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Some things about Rhagnar, he was a dragon, though he walked on two legs not four, and usually kept his wings wrapped around him like a cloak.  He was 6’7” tall and had golden scales and red wings,spikes and horns. He could breathe fire, but tended not to, as it made him feel set apart from those around him. Rhagnar was adopted, fitting in was hard, being the only dragon around, and he was raised  by a family of dinosaurs. They were nice and treated him well, and everything had been great. But……...Rhagnar also had….an embarrassing problem Rhagnar couldn’t climax all his life. No matter what he did, or what he looked at he just couldn't….

Until he discovered a unique flower that grows in the ravine on the far side of the forest the Fireflower, and wouldn’t you know it….he was allergic to it….and those allergy sneezes led to his first ever climax.

Great, late for class again, “I have to sit in the back” he thought to himself. “That’s what I got for studying past midnight last night. Still in my PJ pants too.” He grumbles to himself. Hope this test is easy. Ragnar runs into the room, grabs his test paper from his frowning professor and takes the steps two at a time to the back of the room. Not looking at his classmates as he slides into his empty seat in the back. Putting his empty lunch bag and backpack on the floor, he got to work answering the first few problems. And as he sat there writing furiously he felt a familiar tickle in his muzzle. He reached a hand up to rub at it as he continued to write. His nostrils start to itch. A  slight tickle in the back of his sinuses and they start to drip a little as he writes. He sniffles and as he breathes in he catches a familiar spicy scent of the fire flower.

“Oh shit” he thinks to himself as his eyes glance up and sweep the room landing on a young lady in his class sitting next to her boyfriend. She has a whole bouquet of them poking out of the side of her backpack. “Its ok.. Its ok.” he thinks to himself “they’re over there --- and the smell is faint.. I should be fine. Focus”  Sniffles again and he feels his cock starting to harden in his thin pj pants as his nose starts to get more ticklish. He sniffles a few times, his nostrils starting to tickle more and more. His cock hardening more beneath his pants. The tickle in his nostrils starting to build. He rubs his muzzle and sniffles again. The tickling twirling itch in his nostrils persists. He can feel his cock starting to throb in his thin PJ pants. “Rahh..hah.” He takes a few hitchy breaths breathing in a bit more of the scent. Finishing the final question he pulls off his sweater and ties it around his waist and gets up to take his test down to the teacher. Sniff SNIFF. His nostrils are tickling so bad but he manages to hand the paper in.
“Now take your seat. Movie time. We’re studying the iliad today” She says firmly as she sets up the projector. Ragnar turned mostly facing the wall sniffling as he headed back to his seat. “Made it safe in my seat.” He thinks to himself. “I can do this.”
Just as he speaks the fans in the room kick in and the girl gets out the flowers and holds them up to her face sniffing them and clutching them to her chest leaning on her boyfriends shoulder holding them up so he can smell. The warm air started to circulate in the quiet room. The fans were blowing the scent and the pollen released by all that movement directly towards Ragnar which normally. Normally he liked the heat from the fans... but today….today they brought that spicy sweet scent of the fire flower into his nostrils. He swore he could see pollen wafting towards him as the lights turned off for the movie. He let out a long sigh as his nostrils flared and his muzzle started to really really itch.The scent was strong in his nose. The twirling gentle tickle at the back of his nostril had become a mini tornado of tickling pollen inside his muzzle. His face started to scrunch up. And his nethers tingled. His cock was now rock hard in his pants and he could feel precumm starting to drip out of it onto the thin fabric. “Don’t focus on your nose, watch the movie.” He told himself reaching up to rub his nostrils which did nothing to dissuade the inferno tickle in his nose.His cock tingling with need under his thin PJs.
“Hehhh eehh heeh rrrahhh rahh.” He couldn't help it and he needed to sneeze. He picked up his lunch box it was metal so it should help. “Raah Raahhhh ahhh. Rtssxxxxxccchh nnxxcch nnxxxxcch nxxcccchhh nnttttsscccchhhh hehh rrah rah rrrah rrrraaaaahhh rrrrttsssshhhhhhxxxx” he stifled his sneezes into his lunch box the stifling hurt and only made the tickle in his nose grow, but at least it was quiet. And with the loud action scene on the screen no one was hearing him. But Oh gods! His cock was spewing pre against his pants, his hard large cock peeking out of the button hole in his pants as the button gave way and popped off.  Flying across the room and into the back of the head of the girl with the flowers.
“Owww HEY!” Her eyes narrow and she takes one of the blooms off her bouquet and hurls it at him. “GROW UP!” She hisses and turns back around. The flower hits him square in the muzzle. Pollen puffing onto his nostrils directly as the thing landed directly on the end of his snout. His nose felt like a million tiny feathers were twirling inside. His eyes started to water his nostrils dripping and flaring. I closed my breath hitching.  His cock hard and twitching.The loud action of a battle sequence covered any noise he was making.
“Rrraattxxxchhh RACHXTCH RXTCHHH NXXXCHHHT HHAHH AHHH HAHH RxnnTCCHH.. RSSCHHHHh.. Oohhhhh….mmmmmm” Rangar started to forget the crowd, forget where he was. The pleasure and pressure inside his cock was overwhelming. Each sneeze forcing more and more pre out of it. His hand went down to start touching it stroking it a little and he shoved his cock into his lunch box. “RRRhhhhhtccchhh RRaachhhoo rrrassCHOoooo RRTXXXCCCH NXXCCCHH NXXTCHHH NxxTCHOOOO! Uuuuuuhhh oooohhh...mmmmmmm” He moaned softly as his vibrating nostrils unleashed sneeze after sneeze into his elbow his fireproof jacket getting singed by the barrage of stifled covered sneezes.
The pleasure was overwhelming, he NEEDED to cumm. It was going to be soon. Oh gods the action was over they were talking now. Hold back.. Need to hold back.
He sniffles and rubs at his nose pinching it with his fingers as his cock pulses and twitches in his lunch bag. His nose an inferno of tickling twirling itch. His eyes watering and muzzle scrunching as the characters on screen talked in hushed tones. The classroom silent.
“Rrrahh ahh.” His chest heaves with hitchy breaths as the minutes tick by the tickle in him burning to be released. “Rrrahhh ahhh.” Finally the general goes back out and an action sequence naval battle starts.
“RAAAhCHOOOOOOOOOO RAAAASSCHOOOOO RAAH AAAH RRASSSCTCHHHHHHMMPPHHH - Rachooo RACHOO RAASSCHOOOOO RAAAAAATTCHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” He unleashes a massive fit of sneezes into his sleeve spray covering the empty seats around him his cock spraying precum with each powerful sneeze bulging and building til. “RRRRRRAAAAATTTTSSSSSSCHOOOOOOO UGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNNNNNN!!!OOOHH…..pant pant pant.” He fills his lunch box with a powerful load of hot wet cum that explodes with that final powerful sneeze. With that the bell rings and the teacher stops the movie. Ragnar putting himself back in his pants and carefully closing and resealing his lunchbox. He slips out before the lights are even back on.
“Whew…. That was clccllose rrrchuuuu! Sniffle” He whispers to himself. “Glad no one saw me.”
……………….. Or so he thought. A new transfer student with long red and gold hair and feathered red and gold dress had seen the whole thing. She had watched with enthralled fascination as the handsome dragon boy had sneezed and cumm. Blushing deeply as the whole thing had turned her on immensely. Wonder who he is..Cadence, the half phoenix,  thought to herself.

To Be Continued…….
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Re: NSFW Dragon University Student part 3 - Classroom Blitz M/Allergies/mess
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A good time deserves a comment!  ;) Nice extra holdback at the end there.