Author Topic: New sneezy Scooby Doo drawing & short story. Scooby trying to save Daphne 18+  (Read 216 times)

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Scooby trying to rescue Daphne but wait, it's a trap!  (Picture below!)

Scooby Doo once again finds himself trying to escape from some of Agent Sonya’s guards.  He slowly works his way through an old dark factory that had been shut down years before. As he continues to go room to room searching for an exit.  As he enters into what appears to be an old board room he suddenly finds Daphne. She is tied down flat to the ground with sharp spikes sticking up and running along both sides of her body . She is stripped down to her panties with her hands chained down over her head. Scooby thank goodness it’s you she says with relief, please unfasten me so we can get out of here and find the others. Scooby realizes the only way he can unfasten her hands is to climb on top of her. He carefully straddles her so as not to touch her bare body but also to avoid the sharp stakes. As he works his way forward towards her wrists his nose is suddenly but with a strong seductive scent coming from Daphne’s cleavage. It was some kind of perfume that quickly took hold of the sneeze center in Scooby’s brain. As his nose began to twitch and his nostrils flared and ran. Scooby Doo looked up and through tear filled eyes he noticed that it wasn’t Daphne who he was straddling but an agent made up to look like her. Scooby just stood there frozen in fear as he realized that all of this was just an elaborate trap set up to make him sneeze and give himself away. He tried to move back the way he came so he could get away from the ticklish sent but it was too late. A powerful sneeze was already building inside of his nose and it quickly took control of him. Raa, RAAA, RAAAACHOOOOW