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Ruby snores loudly and Maeve recalls the day before. (see other post part 3) She had used the bristles in her dragon-mate’s nostril to ease the itch of her shedding fur. Even as we were getting ready to fall asleep Ruby was insisting rather forcefully she had "ne're had a problem with fur." It's so infuriating, the wolf anthro, thought to herself.
Sliding out of bed she headed downstairs to the basement to get more toilet paper from the cellar. Glancing towards the old bomb shelter in the stone foundation of her home. The old stone ceiling. The metal door built from the 70s nuclear era..... She grabbed the rolls to restock her bathroom and took a moment in teh doorway to look around the room.
As she looked around she spotted that old metal table they'd used in the university production of Frankenstien a few years back. It was an authentic experiment table, with thick metal cuffs for the arms, and legs. Thick metal bars that held the head in place and the metal straps that could be secured over the chest and thighs. The metal was so thick it looked like it would truly hold a monster....... Her thoughts wandered back to Ruby and her stubborn refusal to accept the reality of her allergies...... Then Maeve glanced back at the table... hmmmmmm -- a monster.... Or a dragon in anthro form. Maeve remembered Ruby saying the runes she carved into herself locked her in her form for 24 hours. So she couldn't just transform her way out of it....... If Maeve could get her on the table..... she could prove that it WAS the FUR that she was allergic to once and for all. The room was stone... nothing her fire could hurt in here..... Hmmmmm. She mused to herself. Hmmmmm... OH... there was a switch that locked all the manacles at once...hmmmm.she mused.. "I have a plan." she whispered out loud.

She returns to bed with a wickedly wolfish grin and pokes her sleeping mate once. Good she thinks to herself. She's in a heavy sleep. I SHOULD be able to carry her to the table without her waking. Maeve, as a wolf, is very strong. She scoops up the sleeping Ruby who snorts a little but remains fast asleep as she is carried very very quietly down the stairs. Laying her on the table placing her limbs and head in the exact right spots. Ruby moaned and grumbled in her sleep in groggy protest. Maeve flicks the switch and SNAP!!! All the restraints clamp at once onto the sleeping dragon who starts awake. "Maeve...What.... what's going on? Why hast thou done this my mate??" She asks straining against the metal holding her it creaks a little but holds solidly.

Maeve smirks. She leans over the table, mischief and determination in her eyes. "We're going to play a little game. You're stubborness in refusing to acknowledge your allergies is bordering on ridiculous...." She says, stepping back and pacing around the table slowly. She gestures around her to the empty room. "So….. as you can see, there is nothing in this room. No allergens, no pollen. I have showered and am the picture of cleanliness." She stops, facing Ruby from the foot of the table. "And so my dear Ruby, I'm going to PROVE your allergy once and for all."

The dragonness narrows her golden eyes, her jaw setting in a stubborn line. “ I consent. Let us put thine insolent insistence of MINE OWN allergies to rest.”
Maeve claps her hands together in impish glee. "Excellent!" Stepping forward, she gets right to work. She starts by placing a clean, furry finger against Ruby's nostril, circling the edges with delicate care.
"Thou art simply tickling my nostril with thine finger. This proves nothing" The dragoness says imperiously. With a confident smile showing her teeth as her nostrils flare slightly and she blinks.

"Hmmm you're probably right. Then let's try something else" Maeve turns and pulls out a tray table that had been just out of Ruby's view. She picks up what looks like a make up brush with soft grey bristles. "We'll try this. I pulled the bristles out of an old make up brush, replaced it with my own fur. But since you aren't allergic, it shouldn't do anything, right?" Maeve turns back and begins brushing Ruby's nostrils with the soft, tickly fur.

"It depends on the method thine employs.. wwith thine ttickling." *she says as her eyes start to half close and she forces them open. Her tear shaped reptilian nostrils flaring wider and more oval. And she sees fluid start to glisten inside the nostril. Her breath shakes a little as she inhales her muzzle twitching a bit as she tries NOT to sniffle or scrunch it. Her arms strain against the restraints on her wrists a bit as she instinctively wanted to reach for her nose. Just like when you were INSIDE. Oh yes she's allergic. "The motion ssstill --Proves oonnly that ttthine ar't skilled at ddddraconic sseduction." She says desire starting to flare in her eyes, her scales starting to glow slightly.

"So you think it is because I'm actively tickling your nose? Well, i can fix that too." Maeve says coyly, smiling at the glistening wetness that was beginning to build inside Ruby's nostrils. She puts the brush down and picks up a bag. Inside are tufts of fur, loose and itchy. She pulls out a clump, this time placing it just in front of Ruby's flaring nostrils, purposefully not putting any more action into tickling. "Take a nice deep sniff, my dear." Maeve says with a wolfish smile.

"Very Well." Ruby says confidently although her voice trembles, her golden eyes looking into Maeve's defiantly and she takes a deep breath "SNNNNIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFF-- SNIFFLE-- SNIFFLE--SNIFFFLE" Her muzzle crinkles and her nostrils flare wider. Her nostrils start dripping more. The same as that river Maeve remembers from when she was inside. A Few of the pieces she is holding. "Thine sssscent is allllwwways...pppllee--SNIFFFLE--" her muzzle scrunches again as she sniffles under the guise of inhaling more. The tickly dander from the hair being sucked up into her nostrils. Some of the loose fur in the fistful is sucked up to. "RAHH-AHH" her muzzle scrunches and she tries to turn away. The table creaking a little as she struggles against the head strap accross her forehead and the restraints on her arms. Wanting desperately to rub her itchy itchy muzzle.

"Any hhair wwwould bbbe iiitchy inssside... SNIFFLE- This doesn't prove- SNIIFFFFFLE-- annything." she says her breasts bouncing as she starts to take hitchier breaths.

"RAH RAHH AHH-- SNIFFLE -- RRRAH" she shudders glowing a little brighter.

"Im sure you really believe that. But your nose is running, and you look like you have to sneeze." Maeve says, beginning to tease the inside of her nostrils with the tufts of fur. As she rubs them gently along the inside of Ruby's nose, Maeve swirls the fur between her fingers, so that some of the loose strands fall out and stick to the sides.

"RRRAAAH---AAH--- IT's The SSenSSATION....RRAH HAHHHH AAAAHHHHHH--" her muzzle scrunches intensely her whole muzzle twitching and bulging. Her nostrils flaring into wide circles. The 'tiny hairlike scales' on the inside of her nostrils quiver as she fights the sneeze. "RRAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAHH AHHHHHHHAHAHHHHHH" Her breasts are bouncing against you with each more desperate hitchy breath. Her nipples hard her scales glowing a little brighter.

tto THEE!!! pant pant pant SNIFFLE SNIFFLE!"
Wet spray coats Maeve’s fingers and the fur in her hands is singed by the gouts of flame that shout out of her irritated snout. Ruby’s breasts glisten with wetness from her spray as she continues to take hitchy breathes. She strains against the restraints with all her might wanted to touch her itchy twitching nose wanting to turn her head away from the tickling fur but she is held firmly in place. Her muzzle red and dripping. Her eyes watering allergic tears. But STILL she will not admit its allergies.

Maeve shudders with pleasure, feeling the spray on her hand, dodging the flames as she drops the singed fur. "If you won't concede, we'll try something else!" She turns around, grabbing a long, thin plastic rod that was once a spoon. Large amounts of fur have been glued to it to fashion a brush of sorts. Maeve turns back around, inserting the instrument deep into Ruby's red angry nose. Twisting and brushing, the fur tickles deep in the dragon's sinuses, leaving itchy irritating wolf dander all over the inside of Ruby's nose.

Ruby seems ready to retort but her muzzle won’t allow it. Her eyes close her muzzle scrunches her nostrils flare wide as you remove the spoon after it does its work. She takes a hitchy gasp the allergen inside the deepest part of her sinuses making her whole muzzle itch on the inside," RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHTTTCHOOOOOOOO RRASSSTTTTCCCHUUUUUU RAAPTCHUUUp TSSHHEW TSSSEWW TSSSSHUUUUU SHHUUUUU SHOOOOOO RRRAAP RAAAAAHH RAAAHSTTTTPPPPHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!" she shudders with need her scales glowing brighter and brighter. She coats Maeve in spray. fire exploding into the ceiling spreading out across it and down on the edge of the she wolf’s back, burning away her clothes. But not her fur or skin. Maeve feels her clothes fall onto the floor as the back of them disintegrates. Dust falling from the ceiling as the whole house shakes.

Ruby’s tail wiggles in the restraint beneath her. Her wrists straining.
She is clearly in a mating frenzy now. There is no spoon in her nose no hair would have survived inside that inferno but the dander might still be clinging the ALLERGIC reaction alone making her sneeze and sneeze.

Maeve's breasts bounce as they are freed from her clothing, the house shaking making it worse. Her nipples harden as she feels the spray hit her skin. But she would not give in, not until Ruby submits. "Do you admit it now??" Maeve rumbles, teasing Ruby's tail with her own. Not enough to bring satisfaction, but enough to drive her wild.
More dust falls on Maeve's nose.
More dust rains down. Getting up into Maeve's muzzle from the ash of her clothes. Like pepper and sawdust up in her nostrils.
Maeve scrunches her own muzzle, the dust beginning to make it itch. " t-ttoo baaad...heeeeeh...oh m-my n-nooose iiihh iiitccheess.." she teases Ruby, scrubbing at her nose, her breasts bouncing with each hitch. If she won't admit it to stop sneezing, maybe she will concede for relief.Maeve smiles and rubs her nostril and starts taking hitchy quivering breaths from the intense tickle of the dust now deep muzzle. Her allergies triggering as she sniffles. Knowing her sneezes will only drive the dragon more wild. Puffs of loose fur fluff off her arms and into the air as she hovers over Ruby.

"PPPlease.....FFFREEEE" Ruby gasps as she hitches and strains against the restraints. The fur instantly sucked in as Ruby takes deep hitchy breaths trying to hold back enough to talk. Pulling hard against her restraints. "RRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHH AAAHHHHHHHHH AHAHHHH FFFRREEEEE MMy MMYYYYEEEAACHOOOOOOOOO!! My TTTAAAACHOOOOOO
TAAAAIL!!"  She begs in a growling seductive rumble as Maeve hovers above her.

Maeve shakes her head, her nose beginning to run as she hitches. "N-nnooo...heeeeehh!!! N-nooot...heeeh...untiihh untill you.. .heeeeh heeh-eeeh.....admiit...sniiff sniiiiiifff y-your....aaahh...ahhhllergic..." Each itchy, hitchy breath causes her breasts to bounce, the amount of dust in the air making her nose rub like a faucet. She sniffles incessantly, snot dripping onto her bare breasts. "Oooohh..." she moans, "I hhhhaave tuuh...t-tooo....snuuuuh...snuuuuh....sneeeeze...."
Ruby  squirms beneath Maeve, her scales glowing brightly. Her golden eyes burning with need between her powerful sneezes. Her tail straining to be free her desire intensified as she sees Maeve’s muzzle twitching . She focuses on it her golden eyes narrowing and the wolf feels Ruby’s magic, a tiny tornado of air tickling the inside of wolf’s muzzle. Twirling up the inside of her nostrils, she feels tendrils of air pinching her nipples and another stroking her clit. "FFFFFRREEE--MMMMEEEEEEEEEEIIIIICCHCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! EEEEEYYYYIICCHCHOOOOO HEEEEEEECHOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Ruby thunders. As touching Maeve’s breasts backfires fluffs of more and more fur flutters down over Ruby’s helpless nostrils and are sucked up her flaring dripping muzzle "FRREEEEEE-EESSSHEEEEEEE-- MMMYYYIIIIIIAAATSSSSSSHHUUUUUUUUUUU TTTAIL!!!!" Spray covers Maeve and Ruby  as she unleashes a barrage of sneezes.

Maeve smiles and whispers in Ruby’s ear her breat hitching, “Then SAY it.” She rumbles in a sultry growl.
MEEE SSSSN--SSNNNEEEEEZE!" She roars as the fur keeps assaulting her muzzle her need and her nose creating a burning frenzy her scales glowing brightly

Maeve jumped forward to release the bonds, hitting the switch that unlatched them all at once.. Her muzzle twitches and curls as she takes a large hitching breath. "Heeehh.hheeeh....HEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSHHHHO OOOOO!!!! HHHAHAASSEHEEEOOOOOSSHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Maeve unleashes a couple of large wet sneezes, spraying out over Ruby's bare breasts which is still sprawled out on the table.

"MMMMMMMM!!!!" Ruby’s tail whips around in front of her the ball on the end glowing brightly. The tail in this form is about the size of a large dildo at the end where it comes to a curved point with the ball she had been playing with on the end. She slides her tail inside Maeve’s wet slick slit, her whole body shuddering with pleasure. Maeve feels the ball vibrating with electricity inside her as it slides up her vaginal wall. She’s never felt anything that good. Once it's in all the way her ball sits perfectly on Maeve’s g spot inside vibrating and pulsing against it. The air tendrils pleasuring her clit. The mini tornado still in her nostrils as puffs of fur fly off Maeve . Forming a cloud of fur around Ruby's Drippy sneezy muzzle.

Fire explodes around them , her wet spray coats Maeve’s breasts as her tail slides in and out vibrating on her g spot each time sending pulses of bliss all through her.

"OOOOHHH OOHHHHHH...." Maeve moans powerfully, her muzzle twitching once more. "HAAAAAAAAAEEESSHOOOOOOOO HAAAAH HAAAAAAAAHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEESSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" Maeve unleashes another round of sneezes, the last one spraying them both as she climaxes at the same time.

Ruby's wings come round Maeve and her arms wrapped around her embracing her holding her close in her warm strong arms as they both orgasm in synch. The ball jetting fluid into Maeve as she clamps down around Ruby’s tail.  "RRRASCHUUU RRTTSSSSSHUUUUUU RRASSSSSSSSSHHHHHHEEEEWWW! OOOOH....FFFEEELLZZZ SSSO RRAAAAAPPPPTTTTTTTTCHUUUUUU RRAHH RAHH AAHHHH RAAAAAH -- AAAAHHHHHCCHCOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Maeve's whole body throws itself into the motion as she lets out her final torrent of sneezes, covering Ruby in snot and spray and cum. HAEECCHOOO AASSCCCCHOOOO HAH HAHH AASSCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Maeve collapses on Ruby then panting. She shares a long drawn out kiss with Ruby, and they gaze into each others eyes for a moment. Ruby wraps her wings around Maeve and pulls her in close. Both women soaked and tangled in each other.
"That was amazing mmy mate. RahTChuuu HRCCHUU,  sniffles, Thou art amazing." Ruby rumbles happily in a shaky trembling voice when she finally stops sneezing.

“Sooo you admit it now?” Maeve mumbles.

“I may be all--aa--RaaTCHUU RattCHUUU RaPTSSSHOOOOOOOOO!!! Allergic to thine fur.. When thou art -Sshhh--ShhhEE EHHH ERRRCHUUUUUUUUUUUU! Shedding. Yes.” SNIFFLES. “Though if this is the result. SNIFFLE . I whilst hhha--ahhh RaTCHUU, AHHAASTCHUUu RATcHHUUU happily accept it thus.” The dragoness grins sniffling wetly as her red nostrils flare.

Maeve smiles. “Mmm. I agree.” Maeve says laying her head on Ruby’s shoulders wrapped in her wings. They simply enjoy the moment of bliss.