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Oh. Hey guys. Look. I did an update! A real update!! It took me like, an hour or so to figure all this stuff out and I'm still not entirely sure I got it to work right, but I'm trying!!! :P

Meta aside...

Profile fields for AIM / Yahoo / MSN have been retired and disabled. While there may be people out there who actually use them for contacting a few people, they have become glitchy and problematic as well as being a rather strange thing to ask about on registration. As such, they no longer exist. Skype's still there though.

In addition, I added in a field for Discord ID! There's no "Add this person" type hyperlink command for Discord, as far as I know. You can do that for servers but not for people. So instead, I'm having it display the text so you can copy it. How so? Look left! I'll leave the test I did in my profile for a little while so you can see how it looks with Skype and Discord there. I even added an extra space so that it's easy to copy!

Other tweaks include a bit of clarification on Fursona and a reduction of the number of allowed characters for that field. It's equivalent to 'favorite animal', guys. :P Keep it simple, okay? Aside from that, I did a bit of re-ordering with the other fields but nothing major.

I'll refrain from sending out a site-wide notification email for this, but if you are friends with anyone who visits casually that you talk to on Discord, let them know it's now something you can add into your profile here.
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