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I drew these cartoons a couple of years a part and didn't remember drawing them until after the fact.

In both we find Danger Prone Daphne tied up and hanging out over a cliff.  Scooby Doo show's up just in time for the fraying rope to break.  Lucky for Daphne, Scooby catches the rope in his teeth.  Unlucky for Scooby Doo that is ware the fun begins ;D.  Can poor Scooby Doo hold on to the rope in his teeth while trying his best to hold back a sneeze?  We will have to wait and see?

Which sneeze torture scenario do you like the best?  I know that I have drawn this at least three other times but not in a multi panel cartoon.  I know that I had posted them before that is why I didn't post them again.  Secretly this must be a favorite of mine ;D.  What I want to know is why haven't they posted a scene like this one in one of the many different Scooby Doo cartoons over the years?  OK, maybe without a scantly clad Agent Sonya  :))