Author Topic: A story read to you before going to bed. Maximus Gets A Nasal Smear Test (M)  (Read 856 times)

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Trying something new. When we were young we loved to have a story read to us before going to bed.  I decided to give that a try.  I thought I would start things off with my short story and comic that goes a long with it ;D.  Since I'm not fond of how my voice sounds when it is recorded I decided to have my story "Maximus Gets A Nasal Smear Test!" read to you with a female Australian accent ;D.  This is just a triel but if you like it and would like to have it done with other story's and comic's of mine please let me know.

Now that that was said let me give you a kiss on your forehead as I say good night ;D.

Enjoy the story!

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For my part, I do not cling to male sneezes and the synthetic voice is just not human enough for me. But I love your idea, I think it could be really good to create comics with audio tracks. You can even scan your drawings on your pc and create a kind of image-by-image slideshow. Each image could thus tell more history than what one can write only in a bubble. Ideally it would be cooler to record the voice of a human narrator. And maybe even add a few auditory sneezes ?
I find this idea really brilliant !! ;D