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[F + BDSM + Mature] The Favorite (Story by Enihs)
« on: July 28, 2021, 07:58:00 PM »

*Excerpt from the published diaries of Violet Moulin- partner and manager of The Hitch BDSM club, London.*

There's a common misconception that of all the furs, scales and feathers of the world it is elephants who hate their sneezes the most. In my experience it's not true; their trunks are so sensitive and necessary for their day to day lives that they always find it a relief to clear them. They may act reluctant for the fun of a scene, raising their trunks high and announcing in laboured breaths 'Oh n-no I think I'm going to sneeze'. But the reality is that every elephant I ever met has exceptional control of their trunk, especially when it comes to aiming sneezes, and will only blast them at you if asked politely.

Some of you might instead guess that Dragons hate their sneezes the most, but alas this is also incorrect. For one thing, dragon snouts tend not to be too sensitive. They are flame-retardant after all. For another thing, dragons and drakes have a keen pride, one that means they seldom hold back sneezes and will often blame them on the environment instead of any lack of self-control on their part. It is rare indeed to find a dragon with self-esteem issues.

Well, I don't wish to cast any (further) aspersions on a species. But in my experience, I have found bears are the most reluctant to sneeze. An ursine experience of life is an apologetic one. Keenly aware of their imposing frame and sharp claws, most bears have the sweetest of temperaments to compensate. Oh! But when their nose tickles… they bare their teeth, and their breath comes in short, primal growls. And shortly thereafter they erupt with a ferocity that shocks everyone in the vicinity. Once their nose is clear, the outburst necessitates a humble apology to those nearby, something most bears find keenly embarrassing. Add to this the sensitivity of the average bear's muzzle and you can see why I'm always keen to invite more of them through our doors.

I'm musing on this because I played a very fun scene with Grace last night. Should these memoirs finally get published, let me quickly describe her for the reader- she's a brown bear, with wonderful soft curves and delightfully thick assets. She works as a middle, someone dependable I can use as a tool to torture our other clients. She's enviously good at showing our denied guests exactly what they are missing, able to cum repeatedly and often in a short period. Why just last night Tanya looked like she would faint with envy having seen what Grace could do.

I never make Grace sneeze during these performances. She hates losing composure, seeing it as a flaw in her otherwise impeccable poise and service. But sometimes, like last evening, she gets a craving to sink to the bottom, to be used, degraded and shamed. When these moods take her, I fulfil the request personally. Even a professional such as myself can have her favourites.

Let me outline the game for you: Grace is terribly allergic to a brand of cheap perfume, one I keep well-stocked for just these occasions. Now, the best thing about being a vixen is the tail we're gifted. Thick and bushy, agile enough to brush against sensitive noses. Incredibly absorbent too. That evening I doused it from base to tip with the perfume, fluffing my tail to ensure an even spread. The sharp scent invaded my nostrils and caused a sudden itch- I sneezed lightly, twice, and then smiled. I could not wait to see the reaction from Grace and her sensitive snout. I finished dressing, choosing a short black skirt and corset to compliment the orange of my fur, then stepped into the playroom.

Grace was there already, completely naked and standing straight, her arms tucked neatly behind her back. The protocol she follows is to remain stationary until directed and to keep silent until spoken to. This made my opening gambit a simple one- I simply stepped in front of her, studied her form with a stern expression, and waited.

Within seconds her nose started twitching, and those twitches grew into full scrunches. Her features became a frown, and her eyes became glassy and a blush mixed with the brown of her fur. I adored how animated her large black nose got when agitated, how she could twist it back and forth. It conjured images in my mind of perfume forming pink tendrils. I could picture them invading her nose and stroking and tickling all along her nasal passages, working deeper with each passing second.


She let out a muted gasp, her nose wriggling almost constantly now, those imaginary little pink tentacles tickling with eager purpose. Reflexively she lifted an arm and rubbed her nose, pressing her palm hard into her muzzle.

"Stop. Arms to your side," I ordered calmly, taking a small step towards her.

Stiffly she obeyed, her shoulders tense and fingers curled as she fought the urge to rub again. The tickly wisps of perfume, temporarily quelled, were back with renewed fervour and had plunged deeper, itching the most sensitive spots at the back of her snout. Her eyes closed and mouth hung open, and she started to gently shake her head side to side, acting as if she could shake loose the invading scent.

I took another small step towards her, letting more of the perfume invade the reddening protrusion on her face.

"Is something the matter, my pet?" I asked coyly.

"Nuhh-!.…No M-Miss… Huhh-!" Came her reply between gasps.

Slowly a tear rolled down her cheek. A less experienced plaything would have given up by now. She was one of my favourites for a reason. I took one last small step towards her, placing myself directly in front of her irritated nose. She was a foot taller than me, so I had to reach upwards to put my hand to her chin and firmly stop the swaying.

"Goodness are you sure? Your form isn't up to standard. Come now, head forward and chin up!" I purred.

She tried her best. Her chest heaved as she pointed her snout up towards the ceiling. She knew as well as I did that when the sneeze came it was apt to come straight for me, spraying my ears and face as her head snapped forward. We both also knew that she would do anything in her power to stop that from happening. But oh, it is so hard to stop a sneeze when your head is tilted back, and every millimetre of your sensitive snout is filled with prickling perfume. Her mouth hung open with bared teeth, the twitching of her features froze into a heavy snarl, giving the impression that she was angry at her own weakness.

"Grhh-!!... Ruhh-!!... Grrrruhh-huhh-!!!..."

Her building sneeze was heralded by deep and guttural growls. It wouldn't be much longer, but I judged I had time for one last bit of fun.

"Are you sure there's nothing wrong?" I asked softly, "I may be mistaken, but it looks like you're about to sneeze!"

"Rrrhhh-!!!... Nnn-nuhhh-!!..." came the reply. It seemed she couldn't even get out a word of protest.

"Hmm? I only mention because you know it would be terribly rude to sneeze without permission, especially on your mistress's face."

I began to sway my tail side to side, stirring the air with the potent fragrance, letting it mount one last fatal assault on her senses. I could picture the thousands of pink tendrils, scrabbling at the inside of her nose and stinging like pepper. I watched hungrily as she fought to the last inch to hold the sneeze in, her maw opened wide and her body heaving.

"Grh-!!... Hrh-!!!... Grh-hh-!!! Ruuuhh-!!!... Grrrrrhhhhh-!!!... Gruhhhhhhhhhh-TSCHUH!!!!"

She erupted with astounding force, the pressure of it stealing my breath away. It was… exhilarating. The potency of her outburst was such that she toppled into me, and I caught her with my arm. Her nose wasn't done though, whether it was the tickle of my flicking ear or the proximity to the perfume, she let out another couple of equally energetic sneezes.

"Grhhhh-SCHUH-!!!!... Rr-!!... Rruhhh-SHHUH-!!!!"

With her nose temporarily cleared, Grace gingerly stood up and blinked away the tears in her eyes. Her blush has deepened to a deep crimson.

"Suhh-sorry Miss... Hrh...."

Her dripping nose was twitching again, no doubt more sensitive from having briefly tasted relief. Tempted as I was to let another sneeze build, I instead requested she take up position on the floor, on all fours, and once there I told her to hold her nose with a paw.  She complied with a wince of shame, aware of how silly she looked. In the meanwhile, I delicately took out the handkerchief stashed in my corset and wiped the fine droplets from my fur.

Once clean, I gave her a telling off whilst pacing around her.

"Goodness, such a lack of self-control you have. It seems like we need to work on your manners"

As I circled her, I admired her form. How her thick breasts fell under the weight of gravity, how inviting a proposition her raised backside was. She gave off an air of dignified servitude, even whilst exposed and massaging her large itching nose. When I passed in front of her face, I let my tail rise to gently stroke the hand clamped to her nose, sending her into a fresh wave of gasps. The way her body shook and trembled as she struggled to get the sneeze back under control made me bite my lip.

I circled to the back of Grace and used my hand to pull her buttock to the side and expose the treasures hidden beneath her curves. As expected, her cunt was glistening, and the fur between her legs was darkened and matted. I leaned in and slid my hand underneath, plunging three fingers into her inviting warmth. She let out a lusty moan, her quiet servitude forgotten for a moment.

"Such scandal! Did sneezing on my face get you wet?" I said with mock indignation.

"Mn-! Miss, I didn't-" she tried to splutter in defence.

"Quiet!" I said sharply, pulling my fingers out and briskly wiping them on her fur.

I straightened my back and paced back round to the front of her, smirking as she massaged her nose.

"Since you love to talk as well as sneeze, I'm going to give you ample opportunity to do both"

I let my tail sway back and forth as I talked, trying to distract her with a fresh wave of tickles in her snout.

"When you feel a sneeze coming, I want you to say the following: 'I'm a sneezy little bear, and the tickle in my nose is making me wet. Please may I sneeze?'"

She stopped the methodical rubbing of her nose and glanced at me, not sure if I was joking. Once she saw that I wasn't, her expression contorted with the indignity of what I was asking.

"M-miss I c-can't..." She begged.

I studied her eyes carefully and saw beneath the shame a buried spark of excitement. This humiliation was exactly what she craved.

I squatted in front of her and pulled her hand from her nose, directing her to place the paw on the ground and keep it there.

"You can, and you will. Do you need me to repeat the phrase?" I asked.

"Nuhh-no M-Miss... Guhhh-!..." came her stuttered reply.

My proximity was going to set her off again. Her eyes had squeezed shut and her nose started its little dance.

"Is there something you wish to tell me, my pet?" I asked in a mocking voice.

Her body trembled, and she gritted her teeth. It seemed she had decided to try and fight the tickle instead of degrading herself. It was endearing that she thought it would work. I lifted my tail and used the perfume soaked tip to tickle her sensitive nostrils, flicking it against her nose like a paintbrush. The effect was immediate-

"Hnh!!?.... Gruhhhh-!!!... Rrrruuhhhhhhhh-!!!... Grrruuhhhhhhhhhhh--!!!... Ruhhh-TSHUHH-!!!!... Rhh-!!! Hruhh-SHOO-!!!!"

After the second sneeze, I clamped my hand onto her bulbous nose to quell any further releases, then directed her to put her own paw back to her nose. I stood up, ignored her stammered apologies, and moved behind her once more.

For my lesser subs, I would use canes or paddles to curb disobedience. For Grace, I had a more insidious option. I stroked my hand up her thigh, tracing the curves lovingly until my fingers were once more upon her sex. I then began to rub her clit, using slow, small circles that gradually got faster. I noted how much wetter she had become in just a few minutes, how easy it was for my fingers to glide and stroke. I punctuated my rubbing with the occasional thrust of my fingers into her sex, or let my thumb tease her arse, and before long she was crying out and trembling on the cusp of climax.

And then I took my hand away.

She groaned with frustration, and her sex throbbed and clenched on the emptiness where my fingers were. I counted to ten in my mind, watching her tremors, then put my fingertips to her sensitive nub once more and rubbed *hard*. This time her pleasure rose much quicker. She let out sharp lustful cries and bucked her hips against my hand. Once more, I took my hand away before she could finish.

I padded round to her front and pushed my fingers into her mouth, where she obediently cleaned them.

"Now then, my sneezy little bear, I'm going to edge you each and every time you sneeze without permission," I explained as she sucked my fingers, "I can do this as long as it takes for you to remember your manners."

Satisfied that she understood my point, I bid her to remove her hand from her nose once more. Her snout at once contorted with the itches lodged within. I wondered if the tears in her eyes came from humiliation, frustration or the perfume?

"Huhh-!...I'm a... Hrh-!... A snuh-sneezy... Luhhh-!!... Luhhhh-!!!"

Poor Grace, her nose really had become sensitive now. Her face froze, her mouth open and her tongue lolling between sharp teeth. Her nose raised high in the air and wiggling on the edge before-

"Hrruhhh-TSCHOO-!!!!" She sneezed, her body rocking with the exertion.

To save bending again, I bid her carry out the punishment on my behalf. I told her to squat, and hold a single finger under her nose whilst using the other hand to pleasure herself. I've never seen someone blush so hard as Grace did at that moment, holding a finger under her nose like a caricature as she worked her clit. Unfortunately, I had stood far too close for the silly mime to work- her moans of need suddenly turned into desperate hitches.

"Hahhn...Hh-!?... Ahh... Hrrh-!?... Hrrhh-!!!..."

She kept rubbing, turned on by her own humiliating loss of control. I watched eagerly to see which would come first, the edge or the sneeze.

"Mmm-hhah-!!!...Hraahhh-!!!... Hh-!!... Mhhh-!!!... Mmff-!!!!... Rrahh-SCHOO-!!!!... Ah-!!!"

The sneeze won by a hair. Grace's head snapped forward and was accompanied with a shiver of pleasure, so sudden and intense that I had worried she had gone too far. But as soon as she had breath, she let out an anguished growl. One that left no doubt in my mind that she was still unfulfilled.

Well, a sneeze is a sneeze. I bid Grace to edge again, this time stepping back so she could finish the edge without another accident. It took only seconds before she let out another pitiful cry. I ignored her misery and bid her kneel, and once on her knees, she started her assignment over. Her face frowned with concentration as she tried to get the words out.

"Im-a-sneezy-little-bear-and... Hh-..."

The words tumbled out of her mouth quickly, before the perfume could silence her. It was an interesting gambit, but one I was sure would fail. I had picked a phrase with lengthy wording on purpose.

"And the tuhh-... T-tickle in muhh-!... M-my nuhh-!!... Hrhh-..."

Right on cue, her words faltered. It's tricky to talk about a tickle in your nose without making it more pronounced. Still, she was doing an admirable job, and I decided it was time to make things difficult. I took a step to the side and let my perfume-soaked tail sweep under her nose, ending the provocation with a tiny flick from the tip right against her flared nostrils.

"Hrhn-!!!... Gruhhhh-!!!... Thuhh... The tuh-tickle.... Hrrh-!!!... In muhh-!... Muhhhhh-!!! nuhhh-huhhh-!! nose... Rrruhhh-!!!...."

I let my tail brush under her nose again, this time pushing the tip inside a nostril to circle the sensitive walls. I then turned and watched her, eagerly taking in the sights of her struggle.

"Hrahhh-!!?... Rrrhh-!!!... Hrrhh-!!!... I-is... Gruhhh-!!!... Muh-making me... Hhuhhh-!!!... Snuhh-sneeze!!!... Rrhh-!!!...Grhhh-!!!" she gasped.

"Stop! Hold your nose," I said sharply.

She did so obediently, despite her condition. But her head was tilted too far back and her nose kept wiggling under her paw. She paused with her maw open until-

"Hahhh-SHUHH-!!!!... S-sorry miss," she sneezed, then stammered in apology.

"Silly little bear, you got your words muddled. The phrase is: 'The tickle in my nose is making me wet,'" I recited with the tone of a patient teacher, "You are wet aren't you, my pet? Spread your sex so I can see."

She shyly pushed her free hand between her legs and pulled her folds open. She wasn't just wet; the fur on her thighs was matted, with silvered strands clung between them like a spiderweb. I knelt in front of her and pushed my fingers into the exposed slit, pumping them quickly.

"You certainly feel wet," I said coldly, "Tell me, does it get you excited when I tickle your nose? Do you like being forced to sneeze for me? Answer me."

"Mnff-!!! Y-yes miss! Ohh-!!" she moaned, "W-Wait... You're going to make me... Hhahh-!!!... Ahn-!!!..."

I pulled my fingers out just as she reached the cusp of pleasure, eliciting a hiss of frustration. Her hand reflexively shifted to her clit in an attempt to keep going, but I firmly pulled it away. Defeated, she let out a soft whimper and rubbed her knees together, trying in vain to lessen the agony. As soon as the trembling stopped and her breathing calmed I commanded her to start the task again.

And so the game continued, round by round, each sneeze followed by an edge. I kept Grace hydrated and allowed her small breaks to adjust her position. But except for those brief intermissions, her torment was constant. Sometimes she almost won the challenge, stuttering the last few syllables only to be beaten by a timely flick of my tail. Other times she lost nearly immediately, and the hours of irritation made the sneeze sneak up on her suddenly. No matter the cause, each time Grace was made to surrender a little more of her dignity, to make the ache between her legs a little worse.

My own body ached too. The hardest part of my work is keeping control in the face of such temptation. My heart fluttered, my fur crackled with tension and my pussy felt hot and wanting beneath my clothes. It was no matter, I could have one of the lesser toys take care of me before I retired for the night.

Nevertheless, we were both getting exhausted in our own way. Myself because of the composure and command l had held for hours. And Grace because... Well, you can imagine. How many edges had it been? Fifty? A hundred? Her shame had long since disappeared, swallowed whole by the need burning in her belly. Grace's fur was drenched with sweat, and she fidgeted like her frustration was a physical force fighting to break free from her skin. Her nose was red, sore and dripping, it's dancing twitches now lethargic. Poor thing. I decided to myself that this was to be the last round, no matter the outcome.

I bid her back on all fours, to finish the session as we started. She wearily formed the pose, and then tried one last time to complete the phrase.

"I'm...rhh-!.... A sneezy... rhhh-!... Little buhh-bear..."

Even her hitches sounded laborious and tired, the deep growls putting me in mind of a hibernating grizzly. Even so, I knew Grace would hate me should I go easy on her. I very slowly began to sway my tail in front of her snout, an inch away from brushing the suffering appendage directly.

"Ghhh-!!...hh-!.... And the... Hhnn-!... my... Nuhh-!!... In my nose is... Hhrrhh-!!!..." she stammered between growls.

I let my tail brush up against her nose, just for a moment, sensually rubbing the perfume-laced fur against her twitching snout. To be honest, I thought that would be the end of it, tired and sneezy as she was. But she pulled from a reserve of control I didn't know she had.

"Huhh-!!!... Ghh-huhhh-!!!... Mmuhh-making me... Hruhh-huhhh-!!!... Wuhh-wet!..."

I let my tail sweep her nose again, this time ending the slow glide with a series of flits against the tip of her nose. Despite my cruel provocation, I was silently rooting for her. Come on Grace, just a little further.

"Hhhruhh-huhh-!!!... P-please!... Grruhhh-!!!... Puhh-please may I... Hrhhhh-!!!... Sn-Snuhh-!!!... snhh-!!!.... Snuh-sneeze!?..." she finished, desperation straining her voice.

There was only one last thing she had to wait for now; my consent. Instead of giving it, I drove the tip of my tail deep inside her nostril and worked it vigorously, shattering the last of her resolve.

I wish you could have seen her, dear reader. How wide her nose flared, how her chest swelled. How her mouth opened so very wide for me, her tongue lolling and her lips peeled back. How her body trembled and tensed as every fibre in her being both fought the sublime urge and surrendered to it. She was an ecstasy of paradox.

"Hraaaahh-!!!... HRAAAAAAHHHHH-!!!"

Her voice screamed with the inevitability of her situation. And just as she hit the peak of tension, I let her hear my reply.

"You may," I whispered.


The sneeze burst from her like a cannon shot, causing my breath to catch in my chest. It was followed by another, then another. A fit of desperate and forceful explosions, each outburst preluded by a greedy gasp of air.

As she lost herself in the cycle of build and release, I stepped behind her one last time and prostrated myself. I spread her buttocks in my hands, greedily breathing in the scent of her frustration. I paused there for a moment, watching her backside jiggle provocatively with each frenzied sneeze, and then pushed my mouth to her cunt and licked just once. One slow trace of my tongue from clit to asshole. Her sneezes suddenly caught in her throat as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body, one that caused her to throw back her head with a lusty cry. She convulsed with pleasure, and her cunt clenched and gushed against my eager muzzle. Dear reader, let me tell you that nothing tastes sweeter than a toy that has earned her relief.

Once her orgasm faded, her snout reminded her of its wants. Her sneezing fit returned with a vengeance, giving me time to rinse my tail and muzzle off in the faucet in the corner. Once I had towelled dry, I joined her on the floor of the playroom and cuddled her, murmuring in her ear how impressed I was, how well she had performed.  I rubbed her nose gently, soothing the soreness, and she let my tail brush and tickle when a sneeze got stuck.

Once she was recovered and able to move, we retired to the sofa and continued our aftercare. We curled up together intimately, gossiping and giggling. Grace playfully chided me for being so mean to her and I teased her back for being my sneezy little bear. Sometime during our embrace, her hand found its way under my skirt, and I quickly forgot all plans to visit another submissive that evening.

What can I say? It's nice having a favourite.

Dated July 2016. Some events may be accentuated, but not fabricated.
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Re: [F + BDSM + Mature] The Favorite (Story by Enihs)
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2021, 02:42:06 AM »
This was a fun read.