in the warmth.
The dragon takes Maeve’s clothing off, though it looks like they remove themselves, and lays them out nearby to dry. She lays Maeve down on a fur rug down, wrapping her up in her wing so she is nice and warm to fall asleep.
"Mmm..thank you." Maeve murmurs as she drifts off to sleep in the warmth and comfort of the dragon's wings.


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wow, I love absolutely everything about this!! from the initial exploration of the 'cave' to the micro-on-macro relations at the end, it was a delight and pleasure to read. looking forward to whatever you put out next with your macro dragons and their sexually linked sneezes <3

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Pleaseeee turn this into a series! I would love to see these two characters do a part 2!

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Agreed!!! :D ;D

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Agreed!!! :D ;D

Yesss we need a part two desperately