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** you asked for it so here it is! please enjoy!**

Dragoness Cavern in Spring NSFW- Allergy F/F

Maeve written by MzMental

Spring has sprung and Maeve the she wolf anthro can tell by how itchy she is. She hates it when she is shedding like this. And she is sad she had to go away with work for a month. She hoped Ruby hadn't fallen asleep again. She was really looking forward to seeing her. Ruby was a massive red and gold dragoness whom Maeve had more than a passing crush on.   Ruby had told Maeve that when dragons sleep too long,  they tend to blend into the forest. So finding her could be a challenge.

As Maeve headed out for a run through the woods. It was early spring so not too many things were in bloom yet. Thank goodness as the athletic wolf had terrible pollen allergies.
Maeve jogs steadily through the forest, towards the raveen.  With each step she was itching. The itchy feeling all over her fur consuming her thoughts. She tried to keep her focus on the beautiful weather, the chirping of the birds, anything. But she itched so badly!! God. Shedding in spring was the worst. She jogged a fair while, going deep deep into the forest. Eventually she could no longer stand it, stopping to itch furiously. "Ugh, why. Does. It. Itch. So. BAD?!" She yells to herself frustrated. She continues to walk, itching and scratching so much she doesn't even notice that she's walked into a cave until she can hardly see what's in front of her.
The cave is warmer than the air outside and damp it is barren, aside from the weird stalagmites and the small stream.She travels deeper and deeper into the cave. The stalagmites deeper in are longer wider and there were way more of them. Thousands and thousands line the cave some of them short like grass on every surface.The cave widens as she walks inside. As she itched and itched she looked at those short rubbery stalagmites on the walls and saw a giant COMB. She wanted to roll and rub against them. Bet they would take care of all this loose fur. She was in a cave in the woods no one would see if she took off her clothes to do it. And she was SOOO Itchy. There was something familiar about this cave, these bendy rocks, but she was to itchy and desperate for relief to notice. She slowly unzipped her running jacket letting it fall to the floor. Then pulled her tank top over her head along with her sports bra in one smooth gesture. Her large round breasts bounced as they were released from her clothes. She then wiggled her hips stripping off her red lacy undies and yoga pants in one swift motion stepping out of both and wagging her tail. She takes slips off her shoes and socks and places them in the pile of her clothes. Tufts of fur coming off her as she undresses.

There is a whoooooosh of air that rushes past switching directions and swirling around her in the tunnel. Maeve took no time as soon as she was naked, running those spikes through her fur alleviating this itch! No one would see her. She grings and almost desperately walks over to a section of wall lined with them and rubs her side against them. She moaned with pleasure as the tons of tiny rubbery rocks ran through her itchy fur and skin. She pressed her back against it and began rubbing up and down, sighing with relief as she scratched and scratched. Clumps of fur began flying off at alarming rates...well alarming to anyone but her. This was par for the course really, but she scratched like nothing had ever felt so good before.
The clumps of fur floated off of her, sticking to the nearby walls and ground.
The fur floated off her as she rubbed against the rubbery stalagmites rolled against them. It felt SO good. There was a WHOOOOOOSSSHH of air warm and hot rushing past her carrying the fur deeper into the cavern. The stalagmites shuddered against her fur and the cave around her seemed to move but she was rolling and rubbing herself so much she didn't notice. The river in the center of the cave started to flow more freely. As massive tufts of fur continue to freely come off her drifting on the air. As she looks up she spots a cluster of stalagmites in a better spot deeper in at just at the right height. She wouldn't have to roll  or scratch. She could just walk under the low ridge and it would brush her as the whole bottom side was covered in hundreds of the stiff bristles like stones. Just seeing it made her jump with eagerness. OH it would feel SO good.
Meanwhile the warm wind continued to rush past her. switching directions rapidly. The rock formations shuddering slightly. Maeve practically runs to the spikey comblike ridge, fur flying every which way. She hunched down and walked back and forth under the ridge, large clumps of fur brushing off and sticking to everything. "Oooh my god.. this feels amazing" she practically moans, rubbing as much of her body on this ridge as she can.
The cave starts to rumble and move. There is so much fur in the air now it's a cloud around her. "RRRRRRRrrrrR" Echoes in the cave, and there is hot air that whooshes past her as the cave rumbles. Maeve pauses a moment a little worried by that noise…. but God she almost feels NORMAL again. Just a few more passes. The river in the center of the cave is flowing freely now and is about 3 times the size it was. There is a cloud of fur being sucked deeper into the cave with the swooshing of each gust of powerful hot wind. WHOOOOOOOSHHHH--WHHOOOOOSHHH- The walls around her are convulsing and shuddering as the fur tickles them.
"!" Maeve squeaks out, rubbing the last hard to reach spot against the ridge, loose fur flying everywhere. At last, the final large clump pulls itself loose. Maeve gives a sigh of relief, practically collapsing to the floor with a large POOF of fur, feeling satisfied for the first time in weeks.
The cave shudders all around her; the walls seem to collapse a little above as the fur is sucked rapidly deeper into the cave by the intense warm winds. "RRRRAHHHHH!!! RRAAAAAHHHHH!!! AHAHHHH HAHAH RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The whole cave seems to move the river in the center flowing strongly now past her. She is thrown off balance as the whole cave tilts upwards. puffs of furr sucking back into the cave by the powerful wind rapidly whooshing past her. “RUBY!” Maeve exclaims as she recognizes the sensation "RRRRAAAAAAAAAH RRRRAHHHH-- SNIFFFFFS-" Maeve is thrown back deeper into the sinuses sucked in by the powerful SNIFFF of the Dragon nostril. "RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
"Oh no!!" Maeve shouts, realizing where she is. She tries to grab onto something, but ends up just smearing fur all over everything as she flies deeper into Ruby's sinuses. She bounces off the inside of her nostrils as the wind pulls her back, leaving more fur everywhere.

The wind and fluid carry her out and she is shot out of the nostril landing in a huge patch of cherry trees in full bloom. Pollen and petals swirling all around her as she lands in them. "RRAAAHH AAAAH HHHHRRRRAAAAAAAATTTTTTTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Ruby unleashes powerful blasts of destructive wind into the air as she sneezes Her scales glowing brightly "RRRAHHH RAAAAAPPPPPPPTTTTTTTCHHHHHHHUUUUUUUU RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTTCHUUUUUUU!!! Mmmmy MMMAte tthhou hhhhassssst----RRAH RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSCCHHHHHOO!!! RRRRAAAPPPPTTTTSSSSSHHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Rrrrreturned!!!!--- RAAAAH --RRAAATRRCCCCHUUUUUUU Returned!!!"
Spray coats the trees and more pollen and petals rain down from her blasts of air. Fire just missing the trees and harmlessly going up to the sky. Pollen and fur swirled in the air, Maeve's nose reacting pretty immediately to the assault on it. "snifff ohh n-noo...heeehh...HEEEH...ohh g-god...heeeeeeeh..HAAAAAAAAEESSHOOOO!!!! HAAAASSHEEOOOO!!!!!"
She sneezes, sending more fur floating to the air. Her nose begins to stream, as she sniffles and scrambles to get out of the tree.
"Bless thee, I hhhast RRAHHH AAHH RRAAAAAAHH-" Her massive nostrils flare and quiver as she holds back the need to sneeze. Her massive claw hovering over you to pluck you out of the tree. Her massive head and nostril coming close to you to gaze at you.* "RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" her golden sides heave with hitchy breaths her scales glow and she shudders. Trying to hold back to speak.* "RRRRRAAAAAHH AHAHHH HAH HAH I hhhhast RRRAAAHHH mmmmisssed tttthhheee---RRAH MMMATe! " she says, her voice trembling with need; her golden eyes looking into Maeves. Her gaze falling on the she wolf’s twitching desperate muzzle and suddenly she feels air swirling around her embracing her gliding along every inch of her body slowly caressing her breasts another whufts of air gliding down her stomach.
As her sneezes cause more fur to fly into the air Ruby’s hitchy breath suck it in and her head tilts to the sky. And she closes her eyes. Her massive muzzle scrunches her nostrils grow wider warm wind rushing past Maeve. "RRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPPPPPP TTTTSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUU!!!! RRPPPPPPTTTTTTSSSSHUUUUUU!!! SSSSSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUU HHHHHHRRRRRRPPPPPPPCCCCCCCCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She unleashes a fit of extremely wet powerful sneezes. Her body glowing brightly, her tail coming towards Maeve. That massive ball poking out of it and glowing, wet and eager. The trees above her shaking a shower of pollen down on her from the force of her blasts of air.
Maeve places her paws on the sensitive ball, rubbing methodically as the pollen makes her muzzle twitch. "HEEEEEH....I...Heeeehh...m-missed y-youm..t-tooo!!HHHEEEEAAASSHOOO!!! HAAAAAEEESHOOO!!!! HEEEH HEEEEEH HEEEEAAAAASSHHHHOOOOO!!!!" She unleashes several wet and powerful sneezes against Ruby's sensitive spot, feeling that invisible force between her own legs.
The Dragon looks at Maeve and moves her massive muzzle towards her mate. Her head hovering above Maeve's spread legs. The nostrils flaring and twitching dripping fluid on either side of her. Ruby's long slender forked tongue slides out of her jaws massive. Coming towards Maeve's slit. It is warm as it glides up her slit agonizingly slowly. The tip of the fork, wiggling back and forth up it glides up and down. It warms and tingles as the dragoness teases Maeve. The air currents fondling her large round breasts. Pinching her hard nipples. This time Ruby wanted to touch her mate herself. "RRRAHH.. MMMMMMMRRRRRRR.... MMMMMM mmmmate wwwith MMMRRRRAH RRRAHHH-- mmme." SNIFFLES  "THY Touch FEEELS sSSO -- slow vibrating lick-- good.---slow vibrating lick."
Maeve moans happily, her muzzle twitching and crinkling as she fought the sneeze long enough to answer. "Heeeh!! Heeh...y-yeess...heeh..p-pleaase" She stammers. She finds a few clumps of fur on her legs, grasping them in each hand and pressing them up against Ruby's streaming red nostrils.She then releases the fur rubbing it between her fingers so the dragoness sucks it in when she breathes.
"MMmmmmm.......SNIFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSSSSSS" Ruby’s massive golden eyes widen as she inhales the clumps of fur from Maeve’s hands, fur now also coated in pollen. "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Hot air vibrates across your breast and your clit and slit as she tries desperately not to sneeze. her tongue licking your slit vibrating up it faster more desperately as she trembles. It lingers over her clit, the hot warmth vibrating over it with the whooosh of hitchy hot air as she fights her nose to pleasure Maeve more and more with her tongue. "RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH HH Lick rapidly vibrating--- HAHH HAH HAH - lick -- AAAHHH - lick lick lick lick---RRRRAH -lick lick lick lick --- RAHHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHH"  Her nostrils are flaring widely and dripping.
Maeve moans as Ruby's tongue pleasures her, hips rocking back and forth as she rubs Ruby's own pleasurable spot. The motions stirr even more pollen and fur into the air. "HEEEEHH...sniiff sniff HEEEH-HEEEEEEHHHHH!!!"
"RRRAHHHHh - lick lick lick lick---RRAH --lick lick lick RAH - MMMMMmmmmm------ prrrrrrrrr---lick lick RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH-- LICK lick lick- her tongue hungerly delves into Maeve the whole thing vibrating inside and out all at once tingling across her clit making it rock with pleasure in a way she's never felt. As hitchy desperate breaths bombard her from above. Her tail ball is wet and pulsing under Maeve’s touch.
Maeve is close to climax, and as she looks up at her mate, she can tell- boy does she HAVE to sneeze. As Maeve continues to hitch and gasp herself, she leaves one hand gently caressing the ball. She reaches down and grabs another fistful of fur, rubbing it along the edge of Ruby's sensitive nostrils. Slowly letting it drift into the dragoness’ massive red round flaring nostrils. "HEEEEHH!!! H-HHEEEEHHH!!! SNIFFF SN-SNEEEZE F-FOR MEHHH...MEEEEHHH....MEEEE!"
"RRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" she pulls her muzzle away looking to the sky. her tail slides between Maeve’s legs so she is straddling the ball. And she rubs it against Maeve’s slit. It is pulsing and vibrating beneath her. Tingling against her, an almost electric sensation caresses her clit and the closer she gets to the center of the ball as she rocks her hips the more intense the pleasure. "RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH" Her eyes close and she glows brightly with pure bliss.
Maeve throws her head back and howls with pleasure, thrusting her hips on top of the ball to the center. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!" She cries out, feeling her body tingle with ecstasy. Her nose screams for release as it twitches. She wipes some of the pollen on her fur across her own quivering nostrils. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH.....HEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AASSSHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Maeve lets out a thunderous wet sneeze, spraying herself and the vibrating ball beneath her, as she hovers near the edge of climax.
Ruby climaxes as she unleashes the powerful sneezes to the sky above shooting gouts of flames. Out of the ball Maeve is rocking her hips against, a geyser of  fluid shoots up inside her. Warm pressurized  liquid vibrating inside her. Making her entire insides TINGLE with intense pleasure as she cummms inside you. Pollen raining down on you from above as she unleashes sneeze after sneeze.
The pollen has to do little work to Maeve's nose unleash a volley of sneezes. "HHAHHAAAAEESSHOOOO HAAAAASSHEEOOOO HAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAAAAAASSHEEEOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" Mixed with the overwhelming sensations inside her body, Maeve finishes her fit with a loud moan as she climaxes hard, pressing herself firmly against Ruby as she cums.
Ruby glows brightly and shudders her ball pressing into Maeve as the last of the tingly fluid is unleashed with her orgasm. Both of them sniffling and shuddering with pleasure. "MMMMmmmmm ttthat was intense. Thou hast indeed missed me." she purrrrrrrs panting.
Maeve sniffles with a smile, rubbing at her itchy nose. "I heeh...did sniiff. I think someone sniff is allergic to my fur." Maeve says teasingly.
"Mmmmmmmm...... that could prove most entertaining..... My mate...if it is true. We should test it another day." She says with a coy smile.
Maeve climbs off of Ruby's tail, a little shaky from such intense physical exertion. But she smirks at Ruby playfully. "Yes, it's definitely useful to discover," she says with a wink. Ruby shudders happily and Rolls to one side sniffling and opens her wing to scoop Maeve up so she can sleep once again at her side.
Maeve hops up happily and nestles deep into the dragon's warmth, content and tired.
The dragon curves her up in her wing and happily closes her eyes. "I missed you."
"Sleep well."
"I yawn missed you too" Maeve says drowsily, before falling fast asleep.
“I missed thee as well.” she rumbles happily falling asleep as well.

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Re: Dragoness Cavern (part 2) in Spring NSFW- Allergy F/F Dragon/Shewof
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2021, 03:44:06 PM »

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Re: Dragoness Cavern (part 2) in Spring NSFW- Allergy F/F Dragon/Shewof
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2021, 04:43:12 PM »
WOW!  That was intense.  It was really good though. ;D

I love the idea of Ruby being allergic to Maeve's fur, and her shedding all over the inside of Ruby's nose is quite enticing. xD  You'd think Maeve would pay better attention when entering caves! Lol.

Overall, kind of the same concept as part 1, but still really good! Nice job. :3

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Re: Dragoness Cavern (part 2) in Spring NSFW- Allergy F/F Dragon/Shewof
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2021, 11:29:22 PM »
Amazing story.
Very nicely told.
I bet Sprig the Fairy would have fun in those big nostrils too.  ;D

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Re: Dragoness Cavern (part 2) in Spring NSFW- Allergy F/F Dragon/Shewof
« Reply #4 on: February 03, 2021, 07:08:22 PM »
Oh gooody!  I love these 2!  Especially Ruby.  Part Dragons get sick?