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“Good morning. Mate.” Ruby rumbles as you wake. Maeve the wolf antho’s fur is still covered in pollen and flower petals from the night before. And she feels all itchy again. More shedding she grumbles to herself. Meave squirmed and sniffled, feeling the pollen swirl around her as she tried to get comfortable. "sniiff Good morning...heeh..." She said, squirming around uncomfortably.
“What is wrong mate? Thou art restless this morning.” Says the massive dragon as she raises her head for a massive yawn.
"I'm shedding" Maeve says with a low growl of irritation. She scratches at her body, stubborn tufts of fur already sticking out in places that had not been loose yesterday. "It makes me Bad."
“It causes thee discomfort.... yes I understand when i molt it is most irritating and itchy. How mayst I help?” she asks gently
"I..just need...a way to brush it all out." Maeve huffs, becoming increasingly itchy and agitated as she scratches. Small amounts of fur begin to fly off, but she can't seem to satisfy the itch.
“Mmmm thou seemst well when thou awakest me yesterday. Is there a way I can help thee? Or what helped the yesterday?” She asks the fur drifting in the wind into her massive nostril as she hovered above you. Her breath sucking the tuft of fur inside.
"Hmmph...Well...sniff I was...rubbing myself on....the inside of your nose. That did the trick really..heeh...well.." The pollen covered fur tickled Maeve's nose a bit as she scratched and scratched. "B-but we saw how that turned out."
“It is spring... I am sure it was just the closeness of those trees, which are now afar. Upon reflections on last night....I have ne’er had problems before......with fur of any kind. Thou Mayest use mine nostrils again if it helpest thee.” she says. “just makest sure thine hast cleaned the pollen off thine fur. Though small amounts should not bother me....”

Maeve nods and hops down, walking a distance away so as not to upset Ruby's nostrils. She gives her body a good hard shake, a small cloud of pollen puffing into the air. Her nose twitches, already sensitive from spending the night covered in the allergen. "Heeehe...eehh heeeeehhh....HEEEEEEhh...HHHEEEEEASSHOOOO!!!! HAASSSSHEEEEOOOO!!!! Sniifff snifff Ugh...heeh-heh-HEH....HEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSHHOOOOO!!!!!"
Maeve shakes her head after the last sneeze, sniffling and scrubbing at the nose.

“Mmmmm bless thee, my mate.” The dragon ness says eagerly watching her nostrils. And lowering her head to the ground so that Maeve can walk inside. Unbeknownst to Maeve there was a single sprig of pollen filled cherry blossom blooms tangled in a the Center of a mat of puffy fur right under her nostrils. Concealed from them both. Releasing a small puff of pollen into Maeves nose every time she rubbed at it. "Heeeh...i think i sniff got it all..heeeheeh.." Maeve hitched, her nose twitching still. Shrugs, figuring it's the lingering pollen in the air. Walking back over to Ruby, she continues to scratch and itch. "Are...snifff you sure about this??" She asks hesitantly.
“Of course my Mate. Thou needs to alleviate thy itch.. do as thou whilst. As I said. I have ne’er been bothered by fur.”
Maeve chuckled, a little skeptical, but she walked carefully into Ruby's nostril, looking for the right spot to begin scratching. Her nostrils quivered, and she scrubbed at them. That small bit of pollen puffing into her nose. "Ehehhh...heeeehhh...oh g-goodness. sniff sniiiiff
“Walk slowly.” Rumbles a muffled voice all around her. The cave walls vibrating. “Thy movements do tickle a little.” she says as you see some moisture starting to gather on the floor at your feet. Her warm breath/wind whooshing past you as she inhales to speak.
Maeve attempts to tread lightly, walking far to the back where she remembers that odd ridge being. As she walked, small puffs of fur fell and floated as she continued to scratch.
Her muzzle itched something fierce too and she sniffled hard, since she couldn't scratch her body and her nose at the same time.
The warm wind whoooshees past her of Ruby’s breath as she continues. She can see puffs of fur carried with each breathy whoosh of wind deeper into the nostril/cave. As she continues to move into the large cavernous nostril. The moisture at her feet started to turn into a small brook flowing down the middle of the cave. The cave walls are covered in the thousands of the small mailable stalagmites starting to vibrate around her a little as she keeps walking to the back. “thy movements ttttickle dddear one bbbut I am still alright. Nothing unusual.” The thunderous shaky rumble comes from around her as the dragon speaks. Assuring the young naked shewolf that all is well. No allergies to be worried about from the dragon. Just the motion.

Maeve sees the ridge up ahead. The one that did so well last time."Ohh heeh...okay!" Maeve calls out, approaching the ridge with eagerness. She could not wait to feel some sense of relief. Along the way, she began rubbing her body on every surface that might bring her some relief. Small tufts of fur began to fly out, sticking to the walls of Ruby's enormous nostrils. "Mmm, oh god that feels amazing" Maeve mutters, with each tuft of uncomfortable itchy fur that flies off of her body.
The cavern wall starts to shudder. The brook becomes larger and flowing more freely in the Center - As she starts itching into the stalagmite-combs. The wind whooshes past her more rapidly as The cavernous nostril inhales and vibrates a little with each whoooooosh of air that carries more tufts of fur back into her sinuses. “Thy motions are very ttttickly mmmy mmmate.Sssstrange.... thhhey ddddont uuusssuuuallly bbbbother Mmme sssso. Whoooosh—-“

"Are you...mmm..are you sure you aren't allergic?" Maeve says, hesitating as she reaches the ridge. She takes a moment to scrub her nose, hitting that pocket of pollen again. Her nose twitches as she sniffles. "Heeeeh...oh no..heeeh heeeh..hhhh-hheeh....i h-hhave to sniff sniff...eehhh hreh" Her muzzle twitches as she fans her face, brushing up against the nearest stalagmite on accident.
“I Tttold ttthee Nay. I have nnne’ere been allergic to ffffur—“ she says as the walls around Maeve rumble with her shaky voice. The river at your feet getting faster thicker with more fluid. The hot wind moving faster by you as she breathes in sucking in more fluffs of your hair.
"Heeeh...haaah haaah...HAAAAAAAESSSHOOO!!! HHHEEESSHOOOO!!!!" Maeve unleashes a couple sneezes, staggering backward against the wall, feeling everything shifting with irritation. Not allergic my ass she thought to herself. "Sniiiff well if you're sure...lets d-do this" Maeve walks over and begins rubbing her body against the ridge, letting it's comblike features rake her fur, pulling clump upon clump of loose fur out.
“Bless Tttheee — whoooooosh whooosssssh—“ the hot wind rushes past you and the cave walls tremble a little as more and more fur is sucked in deeper. “RAAHHHHHAAAHHHA AHH- Ttttthy mmmmotion—- RAAHHH—- art ttttticklllibg mmmy nnnnossstril—— RAAAHHHA HAH HHA-“ she says the fluid now flowing freely down the Center the walls vibrating around you as the fur is sucked in deeper and deeper.
"Is it sniff the ....huff...motion." Maeve calls out, teasingly. She rubs more furiously, groaning loudly with relief as fur begins to fly off her in large quantities. She begins to rub her hands on the itchy parts of her face, eventually hitting that sprig full force. A small cloud of pollen erupts in front of her nose, just enough to only irritate Maeve's itchy allergic nasal passages. "Heeeehh!! Oh...heeeeh....n-nooo!...HEEEEEHHH!! HHHHEEEHH HEEEEHHHH!!" She starts to hitch, pressing her hand against her nose to try and hold it in.

“Tis Thhhy RAAAHHHhH RAAAAHHHHHHH mmmmotiion.” A stubborn hitchy voice rumbles all around her. The river flowing so fast-and thick now you know her muzzle MUST be dripping so much outside the cavernous nostril. The who caver wall is trembling and vibrating, contracting and expanding with each swift hot waverly breath that whooshes past you. Carrying the clouds of fluffy tickly fur deep into her sinuses you can see a cloud of it sucked in by the powerful hitching breathes.
“Tttthy mmmotion tickles sssso mmmmuch hhhhang ooon ttto as something RRRRAAAAAaAaAaAaAAHHHHHHHH - I neeedst Sssssnifffff.* she thunders desperately.
Maeve grabs a hold of one of the nearby stalagmites, continuing to scratch and itch her body against the ridge. Her own nose is drippy and twitchy the pollen having penetrated her sinuses. "M-mee t-ttoooo...heeeeehhh heeeeehhh!!!" She calls out, knowing she's about to sneeze. She holds a pollen covered finger against her nose, unaware of the allergens she is pressing into her nostrils. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH!!!"

“SNIIFFFFFFF!!!!!!” Air rushes past you along with a wave of fluid as all the stalagmite tilt up towards the back of the cave/nostril. The entire cavern wall contracting around her leaving only a few inches of clearance in any direction. The hot whooosh of air sucking back alll the fur off all the stalagmites deeep into her tickly twitching sinuses.

“SNIIFFFFFFF!!!!!!l SNIFFF!! Air rushes past you again- as she keeps sniffling with a wave of fluid as all the stalagmite tilt up towards the back of the cave/nostril. The entire cavern wall contracting aroundMaeve again with each sniffle—leaving only a few inches of clearance in any direction. The hot whooosh of air sucking back alll the fur off all the stalagmites deeep into her tickly twitching sinuses.
The hitchy hot breath surrounding Maeve as the Dragon continues to DENY it’s the shewolf’s FUR making her so tickly.

Maeve continues to itch and scratch, bumping into the walls of her cavernous nostrils with each motion. Back and forth. Back and forth. Faster and faster, fur flying furiously. Now the residual pollen on her fur reaches her nostrils and adds to the irritation, pushing her over the edge. "HEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!!!!!! HHHHHAHAAAAAASSSHHHEEEOOOOO!!!! HEEEESSHHEEOOOOO HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSHEEOOOO!!!!" With each violent sneeze, her body jerks around, scratching even more fur, sending it in all different directions, spraying the walls of the cavern and adding to the wetness.
"BBLE—-RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!! BLEES——RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!! TTTHHEEE——— MMM—— Ssssso——RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!” The whole caver tilts back as Ruby lifts her head just a little and the hot hitchy breath sucks more and more of the fur into her sinuses you can see the ridges in the cave all around you as her masssive muzzle scrunches her nostrils quivering violently all around you as she struggles to hold back her sneeze the walls of her sinuses becoming hot as a sauna as her unsteady breathe whooshes past you. “ TTICKLLEs —-RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!! SSOO MMMUUCH!!! RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!”

“AARRT TTHHY DDONNE —- RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!” she thunders as she desperately holds back the fur induced NEED to sneeze Still denying that it is the fur that is affecting her.
Maeve tries to answer, but her nose is not done with her. "HAAAAAAAAAAA!AEESSHOOO!!!! EEHH HHHEEEH HEEEEEEEEAAASSHHOOOO!!!!!" She continues, rubbing herself furiously in a desire to to rid her self of the allergen covered, itchy fur. She barely notices the shifting of the cavern around her, having worked herself into a frenzy of trying to shed all this first. She rubs herself across every surface her body comes in contact with, leaving fur everywhere.
“TTTHY MMMMotion —— "RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!—— is tttto mmmmuch "RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!” MMMUST —-RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!! Hold bbbbbbaaaaack-“ She rumbles desperately as the cave all around Maeve contracts more and more violently the ridges forming around her lower and slower as the dragon desperately fights the need to release the desperate furious tickle.
The lowering ridges made for more efficient scratching. Maeve rubs every body part she can think of against the comb like ridges, feeling the sweet blissful relief on her oh so itchy skin. "Mmmmm....oooooooohhh yyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh....." She calls out, unable to stop herself.
She's never been able to scratch herself so well, and it feels like heaven! Fur flies in every direction, tucking itself in crevasses, getting sucked deep into Ruby's sinuses. It looks like an explosion, with Maeve at the center.
Maeve is thrown violently out of her nostrils hot fire on her tail as she expells her into her waiting talon. Catching Maeve and lowering her out of harm as she unleashed fiery sneeze after fiery sneeze into the air. She aims up as best she can but from the blast of the wind the tops of the trees snap and are uprooted, thrown dozens of feet in all directions. Her massive muzzle crinkling and her red dripping nostrils round as she sucks in each powerful breath to unleash the next torrent of sneezes. Wet spray coats the forest below on a shower. Putting out any trees that were ignited by her uncontrollable powerful fit. Her scales glow brightly and she flakes her tail towards you quivering with need as she sneezes and sneezes.

Maeve staggers to the ground, a little disoriented, but feeling very satisfied. She'd never had a deshedding like that in her life. It was almost better than sex. She smirks up at her sneezing companion. "Not allergic to my fur, eh?" She calls up, pulling the dragon's tail close to her and massaging the wet glowing ball at the end.

The ball unleashed a geyser of fluid as she climaxes instantly as the ball in her tail is massaged. Her nose continues to make her sneeze and sneeze and sneeze til she finally has cleared all the fur.

Maeve steps back, keeping clear of the fire and spray that has consumed the forest around her. As Ruby's sneezing slows down, Maeve gets a mischievious idea. "Why don't we go back to my place?" She says with a grin. "Before the fire department finds us and we have to explain this mess?"
“Pant pant pant - alright little one- sniffle” and places you on her back and flies you back to your home. Taking her anthro form as you unlock your house. Ruby looks exhausted from all that sneezing.
Maeve takes her hands and leads her to the bedroom. "Lets take a nap first, you look exhausted" she says gently, pulling Ruby into the bed with her.
“Alright” she says with a smile utterly spent and happy. Falling into a very deep sleep.

Maeve smiles and cuddles her close, falling asleep soon after.

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Re: NSFW (light)Ruby&Maeve - Part3- Not Fur Real-F/F- Allergy DENIA
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2021, 09:12:33 PM »
O.O Wowee!!! Willing nostril exploration, and also a victim willing to allow the release of a potential inducer into their nose. Love it!!  ;D

I enjoyed how much satisfaction Maeve got from the whole experience. Ruby had an awesome buildup too. Love all the holding back and the big explosion at the end. Nice job as always! ^^

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I could be wrong, but this doesn't seem to be a complete post. Thanks regardless!

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Re: NSFW (light)Ruby&Maeve - Part3- Not Fur Real-F/F- Allergy DENIA
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Think i fixed it :)