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(Hi everyone. So some of you may know me from the other forum (SFF) but in the event you are not a member there and/or have not had the chance to read this story I decided to share it here.

So first a couple of side notes. First, its long. I wrote this years ago over the course of a year or two. Second, the furry characters take a bit to show up (Chapter 4) but become more frequent at the story progresses. Third the M/F parts take a bit of time to happen as well.  Lastly I do my best to edit but you will likely still find occasional spelling errors, my apologies. All that said I hope everyone who reads this enjoys it and if you would like to give your feed back I would like to know how you liked it.)

Chapter 1

Carrie was excited. That was not quite right. She was that mixture of fear, nervousness, and anticipation one gets when they have been practicing something for a long time and finally get to perform for the first time. The day was warm and sunny. The group she was in was about one mile west of the village of Pineoak having just entered a light woodland area where the trees where still sparse and short. The reason for her excitement? This was her first monster hunt.

Carrie's sister Amelia, who was walking ahead of there trio, was a skilled archer who had been hunting monsters for years now. Their third member, Gabreella or Bree as she liked being called, (Not Gabby, never Gabby) was a close combat warrior. She wore her typical light and rather revealing armor but this was not to show off her body. "Not that you have anything to be ashamed of," Carrie thought. She wore that kind of armor because of the nature of her abilities. Both Amelia and Bree had some basic magic they could use in combat. Bree's was mainly defense based where as Amelia could multiply or move arrows in flight. She rarely missed. As for Carrie? She could use much more than base magic. She was a full fledged Mage. She had studied since she was little with the hopes of one day helping others. "Today she would get her first chance," she thought.

The village of Pineoak had been recently plagued with a series of odd occurrences and had issued a request for help. Villagers had been disappearing only to return hours later so exhausted and drained that they usually collapsed and slept for days. What was more odd was they all had memory gaps only being able to recall having gone for a walk in the woods then nothing until there return. The last oddity was that when they returned, before collapsing, they had all been having bouts of sneezing. Even those with no history of allergies had been having fits of sneezes as they stumbled back to the town.

There were many supernatural creatures in the land of Patria but most were harmless and had good relations with humans. Some even lived as a part of human society. On occasion however some creatures became dangerous. A rough vampire on a killing rampage for instance such as Bree and Amelia last hunt. Some magic and silver tipped arrows had made short work of that one. Carrie wish she could have been there. Oh well, no matter she was here now and it was possible what they were chasing now was some kind of vampire hybrid. One that fed of energy rather then blood. The sneezing part was weird though. Anyway, here they were hoping to find a lair of some kind. If it was a vampire type then fighting it in the daytime was ideal.

Soon they came across a promising location. An ancient run down outpost. It was made of stone and built into the side of a hill suggesting that most of it was under ground.

"Alright, Bree said "now we are getting some where."

"Okay, form up," Amelia said.

She stepped forward to take point readying an arrow. Carrie came next. In the middle she could cast a shield around the group easily if needed. Bree came last, sword drawn. If something came up behind then She could spin and engage it up close.

They entered into a stone hallway that descended into the structure. After about a hundred feet Carrie began to sense magic. She looked around and saw a collection of faintly glowing runes carved into the stone surface of the wall. She motioned for the others to stop as she stepped forward to inspect the runes. "Hmm, sound activated," she thought. Anything over a whisper would activated the spell which she determined to be some sort of incapacitation magic. Not lethal but it would render them defenseless in some way. "Sound activated was smart," Carrie thought "especially against mages who had to speak there spells loudly and clearly to have the best result." She motioned her companions to come close and whispered the situation to them. She could try to disarm them but it was likely bet just to move out of range. Bree nodded and they continued on.

They had just started back up when it happened. Bree heard the sound of tiny wings flutter past her head. She turned to look and her eyes widened in shock as she drew in a breath. It was a fairy. Not that that was problem in and of it self as there were many fairies in this part of Patrie, the problem was the type of fairy.

Most fairies kept to themselves, tending to plants or animals and could be identified by the color they glowed. This one glowed purple. That ment on thing. A pepper fairy. Pepper fairies were mischievous creatures with an odd sense of humor and a fascination with sneezing. They would often cause woodland creatures to go into fits and then laugh and giggle at their expense. They loved teasing humans even better however and would often wait until the person was in the worst situation for a sneeze to occur then dust the with there magical dust. If a one got even the slightest bit in there nose, it was not a matter of if they would sneeze, it was a matter of when. They was not stoping it.

Bree stared in horror hoping the fairy would not try to make her sneeze when her nose felt the first tickle. "Oh crap," she thought realizing what had happened. In an effort to stay quiet she had subconsciously clamped her mouth shut therefor when she saw the fairy her shocked inhalation had gone through her nose instead. Try as she might to prevent it, her breath hitched letting more of the fairy dust in her nose.

"No pepper faira.....ahhhh....shoo.....I don't want yo.....your......your ma......magic.......magicalahhh......AHHHHH!!!" Bree tried to whisper but it was no use. The fairy only laughed teasingly and showed Bree with even more. Bree could not help it. Any second now she would sneeze full force and loudly as she always did and there was nothing she could do. AAAAHHHH....AAHHHH...AAAASHOOOO...HAAAAASHOOO...H AAAASHOOOOO!!!!!!

Carrie nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden noise. As she spun around she heard the sound of the runes activating. Almost a popping noise mixed with chimes. She instantly felt her eyes get heavy. "Damn it," she thought "a sleep charm." She tried to focus and casts counter but her words came out slurred, like she had spent the whole night drinking at a tavern. As she struggled she saw her sister had already collapsed. Bree was on her hands and knees fighting but clearly losing the battle to stay awake. Carrie herself had staggered to the wall and now she slid down it. Suddenly all that mattered was sleep and she could fight it no longer. She slid sideways to the floor a fell fast asleep, snoring lightly. The last thing she heard was a fairy's laughter. Or was that many fairies.


HAAAAASHOOO!!! Carrie's eyes popped open at the sound of the sneeze. "What the ffffuck?" she said groggily as she struggled to get her bearings. AAAAASHOOO!
Another sneeze. It sounded like Bree. Now she remembered. The doorway under the hill. The runes. But where was she now and why was she......naked!? No not quite naked but in her undergarments. She felt a spell come undone and she had to catch her balance. She had been supported by magic but now that she was awake the spell ended and she found herself standing with her arms bound above her head. She felt a stir next to her and found her sister was besides her, also bound at the wrists to the ceiling.

Carrie began to piece things together. There was obvious magic at work in this place and chains on there wrists were rather self explanatory. It was there missing clothing that was the biggest clue however. Only one creature would remove clothing. A succubus. Not good Carrie thought. Succubi were rare but well known. They would capture or seduce there prey and..........well let's just say the results could be deadly all be it enjoyable, at least at first.

Much like vampers, Succubi did not have to kill to feed but Carrie had no intention of giving this one the chance. A quick spell and they could be free. Just then two fairies fluttered up to either side of the sisters. So she had heard more than one. Everything pointed to a succubus but how did the pepper fairies fit in? HAAAAASHOOO!!! AAAAASHOOO!!! She could hear Bree sneezing her poor head off. "Damn it," she thought "casting is going to be near impossible if I am having a sneezing fit." The fairies wasted no time. One placed a feather between Amelia's breasts and began to bounce them up so the feather was ticking her noise. It much have been a magic feather because not only did it go right were it needed to but it stated to work instantly. Amelia's eye started to flutter and her build ups began.

"Ahhhhh!!! No!" Carrie protested "Stop tha.....thahhhh....Ahhhh!!!"

She had been dusted by the fairy on her side and while distracting by concern for her sister, she had breathed it right in. The effects were instant. Her breath hitched, her eyes rolled sneezely, and still the sneeze built in strength. This is going to be a big one she managed to think before the need to sneeze became all encompassing.
Ever since they were young growing up on their fathers orchard, Amelia had always sneezed in doubles. Her sister on the other hand had been blessed with triples. She never stifled and rarely covered as it was considered polite in Patria to sneeze uncovered towards the ground if one could. Not that covering was possible now and stiffling? Good luck trying to when pepper fairies were the cause.

HATCHOOO!! HATCHOOOO!!!..........HATSHOOO!!! HATCHOOOOOOW!!!!! Amelia let loos with her traditional double followed by another then another.

CHOOOO!!!......ESHOOOOO!!!!......EESHOOOOO!!!!!!..........................EHSHOOOO!!!!......EESHOOOO!!!!.....EH, EH, EHSHOOOO!!!!!!!! Carrie sneezed full force not holding back at all. In fact she was trying to sneeze as hard as she could. If she could get the dust out she thought she might have a free second for some magic. She felt responsible for getting them into this mess and damn it she was going to get them out of it. Especially before the succubus arrived. Speaking of which, what the hell was with the fairies? What kind of succubus was this?

Ira Kushami was her name and Carrie was right, she was not a normal succubus. Ira had started out normal, well as normal a one can be who must feed on sexual energy and pleasure for sustenance that is. Over the years however, she had gotten so bored. Sex had become just like eating bland food. There was nothing exciting about it any more. She had tried everything, different races, elves, humans, fauns. Different genders, she liked females better as they could go on for much longer before having to recuperate. She had tried everything she could think of the try to "spice" up her meals but she was still bored. She never tried killing, "No, never kill" she had told herself. She liked people and wanted them to enjoy things. She did have to erase there memories sadly but it was much safer that way. Plus she would not ruin them for future partners. Sex with a succubus was the best most beings ever had.

Ira had been bored for years until one night. She had been in a tavern using an illusion to appear as an attractive human red head and was slowly seducing one of the female patrons. She still liked that part, the sensual conversation, watching the person's interest grow, watching and sensing there desire and lust for her increase. Ira only slept with people who wanted to sleep with her. She could over power most people's will if she wanted to but it was much more satisfying if the person truly wanted her and was not just under her influence. Ira had suggested to the young brunet that they step outside for some privacy and they now stood behind the tavern at the edge of the woods. She planned to keep seducing her then make her offer, take her somewhere privet, enjoy herself as best she could then move on.

Ira was running her fingers through the girls hair, whispering to her things that would make just about anyone blush, when the girl suddenly pulled back and got a strange look of desperation in her eyes. "What the-" Ira stared to think then the girl burst forth with a feminine but very strong sneeze. IHSHOOOW!!!!!! Ira stared awestruck. She had never seen someone sneeze. Succubi never sneezed naturally and she had never seen someone else do it, at least not up close. Ira felt a tingle down below. She did not know why but that was about the sexiest thing she had ever seen.

"Oh wow," she said, "do that again, please."

"She can't on her own," came a singsong like voice, "but I can make her."

Ira looked up to see a purple fairy hovering over there heads. It dusted the girl and immediately the face of desperation returned.

"Shoo stupid fairy" the girl tried to say but all she got out was Sahh, IHSHOOO!!!!

The fairy burst out laughing.

Ira was enthralled. Now she finally understood what it was like to have a fetish. Most would not find what was happening sexy, but she.....she was getting wetter by the second. She wanted to have sex with this girl now. She needed to! Ira almost tacked the poor girl, clinging to her neck and kissing her passionately. "Mmmmf" was all the girl got out before she was caught up in how great the kisses felt. Succubi were very good at such things. They flopped into the bushes where Ira gave the girl the night of her life. She did not care if someone saw then, she was some turned on she just did not care. The fairy, still laughing, had made the girl sneeze during the act and Ira came hard, almost from the sound alone. "You have it bad girl" she had thought to herself later but she could care less. Sex was hot again! Ira's eyes rolled back, her tows curled, her wings spread,.........wait..wings spread!? "Oh crap!" she thought. She lost control of her illusion for a moment and reviled her true appearance, wings and all. Thankfully the girl did not notice. Probably because she was squirming in the middle of the best orgasm she had ever had. After coming down off the high, Ira had erased the girls memory but let enough for her to dream about that night. "I owe you that much for opening a whole new world to me." Ira whispered as the girl slept in the soft grass.

"You there, fairy!" Ira said.

"Bye" the fairy said having just recovered from its latest round of laughter. It stated to flutter way.

"How would you like to have even more people to tease?" Ira called after her.

The fairy stopped. "Go on" she said.

In the months that passed, Ira recruited two more pepper fairies and worked out an arrangement between them. Teach her about this new found fascination and allow her to utilized there abilities when she wanted and in return they would be allowed to tease all her "victims" for a time before she had her turn.

It had been wonderful. Ira had explored sneezing at length and even discovered she could do it herself if they used there dust on her. It took a bit more but it worked. Together they had many amazing nights with many people. Did this make her a Sneezcubus? She did not know of there was such a thing but she did not care. She loved it. Sneezing, watching others sneeze, and during sex.......great night sister there was nothing like it! She began studying and refining the fairies dust soon after moving into the old outpost near Pineoak. Whenever her need would arise, which was very often now, she would roam the town, find a willing person, and bring them back to her lair for the sneezy night of there life. In the morning she would erase there memories, always safer that way, and send them back. Apparently that was still enough to rase suspicion as the town officials had sent for hunters. Ira was not to surprised when a fairy fluttered up to report that three hunters had been spotted entering her home.

"Shit, I was afraid of this" she said.

She had taken precaution in the form of trap runes but that might not stop them.

"Oh, they will," the fairy had giggled and she had been right.

Ira now sat in her bedroom/sneeze lab, which just so happened to be one floor below where the huntresses were now bound, and debated what to do next.

Killing them was out of the question. She could just run but damn it was she pissed. She liked it here. Scare them she thought. "I'll get back at them by scaring the pants off them." Ira had to giggle. That was not the way she normally got someone's pants off she thought.

Scare them, right. Scare them, erase there memories, then run. She was ready. She summed Shadow.

Shadow was her familiar. A shade creature formed from a part of herself but with a mind of its own. Succubi could call upon familiars for offense or defense as well as to help with any magic more complex then illusions. Magic such as minor reality alterations. Ira planned to have shadow help her pass through her ceiling so as to make it appear she was rising from the ground to her prisoners. She would rise up, wings fully extended, fangs bared, "maybe some red eyes, yeah that will help" she thought. Hopefully they would take her for a dark fiend and she would get the effect she wanted.

Shadow appeared, began circling around her, then after a moment headed toward the ceiling where he created a dark portal. "Perfect," she thought. If she had to retreat she did not want the huntresses to be able to see that there was a room below. She opened her wings and began to rise.

Carrie's eyes immediately went to the floor as the black portal appeared, spilling dark smoke to either side.

"Here it comes," she thought as she sneezed another triple "damn it." She could throw that thing through the wall if she could only get the words out but the sneezes were just to frequent. She had been right though, it was a succubus. One trying to look scary she thought. That was kind of funny, cute almost. Like a kitten trying to appear menacing but it just coming out adorable. Under different circumstances she may have been quite amused but she was to busy sneezing to much care right now.

Ira continued to rise from the floor. "This is going perfect," she thought. Maybe she would try saying something threatening next or maybe-

It was then she felt her nose tickle.

As a succubu's familiar, Shadow was very much like his master. As Ira changed and developed new interests, so would he. So when she became fascinated with sneezing so did he. He also had her teasing sense of humor and fondness for pranks. With all this in mind what happens next was not so surprising.

Shadow had been looking for an opportunity to play a prank on Ira for a while now and when he saw how distracted she was while summoning, him he though he might have his chance. While circling her he had carefully removed one of the special feathers she kept attached to the back of her belt. These were all generously coated with fairy dust and never failed at there job. Even on Ira.

As they rose through the floor, Shadow slipped the tip of the feather into Ira's nose and started gently twisting it. The result was instant. Ira's eyes and teeth returned to normal as the strong tickle in her nose caused her to lose control of her illusion.

"No Shadow!! Gimme a br.......a brea.....breahhh......Ahhhh....AHHH-TESHOOOO!!!!!

Ira sneezed hard. She lost focus on almost everything as the feeling of relief and pleasure filled her. Then she was falling. She disappeared through the portal, back into her bed room. She opened her wings to catch herself when...TESHOOOOW!!!! Ira sneezed again. Her wings flapped at an awkward angle and she was sent sailing across the room, spilling over her desk, through the collection of objects she kept there, and coming down in a heap on the other side. Of all the thing to follow her off the desk, her jar of magically altered fairy dust. A jar that was all to happy to empty its contents all over as it fell.

As Ira got her bearings she heard Shadow's snickering laughter.

"Shadow you asshhhah......holeahhh......EECHOOOOOW!! Behhh....beehhh.....AASHOOOOO!! Be gone!!!!" she managed to get out.

Shadow vanished. She would need to have a talk with that idiot about appropriate times for pranks. Now she had to get moving and escape-TESHOOOOW!! ESHOOOO!!! Oh wow did sneezing feel good though. It was hard for her to focus on anything else.

HAAAASHOOOOOO!!!! Mmmmmmh. Ira let out a tremendous sneeze and moaned at how good it felt. In fact, it felt a little too good. She frantically snatched up the jar that had fallen on her desperately hoping not to find what she did. It was the dust she had recently been experimenting on. Her goal had been to cause the user extra "enjoyment" while having a fit. In fact, if the person sneezed enough they would have a powerful.......well let's just say they would greatly enjoy it.

EHSHOOOO!!!! Ira's hips squirmed as the magic began it's work. "Good night this feels fucking amazing!" she thought. Her experiment had been a wonderful success but this was not how she had hoped to try it out. She had to get out of there before-TESHOOOOW!!! Aahhh!! Mmmmmmhh!!! Before the huntresses got free and came for her. Struggling, Ira got to her feet, clamped a hand tightly on her nose to try to slow the sneezing and headed for one of her homes many hidden exits.
Carrie saw the succubus rise, sneeze, then fall back through the portal wide eyed. She heard a second sneeze then a clattering crash and the sound of someone falling in a heap. Carrie raised an eyebrow in a "what the heck was that all about?" exspretion. The fairies who had all turned to watch the succubus' arrival hovered silently for a moment, then burst into fits of laughter. Loyal as they might be humor and amusement trumped all. They laughed and laughed ignoring anything save the hilarious thing they had just witnessed. This included the huntresses they had been teasing. Carrie saw her chance. She indulged the tickle in her nose. EHSHOOOO!!!!......EESHOOOO!!!!.....EHCHOOOOOOOO!!! Carrie sneezed as hard as she could and as she had hoped, most of the dust sprayed out of her nose. The tickle lessened greatly.

"Time alter! Triple Accel!!" she shouted and the world around her slowed to a crall.

This spell would allow her to more three times faster than normal and she hoped that not only would she be able to free herself but that it would slow the effects of any fairy dust still in her nose allowing her to overcome her fit of sneezing.

Looking up Carrie pulled her hands as far apart as she could then slammed the shackles together with all her strength. She was gambling that they were as old as everything else in this place and she was right. They shattered.

Now free Carrie quickly looked around the room and spotted Bree's sword leaning against the wall. She ran to it, snatched it up, then returned to her sister. She swung with all her might at the chain attaching Amelia's shackles to the roof. At three times normal speed, the sword easily sheered the chain in two. "Now for Bree," Carrie thought. She was already becoming tired but she knew she could free Bree before the spell broke down. Time Alter was very useful but very taxing. It took a large amount of both physical and magical energy to maintain. The faster she accelerated, the less time she could keep the spell together.

Carrie headed for Bree who was fastened to the far wall. Just as she reached her, Carrie felt her nose begin to tickle again. Moving fast had slowed the dusts effects but some was still in her nose. As she reached Bree, Carrie's eyes half closed and her mouth opened just slightly. She was going to sneeze. "Okay," she thought, "sneeze first then free Bree." Much safer than trying to swing a sword mid sneeze. Carrie turned around, away from Bree, and let go.

The pepper fairy Eshu was having the time of her life. What an absolutely hilarious day this had been. Three humans she had been able to trap by making one sneeze at the worst possible moment, one of her favorite tricks. She had been able to tease all three of them to her heart's content which was hilarious by it self, but what had just happened.....was there a word for more than hilarious? Eshu did not know but it defiantly describe what she had just seen. There friend Ira had just fallen through the floor and from a sneeze no less. Eshu could not have held back the laughter if she wanted to. She had been too busy laughing to hear Carrie's spell but she did hear the loud clang that followed. She spin around to find one of the humans free and moving way faster then she should be able to. By the time Eshu called out to Hashu and Rayshu, the two other pepper fairies in the room, the human had freed the second human and was on her way to the third. They headed after her.

"No fare! No fare! No fare!!!" Eshu thought "this human is spoiling all the fun. She-"


The fairy's thoughts were cut short by a tremendous blast of air. Carrie had sneezed. Three times. Full force. Uncovered. At three times normal speed. The result was a gust of air that sent all three fairies sailing across the room where they landed in a pile of old rags and cloths. Eshu sat up after a moment, a cloth amusingly draped over her head like a hood.

"Wow," she marveled, "what a sneeze." Then she flopped over on her back. She was not hurt but she definatly needed a minute.

Carrie stared for a moment, shocked at the force she had just unleashed, then she spun around, freed Bree, and released the spell. She immediately felt drained and had to put one hand on the wall to steady herself as she handed Bree her sword with the other. Amelia ran up having retrieved there clothing and her bow.

Meanwhile Bree ran toward the door to the room they were in. "Steel" she though forcefully in her mind and her skin changed into steel like armor. This was why she wore reveling clothing, she could change her skin momentarily to different hard substances. She was going to shoulder her way into the door and bash it down. Well, that was her plan at least. Just as she reached the door-


Bree was surprised by a sneeze with almost no warning. Her head and upper body pitched forward from the force of it just as she reached the door. She slammed it it head first breaking it down, tripping over it as it fell then sprawling into the hallway beyond. Carrie had to muffle a laugh, clamping a hand over her mouth.

Bree stood, her skin returning to normal but much redder than it had been as she flushed with embarisment.

"At least you got the door down," Amelia giggled "let's get out of here."

Sneezing periodically they made there way towards what they hoped was an exit.

MffffSHOOOOO!!!!! Aaahh!!! AAHH!!!! Ira tried to stop it but the sneeze got out anyway followed by the blissful wave of pleasure. She gave a short cry despite trying to stay quite. Her magic had been too good and now her skill was working against her. Truthfully most people would have collapsed already, succumbing to the amazing feelings the sneezes were producing. After all Succubi magic was made for this kind of thing although this was likely the first such application.

Ira felt another sneeze building. "Crap," she thought "I don't think I will be able to help it if this one slips out. I am gonna fucking come." She renewed her grip on her nose and started to tickle to roof of her mouth with her tongue. An old trick she discovered by accident that sometimes eased the need to sneeze. The feeling backed off the slightest bit. "Hah" Her breath hitched once and the sneeze held, for the moment. "Almost there. Almost there," Ira thought frantically. She was torn by the need to flee and the strong desirer to just give in and let the impending orgasm wash over her. To add to the problem, she was now soaked and everything was sliding and pressing as she ran increasing her pleasure.

There. The way out. She could see it up ahead, she could make it she- Heh!! Her breath hitched again. In her excitement she had stopped ticking the roof of her mouth and the other tickle increased in strength.

She had to stop it. She could'nt. She would get caught. She did not care. She-

Three things happened at once. Ira hit the door to the exit at a run and removed her hand from her nose to help open it fast. With her hand off her nose the building sneeze finally cut lose.


This sneeze was too much and one of the best orgasms of Ira's life began. Ira fell through the door landing in the warm forest on her hands and knees but she hardly noticed. White hot pleasure was pulsating through her radiating from her "flower" outward to the rest of her body. She moaned and cried out at the top of her lungs, any fear of being caught washed away by the tramendos waves of exsticy. In fact, all thought was gone save that of what she was feeling and still the pleasure grew in strength. Ira's eyes rolled back and her back flexed and arched as she grasped at the grass with her hands.


The dust was still working its magic and this next sneeze started another orgasm before the first had even finished. Ira's breath caught in her throat and her body shuttered as the second wave raced through her. It felt better than the first if that was possible. It felt like someone was inside her. Someone who knew just how she liked it and was very good. At the same time it felt like she was being eaten by a girl who was an expert. Ira had always believed that girls were better at flower kissing, her nickname for.......well you get the idea.

Her orgasm was both from inside and from the bud of her rose. It was unreal.

Ira squirted. She couldn't help it. The liquid ran down her legs to the grass below. She let out a long moan like scream then collapsed onto the grass her body twitching with aftershocks.

Ira lay there in the afterglow for what seemed like hours although it was likely only a minute or two. "Holy night sister," she thought when she finally could think again. "That was......." there were no words for it. She stood up slowly, dizzy and weak knees from what had just happened. Wow, just wow. She could not wait to try the dust again, on purpose this time. "If I use that on someone," Ira thought "I could live for a week off the pleasure I could feed on."

Then she head a twig snap from somewhere up the hill followed by two sneezes. Someone was coming. The huntresses! Ira frantically cast a quick illusion that left her looking like a beautiful blond elf. She was in no condition to run but maybe she could fool them into thinking she was another victim. She waited nervously.

Moments earlier.....

Carrie squinted as they emerged into the sunlight. Not the same door they had entered through but at least they we out side.

"I'm sorry guys," Carrie said "if it weren't for meh...Heh....ESHOOOO!!! ESHOOOO!!! HEH-ECHOOOOO!!!! Damn dust! It was my stupid choice to not disarm the runes. I got us into this."

"You also got Uh...AAACHOOOOOOO!!!! You got us out of it" Bree said with sneeze.

All three of them still had some lingering fairy dust that was tickling them.

"You did good little sis-HATCHOOO!! HATCHOOOO!!! Oh those fucken fairies!" Amelia cursed. "Sorry. You did well."

Carrie still felt bad though. "Next time" she thought "I will do better next-"

She was cut off but what sounded like a scream from the other side of the hill.

"The dark fiend!" Amelia shouted "it might be attacking someone. Let's go!"

"That wasn't a dark fiend," Carrie stated to say but the other two were already running over the hill to the other side. Was she the only one who saw that it had been a succubus?

They crossed over the hill and Amelia let out two more sneezes as the started down the other side. "So much for stealth" Carrie thought.

The three of them came upon a she elf lying panting in the grass. She looked shaken but other wise unharmed.

"Are you alright?" Bree asked. "Was it the dark fiend?"

"Dark fiend? Uh yes. Yes it was," the elf stammered. "I was just going for a walk when it came running out of this hill and just about ran me down. Scared me half to death"

"Well I am glad you are okay." Amelia said "Do you know which way it went?"

While her sister was talking Carrie just stared at the elf. Something did not look quite right. And was that the slightest hint of magic she felt? Standing just behind her sister and friend while they asked about the fiend, Carrie closed her eyes and muttered a spell under her breath. One that would allow her to see past illusions. When she opened her eyes her breath almost stopped. Before her stood the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.  A vibrant being with firey passionate eyes, colorful hair, and a body that would make anyone week in the knees.

Carrie's mouth hung slightly open, just for a moment, until her caught herself. Was she blushing? She sure felt like it. What stood before them was beautiful in every way as far as she was concerned.

It was still a succubus she finally thought. This amazing creature could be deadly and they had a responsibility. Carrie was just about to tell her sister what she saw when a thought accrued to her. This succubus was not very dangerous if you were prepared. It was hiding from them know because it knew it would lose a strait up fight. She could handle this one herself. It would help make up for her screw up and prove to the others that she was capable. Yeah she could do this.

The "elf" was finishing saying that her clan was camped near by and that she was grateful but did not need them to escort her home. "She likely wants to try to stay here," Carrie thought "perfect. I'll know where to find you."

Ira glanced at the third huntress who had been silent to far. Was she staring at her? Ira thought she could almost see desire in those eyes maybe even lust. These were looks she new well. "She must have a thing for elves." Ira thought.

"We should get going." Carrie finally told her companions. "It's getting dark and we don't want to try to fight a dark fiend at night. We can pick up it's trail in the morning.

"Agreed," Bree said.

"Glad you were not hurt shenii."(Ma'am or miss in elvish) Carrie told Ira.

Ira only smiled and turned towards the woods.

The huntresses stared back towards the village.

Carrie planned to return that night. She would confront the succubus and drive it off. She would prove she was a capable Mage. She would-

EHSHOOOO!!!!......EECHOOOO!!!!..... HASHOOOO!!!!!!!!

"Damn magical dust!!!" Carrie cursed.

Chapter 2

"Had a summer lover
In a forest so green.
Kept 'm warm in the winter
Left 'm frozen in the spring
My my..........
How the seasons go by."

Ira Kushami sang happily to herself, her hips swaying and bopping to the music in her mind. She had first heard the song in a tavern in Pineoak and thought it was absolutely great. It was almost written for a Succubus.

"O's and X's was it? Oh never mind," she thought.

Ira was back in her bedroom/sneeze lab packing her things and getting ready to move on. She really did not want to leave Pineoak as she had grown quite fond of the town and the woods in which it sat. Sadly however she was accustom to moving. Safer that way. Better to not get too comfortable and let ones guard down. Hunters were always out there. It was a shame that Succubi usually killed. As far as she knew she was the only one who did not. Not that any hunter would believe her so she guessed it did not matter.

At this point all she had left to pack was her lab equipment but she had work to do first. Ira knew she should likely wait and create more latter but she could not stop thinking about how amazing the special fairy dust had been. It had been like nothing she had ever experienced and she wanted to try it again. She also could not wait she watch someone else under its effects. Ira's hips squirmed momentarily at the thought.

The pepper fairies Eshu, Hashu, and Rayshu were tucked warmly into there nest like dwelling in the far corner of the room. Ira could hear them snoring softly. She yawned. It had been a long day and she was tempted to join them in dreamland. That would likely not be wise though, she told herself. She was already taking a risk finishing up this batch of dust and she needed to get moving. She would let her friends sleep until she was ready to leave then wake them and start out.

Ira added the final bit of magic to the dusk and held up the glass jar to take a closer look. The purple dust had just the right amount of red sparkles in it. It was finished.

She was about to put the bottle down when she saw a reflection in the glass. Someone was behind her!

"Shadow!!" Ira shouted spinning around.

"Dispel!!" came a female voice from the darker side of the room.

Shadow, Ira's familiar, had just started to materialize when he was sucked back into his dimension.

Ira stood shocked for a moment as the figure in the dark stepped forward. It was the huntress from earlier that day. The short one with the firey red hair who had said something to her in elvish. She had just smiled and turned way as she did not speak a lick of elvish. "Damn it," Ira thought "She must be a Mage. How else could she have banished Shadow."

Ira bared her fangs. She knew she was likely no match for a Mage but was not about to give up easily. She edged towards her lab table.

"That's far enough!" the Mage said "Serpent rope fasten four!"

Two ropes slithered down from the rafters like snakes and caught Ira by the wrists. Two more appeared from the floor boards grasping her feet. They pulled tight. Not painfully but Ira was held fast.

"Who are you?" Ira demanded with only the slightest hint of fear showing through. "What do you want with me? I did not do anything wrong."

"My name is Carrie. And you have been kidnaping people." the Mage said stepping closer to Ira.

"I never took anyone against there will." Ira said. "Not that you would believe me."

Funny thing was Carrie did. She did not know why but she some how felt the succubus was telling the truth. Was she glamering her? No she had prepared for that. How was this beautiful, sexy, amazing, wonderful creature doing this? She did not know why but she could not take her eyes off her.

"Your kind kill," Carrie said stepping forward. "I can't leave you to endanger the town." She kept moving closer to the beautiful creature. She knew it was probably a stupid thing to do but she almost could not help it. She wanted a better look and felt sure her magic would keep the succubus trapped. Carrie moved within arms reach then stopped.

"What is she waiting for?" Ira wondered. She watched the girl approach. There was that look again, she had seen it that afternoon on the hill. A longing look of desire. She sensed it more clearly now. This, Carrie, she was attracted to her. Ira tried not to grin. She might just survive yet. If she could get her a bit closer.

"You know," Ira said in her most seductive voice "this does not have to end badly. If you let me go I could make it worth your while."

She leaned forward as much as she could allowing for a rather generous view of her breasts to be seen over her low cut top.

"There are things I could show you you would not believe." she said watching as the girls eyes fix on her chest and not on what was slowly moving behind her.

"D-don't try to seduce me creature." Carrie stammered. Yet she still moved a bit closer. "I have a respons- HEH!!"

A sudden strong tickle filled Carrie's nose. "Wha-HEH?!" she said stepping back. She had been too close and had not seen Ira's tail until it was to late. The tail held one of the special feathers Ira always kept in her belt.

"Aww something wrong little Mage?" Ira said teasingly. "You look like you might sneeze. Better not because I really don't think you will be able to keep these magic ropes working if you do. Then again it doesn't look like you'll be able to help yourself. What a predicament."

Carrie was trying hard, rubbing her nose and trying not to breath through it. To her dismay the tickle only grew. "I'm not gonna sneeze, I'm not gonna sneeze.............Oh crap! I am gonna sneeze," she thought as she realized she had lost the battle.

Ira watched as Carrie's eyes half closed and her mouth open the slightest bit. "Wow she is cute," Ira thought as she drank in every detail of the coming sneeze. She found it quite hot watching the girl try to fight the inevitable. Finally.....


Carrie sneezed her typical triple. Enjoying for just a moment the feeling of relief that came with them.

Ira pulled with all her strength and as she predicted the ropes gave way. "That's much better," Ira said.

"Stop-HAH!" Carrie started but another sneeze had began its build up.

"Sorry honey but I have to be going," Ira said. "It really is a shame too cause your very cute." She turned to go.


Ira was hit from behind! Carrie had tackled her sending them both tumbling onto Ira's bed.

"Thought I was-HESHOOOO!!! helpless did you-ECHOOOOO!! Well guess aga-HASHOOOO!!!" Carrie said as she struggled with Ira trying to hold her down. If she could not speak for long enough she could not cast spells so this was really her last option. And she was pissed. At herself and at the succubus for tricking her. She planned to hold her down until she stopped sneezing and could get a full spell going.

Ira was caught off guard and while physically stronger than Carrie she had become tangled in the sheets and was fighting them as much a Carrie.

They rolled and turned and fought never really trying to hurt the other just trying to get the upper hand. All throughout Carrie was sneezing her head off.

In less then a minute they were hopelessly tangled and had some how wound up face to face and unable to move.

"Well this is just great" Ira said "Now look what you've done."

"This was your fault!" Carrie yelled or at least she tried to. She was interrupted by the biggest tickle yet.


Unable to move and with her arms tangled, Carrie's sneezes had only one place to go.

Ira gasped as the mist Carrie expelled showered her face. Watching the redheaded Mage from this close as she let loose her sneezes was to much for her to handle. She lost almost all thought save that of her base instinct. She was a succubus after all and had not fed in a while.

Ira kissed Carrie, deeply. She met resistance for only the slightest moment then, hungry acceptance.

At first Carrie was stunned by the suddenness and passion of the kiss then she was lost in it.

(I should pause for a moment to explain something. Succubi are different from other creatures in many ways and one of which is their saliva. It produces pleasurable tingles wherever it touches.)

When they kissed Carrie's mouth lit up with sparkling pleasure. It was like no kiss she had ever experienced.

Earlier that day.......

Carrie, Bree, and Amelia had returned to the town of Pineoak just after sunset. They were very tired and after returning to their rooms at the Pineoak tavern Bree and Amelia wasted no time turning in.

Carrie however had other plans. She was still determined to go after the succubus and knew that tonight would likely be the only chance she got. She had some preparing to do first though.

After returning to her room she immediately when to her spell books and began looking up protection magic. A spell to increase her life force so if things went wrong the creature would not kill her. A spell to counter glamours and charms so she could not be manipulated. A spell to banish familiars. One to make her immune to-


"Damn it!" Carrie shouted then clasped her hands over her mouth. If she woke her sister in the next room her plan might be shot. But she was so sick of sneezing. Every time she thought the pepper fairy's dust had worn off she was surprised by another round. And try as she might she could not find a spell to counter the dust's effect. She was down to only one set an hour so it could be worse she figured.

Okay almost ready. One last thing however. Carrie went to her bed and laid down. She had an itch of a different kind to take care of. Even though she knew she had to fight her, she still could not stop thinking about how beautiful the succubus had been. Carrie had always been attracted to both genders but most of her relationships had been with men. But this was different. The creature had been hands down the most beautiful person she has ever seen and she was monumentally attracted to her. To make matters worse she was horny. Which was the worst thing one could be if they were trying to fight a succubus. Likely it was from the beautiful creature but the fact that it had been a while was not helping matters. Carrie had to get this out of her system and she could only think of one way.

It did not take long........

Less than two minutes later Carrie was catching her breath. She had been able to remain quite but just barely. Okay. She was ready.

She got up and crept downstairs and out of town heading towards the woods.

Not long after she found herself in the old run down outpost under the hill. She made her way inside, this time disarming any magic traps she encountered but there were few. She crept down a level and made her way to a large room that had been arranged like a bedroom. She spotted the fairy nest near were she entered and could hear there soft musical snoring. She quietly cast a spell to insure they slept till morning them crept towards the succubus who was at a large lab table and was singing to herself. Carrie stopped to listen for a moment and found that the creatures voice was very beautiful. As for her swaying bopping hips and butt, they were just plain sexy.

She shook off the thought. She had a job to do. Carrie started forward.

Present time......

It took a minute but they were able to free themselves from the sheets. Carrie now lay on her back her clothing no longer on. She did not really remember taking it off, all she had been focused on was the amazing kisses that Ira was giving her. Not that she had gotten around too much but Carrie had done she share of kissing. This however was on another level altogether. The passion, the pure lust, the urgency of Ira's lips was unreal. Plus Carrie's mouth was alive with tingling sensations. "If the kissing was this good......." her thoughts trailed off as Ira slid her hand down her own chest and her clothing slowly vanished. Underneath was the most amazing body Carrie have ever seen. Perfect curves and shapes with just the right about of hips and breasts. Carrie reached up a trembling hand to touch them but Ira caught her fingers with her own.

"Oh you don't get to touch those yet," Ira said teasingly.

Carrie eyes were pleading as Ira moved out of her reach and lower her head towards Carrie's hips.

"I am starving and I need a snack first," the succubus said.

"What are you going to-AH!!" Carrie started to ask but Ira had touched the bud of her soaked flower and the sharp sudden pleasure stopped her words cold.

"Trust me" Ira said and she took one of the feathers from her belt. Slowly she inserted it into her nose and began twisting it. Dusted by the pepper fairies the feather did its job quickly. Ira's breath hitched and her eyes fluttered.


Carrie looked down puzzled.

Then Ira sneezed, right onto Carrie's flower which she had been gently holding open.


The spray that left Ira covered Carrie's flower and the young Mage gave a short cry of surprised and pleasure.

The effect was the same although instead of her mouth, Ira's saliva had set off fireworks in Carrie's flower.

Ira waited only a moment before plunging into Carrie's flower, licking and kissing every inch of it. Carrie's hips bucked and squirmed, her back arched and she raved like someone being mercilessly ticked. She could not help it, the feelings were too intense for her to stay still. Ira however never lost contact, she was skilled after all, her mouth continued its passionate kisses.


Ira sneezed again, this time with her mouth up against Carrie. It sent vibrations though Carrie causing her eyes to roll back and her mouth to open in a silent scream and still she had not even come yet.

Ira caught Carrie's flower bud between her lips and sucked, tickling the tip of it with her tongue as she did. This was finally to much for Carrie, her eyes squeezed shut and her face took on an almost panicky expression that many girls make when they reach a hight of pleasure they until then had though impossible.

Carrie's orgasm washed over her like a flood. She tensed, letting out sounds she had no control over. Wave after wave flowed through her and she though she might die from the unearthly pleasure. At that moment she did not care if she did. She would die happy. After what seemed an eternity the waves finally slowed and started to fade.

Ira however was still not satisfied. "Try a bit of this," she said leaning over Carrie's chest and looking into her eyes. "I'm sure you'll love it."

Carrie was about to say she did not think she could handle more so soon when a sharp tickle started in her nose. Her eyes popped open to see Ira sprinkling purple dust with sparkles of red into her nose from between her fingers like a cook adding a pinch of spice to a meal.

Carrie was in no condition to resist. She sneezed almost instantly but oddly only once.


Carrie cried out again in surprise and pleasure. The sneeze had caused her to orgasm again. The waves returned in force and she was once again carried off to bliss. As they calmed....


A second sneeze came along with a third orgasm.

This continued for four more sneeze each bringing pleasure as intense as the one before.

During all of this Ira drank deeply.

Succubi all lived on sexual energy and pleasure. Most are very greedy and impatient. They entice there victim and once the person begins to feel aroused they force the "door" open so to speak, sucking often violently, the sexual energy from their prey. They do so with such force that often the person's life force can be caught up along with the energy flow, killing them if fully drained.

Ira had discovered another way. Rather then forcing the "door" open she would continue to build the energy and pleasure up insider her partner until the "door" burst open of its own accord. Ira then drank in the overflow. It was like placing one's head under a fountain or waterfall and drinking what fell in their mouth while letting the rest rush past.

Being caught up in the wave Ira would not only feed on but also experience her partners pleasure. It was an unbelievably satisfying sensation as Ira felt her needs being fulfilled.

She closed her eyes subconsciously biting the side of her lip as the fiery sensation filled her. It was not quite the same as an orgasm. If that was like a wave this was like lowly submerging in a hot bath.

Ira sat up and opened her wings stretching them to there full length as she grasped the bed sheets with her hands and let herself be lost in the feeling.

Slowly after a few minutes they began to come down. Ira leaned over Carrie giving her one last long kiss although the girl barley seemed to notice. Then she flopped down on the bed beside her.

As for Carrie...... "I'm dead." she thought "I must have died because it is not possible for morals to feel that kind of pleasure." She was trembling. Sweat covered her from head to tow. She was panting and tears were in the corners of her eyes as she finally opened them. As she realized that she was not in heaven but still in the underground room she looked over at the beautiful creature whose bed she now shared. They were face to face. Ira's bright eyes staring at hers.

"I'm sorry" Ira finally said "I just couldn't help myself. You are just so beautiful and I .....I lost control."

Carrie was amazed. The succubus looked almost like she might cry. This was no blood thirsty creature as she had first thought. This was an amazingly human one.

"It's okay," Carrie said "That was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. Thank you so much. It was amazing."

Ira was stunned. She had never been thanked before. Most all of her partners had fallen asleep almost instantly after she fed on them. This Mage must have an amazing amount of energy in her.

"What is your name?" Carrie asked.

"Ira," the succubus replied. "Ira Kushami"

"May I share your bed tonight Ira" Carrie asked. "I feel like I won't be able to keep my eyes open much longer."

With that Carrie yawned, which caused Ira to yawn as well and remember just how tired she was. Like most creatures a nap after a good meal was very appealing.

"I would love you too." Ira said. She curled up to Carrie cuddling her in her arms and legs.

Carrie felt so warm and comfortable that she fell asleep almost immediately.

Ira took a moment to watch the young woman sleep. She found her amazingly beautiful and wished she could never leave her side. She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep wondering what the morning would bring and somehow knowing it would be wonderful.

Chapter 3

Carrie was so comfortable she did not want to get up. She had began waking as the room she was in slowly illuminated from the morning sun but the bed she was sleeping in was almost too soft. And these pillows were just, wow. She did not remember the inn having such nice beds. Perhaps the bed was responsible for the wondrous dream she had had. Wondrous and strange. It had been about the Succubus she had encountered yesterday, about going back to fight it and somehow spending the night together instead. A night filled with sneezing and........wait a minute.......where was she? Carrie's eyes popped open and she sat up. She was not in the inn. She was in an underground room. Sunlight was poring in through a window high up in one of the corners. Carrie moved to get out of the bed and placed her hand on something soft were her head had been.



A startled cry of surprise caused Carrie to give one of her own. She tried to spin around but her feet tangled in the sheets and she toppled off the bed onto her back.


"Ouch." she almost moaned.

As she looked up from the floor a head with brightly colored hair and even brighter eyes popped into view looking down from the bed.

"Oh my! Are you okay!?" Ira said

Carrie shouted in surprise again and without really thinking about it she cast a escape spell that she had intended to use if things went wrong.  One that would teleport her back to her room at the inn.

Before Ira could say anything, Carrie vanished.

"Hey!" Ira shouted to a now empty room. "That's not fair, we were just getting to know each other."


Carrie appeared in her room and blinked in surprise realizing what she had just done. It had been a reflex but one she now regretted. She had wanted to stay and talk about the night before. About what had happened and why.       Ira.       That was the creatures name. The world for love and passion in a ancient language that had been almost lost over the years. "Quite fitting" she thought "and beautiful." Feeling a sudden chill Carrie finally realized she was missing something important. Her clothes! She let out yet another surprised shriek and ran to the dresser for some new ones. She started to get dressed but not before the chill of the room made her...


"Oh wow" Carrie said as her nipples began to harden. It's just from the cold right? She was not getting turned on......was she?

For some reason her sneezes just felt different than normal. Better, more relieving, more enjoyable. "Why was that?" she wondered. Had Ira done something to her? She remembered the previous night and how good sneezing had felt when she was with the succubus. Maybe she had done something to her or maybe she had helped her to really take note of something she had taken for granted for so long. Carrie's nose tickled again and her breath hitched. She took a moment to really concentrate on everything this time. The burning tickle in her left nostril. The building need for release. The almost excitement as the tickle finally grew strong enough to cause a reaction and...


Carrie sneezed her triple as always but for the first time in her life she really relished the feelings. It was quite amazing when you stopped to think about it. A tease, a build up, a strong release, it was almost like a little orgasm.

"Hey Carrie, you awake yet? It's almost noon!"

A shout thought her door snapped Carrie away from her thoughts. It was her sister Amelia.

"Uh yeah. Im up, I'm up." Carrie said fumbling with the last of her clothing.

"Well we are heading down stairs for some lunch. You really should join us." Amelia said.

"Yeah. Sounds good. Gimme a sec." Carrie replied.

She went to the mirror and looked at her frazzled hair with a sigh. "Bed hair from hell" she thought. Well it was kinda cheating but she did have a quick fix for that. She spoke a spell and her hair went from an utter mess to beautifully styled curls. Sometimes she felt a little guilty using her magic to short cut things like this, but only sometimes. She took one last look at herself then went out to meet her sister. As she expected Bree was there too. Both were dressed in normal clothing rather than there hunting attire but Bree still had her sword at her side. While there was no sign of Amelia's bow Carrie knew that her sister was still armed with two daggers concealed under her blouse.

The three headed down to the inn's first floor which doubled as a tavern. It was already rather full as people gathered for the mid day meal. Bree spoke with the host and they were soon led towards a table. They passed through the crowded room Bree first and Carrie last. The Mage was lost in thought still trying to make sense of all that had happened last night. She was really only here so her sister and friend would not notice anything odd. As they passed the bar, which was surprisingly full for lunch time, Carrie was instantly filled with shock, surprise, and anger as she felt a hand grasp her butt. Her small cry of supersize was lost in the noise of the busy room. She spun around fully intending to brake the nose of whoever had thought they could get away with that. She saw a dark haired human woman grinning at her and she drew back to sock the idiot. Her raised fist stopped short however as the face changed for just a split second, the eyes becoming that beautiful bright color she could not stop thinking about along with the amazing colorful hair. Ira winked at her and the illusion magic returned once again hiding the succubus in human form. Carrie stood dumfounded. What was this idiot thinking? Was she trying to get herself killed?  She must have known Carrie would return to her fellow huntresses and they would not hesitate to-

"Carrie! You can buy her a drink after lunch. Come on I'm starving" Bree shouted teasingly.   

Carrie turned and walked to the table and to her dismay her chair was facing the bar and she had a clear view of Ira. They sat and a waiter came over to take drink orders. Carrie absentmindedly ordered a water and kept sneaking looks at Ira. Why was she here? How had she followed her? Most importantly what should she do next? If her sister and Bree got wind of the succubus less than five feet from their table there would most likely be a fight and one with her caught in the middle. She would never fight her friend or sister but she did not want to fight Ira either. Carrie looked up towards the bar just in time to se
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Looks like this one also got cut off. I checked in forum settings and it doesn't SHOW there's a maximum character limit on posts, but there may be something there that caps it out. I would try to slice each post at around 50,000 characters or so. (There's a 20 second cooldown on posting if you want to avoid any errors regarding post speed.)

Still, thank you for sharing. One thing that might be helpful is including a character summary at the start. Character name, species, background, etc. On longer stories, especially in an environment where it's hard to get invested, stuff like that goes a long way.
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Hey everyone. Sorry the ending got cut off. I will post the rest when I get the free time. Might take a bit but I’ll do it for sure. Till then just think of it as a to be continued. 😉

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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 3

Carrie was so comfortable she did not want to get up. She had began waking as the room she was in slowly illuminated from the morning sun but the bed she was sleeping in was almost too soft. And these pillows were just, wow. She did not remember the inn having such nice beds. Perhaps the bed was responsible for the wondrous dream she had had. Wondrous and strange. It had been about the Succubus she had encountered yesterday, about going back to fight it and somehow spending the night together instead. A night filled with sneezing and........wait a minute.......where was she? Carrie's eyes popped open and she sat up. She was not in the inn. She was in an underground room. Sunlight was poring in through a window high up in one of the corners. Carrie moved to get out of the bed and placed her hand on something soft were her head had been.



A startled cry of surprise caused Carrie to give one of her own. She tried to spin around but her feet tangled in the sheets and she toppled off the bed onto her back.


"Ouch." she almost moaned.

As she looked up from the floor a head with brightly colored hair and even brighter eyes popped into view looking down from the bed.

"Oh my! Are you okay!?" Ira said

Carrie shouted in surprise again and without really thinking about it she cast a escape spell that she had intended to use if things went wrong.  One that would teleport her back to her room at the inn.

Before Ira could say anything, Carrie vanished.

"Hey!" Ira shouted to a now empty room. "That's not fair, we were just getting to know each other."


Carrie appeared in her room and blinked in surprise realizing what she had just done. It had been a reflex but one she now regretted. She had wanted to stay and talk about the night before. About what had happened and why.       Ira.       That was the creatures name. The world for love and passion in a ancient language that had been almost lost over the years. "Quite fitting" she thought "and beautiful." Feeling a sudden chill Carrie finally realized she was missing something important. Her clothes! She let out yet another surprised shriek and ran to the dresser for some new ones. She started to get dressed but not before the chill of the room made her...


"Oh wow" Carrie said as her nipples began to harden. It's just from the cold right? She was not getting turned on......was she?

For some reason her sneezes just felt different than normal. Better, more relieving, more enjoyable. "Why was that?" she wondered. Had Ira done something to her? She remembered the previous night and how good sneezing had felt when she was with the succubus. Maybe she had done something to her or maybe she had helped her to really take note of something she had taken for granted for so long. Carrie's nose tickled again and her breath hitched. She took a moment to really concentrate on everything this time. The burning tickle in her left nostril. The building need for release. The almost excitement as the tickle finally grew strong enough to cause a reaction and...


Carrie sneezed her triple as always but for the first time in her life she really relished the feelings. It was quite amazing when you stopped to think about it. A tease, a build up, a strong release, it was almost like a little orgasm.

"Hey Carrie, you awake yet? It's almost noon!"

A shout thought her door snapped Carrie away from her thoughts. It was her sister Amelia.

"Uh yeah. Im up, I'm up." Carrie said fumbling with the last of her clothing.

"Well we are heading down stairs for some lunch. You really should join us." Amelia said.

"Yeah. Sounds good. Gimme a sec." Carrie replied.

She went to the mirror and looked at her frazzled hair with a sigh. "Bed hair from hell" she thought. Well it was kinda cheating but she did have a quick fix for that. She spoke a spell and her hair went from an utter mess to beautifully styled curls. Sometimes she felt a little guilty using her magic to short cut things like this, but only sometimes. She took one last look at herself then went out to meet her sister. As she expected Bree was there too. Both were dressed in normal clothing rather than there hunting attire but Bree still had her sword at her side. While there was no sign of Amelia's bow Carrie knew that her sister was still armed with two daggers concealed under her blouse.

The three headed down to the inn's first floor which doubled as a tavern. It was already rather full as people gathered for the mid day meal. Bree spoke with the host and they were soon led towards a table. They passed through the crowded room Bree first and Carrie last. The Mage was lost in thought still trying to make sense of all that had happened last night. She was really only here so her sister and friend would not notice anything odd. As they passed the bar, which was surprisingly full for lunch time, Carrie was instantly filled with shock, surprise, and anger as she felt a hand grasp her butt. Her small cry of supersize was lost in the noise of the busy room. She spun around fully intending to brake the nose of whoever had thought they could get away with that. She saw a dark haired human woman grinning at her and she drew back to sock the idiot. Her raised fist stopped short however as the face changed for just a split second, the eyes becoming that beautiful bright color she could not stop thinking about along with the amazing colorful hair. Ira winked at her and the illusion magic returned once again hiding the succubus in human form. Carrie stood dumfounded. What was this idiot thinking? Was she trying to get herself killed?  She must have known Carrie would return to her fellow huntresses and they would not hesitate to-

"Carrie! You can buy her a drink after lunch. Come on I'm starving" Bree shouted teasingly.   

Carrie turned and walked to the table and to her dismay her chair was facing the bar and she had a clear view of Ira. They sat and a waiter came over to take drink orders. Carrie absentmindedly ordered a water and kept sneaking looks at Ira. Why was she here? How had she followed her? Most importantly what should she do next? If her sister and Bree got wind of the succubus less than five feet from their table there would most likely be a fight and one with her caught in the middle. She would never fight her friend or sister but she did not want to fight Ira either. Carrie looked up towards the bar just in time to see a familiar look of desperation come over Ira's face. Was she going to-?


Ira sneezed. Quite hard actually.

"Oh my!" she said in a rather sexy voice, "Excuse me. I don't know where that came from."

Others at the bar and even Amelia turned and blessed her.

Carrie just stared. Ira may have been using an illusion but her sneeze still sounded the same and hearing it brought back vivid memories of the previous night. Of the sneezing and the fucking that had followed. And yeah what the two had done was too intense to just be called sex. No they had fucked.

Carrie blushed. She quickly snatched up the menu, hiding her face before her sister turned back around. "She's teasing me" Carrie thought in frustration.


Another sneeze and another round of "bless you"s

Carrie was not sure how much more of the she could take. She peeked a quick look and caught a sideways glance from Ira. "Yup, she's teasing me." the Mage thought. She had to get ride of the other huntresses for just a few minutes so she could talk to Ira and get her to leave or at least quit sneezing. Okay, what would make Bree and Amelia leave but not seem unusual. Something that affected them both, something they might do together,......something girls did together? Inspiration stuck Carrie and she smiled.

As the waiter returned and Bree and Amelia's attention turned to him as they ordered, Carrie spoke a quick spell under her breath while looking at Bree. They finished there order and after about a minute, and another sneeze from Ira, Bree shifted slightly in her chair.

"Guess this water must have gone right through me" she said standing "I gotta go take a leak."

"Blunt as always" Amelia said rolling her eyes but with a small grin. She too stood.

"It's part of my charm" Bree said "Being ladylike is over rated. Besides, I'm a huntress. I'd rather be practicing my sword work then my manners."

They both looked expectantly at Carrie.

"Someone has to wait for the food" Carrie said.

Bree shrugged and hurried off followed by Amelia. She was walking rather fast and Carrie hoped she had not over done it. It felt a bit wrong to use magic on her friend like that but it seemed like the best course of action at the moment.

As soon as they were out of sight Carrie got up and stormed over to Ira. She wanted an explanation and she wanted it now.

She reached the bar but just as she was about to start talking, Ira slipped from her seat and slid her arms around Carrie's waist.

"I missed you." the succubus said then she pulled the Mage close and kissed her deeply.

Carrie was once again lost in how amazing Ira's kisses were and without thinking she eagerly returned it.

"Woah!" exclaimed the man who had been sitting next to Ira "And here I was about to buy you a drink."

The bar tender, a female elf, lightly slapped the man's hand. "Leave them be Owen." she said.

"Why did you run off?" Ira asked after finally pulling back.

"I-I needed to think. I...." Carrie said still distracted.

She took a deep breath and gently but firmly pushed back from Ira so they were at arms length.

"That. Is. Cheating." Carrie said "Just kissing me like that. It's not fair. And sneezing? Come on, your using that to tease me and it's working and I don't even know why."

Ira grinned. "I would be happy to help you discover why" she said.

"And how is that supposed to work?" Carrie asked. "I'm a huntress and your know."

"A well hidden one." Ira said quietly, still grinning then suddenly her eyes fluttered closed and her face took on a very sneezy expression.

Carrie watched intently as the succubus' eyebrows raised and her breath hitched once before-


She was still puzzled as to why but Carrie really enjoyed just watching this from up close.

"Bless you." a familiar voice said from behind Carrie.

She actually jumped. Amelia! How long had they been kissing? It did not seem like that long but they must have almost fully made out for Bree and Amelia to be back. "Yup, I'm in trouble" she thought.

"You too know each other?" Carrie's sister asked.

Carrie had no answer. Her mind simply refused to function.

"We met last night" Ira said "You must be the sister she spoke about. Amelia right? My name is Ira."

"Nice to meet you" Bree said joining the conversation "I'm Bree."

"We were just having lunch, care to join us? I would love to know more about how you two met." Amelia said.

Before Carrie could even think of an objection the four were back at the table and Ira was quickly and easily spinning a tail of meeting Carrie at the bar the night before when the Mage had come down for a night cap.

"We hit it off rather quickly" Ira said "Your sister is really an amazing perAH HAH....oh I'm sorry. I think I'm about to sneEH sneeze aga-HEH.....HETSHOOOOO!!!!!"

The others blessed her again while Carrie just sat there looking for a way out. She could just play along and she was trying but Ira's constant sneezing kept distracting her and she still had no clue why. And that little grin. Ira knew what they were doing to her. Was the succubus somehow sneezing on purpose. Carrie again used her spell to see through illusions and had to stifle a gasp. First at the amazing beauty of the succubus which she was once again taken aback by, and secondly at the tail. Ira's tail had been rendered invisible by the illusion as well as anything the tail was holding. In this case that happened to be one of Ira's fairy dusted feathers which she was using to tickle her nose every so often. She was sneezing on purpose! Carrie withered in her chair. "So not fair" she thought.

Somehow the poor Mage made it through the lunch. Much to Carrie's relief Amelia and Bree said they where going to the town market for a while and were not insistent when she and Ira turned down the offer to join them.

"Well you two stay out of trouble then" Amelia said turning to go.

"To late for that" Carrie thought.

"You!" She said turning to Ira after the others had left. But Ira was halfway up the stairs to the inn above.
She threw a wink and a cute grin at Carrie as she rounded the corner. Despite her knowing it was likely not a good idea Carrie followed after. Once up stairs she found Ira standing in front of her room.

"How did you-?" Carrie started but Ira replied.

"You're not the only one with a bit of magic." Ira said.

"You realize I just want to talk right? Not......" Carrie's voice trailed off.

"I know but I figured you would like to talk in private."

The Mage nodded and opened the door to her room. They stepped inside.

Ira immediately walked over and sat on the bed. With a waive of her hand she undid the illusion revealing the unearthly beauty of her true form. Carrie took one look at her and turned away. She could not look at Ira and think clearly, and she needed to do just that.

"Please," Carrie said, again starting to blush "I'm sorry but could you change back."

"Why?" Ira asked "Don't you like how I look?"

"I do and that's the problem. We need to talk and I can't concentrate when your like that."

Ira raised an eyebrow for a moment then waived her hand again returning to the still attractive but less dazzling dark haired human form.

"Thanks" Carrie said "Now can you please clear a few things up for me. How did you know where to find me, why did you come here, and why are you trying to tease me by sneezing and why..................why is it working? It's just sneezing. Everyone does it from time to time and there is nothing sexy about it."

Ira sat for a moment gathering her thoughts.

"Well," she said "let's see. I guess I should start by saying that when we.....when I......(clears throat) fed on you last night I picked up some of your short term memories."

"Like a vampire would," Carrie said.

Ira looked a bit disgusted. "Ugh! I would rather you not compare me to them but kinda like that I guess."

She went on. "So that's how I found you, as to why.....would you believe I am not sure? I have never let someone remember me before. And I kinda, like you."

Ira looked down just a bit. She had been mostly honest but she had left out one thing. She was completely in love with Carrie's sneeze. It had been the most amazing and beautiful set of triple sneeze she had ever heard and she had heard her share. They were both strong and feminine with just the right amount of desperation. Hearing them the night before had been too much for her and had led to what followed. Now she desperately wanted to hear and see them again. But for some reason, she wanted Carrie to want to sneeze. To somehow enjoy the act as much as Ira enjoyed watching. So she had followed the Mage to Pineoak and thought she would test the waters. Judging by the way Carrie had looked at her when she sneeze, Ira just might get her wish.

"As for your last question," she got up and slowly began walking toward Carrie "Could it be you just never really noticed how amazing sneezes are? Think about it. The tension, the build up, the amazing release, it's almost like a little-"

"I-I get the idea" Carrie stammered blushing again.

"Do you really?" The succubus asked still moving closer "I mean, if you wanted, I could help you explore them I bit more. Help you see how wonderful they can be."

"W-what do you mean?" Carrie had been backing up but now she came up against the wall and stopped short "You mean, make me sneeze?"

"Would you like to?" Ira asked "I think you would. I think you would sneeze now if you could wouldn't you."

"What the heck is going on?" Carrie thought. It was like Ira was trying to seduce her but into sneezing. That was sooo strange, so why was it working? The succubus was right she did want to explore sneezing more and the thought was........enticing. And with the offer to do so right here in front of her.

"Yes" Carrie almost whispered.

"Yes? Yes what honey?" Ira asked teasingly

"I.....I would like you"

"Make you sneeze?"

"Yes" Carrie said so quietly it could almost not be heard. Her heart was pounding and while she still did not know why she was beginning not to care. This was, for whatever reason, very hot and she wanted it to happen.

Ira gently took Carrie's hand and led her back to the bed. They sat side by side and Ira took out one of her magic feathers. Carrie watched it intently, getting very nervous and excited at the same time.

"Just relax and enjoy every sensation." Ira said and she slowly inserted the tip of the feather into Carrie's nose.

At first Carrie felt nothing, then a tickling on the outside of her nostril. Not the sneezy kind but a tickle tickle. She let out a nervous laugh and rubbed her nose. Ira simply smiled and waited for her to finish then continued. Again nothing at first. Carrie almost began to doubt Ira when the succubus found that special spot in Carrie's nose. She inhaled sharply. With some concentration she really let herself feel the tingling and building need. Her eyes slowly closed and her eyebrows began to take on a look of desperation.

"It feels rather nice doesn't it." Ira said as she slowly twisted the feather. This one had almost no fairy dust on it as she wanted the buildup to be slow and enjoyable.


Carrie's breath hitched once. The tickle was growing but maddeningly slowly. The desires for release became stronger by the second. Carrie wanted to sneeze but the tickle seemed like it was just not quite enough.

"P-please don't- HEHH!! don't tease mEH! me" Carrie pleaded. The tickle would grow and she would take that deep preparing breath but then the tickle would die down and she would let the air back out in a dissatisfied sigh. This would drive her mad. She knew it. This Ira was evil. Finally, just when Carrie thought she could take it no more, Ira twisted the feather just right and Carrie was sent over the edge.


What felt like the three strongest sneezes of her life exploded from Carrie. She was completely enraptured by them. All the feelings of release and relief.....and yes pleasure. It felt really good to sneeze that hard. Carrie flopped backwards on the bed and starred up at nothing. She was panting. Ira leaned over her.

"So?" she asked.

"That" was all Carrie could muster between breaths.

Ira was breathing a bit hard herself. Yup, she was in love with the mage's sneezes alright. Was that even a thing? She was not sure but did not much care either.

"So," she said seductively "Would you like to keep going?"

"Under one condition" Carrie said after finally catching her breath a little "let me see the real you again."

Ira's smile widened and she as undid the illusion Carrie was once again lost in her beauty only this time she did not care.

She pulled the succubus' head down and there lips met. Once again Carrie's mouth filled with pleasurable tingles. She moaned and kissed Ira even deeper, sucking on the girl's tough and pulling it into her own mouth.

They began frantically ripping at each other's clothing each desperate to once again see the other naked.

Carrie's hand cupped one of Ira's now naked breast as the other pressed up against her own. She squeezed gently, feeling the amazingly soft skin and hard nipple with the palm of her hand. She longed for Ira to touch and kiss her as she had the night before but first, she wanted something else. Ira was slowly sliding her hand down Carrie's stomach and had almost reached her flower when the Mage caught her hand.

"Not yet" Carrie panted "I want you first."

With that she grasped the succubus by the shoulders and rolled her on her back. Before Ira could respond Carrie lowered her head and began kissing her right breast gently sucking and licking the erect nipple. Ira gasped and her eyes began to roll back. "Wow" she thought "she is good at that." Ira was quickly getting lost in the sensations but there was one thing she wanted to do first. Fighting to stay focused she reached for her belt, now beside her on the bed, and retrieved one of her special feathers. She held it over her left breast just above the nipple and tapped it gently. A small shower of purple dust rained down on her skin. Her mission accomplished Ira let herself get lost in the pleasure once again. If her guess was right she would need to do no more.

It was.

Carrie moved to kiss the other breast and in doing so placed her nose right over the dust. With her mouth occupied she of course had to breath through her nose and in doing so inhaled a large amount of fairy dust. One again the effect was instant. Taken completely off guard Carrie had no chance of resisting. She sneezed almost before she knew she had to.


Unable to help herself Carrie sneezed right on Ira who let out a moan of pleasure sexy enough to turn anyone on. Carrie whimpered and let out an out of breath "holy shit" as she came down from the sneeze high. It had not been the same dust as last night as she had not orgasmed but the sneezes still had made her very horny. Her flower was nearly dripping. Still determined to give Ira pleasure first however she returned to kiss the girls chest before moving south.

Ira let out another moan as Carrie's tough slid up her flower and began to play with the bud. To a perfect amount of sucking and licking was added skilled fingers which entered Ira's hidden place looking for just the right spot. Ira, despite trying to lay still, was squirming and moaning like someone who had discovered pleasure for the first time. Yup this girl's good" she thought. She grabbed the rails of the headboard and spread her wings knocking a candle stick from the night stand as she did. Neither noticed. Carrie peaked up at Ira's face looking for a reaction as her fingers explored. When the succubus' eyes widened and she sucked in a breath Carrie knew she had found the spot. She made a "come here" motion with the two fingers inside the flower and Ira arched her back in response. "She's close" Carrie thought and the thought made her even more anxious to see Ira cum.

"Please" Ira said between gasps "please once more before I- AH!!"

Her words were cut off but Carrie knew what she wanted. Leaving her hand were it was she moved towards Ira's breast again and inhaled the last of the dust. She was just able to return to Ira's flower in time.


Three more sneezes this time right up against the flower bud.

Ira could not have lasted longer if she tried. She gave in to an earth shattering orgasm the erupted from her flower and through the rest of her body like lightning. Without being about to warn Carrie, Ira squirted as she always did if she came this hard.

"Fuck me!" Carrie said sitting up in surprise and the liquid splashed her chest causing tingles of pleasure just as Ira's saliva had done. 

"Aren't we (pant) impatient. At least let me (pant) catch my breath first." Ira said smiling, her body twitching with aftershocks.

Carrie barley heard her as she flopped on her back. She did not think she had ever been this horny in her life and was seconds away from losing control of her hands and letting them fuck her. She managed a pleading look of longing at Ira who slowly rolled over and lowered her mouth just over Carrie's flower. Ira teasingly hovered just above and Carrie could feel her breath on her flowers petals. She would go mad if the teasing kept up. Carrie was just about to beg for it when Ira finally lowered her head and gave the flower bud the lightest kiss. As turned on as she was that was all it took. Carrie let out a moan like scream and came hard. Not content to let the Mage off easy Ira continued to kiss her and in moments Carrie cried out again as a second orgasm gripped her. Once again Ira drank.

Once in a while fate offers you a free pass. This was one such moment for these two lovers.



There was a loud crash and the door to the room burst inward. It was Bree and Amelia. They had heard Carrie's scream upon returning to the inn and thought her in danger.

Had it been Ira mid orgasm they would have been caught for sure but as Ira was feeding her reflexes were heightened and her magic at full power. She let out a mock scream of surprise pulling the blankets over her head while recasting her illusion. Carrie also cried out in alarm pulling the sheets up to cover her breast.

"Don't you fucking knock!!!" she screamed.

Bree and Amelia just stood there too shocked to reply. "Oh shit! Uh sorry!" Amelia finally got out and she grabbed Bree by the belt and pulled her back out the door. "Wow nice one!" Bree said as she was pulled around the corner. Carrie hear the sound of a slap and Bree's shout of surprise. "That's my sister you ass hole!" Amelia said. "Hey it was a compliment that girl she was with was hot" Bree was saying and they were out of earshot.

Carrie sat for a moment trying to realize what just happened. Then her eyes widened and she pulled the blanket off Ira. To her relief she was greeted by a beautiful dark haired woman's face. She let out a long sigh. After getting so mad at Ira for not using her head Carrie had just done something far from wise. It had been luck they were not caught. They would have to be more careful next time. Would there be a next time she wondered? She looked again at Ira this time able to see the succubus' true features just bit under the illusion.

"Would you like there to be a next time?" Ira asked.

This time Carrie was not even surprised. She knew the succubus must have picked up on some of her thoughts from feeding on her and oddly she was perfectly okay with that.

"Yes" she said "l would love for there to be a next time."

Smiling widely, Ira kissed her.

The two would soon dress and go looking for a very embarrassed Amelia and an amused Bree. In the end they told them a half truth. They had met the day before and really hit it off. Despite there best efforts they just couldn't control themselves and wound up making love. For now at least the two huntresses bought it.

We will have to wait and see what the future holds.

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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 4

Not too long ago...

The bright morning sun slowly peered into the window of the tinny nestlike house and fell across Eshu's face. She stirred, her eyes slowly opening. A moment later she sat up with a long yawn, stretching her arms and wings as she did.

The tinny house had been built by Eshu and her two friends not long ago and now the three lived here together. Safely fastened to the branches of a great maple tree about three quarters of the way up, the structure looked more like a miniature log cabin then a nest even if it was made in a similar fashion. This was of course because it was a fairy nest. A bit of magic and this place had become a wonderful home for the three of them, not that they were settling down mind you. Eshu and her friends were always moving once a towns became boring. After all, there were only so many ways a group of humans could be teased before she wanted some new playmates.

Teased how you may ask? Well with only the funniest thing on earth, according to Eshu at least, sneezing!

Did I fail to mention?

Eshu was a pepper fairy, all three of them were, and for pepper fairies making someone sneeze was the most fun you could have. This was an easy task for pepper fairies as there wands created a magical dust that no one could resist. If one got even a bit in there nose a sneeze was going to be the result, period.

The house was still quiet which meant that Hashu and Rayshu must still be asleep. "Lazy heads," Eshu thought smiling. There was fun to be had and she wanted to get going. She could already feel that fairy giddiness starting to fill her. The desire to go have fun and cause mischief. Still, she did not want to wake them. Eshu crept from her room and out the front door onto the maple branch. It was a beautiful morning and the forest was just waking up. She opened her wings and fluttered down to a near by flower garden. She often came to this area for breakfast. Eshu waved to the nature fairy that tended the place who smiled and waved back. Honeysuckle nectar was her choice today and it was quite satisfying. "Now for some fun," she thought once she was finished. She headed for the near by village of Red Maple.

Red Maple was aply named. It was built in a maple forest with a huge red maple in the town square. Carefully built around the base of the tree was the town speaking platform. It was here that mayor Kristen was preparing her speech. It was the first day of the summer festival and it was the mayor's responsibility to start things off right. There were many visitors in town for the event where the town's specialties would be celebrated. Maple syrup, maple sugar, maple ice cream and most famously maple meed. It was finished brewing and was ready to liven the party up.

Kristen was looking forward to the fun but not to this part. Even though she was good at it, public speaking always scared the hell out if her. She was always afraid she would screw something up and make a fool of herself, even though she never did. She would be fine once she got going but for now she was nervous.

The people had gathered and it was time. "Okay," Kristen thought "here we go." The woman stepped forward and the crowd cheered. She was a rather tall woman with a youthful beauty enspite of her nearing......(okay she would kill me if I said). No one could tell she did not like speaking as she was very good at putting forth a strong presence.

Raising her hands and smiling Kristen began.

"People of Red Maple - RASHOOOO!!!!!"

Kristen's eyes widened and despite her best efforts, she turned bright red.

The crowd went from a cheer to a humerus silence filled with gaping mouths and surprised expressions.

"Wow. I'm sorry. My nose must be as excited as I am." Kristen said.

The people laughed. Kristen smiled but inside she was mortified. "Where did that sneeze come from!?"she frantically thought. She had no allergies she knew of so was it just random? Maybe. She had not even felt it coming as she usually did. Alright, just keep going. She continued.

Not to far above her, Eshu had both hands over her mouth trying desperately not to laugh out loud. "That was great!" she thought. She was hiding in the branches of the large maple just over the mayor's head. She did not think she could be heard but she was taking no chances. This was too much fun. The dust she had used was meant to surprise the victim giving them little to no warning before forcing them to sneeze. Now she switched types. This one could be fought against for a time but the person would always lose eventually. She waited a moment or two then began to sprinkle it on the poor mayor again.

Kristen had hit her rhythm. Most of the fear was leaving as it usually did once she got going. The embarrassment....well that was taking longer but it was starting to fade also. "People sneezed sometimes," she thought. The villagers and visitors all knew that and they would not blame her. She was keeping her speech short and had almost finished when......

"Thank you to all those who have worked so hard in preparation for this day. Your time and EH-....HAH..... ah oh pardon me."

"No no no not again!" Kristen thought frantically. Out of no where her nose had started to tickle and it was growing stronger by the second. She rubbed her nose without really thinking about it and the tickle lessened just a bit. She tried to go on but even as she did the tickle came back. Slowly thoughts of what she was trying to say were replaced by one over powering realization. She was going to sneeze. She needed to sneeze! Her voice began to raise in pitch as she spoke until....

"Your time and effort ha- have- AHH have mah- made this all- possAAASHOOOOO!!! RASHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ASHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! RASHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!"

"Oh my," Kristen sighed in relief having momentarily forgotten where she was. Those had been the most satisfying, most relieving sneezes she had ever had. She felt so much better having stopped fighting them. That is until she remembered she was standing in front of a crowd that had yet again fallen silent. She blushed again.

"Well you get the idea," she said with a feeble smile. "Guess my allergies are acting up. (lie) Happens to the best of us." she said.

She had to finish up and get off this stage before she embarrassed herself further.

"May you all find enjoyment in the shade of our trees. I now declare that the summer festival has begun!!"

The crowd cheered.


Kristen sneezed one final time again with no warning but fortunately it seemed most were to busy cheering to notice. "Wow," she thought "What a way to start this years festival." Her people loved her and she them so they would forgive her she knew. Still she felt more like a child messing up at there first recital then a mayor right now. "I need a drink," she thought. She could care less if it was still morning, a pint of maple meed would make this day much better. "Besides," she thought "I should make sure this years batch is good before letting my people try some." She smiled to herself and headed for the town tavern.

Eshu could not hold it in this time. She burst into fits of musical sounding laughter. She had to clutch the branch she had been standing on to keep from falling out of the tree. After a few moments she finally got herself under control again. That had been so much fun. Also, what amazing luck, a festival. There would be loads of people in town just waiting to have their noses tickled. She took off flying nimbly through the tree branches. That was one things she loved about this town, all the trees made hiding easy. Not they she was in danger if she got caught, fairies were good luck after all, but pepper fairies could also be considered a bit of an annoyance and she could be forced out of town. "Well not today," Eshu thought. "There is just too much fun to be had."

The summer festival in Red Maple was in full swing. People very every neiboring town and village where there. The streets, shops, vender booths, and taverns were filled with humans, elves, fauna (half human half animal creatures), and even a few dwarves. Those traveling to the town could here the music, laughter, and voices long before reaching even the first buildings. The taverns had started the morning serving pancakes, with maple syrup of course, but now as it drew closer to lunch time they began serving a maple corn bread with every meal. And meed lets not forget about the meed.

Roxy sat at one on the outdoor tables of the Red Leaf grill and took it all in. She was greatly enjoying watching all the people as they laughed, ate and drank, the groups of children running around with maple ice cream, and mostly all the amazing sents and smells. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply though her powerful nose. She could smell all the amazing food, the cold meed, the warmth of the maple leaves in the summer heat, and the sent of joy coming from everyone. She could also smell the sent of the girl sitting across from her and it made her weak in the knees, well it would if she were standing anyway.

You may wonder how she can smell all these things, well Roxy was a fauna you see. She was part fox. She looked mostly human but had foxlike ears and a tail. She also had an amazing sense of smell. As for who was sitting across form her.

Erica was tall and very beautiful with the youthful features common among her kind and of course two amazingly cute, at least Roxy thought so, pointy elven ears. Erica sat watching Roxy as she enjoyed the sents of the festival and marveled at how fortunate she had been that Roxy had excepted her invitation. And it was going prefect. Not that she was surprised. Erica could think of no better place for a first date the the summer festival.

Roxy opened her eyes to find Erica staring at her and started to blush. She looked down slightly. She found she could not look in the elf's eyes and still formulate coherent thought. Roxy had been stunned when Erica asked if she would like to go to the festival together.  They had both lived in the town Pineoak for years but only recently had crossed paths. Roxy had quickly developed a crush on Erica but never suspected that the elf may have noticed her too. She was so shocked it took her a full thirty seconds to answer when Erica asked her if she was free the that day. Erica had waited patiently for her reply, looking as cool, calm, and confidant as she always did. Now they sat about to have lunch and as nerves as she might be Roxy was loving every minute of it.

Erica waived the waiter over and asked what the specials were.

Near by......

Megan, a server at the Red leaf had been frantically running to and from the kitchen all morning. Order up! Pancakes ready! Where's that meed! and on and on it went. She did not mind the craziness, it was fun actually, but it was tiring and she could use a brake. She was carrying a large try with five pints of meed on it when she felt a strange burning in her nose. "What the hell?" she thought. Then the burning turned to a tickle and to her dismay she recognized the feeling. Something was trying to make her sneeze! Megan knew she was in trouble. She had never been good at holding back sneezes. In fact she rarely tried. Not that she would tell a soul but she actually quite liked how it felt to sneeze. When she was alone she would even sometimes use a blade of grass to make herself sneeze just for fun. But like them or not this was not at all the time for one. Her hands were full and she was moving fast, weaving through other servers and patrons in an effort to reach her table. Her nose however could care less what she was doing, it wanted to sneeze and was going to do just that. Megan fought to keep her eyes open as her breath began to hitch. She tried to slow down but it was to late.


Megan let lose her typical girly high picked sneeze. Her body bent at the waist even as she tried to remain upright. The tray she was carrying swayed and the drinks almost typed. She fought to regain balance and would have if not for one problem, Megan never sneezed only once.


Megan having almost recovered the tray now overcorrected. All five pints of meed went flying.


Roxy, who had been completely absorbed with the girl she was with until this point, had heard the servers first sneeze and had subconsciously turned one of her ears toward the sound. "Wow, that was a cute one," she thought. Had it not been for her date she would have tried to nonchalantly turn in the general direction of the sound hoping to witness another. You see, Roxy had a bit of a thing for sneezing. She really did not know why but she found it very interesting and if she was honest with herself, she found it a bit hot too. Okay maybe more than just a bit. Can any of us blame her? Anyway, she loved to see and hear people sneeze, girls in particular as they were just more adorable. She did her best to ignore the first sneeze, but upon hearing the second, she just had to sneak a quick look, and was just in time to see the crazy mess as it happened.

Megan's second sneeze had caused the tray to tip forward and as she had not been able to slow down much the meed pints were propelled directly at the table in front of her. Ironically it was the table who had ordered the five meeds but they had not explicated to get them quite like this. A man, a woman, two elves, and a dwarf were drenched in the sweet maple drink.

There was a moment of silence as most all the patrons turned to look having heard the crash then, as often did where people were drinking, the place bust into laughter.

"I'm so sorr-YEECHEEEEEEEW!!! I did not mean to HEECHEEEEEEEW!!!!!" Megan said as she tried to apologize. She did her best to remain polite, even sneezing openly towards the ground as was customary in there country, but she felt horrible. Talk about the worst time to sneeze.

"Lass, when I said I wanted me meed quickly, I din'n mean this fast." the dwarf bellowed, then he joined everyone else in laughter.

The man and woman seemed take it rather well too, but the elves were pissed. As was typical of there race the preferred to remain composed and clean even during festivals such as this. One had started to complain to Megan but was interrupted by the woman at the table.

"Oh come on, lighten up." she said "your scaring the poor girl. It was an obvious accident and you were just saying how hot it was. Not so hot anymore huh."

The elf appeared to calm a bit but Roxy missed the rest of the conversation. She was looking at Erica who seemed to be frowning. This was something she had been worried about. As a fauna she naturally fun loving and playful and while she was enamored by Erica she was worried she might come across immature compared to typical elf culture. As she looked at Erica's face and her heart started to drop but then she saw the corner of the elf's mouth twitch. What was this? Erica was not frowning, she was trying not to burst out laughing. Roxy giggled and put a hand to her mouth. Erica looked at her and came even closer to losing it. She looked back at the excitement just in time to see the dwarf slip on the spilled meed and go tumbling to the floor. Erica could not help it, she bust out laughing. Roxy joined her thinking that it the most beautiful laugh she had ever heard. Also, for just a moment she thought she heard another laugh as well. One that was musical and high pitched.


The two of them finished lunch and decided to walk through the festival to see what there was to see. They came across a flute quartet and stopped to listen. The music was beautiful and played in perfect harmony with out a missed note, well at least at first. The group finish a song and after the applause died down the lead player raised her flute to her lips.....


The musician sneezed and so suddenly that she still had the flute to her lips. The result was a long, off tune, comedic note that blared its way out of the instrument.

Roxy again clasped a hand over her mouth to hide a giggle. She looked at Erica who seemed to keep it together this time but the corner of her mouth was twitching again. As they moved on Roxy again thought she could heard that tiny laugh.


The day when on and all to soon evening was upon them. Not that the festival was over mind you. No no things were just beginning. Torches were lit and the party went on. Most children would be heading to bed so the night festival tended to get a bit more wild. The stage around the great red maple was turned into a dance floor and soon filled will people spinning and twirling to the up beat music of the town band. This is were we find Erica and Roxy. It took some encouragement but Erica had finally talked Roxy out on the dance floor and now they spun and kicked and were working up quite a sweat in the warm summer evening air. The song finished and the next began. This time a slow bluesy evening song. Roxy's eyes widened and she went to walk off the dance floor but was held her fast. She looked up at Erica.

"Please don't go." Erica said. Her eyes were confident and strong but there was still a hint of pleading in them. "I would love to dance with you to this."

She clasped Roxy's hand in her own and placed her other around the girl's waist, then she began to lead her in a slow beautiful dance.

Roxy was in heaven. This night was so perfect it had to be dream. Erica was amazing. Strong, confident, beautiful, and something else. As she had discovered throughout their day together, the elf had a hidden fun loving goofy side that she likely never got to show around her people. Roxy looked up. Erica's eyes met hers and she was lost in them. As the song neared its end Erica closed her eyes and slowly leaned closer. Roxy's heart jumped. She was going to kiss her. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh.......Oh no! Not now!" she thought. To her dismay her nose had suddenly developed the strongest tickle she had ever felt in her life. She was powerless to hold it back and being this close to Erica........


Roxy sneezed twice, hard. She had tried to stifle them but had never been good at that sort of thing. She was shocked that she had even been able to sneeze at all. Ever since she realized she was interested in sneezes, she had become far to timid to let herself do it in public. She thought maybe she had even developed a mental block. This time however, the tickle had been so strong and so fast that the block had simply been overridden.

Roxy thought she would die right there. As she opened her eyes she saw that, as she feared, she had sneezed right on the part of Erica's chest that was reveled by the elf's blouse. She turned bright red and had to fight back tears. She tried to pull away again and again Erica held her. Gently placing a hand on her chin, Erica raised Roxy's down cast head and look into her eyes.

"I...I...I'm so sorry! I-" Roxy started to say but Erica but a finger on her lips.

"It's okay. It was not your fault." Erica said "Something just tickled your cute little nose and you couldn't help it. If fact that was......You have the cutest little sneeze." 

Erica affectionately bopped the tip of Roxy's nose lightly with her finger.

Roxy's face quickly took on a pleading look as her eyes closed and her head tilted back slightly. The touch had renewed the tickle and again she could not stop it.


This time Roxy was able to turn to the side so she did not spray Erica again. She sniffed lightly then shook her head to rid herself of the lingering tickle. Erica watched her intently the entire time.

Once Roxy recovered, what Erica had said finally began to sink in. The elf was not upset by what had just happened in fact she did not mind at all. Roxy almost teared up again but she never had the chance. Erica's soft lips touched hers and she was lost to the world. Roxy would later remember it as the best kiss of her life. The one against which all others would be judged, and found wanting.


It was past the tenth hour and still the festival showed little sign of slowing down. Most everyone was still talking, dancing, eating, and drinking and in the midst of it all Eshu was having the time of her little life. (Not that her life was little just she is little get the idea. Moving on.) She had been flying around all day teasing as many people as she could. The waitress at the grill had been hilarious and had caused a huge mess by dropping her tray as she sneezed. Eshu had been atop one of the table umbrellas out of sight and had laughed openly with the crowd feeling sure she could not be heard over them. The flute player had also been great but the fauna she had made sneeze during her first kiss had been the best one yet. A part of her had felt bad about it but as usually happened her ever present fairy instincts took over. It had been just to tempting to pass up.

It had gotten dark now and most of the people were in the numerous pubs around town. Eshu, despite the long day was still hyped up on the fun she was having and sleep seemed like something she could put off for a week. She flew towards one of the pubs and snuck inside.

Kristen, the mayor of Red Maple sat at one of the larger tables and took a sip of her meed. "What a day this had been,"she thought smiling to herself. The Summer festival had been a wonderful success and the night festival was in full swing. The place was full of laughing, talking, tipsy guests and Kristen was enjoying watching everyone. She was in such a great mood that she had almost forgotten the embarrassment she had suffered that morning. "To sneeze during a speech and not just once. Gaahhhh! What must they think of me?" she wondered. Well at least she was not alone in her embarrassment. With her at the table sat a waitress who's name she had learned was Megan. She had witnessed the poor girl sneeze while carrying a tray of meed that she had then spilled all over her customers. Feeling bad for the girl Kristen had struck up a conversation with her, as she liked to do with her citizens from time to time and after sharing a meed or two the women were becoming friends. At the table with them sat the mayors two assistants and a few other townsfolk. Kristen liked getting to know her people and what better way then over a cup of meed, or two........or five? If they were honest everyone at the table was drunk or getting there fast. Not that they were alone mind you. Maple meed is very sweet and light so it did not sit heavily in the stomach and could be enjoyed with most foods. This however made it a bit deceiving as it was still quite strong and some people not used to it would be having a not so pleasant morning.


As fate would have it there are two others we know at the same pub. Erica and Roxy sat at a table near one of the corners of the room. They had entered that new love stage that we all enjoy being in but hate to witness. They sat on the same side of the table, holding hands, sneaking kisses when they think no one is looking. They too have had a meed or two and are feeling more relaxed and happy. Neither is drunk however. While they can get buzzed as quickly as humans, it takes a lot to get an elf drunk. As for Roxy, no way was she getting drunk on a first date. It was going perfect and for all she new she might blurt out something to mess things up. Like how much she wished Erica might suddenly sneeze or ask her if she liked how Roxy's sneezes sounded. She blushed at the thought.

"You okay?" Erica asked.

"Y-Yeah" Roxy blurted. "These wings are a bit hotter then I thought that's all." She fanned her mouth.

"Well you did order them extra hot" Erica said with a smile.

"Great Roxy great" Roxy thought "Day one and your lying." But she couldn't tell Erica what she had been thinking. She wouldn't understand. Would she?


Above everyone Eshu crept through the rafters. So many to chose from. She was too giddy to decide. Then she saw the mayor from this morning stand up and raise her pint of meed. She did not even have to think about it, Eshu had her target.


"What a great night" Kristen thought. She was so proud of her towns people and all they had done to make this night happen. They deserved a toast. Yes they deserved a toast! She stood to her feet swaying only slightly to the right as she did so. Having drank the stuff for years Kristen could hold her meed but she still had had quite a bit.

"A toast!" she shouted.

Even above the noise the room heard her. She was good at projecting. It grew mostly quite.

Kristen smiled. "A toast to th- th- RASHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!"

She sneezed hard bending slightly at the waist and having to take a step to regain her balance. The cup she was holding tipped slightly and spilled meed on Megan's lap who was sitting next to her.

"Gaaaah!" Megan said in surprise. 

Kristen opened her eyes wide in shock and horror. Again. It had happened again!! For the second time today the proud mayor of Red Maple turned bright red.

There was a moment of silence then.

"To our amazing mayor!" some drunk patron slurred "and her amazing nose!"

The crowd laughed and cheered, genuinely toasting there mayor for they truly did love her and thought no less of her.

But Kristen.....

"Who said that, I'll kill them! That wasn't funny!" she thought looking around frantically.

"Actually ma'am it kinda was." Megan said smiling.

"Oh crap, did I say that out loud?" Kristen said.

"Yup kinda" Megan said as she padded herself dry with a napkin.

Kristen flopped back down defeated.

"I give up" she said.

"Don't worry about it," Megan said earnestly "we all think you are great. So want if you sn- Ah....oh excuse me. For a second there I though I was going to snee- too- YEECHEEEEEEEW!!!!! YEECHEEEEEEEW!!!!! ahhh. Oh my!"

Above them Eshu laughed and giggled as she walked across an overhead beam. What great fun. She was so busy laughing that she did not see the small nail that had not been fully hammered in place. Her foot caught on it and she fell sprawling onto the beam.


The impact caused a large amount of dust to poof off of her and rain down on the table below.

Kristen was about to say bless you when she stopped. Something had been in the back of her mind all day and she was very close to finally putting the pieces together but the meed was making things difficult. "What are the odds of Megan sneezing at nearly the same time as me?"she thought. Before she could think anything else..


Kristen sneezed again followed by another double from Megan, then the elf across from her sneezed, and the woman next to her and in a few moments her entire table had erupted in fits of sneezing.

Realization suddenly hit her. There was only one thing it could be, a pepper fairy!

She looked up and sure enough she saw a faint purple glow emanating from a tiny body with wings standing on one of the rafters.

Upon looking back at this moment she realized that her actions were probably not the wisest giving the situation but she was drunk and pissed. Can you blame her?

Without thinking Kristen snatched up a broom that a passing waiter had dropped when they also started sneezing and began flailing wildly at the rafters. All she could think about was how this pesky creature had embarrassed her not once but twice.

Eshu had recovered from her fall in time to doge the broom with ease but she new she was busted. "Fine then" she thought "no more playing it easy." She took off like a shot flying in wide circles around the room. If her mischief had to end then it will would end with a bang. She began sprinkling her magic dust everywhere.

Roxy had been to absorbed with Erica to hear the mayors first sneeze, but when the entire table had launched into fits of sneezing she just had to look. She saw the pepper fairy and her heart jumped. As with most who share our fetish the thought of getting to see people sneeze excited her and best of all she would finally get to hear Erica sneeze.

The entire room irrupted in sneezes. Waiters and waitresses dropped trays of food and beverages, people dropped food and meed, everyone was sneezing hard and could not stop.


Roxy nose tickled and she sneezed twice smiling as she did so. While she was embarrassed she was loving watching everyone sneeze. It was so hot. She looked excitedly at Erica only to be filled with surprise and disappointment.

Erica who was naturally very observant had seen everything as it had happened and had plenty of time to get a firm grip on her nose so no dust had even entered. "Come on" Erica said " let's get you out of here." She grabbed Roxy's hand and jumped up heading for the door with the sneezy girl in tow.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Roxy thought in dismay. She was flattered buy Erica's care for her well being but this was a sneeze fetishests dream come true a room full of people sneezing uncontrollably. She wanted to stay and watch. As they moved towards the door Roxy suddenly had an idea. She pretended to trip and fell down sliding under a table. She let out a sneeze or two and smiled again. Erica would never leave her. In fact she would likely try to carry her out but if she did she would have to take her hand off her nose. Roxy waited and sure enough two strong but feminine arms reached under the table and scooped her up. Roxy clung to Erica's neck and looked up in at the elf's face as they began moving. Her eyes filled with disappointment again. Erica had taken one of the clips she wore in her hair and had used it to keep her nose pinched shut. Roxy smiled half heartedly. She was proud and impressed at the elf's quick thinking but she was sad she would not get to see her sneeze tonight. Before she could think of an excuse to accidentally remove the hair pin they were outside. Fortunately for her the other pub goers had began to stumble out of the building all sneezing as they when. All of them to include Roxy herself would be sneezing on and off for the rest of the night, not that she minded much.


About an hour later Roxy and Erica returned to the inn they were staying at for the night. Two separate rooms, Roxy would never share a bed on a first date but if she were honest it was be very hard to turn Erica down if she asked. Erica did not but something about how she looked at Roxy told her she was tempted as well.

"So...uh.....did you enjoy yourself? I mean our day together. Did you have fun?" Erica asked.

She shifted her weight and for the first time Roxy had witnessed Erica seemed a but unsure of herself.

"I hope I was not too forward kissing you tonight. O-or making out in the pub. I just....I couldn't help myself." she said.

Roxy opened her mouth to reply but then closed it again. She had a better idea. She stepped forward and stood on her toes so she was closer to Erica's height. Then she leaned close and kissed the elf girl softly on the lips.

"Does that answer your question?" Roxy said stepping back.

Erica stepped forward to return the kiss but Roxy quickly placed two fingers on the elf's lips.

"I'm sorry but if you kiss me one more time I will not be able to help inviting you in and....." Roxy's voice trailed off.

"And we don't want to mess things up by moving too fast" Erica said "your right."

Roxy turned and opened her door, stepped in, and mostly closed it so she was just peaking around the edge.

"Good night." Roxy said smiling.

"Sleep well meena" Erica said.

Roxy blushed. Meena was an elvish word with a meaning similar to sweet heart, cutety, or honey. She slowly closed the door turned and without really thinking shouted.


Then she remembered at sound traveled and clamped her mouth shut. Oops.

Erica who had only been a few steps away smiled and headed to her room.

That night they would both dream of inviting the other in and the fun that might have followed. In Roxy's dream Erica did get dusted by the fairy and had the most amazing sneezing fit ever.



Amidst the commotion Eshu had made her escape and hid for a while. It had been a close one and not quite as fun as she had hoped. Now it was time to call it a night and she was heading for the town border. As she flew over another restaurant, this one bordering the woods, she saw two people standing alone behind the building. One, a burnet human women was leaning on it while the other, a red haired "human" woman appeared to be hugging her neck and whispering some thing to her. Whatever she was saying it was making the brunet blush.


Ira was running her fingers through the girls hair, whispering to her things that would make just about anyone blush, when the girl suddenly pulled back and got a strange look of desperation in her eyes. "What the-" Ira stared to think then the girl burst forth with a feminine but very strong sneeze. IHSHOOOW!!!!!! Ira stared awestruck. She had never seen someone sneeze. Succubi never sneezed naturally and she had never seen someone else do it, at least not up close. She did not know why but it was about the sexiest thing she had ever seen.

"Oh wow," she said, "do that again, please."

"She can't on her own," came a singsong like voice, "but I can make her."

Ira looked up to see a purple fairy hovering over there heads. It dusted the girl and immediately the face of desperation returned.

"Shoo stupid fairy" the girl tried to say but all she got out was "Sahh, IHSHOOO!!!!"

The Eshu burst out laughing.

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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 5

"You have a sneezing fetish!?"

Erica's question seemed to hang in mid air. Roxy could not reply, only burry her face deeper into the pillow she was clutching.

She. Was. Busted.

Roxy just knew she would die of embarrassment. "How! How did this happen!?" she thought.

"Wow, it all makes sense now." Erica said as the events of the last few months came flooding back to her.


About nine months had passed since the festival in Redmaple and Erica and Roxy had been happily dating the entire time. A few months ago they had decided to move in together. While a couple suspicious things had happened in the first months it was after they started living together that things really got interesting.

The two girls seemed made for each other. Erica's natural confidence had really helped the more timid Roxy to come out of her shell and she was slowly becoming more out going. As for Erica, Roxy's playfulness, sense of humor, and her contagious laugh had helped the elf to become even more open about her emotions. While she had already been miles ahead of most elves, thanks to Roxy she no longer tried to hide laughter and overall she was enjoying life much more. But more important then the benefits of there relationship, the two had fallen in love with one another. They enjoyed every minute together and felt like they could share there deepest secrets with each other. Well almost. Roxy still had one thing she could not bring herself to share and that was her love of all things sneezing. The closer she got to Erica the more worried she became that her girlfriend might reject her if she found out. At first Roxy thought that maybe she could do without sneezes in her life but that idea died quickly and was soon replaced by a dangerous temptation. She desperately wanted to see Erica sneeze. Much to her dismay however, the elf never did. Not once in nine months had her breath even hitched. Roxy had become more and more frustrated and right around the time the two moved in together the temptation became too much. If Erica would not sneeze on her own Roxy would find a way to make her. She was smart enough she told herself, she could find a discreet way.

And so it began. First she tried to find an allergy. She began suggesting activities that would get Erica around animals. They spent a day at a friends farm riding horses, gathering eggs and milk, even went hay jumping and while that last activity ironically sent Roxy into a fit, Erica never even sniffled. A month later they adopted a beautiful cat that they both fell in love with but still no effect on Erica. They even chased rabbits. While that may seem a bit odd we must remember that Roxy was part fox and still had some hunter instincts deep with in her. She would never kill them but the thrill of the chase was extremely exhilarating and with her foxlike speed she could easily catch one if she really tried. Surprisingly enough not only did Erica enjoy this game, she was good at it. Most people never knew this as there race was always so composed, but elves were quite fast. It took effort but she could keep up with Roxy if the fauna was not at full speed. They laughed and ran through the fall leaves and even wound up tumbling in to a pile of them giggling and roiling around playfully. It had been great fun but still.......nothing.

During the winter months Erica never caught a cold so no help there. The two loved cooking together and Roxy came up with a clever idea. She "accidentally" spilled the flower while they were baking cookies sending a white cloud poofing into the air. Once again Roxy's sensitive nose responded and she was sneezing for the next hour or so but as for Erica....nope.

On and on it went. Roxy would try something and either nothing would happen or she would make herself sneeze. As much as she enjoyed that it was only making her more frustrated. Her most recent attempt was a picknick lunch in a beautiful field in late spring. A field that just so happened to be filled with dandelions. Every time there was a breeze little seedlings would float though the air on their fluffy sails. Mid way through lunch one such seed landed on the tip of Erica's nose. She giggled and began to rub her nose with the palm of her hand.

"Oh wow that tickles!" she said and giggled again.

Roxy's ears perked up and she looked excitedly at her girlfriend. After a moment however her ears drooped back down in disappointment as she realized that Erica's nose tickled tickled not sneezy tickled. She managed a weak grin by time Erica opened her eyes.

By the next day Roxy was about to give up on ever seeing Erica sneeze. To make matters worse she felt like she was suffering withdrawal since they had moved in together. While she was still able to see an observation from others from time to time she had not had as much privet time to enjoy her interests. Before she had a girlfriend Roxy would often use her personal Glass to talk and write to others like her.


I should interject here for a moment to explain what a Glass is. You see the world that Roxy lives in is not that different from ours with one exception. Magic vs technology. Magic allows for the many supernatural races and creatures. In addition some things that our world has that technology makes possible their world has due to magic. Glasses and the knowledge ocean are one example. It was discovered years ago that a magic orb know as a Glass could be linked to another one for communication and information sharing. This was still limited until the Mages developed Knowledge Gems that could absorb and store information. One could be placed in a library for instance and in a few hours it would absorb all the knowledge from every book. Through the years Gems and a central Glass were placed in almost ever library across the land and smaller Glasses in many houses. This rapidly developed into what became known as the knowledge ocean with multiple "islands" dedicated to almost any topic you can imagine. Basically a less advanced version of our internet and as with our internet people began to use the ocean to connect with others who shared their interests.


When Roxy was a bit younger and still discovering her fetish she was surfing the ocean and happened to come across a well hidden island, one completely dedicated to, well to people like us. She was thrilled. She had found others like her but was able to remain anonymous. Members shared art, stories, tales of encounters with the ever illusive pepper fairies, even used there Glasses to make motion images or sound captures of themselves sneezing. Roxy loved it and had made friends quickly, even contributed herself by writhing a observation or two about the crazy events of the Summer festival at Redmaple.

Ever since moving in with Erica however, Roxy had little to no time to enjoy the island. The images that a Glass projected were bright and would automatically come into sharp focus for anyone looking at it no matter the angle. As for sound captures and moving images, well there was no way to make it so only one person could hear. (No such things as headphones for Roxy sadly) Because of this Roxy had not been able to find an outlet for her fetish and she was about to go crazy. With that in mind we can't really blame her for what happened.

Erica was going out to the market and Roxy was planning on staying home to work on lunch. As soon as Erica left however the poor fauna could only think of one thing. How much she wanted to hear a sneeze. "I'll be quick" she thought to herself "I'll just use the Glass for just a minute. Maybe read a short story or hear a quick sound capture." Roxy went to her bed room and sat on the bed with the Glass near the pillows. She placed her hand on it and the magic instantly projected the image of the main ocean island. Using gestures she knew by heart she quickly navigated to that special island and began to look around. So much new information since last time. She smiled and began looking through it. Without meaning to Roxy completely lost track of time. She found something new from one of her favorite members. She opened it and saw the lower half of a cute woman's face. The girl gave a small introduction then began to induce using a blade of grass. Roxy did not know it but the girl actually the waitress from RedMaple, Megan, who had spilled the drinks that day.

"Oh my....I can't hold it ba- I EHE....YEECHEEEEEEEW!!!!!    YEESHEEEEEEEW!!!!!" Megan said sneezing.

Roxy was completely absorbed. Oh how she had missed this. Seeing this girl induce reminded her of how long it had been since she herself had done so. "Maybe just a few." Roxy thought and soon enough she had removed a feather from one of the pillows and began tickling her nose.




Erica had made it half way to the market when she realized that much to her surprise she had forgotten her money. "That's just great" she thought "A good twenty minutes wasted." Well there was little choice but to turn back. As she was walking home she got an amusing idea to try to scare Roxy. Just a little to make her jump. It would be funny and Roxy was encouraging her to enjoy her sense of humor a bit more. She reached the house and slowly crept inside. Between Roxy's excellent hearing and her sense of smell Erica doubted she could sneak up on her girlfriend anyway but she was still going to try. She stopped to listen with her own rather powerful ears for any sign of Roxy. At last she heard a faint sound "shoooow"  followed by another slightly different sounding "sheeeew." Was that....sneezing? It was coming from Roxy's bedroom. Maybe the poor girl had got something up that sensitive nose again. But why did it should like two different people? She tiptoed down the hall to her girlfriends room and stopped in the doorway bewildered.

There was Roxy sitting on the bed with her back to the door apparently using her Glass. But for what?




Sure enough it was Roxy sneezing but also someone on the Glass? Erica peaked over Roxy's shoulder and the image came into focus. Was that girl making herself sneeze? She was and for that was Roxy!!! Erica's mouth dropped open as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing. She looked at her girlfriend and saw that her cheeks were flush and she seemed to be breathing I bit heavier then normal. In fact she looked a bit like she did after the two of them finished making out. Finally it struck Erica and she blurted out the question before she could stop herself.

"You have a sneezing fetish!?"

Roxy screamed in surprise, clamped one hand on the Glass to turn it off and spun around to see the last person she wanted to just then. She snatched up a pillow without really thinking about it and tried to use it to hide.

She. Was. Busted.

"Wow, it all makes sense now." Erica said "you were trying to get me to sneeze."

Roxy started to cry. She buried her face in the pillow as the tears flowed. She had blown it. She had somehow found the girl of her dreams and now she had scared her off. Why!? Why did she have to have this fascination!? But she could no more change this part of her then change the length of her tail.

"It's okay. I'll leave." Roxy said between sobs. "You must think I am a freak. I-"

Strong and yet tender arms hugged her. She tried to pull away at first but they would not let go.

"Please......please don't leave. I love you. Please don't go." Erica said.

Roxy looked up to find tears streaming down Erica's cheeks. She was shocked. Did this mean Erica........still accepted her? Even with her odd fascination? Roxy began to cry again but this time for a different reason.

"I love you too." she managed to say.

After a few minutes they had regained their composure and Roxy finally opened up to Erica completely. She told her as much as she could about her fetish. She apologized for not telling her sooner and for all the different things she had tried.

"So you really wanted to see me sneeze that badly?" Erica asked when she had finished.

Roxy blushed. "Yes" she almost whispered "your so amazing in every other way and I would love to know what your sneeze is like. It would be......" Her voice trailed off.

"Hot?" Erica asked.

Roxy only nodded.

"Well I am not sure this is going to be easy. We elves have very strong immune systems. In fact I can really remember only sneezing once, years ago when a pepper fairy got me."

"Not going to be easy? Y-you mean you want to try to make yourself...." Roxy could not even finish the question.

"You bet I do." Erica said "first it's important to you and second" she leaned in close to Roxy's ear "I would love to see how you react."

She kissed Roxy on the cheek and sat back. Roxy only sat there trying to process all this. After a moment the elf jumped up.

"Come on let's go!" she said heading for the kitchen "there has to be something in here that will do the trick."

The fox girl sat there for a moment longer then she smiled widely and dove from the bed arms first, nimbly bounding off them to her feet. She ran after Erica, her giddy joyfulness restored.


She found Erica near the spice cabinet.

"No wait not that!" Roxy shouted but it was too late Erica had inhaled a generous portion of black pepper.

"Ow ow ow ow ow!! Oh shit that stings!" the elf shouted. She quickly snatched up a dish rag and blew her nose, her eyes tearing back up.

Roxy had to stifle a laugh. Erica almost never cursed and it was kinda funny to her do it.

"I'm sorry but I tried to warn you." Roxy said. She had done something similar when she first started inducing. "Black pepper , if it is fine enough may work but it burns really bad if you over do it."

"Ouch." Erica said "maybe you pick this time."

"Well we know flower does not work......lets see......." Roxy said as she began rummaging through there spice collection. 

Over the next twenty minutes they tried many different things often busting into laughter in the process. Mint leaves produced some nice tingles but no more. White pepper caused a hitch but they could not repeat it. They tried another feather. Roxy even ran outside and returned with a blade of grass but even in her skilled hands it seemed to have no effect.

"I'm sorry." Erica said as she blew her nose again "I think I need a break."

Roxy looked quite disappointed. This was not fair. An amazingly willing girlfriend who was unable to sneeze. How cruel fate was. Erica saw the look on Roxy's face and pulled her over for a hug, holding the fauna's head against her chest.

"Don't give up" Erica said "we will find something. I'm sure of i- EHH....HAHHH!!!!"

Roxy looked up quickly and saw an amazing look of desperation on the elf's face. Erica's eyes half closed, her head tilted back, she took a deep breath, and..........let it out with a frustrated sigh.

"Damn it. Almost." Erica said.

"What was it?" Roxy asked excitedly "The grass? The spices?"

"I don't think so. I just blew me nose so none of that should be in there still"

"Something I the air?"

"Maybe but that is not likely. It could be...............wait a minute. Come here"

Erica slowly hugged Roxy just as she had a moment ago and this time took notice of somethings she had not before. When she held Roxy's head to her chest Roxy's ears were........were right under her nose! She tilted her head down allowing the soft fur at the tip of the fauna's ear to brush against her nose. The tickle returned instantly and quickly became overwhelming.


Erica sneezed hard and freely and Roxy had a front row seat. They were strong and a bit wet but still had a feminine quality to them that made Roxy weak in the knees. They were perfect. Roxy hugged Erica as hard as she could.

As for Erica herself, she was still recovering. After not having sneezed in years she had forgotten what it was like. The building urgency and amazing feelings of release and relief. It was..........well quite enjoyable actually.

"See" Erica finally said after catching her breath "I told you we would find something."

"But are you.......are you allergic to me?" Roxy asked "How? And how come we have never found out?"

"Well, if I had to guess I would say it's not all of you just your fur. Your hair is no problem but your ears have fur on them and somehow they have never really touched my nose."

"Wait, so if my ears can make you sneeze then I wonder if....." Roxy slowly turned around and looked over her shoulder.

"What are you AH-HAH!!" was all Erica was able to get out. Roxy had lifted her bushy foxlike tail up under the elf's nose and began brushing it back and forth underneath. Erica's nose never stood a chance.


Roxy almost wilted. Her tail? How hot was that? Her tail. She could not believe it. It was like something out of once of the stories she read.

Meanwhile Erica was waiving a hand in front of her face like she might bust into another fit. She grinned. This was actually kinda fun and Roxy's face....she could see her girlfriend was loving every second of this. With that she let herself go and the sneezes flowed freely.

"So worth the wait" Roxy thought and then said aloud "So worth the wait."

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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 6

 Roxy was completely and utterly in love. She had recently shared the most secret part of her heart with her girlfriend Erica and despite her fear of being rejected she had been greeted with sweet acceptance instead. Erica had embraced Roxy's fetish and while she did not share it she did greatly enjoy the way Roxy responded to her sneezing. And to find out that the only thing that caused the elf to sneeze was her girlfriends fur was an amazing discovery. In a strange way it made them feel even closer to one another as only Roxy could invoke Erica in such a way. After the discovery the two indulged rather often. Roxy either using her tail to tickle Erica's nose or Erica using a fallen hair to induce herself. Sometimes they would hug and Erica would let Roxy's ears tease the bottom of her nose until the inevitable happened. Roxy particularly enjoy this method as she could feel Erica's body react and tighten with each release.

Needless to say, the two seemed made for each other. The relationship had become very serious and because of that Erica thought it was finally time. Time to introduce Roxy to her parents. They had spoken about it and Roxy was eagerly curious to meet them. Erica on the other hand was quite nervous. You see Erica's parents, her mom in particular, were very traditional when it can to elven culture. While same gender relationships where mostly accepted, relationships with other races were not as much. While far from unheard of, romantic relationships with humans were rare and relationships with fauna were even rarer. Elves found most other races to be overly emotional and immature, lacking in the restraint and control that elves prided themselves on. Erica really did not know if her mother would accept her part fox girlfriend, not that she would break things off is she did not but still, she was her mom and she wanted her approval.

The day finally arrived. They had travailed the previous day to a neighboring town and this morning would finish the journey to the elven village. They would visit, have lunch and if need be get out of there Erica thought to herself. She sat in front of the bedroom mirror of the inn where they had spent the night. Roxy was getting ready using the other mirror in the bathroom. Erica had just finished styling her hair when she heard her lovers voice behind her.

"So, what do you think?" Roxy asked timidly.

As Erica turned her eyes widened in amazement. Before her stood what she believed to be the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Erica looked at every inch of her from top to bottom. Roxy's red orange hair was styled in a ponytail but she had left two curly strains then ran down either side of her face which was adorned with makeup that made her eyes seem to shine. Around her neck was her favorite necklace, one her sister had given her as a birthday present. The charm on the necklace was a flower carved from polished bone, a common type of jewelry among her people. She wore a dress that while far from a elegant dinner gown still was quite beautiful and matched perfectly with her hair and fur color. Her tail was adorned with a colorful bow near the end and she wore heels again styled with bone carved flowers.

For a moment Erica had forgotten how to formulate words. Finally she said "Wow. You look....beautiful."

Roxy blushed. "I rarely dress up like this but I wanted to make a good impression. I know how important this is to you."

Erica stood and it was Roxy's turn to stair. The elf wore a rather traditional elven dress but with a bright blue sash giving a touch of passion to it. Roxy realized that she had never seen Erica in a dress before. Then she looked up at Erica's face and saw something else unfamiliar.

"Your really nervous aren't you." she said.

Slightly embarrassed Erica turned back to the mirror. "I have told you about my mother." she said "I think you can understand why I'm a bit tense."

"You just need something to distract you a bit." Roxy said with a smile in her voice.

Erica turned back around and ran face first, or really nose first, into Roxy's tail. The fauna had turned around and lifted her tail to just the right level so when Erica turned....

"H-hey! W-wait." Erica stammered but her breath was already hitching and she could tell the building sneeze had no intention of waiting. Even though it seemed nothing else could make her sneeze she was helpless against Roxy's fur. Her face took on a very sneezy expression and her head tilted back. Roxy turned to watch as Erica turned slightly to the side as to not shower her girlfriend. After one last hitch the tickle overpowered Erica's nose and she began to sneeze.


She let out three strong sneezes bending forward at the waist. She did her best to sneeze at the ground as was polite. As she did her hands came up to the sides of her head trying to hold her styled hair in place.

"That was not fare meena." (Elvish for honey) Erica said but she was smiling in spite herself.

"I'll bet your not as nervous anymore are you." Roxy said.

Erica thought for a moment then replied, "Not really, no. Just kinda refreshed actually."

"See" Roxy said with a grin "Sneezing can be fun and useful."

After fixing a few strands of hair the sneezes had thrown out of place Erica was ready. They checked out of the inn, mounted there horses, and headed east. Not long after they entered a large ancient wood and then Erica's home town.

Like many elven towns this one consisted mostly of houses built high in the trees. Multiple pathway connected the buildings and served almost as roadways while large open platforms were used as town squares. As Roxy passed by shops and booths selling all manner of items she noticed that every thing sold was arranged perfectly. Ordered by item and in strait rows. Any elf that was browsing would not pick any thing up but only look. If a non-elf shopper picked up an item to look it over the shop keep would replace it exactly where it had been when the customer put it down. Roxy had noticed a rather well hidden look of irritation in the shopkeeper's face during one such exchange.

After moving through the center of town they came to an area consisting of what looked to be homes. Ornate buildings that seemed to almost be growing from the trees they were attached to. Roxy's mouth couldn't help but drop open at the sight of them. She had never seen such beautiful buildings. In fact she thought that this was the first time she had ever seen a building she would even call beautiful.

A few more moments and they stopped in front of the biggest house on the block. Erica paused and took a big breath. Sensing her girlfriend's unease Roxy gently turned Erica around and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. In the heels she did not have to stand on her toes to do so and she quite liked that actually.

"We will be fine." Roxy said trying to hide her own nervousness "I love you and that is what matters most."

Erica nodded and gave her a quick hug. "Okay" she said "let's go."

They ascended a set of stairs that led to what was almost a front porch. The front door opened as they approached and two tall elves stepped out. Looked at them Roxy could see rather clearly which one Erica had gotten her features from. Her father had the same tan skin and ears while her mother had given her her beautiful hair and eyes.

Roxy stepped forward and surprised all three of them. She touched her right hand to her left shoulder and bowed just slightly.

"Melasayou hena oon shenii" she said

Erica's father smiled yet her mother only raised an eyebrow.

"I'm impressed." her mother said "I don't think I have ever heard a fauna speak elvish before."

"And a formal greeting no less." her father added. "Are you fluent?"

"Not yet hena but I have been learning." Roxy said.

Erica's father smiled which Roxy took to be the equivalent to laughing.

"No need to call me sir but thank you for the politeness just the same." he said "come in, you are welcome in our house."

Roxy smiled but it quickly faded as she saw Erica's mother's face from the corner of her eye. She was frowning. Roxy's heart sank. Had she done something wrong or..? Then she saw something else, or at least she thought she did. Just once and for just the quickest moment Erica's mother's nose twitched. The elf woman did not even seem to notice it happen but it definitely got Roxy's attention. "Oh no." she thought. "It couldn't be that, could it?"

The four made there way to the back porch were a delicious looking meal of roasted rabbit and potatoes awaited them. Of course Roxy new this long before seeing the table. She smelled the amazing sent the instant she entered the house.

"We thought you would find this more to your liking." mother said as they sat "we did not know if fauna ate more.....traditional food."

Erica glared at her mom and was about to say something when Roxy squeezed her hand. Erica took a breath then replied.

"Roxy and I enjoy many kinds of food mother, even some elven dishes"

This last part was a stretch as Roxy found most elf food bland. The sad part was she really did love roasted rabbit. It was taking some restraint to not salivate from the smell alone. Roxy wondered if that was what Erica's mother wanted, for her to lose control in someway so she could gloat at the wield fauna's lack of restraint. "Good luck bitch." Roxy thought and had to control a smile. How would dear mother react to that if she said that out loud?

They sat and began to eat. Erica and Roxy told of there meeting, first date, and many other stories. Erica's father watched with interest and smiled from time to time but mother still would not so much as grin. Roxy could feel Erica anger growing but she kept squeezing her hand under the table trying to keep her calm. Then, things got interesting.

Roxy had just finished her last potato, the rabbit had disappeared first as she was still part fox and it smelled just to good, when she looked up and saw it.

Mother's nose twitched again. Roxy tried not to stare but she couldn't help it. The elf woman seemed to notice it this time as she made a inquisitive face and almost seemed to try to look down at her nose. It twitched again and there was a barley discernible inhalation, almost a hitch. Then a slightly deeper breath, then....yes that was definitely a hitch. Roxy's eyes widened. Erica stopped mid sentence and looked at her mother, with her fathers eyes soon turning to join them.

"What on er-earth?" the elf woman said, her face seeming to grow concerned.

"Are you alright dear?" Erica's father asked.

"I-I don't kn-know." she replied "I have the strangest f-feeling in my nose. It- heh....its m-making it hard talk."

Roxy and Erica looked at each other then back and at mother as her years of restraint and composure began to fail her.

"It feels like- Heh...s-somethings c-coming." she said her voice showing signs of building desperation by getting higher.

Roxy couldn't look away as the older elf's eyes rolled sneezely and half closed. Her need built until finally all her willpower could do her no good. She hitched twice more and then-


The sneezed burst forth, powerful and rapid and completely uncontrollable. Eric's mother was mortified. Even though she had never sneezed herself she had seen other creatures do it and had always viewed it as a disgusting loss of control serving as yet another sign of elven superiority. An elf would never let there body take over like that, well at least she had thought so but now. Her face turned bright red which only added to her embarrassment. But she just could not stop. The tickle in her nose was irresistible and now that it had taken over she was helpless to stop it.

"ACHOOOOOOOW!!!!!   ACHOOOOOOOOO!!!!  E-excuse me I ne-HACHOOOOOOOW!!!!!  need a momenACHOOOOOOOW!!!!!   ACHOOOOOOOOO!!!! moment." she managed to get out. She got up from the table still sneezing uncontrollably and walked into the he house. She had to hold the doorway for a moment as she entered when another sneezed threw her off balance. Her husband got up and followed her inside. Roxy and Erica watched her go in stunned silence. Even after she was inside, thanks to there powerful ears they could both hear her sneezing up a storm.

"What the hell was that?" Erica finally managed. "I have never seen mother sneeze before, ever."

"I think I may know what happened." Roxy said "she has never met a fox fauna before has she."

"I don't think so but what does that have to do with it?" Erica asked still to surprised to get it.

"Well let's just say I think I know who you got your fox allergy from." Roxy said grinning sheepishly.

Erica's eyes widened as she finally put things together. Inside they could hear the sneezing finally start to die down and eventually stop. A moment later Erica's father returned.

"Forgive us" he said "we are unsure as to how but my wife seems to have had some sort of fit. She is lying down for a moment."

Erica began speaking rapidly in elvish. While she was learning Roxy failed to catch most of it. It seemed like she was explaining things to her father. Roxy somehow knew that while things may not be great between her and her mother it was a different story when it came to her father. After a moment Erica father actually chuckled.

"That's perfectly alright." he said in the common tough. "Your mother needs a reminder that she is not perfect every once in a while. She will be fine and I will speak with her but I think I'll leave the cause of this out of it. It could be amusing the future. Unless you rather I tell her Roxy. It is up to you."

Roxy smiled. "Who am I to stand in the way of a rare moment of elven fun." she then started at the potential rudeness of what she just said but Erica's father smiled.

"Glad to hear it." he said the turning to Erica "you have found an amazing girl here. You have my blessing on whatever the further holds for the two of you. And it may take a while but I'll bring your mother around."

Erica stood and gave her father a big hug.

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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 7

"But why?" Ira moaned.

"I'm sorry honey but I can right now. I am already behind with these potions and they are rather important remember." Carrie said with only mild irritation. "It really is your own fault" she added.

It had been three months and so far things were going well. Amelia had accepted an offer for the three huntresses to become Pineoak's official Dark Watch. If a town had a particularly high rate of monster related events they would often form a Dark Watch consisting of hunters to keep the town safe. They had been given a three bedroom house, some money to live on, and even some horses.

On a more personal note, things were going well with Ira and Carrie during the past months as well. Ira had to remain in her human form most of the time but now that the others knew about the lovers, there were no more unexpected interruptions. Carrie and Ira shared a room while Bree and Amelia each got there own. But as for why Carrie was making potions, that one was Ira's doing. The succubus, in an effort to find a reason to stay near Carrie had said she was an alchemist, and in all fairness she kinda was but her expertise was not in an area most would find useful. Luckily Carrie had some base alchemic knowledge and they had made things work. Potions fetched a good price as well so if the huntresses did not need any at the moment, they would sell them to the local people.

Today Carrie was hard at work on the latest batch, this one for the local black smith, but it was slow going. And why you may ask. Well.......

"Carrie, I'm horny. Come on those can wait." Ira playfully wined in Carrie's ear. "And besides, I have had this tickle in my nose all morning. Won't you help me take care of it?"

Despite her efforts to stay focused Carrie squirmed in her chair as butterflies fluttered from her stomach and headed south. She looked pleadingly at her lover.

"Ira please. These are due today. I just need a few more minutes." she said.

"But I'm horny" Ira repeated as she gently bit Carrie's ear.

The Mage moaned but kept her focus. "Your always horny" she said.

"You like me that way" Ira replied.

"Ten minutes." Carrie said "then I'll fuck you till you forget your own name."

Ira grinned and backed off, but two minutes later she was impatient again. It was then she got an evil idea. The new dust she had been working on. While similar to some of her others, this one was meant to make the inhaler sneeze and get more turned on with each one. However it would not make the person climax. Ira wanted that for herself.

Ira slowly snuck up behind Carrie and after removing the vile of orange specked purple dust from her belt, she sprinkled it in front of Carrie's nose and..........

Nothing happened. Ira cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow. "What the hell?" she thought. It should be working. Nobody could resist pepper fairy dust not even herself. So what was wrong.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Carrie, Ira, are you too presentable?" came Amelia's voice "may we come in?"

"It's fine if your not." came Bree's voice "we won't mind."

That was followed my a barely desernable  "Offf!" Likely Bree getting an elbow to the ribs from Amelia Carrie thought. She turned to Ira who rolled her eyes first but cast her illusion appearing once again as the dark haired human woman.

"Come in!" Carrie said.

Bree and Amelia had come for the potions that Carrie had just finished. They were going to deliver them to a few town folk who had made requests.

Carrie had moved away from the alchemy table allowing Ira to sit down before the others entered. Now the succubus stood and handed the two bottles to the women. As she did she had another evil thought. Maybe she could test the dust on them. She used her tail, which had been rendered invisible by the illusion, to carefully remove some of the dust from the canister in her belt and with a quick wave she covered both huntresses. The effects should have been instant but again nothing happened. "What the fuck?" Ira thought. Neither had noticed the dusting thanks the illusion as well.

After finishing a brief conversation with Carrie, Bree and Amelia said there farewells and headed off to make the deliveries. As soon as they left Carrie felt Ira's tail slither around her waist and pull her backwards into the succubus' arms.

Carrie shivered slightly as she turned around.

"I am still not used to that." she said with a weak grin.

"I'm sorry but I am tired of waiting." Ira said panting. She began to tare at her lovers cloths but Carrie grasped her hand.

"You are really that pent up?" she asked. Ira nodded. Carrie grinned evilly. "I think I should make you wait just a bit. You love teasing me, I think it's time you got a taste of your own medicine. Besides I'm hungry and its lunch time. Let's see if you can wait till after we eat."

Carrie waived her hand and her clothing magically altered, forming into a tight fitting skirt and a top that showed off her C cups while still being classy. This outfit always made her feel quite sexy. Add to that the look on Ira's face and she might even be getting a bit.......


The ticked seemed to come out of no where and quickly overwhelmed her nose causing it to release its typical trifecta of sneezes.

"Oh my." Carrie said with a sniff. Then she looked up at Ira. The succubus was staring at her wide eyed and then started to move forward meaning to ravish the Mage right there. Carrie was quicker however ducked out the door. Ira followed her only to find she was heading towards the front door.

"I thought we were eating?" she said in dismay.

"Yeah, at the tavern across the street." Carrie answered. "If we try to have lunch here the only thing that will get eaten is me." Then she added with a grin "in more ways that one."

With that she headed out the door. With a moaning groan of frustration Ira cast her illusion again and followed her.




Amelia and Bree had made there way to the town market and had decided to split off to make the two deliveries more efficient.

"I'll take the poison to the blacksmith. You can deliver the other." Bree said trying to hide a teasing grin.

"Hey I was going to.....! Amelia started then she saw Bree's grin. "I hate it when you are an ass you know that?"

"Oh now you've hurt my feelings." Bree said faking a hurt exspretion. "Alright fine. I would not want to interrupt anything."

Amelia blushed. "T-there would be nothing to interrupt" she stammered "Renn and I are just friends."

Bree looked at her for a moment, then she sighed. "You really should loosen up a bit" she said "your always so prim and proper. You could uses a bit of fun you know."

"I have fun" Amelia started but Bree was already walking off.

"Sure, sure loads of fun. You know you should let your self go sometime. Get drunk, pick up a guy at the tavern, something." Bree said "who knows you might actually enjoy yourself." then to herself she added. "That way at least one of us wouldn't be pent up."

Amelia watched Bree go for moment then she turned and headed towards the smith shop. "Just because I'm private about it does not mean I have no fun." she thought to herself. If only Bree knew.

Amelia could hear the clanging of the blacksmith hammer as she neared the shop. Rounding the corner she was treated by a sight that she found far from unpleasant. Renn was working on what was shaping up to be a nice sword but the weapon was not what caught her eye. The man before her was shirtless, due to the heat she figured, and she could see his strong muscles flex as he struck the anvil with the smith hammer. While she was tall he was still taller standing over six feet. Dark hair, fit build, with a face she found quite handsome despite some weathering from the forge. In fact it made him hotter in her opinion. It looked like he had once again forgotten to shave that morning but again that seemed to only add to his attractiveness. She stood watching him for a moment, watching his strong arms at work and imagined those arms embracing her. She imagined running her hands over his chest, feeling each curve. She imagined what she could not see as well and what she might do if they........ Amelia suddenly felt an overpowering tickle in her nose. She waived a hand next to her face as to fan off the tickle but it only grew in strength. Her eye rolled slightly as the sensation took control of her body. Her breath hitched and.....


Amelia sneezed hard twice. Impressively the sneezes could be heard over the clanging anvil and Renn turned.

"Bless you." Renn said smiling "wow that was pretty loud. Do you always sneeze like that?"

Amelia blushed but managed to return the smile. "Ever since I was little." she said with a shrug "just how I'm built I guess. I have your order."

She handed the potion bottle to him.

"Thank you" he said placing the bottle on his work bench.

"Well, I should be going." Amelia said.

Renn smiled, an act that seemed to cause his face light up "I was about to take a break, would you like to come in for a minute? I have some chilled meed that would be perfect on a hot day like this."

Amelia returned his smile playfully. "What kinda of girl do you take me for?" she said.

"What kind of man do you take me for?" he replayed "All I offered was a drink."

"Really?" she said stepping up to him "I was hoping for a bit more than that."

Amelia kissed him, surprising herself at her oneness to do so in public. Renn put his arms around her and returned the gesture adding passion of his own. After a moment they pulled back.

"Maybe a bit more." Renn said

Amelia's reply was lost in-


"Getting you inside will help with those allergies too" Renn said and headed for the staircase that led to his home above the shop.

"I don't have allergies." Amelia insisted and followed him up.


Despite there playing coy, the two had been seeing one another for a little over two months now. Amelia still liked to keep her private life, well private. She had not told her friend or sister about Renn yet but she did plan to eventually. If things got serious. As for now, they were still in the infatuation stage and we're finding every excuse to see one another. Usually this let to sex and believe it or not that was mostly thanks to Amelia. While she showed a much more controlled demeanor to most of the world when it came to sex she had a passionate fire that could almost rival Ira.

Amelia had not waited long after Renn cleaned up. She had ambushed him in the hallway and had him undressed be the time they reached his bedroom. The was only one thing slowing her down. She could not stop sneezing. And it seemed to be getting worse.



Bree had finished her delivery rather quickly and now sat at her favored pub trying to decide what to drink. Yup she was pent up alright. She had woken up this morning and was the mood. She did not know why exactly but she just was and worst of all she had not had a chance to...attend to her needs. Morning training and now these deliveries had seen to that and then she was hungry so here she sat. To add to her frustration the pub had run out of meed so she had ordered her other favorite without really thinking. Port. A sweet potent wine with a rich almost chocolate flavor. There was just one problem. Port always made her horny. Now she sat regretting her choice of drink. Plus there was one other thing adding to her frustration. Her nose would not stop itching. It had started after they picked up the potions from Ira and despite a lot of rubbing and even a nose blow it was only getting worse. It almost seemed that the hornier she got the worse the tickle became. But what kind of sense did that make?

"Can I get you anything else?" a server asked.

Bree looked up to see any attractive elf. She suddenly had a thought of taking the elf into the back and after some seduction, jumping there bones.

Bree shook the random thought away and tried to reply when-


The tickle finally had its way with her nose and she succumbed to a sneeze. Strong and loud as always.

Most of the pub seemed to turn and look at her with a few bless you's thrown in for good measure. Most just starred for a second.

"What, you never seen a sneeze before!?" Bree shouted in frustration.

Most of the pub went back to there business but Bree was done. She had to get home and get rid of this frustration or she would either go crazy or start a brawl. She almost considered this as she could use the outlet but Amelia and Carrie would be pissed if she got herself thrown out of town for knocking out a whole pub. She would win the fight after all. Oh well, many next time she thought. She paid her bill and left.


Ira couldn't take much more of this. Carrie could be very alluring if she wanted to be and since she found teasing the succubus amusing for the moment she was really going for it. Plus she kept sneezing. Ira was sure there would soon be visible signs of how wet she was getting. "So this is what is feels like to be on the receiving end" she thought.

As for Carrie, watching Ira getting more and more restless was doing a number on her as well. The thought that she could get this kind of response out of a succubus, a creature built for sex who had likely seen it all, caused her to feel amazingly sexy and confident.
Feeling sexy made her horny and feeling horny....made her sneezy? She did not know why but the more turned on she became the more she sneezed. Not that she minded as she knew the effect her sneeze were having on Ira. A fresh tickle started in her nose.

"Oh my," Carrie said watching Ira's reaction. "I think I may ne-heh..need to sneeze. Oh....I- Heh- I think it's c-coming. I c-can't st-stop it."

HEH....HEH....HESHOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!  ESHOOOO!!!!!!!! HECHOOOOO!!!!!!

Carrie sneezed letting her body react freely. Her head went from tilted back in anticipation to pitching forward along with her upper body as the strength of the sneezes caused her to bend over. 

Finally Ira could take it no more. That last set of sneezes had pushed her over the edge. She wanted Carrie now. She did not care who saw. She did not care if she was caught. She wanted her. Ira got up with an almost glazed exspretion in her eyes and luckily Carrie saw what it meant. She had over done it a bit.

"Okay Ira you win, we will go home now." Carrie said getting up but Ira did not seem to hear her.

"I want you" Ira said softly "I need you."

Realizing that she was seconds away from getting tackled right here in the tavern Carrie acted quickly. She grabbed Ira's hand and spoke a quick spell. They were instantly transported back to there room and just in time. In her daze Ira had dropped her illusion and now she waived a hand and her clothing vanished reviling her amazing body. Carrie's eyes went instantly to Ira's naked form and she felt helpless to look away. She slowly lowered her gaze from the pleading eyes, to the D cups with a pare if perfect and very erect nipples, to the beautiful flower that was..... "Oh wow" she thought. Ira's flower was so wet it was dripping. Streams of nectar were running down the succubus' inner thighs. Carrie was stunned.

"I'm sorry" she started "I di-did no- not realize-"

Seeing Ira this aroused had caused her to start getting wet as well and as she did the tickle in her nose suddenly grew to a sharp need that she was helpless to control. 


Three sneezes each stronger then the last. It was the last straw.

Ira jumped on her.



Bree had returned home to find the house empty. "Perfect" she thought. Her need had intensified and she was glad to have some privacy to attend to it.

"HAH-HAAAAASHOOOOOOO!!!!! ......Fuck me! What did I get up my nose?" Bree said with a sneeze.

The entire way back to the house she had been sneezing. The closer she got the more excited she had become about what she planned to do and the more excited she got the more her nose seemed to itch. It was almost like a pepper fairy had got her but she had not seen any.

Reaching the house she quickly let herself in and after a quick check to see if she was alone she went to her bedroom and began to undress. Upon finishing she took a moment to admire herself in the full length mirror. Strong lean muscle had developed from years of fighting but much to her relief her body had remained feminine. Still watching the mirror she slowly slid her left hand across her stomach, feeling for a moment the strong abb muscles, then her hand continued south until it reached the place that was longing for attention. She slid her fingers between the petals of her flower, feeling the slippery wetness of arousal and let out a quiet moan. Wow she had needed this she thought. As her left hand explored her right found its way to her left nipple and squeezed. Just the right amount of pressure. Many of her past lovers seemed to never get that part quite right either squeezing too hard or too soft. She was just staring to find a rhythm when that annoying tickle returned. She watched in the mirror as her face took on a desperate look, her eyebrows arching upward in the middle, her mouth half opening, her eyes half shutting. This was going to be a big one she thought. Just before her eyes closed involuntarily she saw her head raise in preparation for release. Then........




A rare double. Her body pitched forward with each sneeze and her stomach muscles tightened. Much to her delight she noticed that the involuntary tightening cause a very pleasant sensation to emirate from inside her flower. Maybe these sneezes were not so bad after all. Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, Bree turned and lay on the bed. She tucked a few pillow under her head so she could still see the mirror and her ever moistening flower in it. Her fingers went back to work.




Amelia and Renn had waisted no time.  After tearing at each other's clothes they had exchanged passionate kisses on many sensitive areas of each other's bodies. There hands grasped and searched finding curves and areas both soft and hard. Amelia now sat upon Renn's naked form, her hands feeing his strong chest and his cupping her soft breasts. She could feel the dampness of her eager flower and the strength of his erect manhood as it bruised agains her butt. They were ready. She lifted herself and positioned her flower over him with the tip just teasing her flowers petals. She was about to lower herself when-


These sneezes had snuck up on her and she pitched forward having to catch herself with her hands on Renn's chest.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me!" Amelia shouted in frustration. Then she quickly blushed partly from what she had said, she rarely cursed and partly because Renn was wiping his face with his hands. Without realizing it she had sneezed right on him.

Amelia thought she would die of embarrassment right there. She couldn't believe that had just happened.

Renn however just smiled. "It's okay" he said with a slight laugh "sneezes sneak up on us from time to time. No harm done."

Amelia sat quite for a moment, then her strong desire flooded back to her. She needed him. Sneezes be damned she was going to have him. She once again lifted herself up and once again tickle returned. She was able to hold it back this time however and she slowly lowered herself down. He slid effortlessly inside her and she let out a long moaning sigh. It felt sooooo good. He seemed just the right size. Big enough to fill her and just reach her deepest parts with out being to much. Amelia's hips began to move on there own, gyrating up and down almost involuntarily. She let out a moan of pleasure as she let herself be lost in the feeling. This however made her stop focusing on not sneezing and the tickle took advantage of the opportunity.


Two sneezes erupted form her followed by a surprised gasp from Renn and moan from herself. When Amelia sneezed her muscles tightened around Renn causing a pleasurable wave to flow though the both of them.

"Oh wow. That was amazing." Renn said with wide eyes. "You wouldn't happen to have any more on the way?"

"I just mi-might" Amelia said as her breath hitched. "These sneezes actually might be fun" she thought.




Ira had attached Carrie with such ferocious passion that the Mage was almost frightened. Almost. She was also extremely aroused at having caused such a response in her lover. Her clothing was off in seconds and in very little time she found herself under Ira with both of there legs spread and there flowers touching. Ira seemed to always find just the right angle for both there flower buds to be stimulated. Now the two lovers were moaning and panting in the heat of passion. Carrie had an idea that neither would last long. As Carrie felt her orgasm begin to approach it seemed that her nose did not want to be left our of the party. The tickle renewed its attack on her and she offered no resistance. Not that she could have. Knowing full well the effect it would have on her partner, she surrendered to the fit.

ECHOOOOO!!!      ESHOOOOO!!!       EHSHOOOOOOOW!!!!.............ESHOOOOO!!!!    HESHOOOOOOW!!!!  HASHOOOOOOO!!!!!!............... ESHOOOOOOOO!!!!  CHOOOOOOO!!!!! ECHOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!


Each sneeze caused Carrie's hips to buck and press up against Ira. The succubus could not have lasted longer if her life depended on it. A powerful orgasm ripped though her like lightning and she cried out in exsticy spreading her wings and throwing her head back.

Carrie's eyes rolled back as her own orgasm raced through her body as though trying to catch up to Ira's. She let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as her hips and legs began to quiver uncontrollably. This had been a big one for both of them.



Bree's eyes popped open when she heard the very distinct sound of a woman moaning in orgasm.

"Oh shit! Oh shit!"she said under her breath. "I thought no one was here" she thought.

Just about then a second voice cried out and Bree recognized this one. Carrie. The other must be Ira. The two were making love, likely under the same impression she had been that the house was empty. She knew she should probably stop what she was doing but the sounds Ira was making were some of the most sensual she had ever heard. Before she even realized what she was doing her hand had started up again and she knew it was too late. She had passed the point of no return. Even if they walked in on her at that moment she would still finish. Her breath grew rapid and she focused all her will on staying quiet. As the waive inside her continued to build her fingers picked up speed and her legs extended forming a large V. In the other room she heard what sounded like a second orgasm from Ira and Bree's pace grew faster still. She was almost there when....

"Your joking." she thought "I have to sneeze now? Right now?" The answer was yes apparently as her breath began to hitch. Like her pending climax, the sneeze felt like it would be big. And loud! She almost panicked. She was never able to stifle her huge sneezes. They had a will of their own and nothing would stand in their way. Bree looked around frantically and just before her eyes closed she spotted another pillow with in reach. She snatched it up and buried her face in it with not a millisecond to spare.


Using the pillow like a silencer, Bree's gunshot of a sneeze came out muffled and comparatively quite. The contracting muscles pushed Bree over the edge and the waive of her orgasm began. Using the pillow to muffle a cry she rode the wave for every second she could using her fingers to prolong the pleasure as much as possible. After what seemed like a pleasantly long time the wave eased down and Bree let out a large sigh of contentment as she let her legs flop down on the bed. She. Had. Needed. That.



Amelia was riding Renn like a wild woman. The sneezes that came every few minutes continued to add to their pleasure and both were getting very close. Then at just that moment when she was sure she would cum the largest tickle yet filled her nose and her body seemed to shortcerket. She needed to sneeze. She needed to cum. Her body seemed unable to chose which to do so instead the sensations kept building. Either feeing alone would have already over powered her but the two seemed to be working together to hold each other back. Amelia let out moans that sounded like hitches and she really did not know which they were. All she knew was if something did not give soon she would go mad. She looked down at Renn. His face was starting to contort in a way that she had grown familiar with. He was starting to cum. That realization was the final push she needed.


She let out two tremendous sneezes and inhaled as to let out a third but instead let out a cry that could wake the neighbors, were it night at least. Renn let out a moan of his own and Amelia could feel him fill her with warmth. The feeling caused her to orgasm again. Her hips continued to buck and she was helpless to stop them. For Amelia, a person who prided herself on her control and restraint, surrendering herself to pleasure like this was a foreign sensation but one she was quickly falling in love with. With one final moan her wave finally ended and she flopped forward onto Renn's chest. Both were panting and sweating and Amelia's hair was a mess but she couldn't care less.


Bree lay on her bed panting and trying her best to stay quite. That had been.....she had no words to describe it. She had not cum that hard in a long time. As she lay starring up at the ceiling she began to feel very sleepy. Normally a good orgasm made her drowsy but with how strong this one had been she was fading fast. She glanced at the door to her room which was only open a crack. "I should be okay" she thought sleepily "we all knock before entering each other's rooms." With that her eyes closed and sleep overtook her instantly.


Elsewhere but close by.......


Three rounds later Carrie and Ira finally finished.

"I still think I own you an apology" Carrie said "I went to far with the teasing."

Ira looked embarrassed. "I should be the one apologizing" she said "I lost control......again. You just.....your not like anyone I have been with before. No one has ever made me lose myself like this."

"Is that a bad thing?" Carrie asked a little worried.

Ira smiled and kissed her briefly. "Not at all."

The succubus stood up and stretched. Carrie took that moment to once again admire the beautiful creature, her amazing figure, her purple wings that were rather big when fully extended, her bright colorful hair and her even brighter eyes. What fire and passion they held. Ira noticed Carrie admiring her and mockingly covered her breasts.

"Your not taking advantage of my nakedness to get an eyeful are you?" Ira teased.

Carrie grinned in mock irritation.

"Come lay with me for a while." she said when it looked like Ira was going to remain standing.

"I shall graciously accept your offer" Ira said playfully "when I come back. I really gotta pee."

With that the succubus turned to leave the room.

"Ira!" Carrie said "your still naked."

"So. No one else is here."

Ira stepped into the hall and headed for the bathroom. She had gone no more than three steps when she was flooded by a wave of sexual energy. She forgot all about needing to pee as she was drawn to the place the energy was coming from. She came to Bree's bedroom and peaking inside she had to stifle a cry of surprise. There lay Bree, asleep, very naked and very obviously having just finished some......private time. Not that Ira needed her eyes to tell her that. The room was full of excess energy and Ira tasked some before she even realized what she was doing. Even though she had fed from Carrie the energy was still intoxicatingly sweet and she was still a succubus after all. She couldn't help it. She drank deeply. "It really is just left overs" she thought "Carrie won't mind."

"Hey Ira!" came a shout from down the hall "did you fall in!?"

Ira jumped out of her skin and shrieked. Then she looked down in horror as Bree stirred. At that moment she finally realized her foolishness. She was not even in her human form. She was too shocked to remedy that but as fate would have it Ira's mistake had saved her. Feeding from Bree had caused her sleep to deepen and in the end she only rolled over and did not wake. Ira backed out of the room only to bump into a concerned Carrie who had come to see why she had screamed.  Ira jumped again but this time was able to not yell.

"What is it?" Carrie asked then answered her own question as she looked past Ira. "Bree! Why is she home? And why were you in her room?"

"I sensed someone" Ira replied only half lying "I wanted to investigate."

"Naked and in your true form?" said Carrie

"It is how I'm most comfortable." Ira replayed her sense of humor beginning to return.

They stepped in to the hall and slowly closed the dorm to Bree's room.

"Did you ever make it to the bathroom?" Carrie asked.

As if those words reminded her body, Ira's need returned with renewed strength.

"Oh shit!" Ira said in alarm and ran off down the hall.

Carrie had to muffle a laugh.

A few hours later Bree awoke feeling very rested and satisfied. She also felt a bit concerned. She had had the strangest dream.

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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 8

Roxy was drunk. Okay so maybe not drunk but rather buzzed, not that she had planned on getting this way but now that she had she figured what the hell. At least she had company. She looked up to see Erica walking back from the bar. The elf appeared to be completely sober but Roxy knew her girlfriend well by now and could tell that Erica was rather buzzed herself.

"Here, try this." Erica said with a grin that was slightly lopsided. One of the ways Roxy could tell Erica was buzzed, she only smiled that way when she had been drinking.

"What is it?" Roxy asked

"They call it an old timer." Erica replied "made from maple bourbon(?) and some sweet citrus thing. Sounded good so I thought we'd try some."

Roxy giggled. "We already have. At the summer festival, remember?" she said. Yup, Erica was buzzed alright.

"Oh." Erica replied "no wonder they sounded good then." And with that she took a large sip.

Roxy smiled and drank some of her's, enjoying the sweet tangy favor and slight burn of the alcohol. She looked up at Erica and admired the elf's beauty for a moment. She took particular note of her girlfriends breast as they peaked over the top she was had on and subconsciously bit her lower lip. Erica was buzzed but not to buzzed to notice the gesture. It was one she liked seeing.

"You're not getting horny are you?" Erica asked as she leaned in across the table.

Roxy raised an eyebrow. "If I was, what exactly are you going to do about it?" she asked playfully.

"Who, me?" Erica asked in mock surprise "why try to make it worse of course."

"How?" Roxy asked grinning.

"Well, maybe a game would be a good place to start." Erica said "I ask you a sexy question and you have to answer honestly, then you get to asks me one. Whoever it too shy to answer first has to....." she leaned forward and whispered in Roxy's ear. The fox girl blushed but then answered.

"Your on"
Erica stopped to think a moment. "Let's see, you have told me about your fetish. Do you have any others?"

"Not really." Roxy replied "Sneezing is really all that does it for me that's different. My you have a fetish?"

"Does watching you watch me sneeze count?" Erica asked "You get the hottest look of desire and arousal that I have ever seen and it turns me on just watching you."

Roxy blushed but was still smiling.

"Okay my turn again." Erica said "what's the......." She paused for a moment then grinned mischievously "What's the strangest place you have ever masterbated?"

Roxy blushed again but answered. "In a tree."

"What!?" Erica asked smiling "you have to tell me how that happened."

Still blushing Roxy went on. "Well I was in the woods one spring and decided to go for a run. As I passed my the lake I heard what sounded like two women sneezing. At first I tried to ignore them but they just keep on sneezing over and over and before long I found myself sneaking though the bushes to get a peek at what in the world was happening. It was two women who looked like they had been fishing and had been spotted by a pepper fairy. The poor things were just sneezing there heads off as the fairy kept laughing and laughing and continued to pore even more magic dust on them. I felt a bit embarrassed but I just couldn't help it. I started getting really horny watching them and soon I was just overwhelmed with the need to get off. I did not want to get caught so I climbed a tree and once I found a safe set of branches I slid my hands down and......well let's just say I did not last long."

Erica sat with her mouth slightly open. "Wow, what a story. I really wish I could have been up that tree with you. How did you not lose your balance when know."

"I didn't. I almost fell out of the damn tree." Roxy said with a laugh.

Erica burst out laughing herself. A few heads in the bar turned but no one took enough notice to over hear the conversation.

After she finished laughing Roxy continued the game.

"Okay so similar question. The most embarrassing place you have ever played with yourself."

It was Erica's turn to blush.

"In my hotel room after our first date." she said.

Roxy had been taking a sip of her drink and almost spit it all over her girlfriend. She gave a choked cough or two then recovered.

"Really?!" she asked.

"Yeah." Erica replied still blushing "I thought you were really hot and you were right, I probably would have said yes if you had invited me in. My room was next to yours and my mind started wondering, thinking about you as I was getting ready for bed. I almost got to sleep but them I heard......" Erica blushed even harder. "I heard you."

Roxy turned red again. "I-i didn't know how good your hearing was back then. I tried to be quite but I was too horny to sleep." Roxy said.

"Well hearing your.....playing. I lost any self control I had left. I fucked myself silly that night." Erica said.

If she was honest with herself Roxy was actually flattered. It was amazing how if it had been anyone else she would have felt almost violated but because it was someone she loved she found it not only acceptable but exciting. Roxy kinda wanted to just end the game so she could take Erica home and jump her but she was also having fun and was curious where this game would lead.

"Okay, your turn to ask." Roxy said.

They went on playing and learning more about each other. Their first time. How they discovered masterbating. Their first time with the same gender. Their best and worst sex. They were happy to discover they the best they had had was with each other. The night went on and more drinks came. They had stopped for a restroom break and wound up making out in the ladies room. More might have happened except they were walked in on by a very shocked human woman who stammered and apology that sent them both into fits of laughter. They returned to the table were the game devolved into something closer to "never have I ever". They were just about to call it a tie when.....

"Have you ever wanted to have a threesome?" Erica asked with just the slightest slur in her voice.

"That was be so fucking hot." Roxy said, then seeing Erica's face she realized what had just come out of her mouth. "Uh, I-I mean.."

"You would want to do that!?" Erica asked "really?"

"I uh wouldn't......would you." Roxy replied.

"Actually.........yeah it's kinda on my bucket list." Erica admitted

"Who in the world would it be with though?" Roxy asked "And would it be another girl or...."

They were interrupted but a loud


Too drunk to stop herself Roxy moaned at the sound. It was a strong and powerful man sneeze. While she was normally only into girls, when she was drinking Roxy became completely bi. As for Erica, well she was bi normally but had fallen in love with a girl so that's where she stood. They both turned to look and Roxy visibly jumped. At the bar sat a tall powerful yet lean male faunna. But unlike Roxy, he was not part fox, this man was part wolf.

An instinctual shiver ran down Roxy's spine. While both part predator they were not on the same level of the food chain. Well their animal sides at least. Faunna of all types lived in peace with each other and everyone else for the most part yet it was not uncommon for the high end predators to be a bit harder to be around. Instincts ran deep.

They looked at each other then back at the wolf. While he did scare her he also excited Roxy. As for Erica, well as you may have guessed she has a thing for faunna.

"Him?" Roxy asked trying not to look nervous.

"Him." Erica said.

They walked over to introduce themselves.

Time seemed to almost blur for the next hour. They met the faunna who's name was Kay, he bought them both a round, and they began to chat him up sitting on either side of him as they did so. Roxy seemed to blink and they were walking back home.....three of them. "Is this really about to happen?" she asked herself. She seemed to blink again and she was being held by strong arms and being kissed passionately. While different from Erica it still felt really good. She pulled back and Erica, who was standing next to her took her place, kissing Kay deeply. After a moment Roxy pulled Erica away in playful jealousy and kiss her. Kay watched them, drinking in every detail.

Roxy seemed to blink again and they were tearing at each other's clothes. Then Kay was on his back with Erica straddling him. Roxy was unsure what to do for a moment but then she noticed something Kay did not. Erica was tying his hands to the bed post. Roxy's eye widened. What was Erica thinking? Did she not know how dangerous pissing him off might be? She was about so say something when Kay noticed.

"What's this?" he asked staring to pull away.

"Trust me." Erica said in a voice that made Roxy weak in the knees "you will thank me later"

With that she finished the knot and then stood up. Kay and Roxy looked at her questioningly. Erica know completely naked walked over to the dresser and began searching one of the drawers. She returned with a small purple bottle and Roxy lit up.

"You see Kay," Erica said "my girlfriend has a bit of a fetish and while it's a little different it is a lot of fun. Just look at her reaction and it will be well worth it."

Kay looked over at Roxy who was already biting her lip in horny anticipation. He looked back just in time to see Erica sprinkle his nose with the fine purple dust for the bottle.

"What is tha- AH- RASHOOOOO!!!!!  RASHOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Caught off guard Kay had no chance to fight back and the tickle won instantly. Roxy began lightly touching the bud of her flower without even realizing it. It was one of the hottest things she had ever seen. This strong predator completely helpless against a sneeze. She moaned and looked at Erica with a face that said. "More. Please more."

Meanwhile Kay had mostly recovered and was now watch Roxy play with herself. His eyes seemed to drink in every inch of her form then they moved to the elf straddling him taking in an amazing view of her supple breasts and very erect nipples. Erica could feel his impatient manhood pressing against her backside and his obvious readiness added to her own. Carefully as to not spill to bottle, she lifted up and slowly lowered herself into him letting out a sensual moan. Roxy almost came from just hearing it.

Roxy seemed to blink again and she was now face to face with Erica. As the elf had not moved this placed her right over Kay's mouth. The wolf was eagerly using the opportunity to vigorously kiss her flower. Roxy had to concentrate to keep from coming to quickly. She wanted to keep thing going as long as she could but Kay was good, very good. Erica seemed to notice how close Roxy was and decided to help. She increased the rhythmic pace of her hips and Kay's kisses slowed as the increase in pleasure started to distract him. Roxy's eye lit up as Erica once again opened the bottle. She took a small amount of dust out with her finger and held it between them. Roxy leaned forward and the two inhaled the dust together then immediately began to kiss. This was a game they had played before, seeing who could hold off sneezing longer and who would have to beak off the kiss and let go. Normally due to Roxy's sensitive nose Erica won most games but this was the first time they had played while trying to hold back an orgasm at the same time. Erica moaned as she passionately kissed her girlfriend all the while trying to ignore the burning in her nose and the growing fire in her flower.

Roxy's breath hitched once and Erica thought she had her but then Kay grabbed her butt and began to thrust harder. The elf's eyes rolled back and she broke off the kiss as her back arched and her head flew back. She let out a cry that sounded like an overly exaggerated sneezy build up and then her will power was overwhelmed and both releases hit her together.


Erica sneezed and came almost simultaneously and Roxy had a front row seat. She kept her eyes open as long as she could watching Erica moan and cry out in pleasure. Then she could fight the tickle no more and gave in to a set of sneezes herself.


The sneezes had just subsided when there was a "mphfffffffff!!! from below. Kay, still having some dust left in his nose, sneezed again and while right up against Roxy's flower. Roxy's body twitched with the sudden renewal of pleasure and the realization of what had just happened pushed her over the edge. Her eyebrows rose and her mouth opened in a silent scream as an orgasm flooded her body. Erica who had just finished her's, watched eagerly.

Roxy seemed to blink again and she found herself on her hands and knees with Erica sitting spread legged before her. And Kay? He was behind her and was just about to......

Roxy let out a lust filled moan as Kay entered her. He filled her just the right amount and it felt sooooo good. He began thrusting, slow at first but very gradually building speed. Roxy began moaning in rhythm with the movement. She did not think she would last long in this position but from the sounds Kay was making she doubted he would either. She glanced up at Erica, then lowered her head and began licking Erica's flower. Roxy could feel another orgasm building but she wanted to give Erica one too. She sped up and Erica moaned in response. Just when she was sure Erica was seconds away, Roxy's nose suddenly started tickling like crazy. Erica had dusted the top of her flower and Roxy had inhaled it all. She was helpless to resist.


The sneeze burst from her and had no where to go but right on Erica's flower bud. The elf's eye rolled back again and her second orgasm gripped her body. At the same time Roxy's muscles tightened with every sneeze and she squeezed Kay's manhood with each one. It was enough to overcome the last of his resistance and Roxy felt warmth fill her. At that moment her instincts seemed to take over and she began vigorously thrusting back against him. Still coming he responded and sped up. There bodies began making a clapping noise as they met and all the while Roxy was making even louder sounds. Moments later she reached her limit and let out a scream as one of the strongest orgasm of her life irrupted from her flower. She lost all thought save that of pleasure. After what seemed an eternity thought slowly began to come back to Roxy as the pleasure faded. "Oh fuck that was good." she thought. She was amazed that this had even happened. How had she been brave enough? And Erica agreeing to it! It was almost to good to be true. It was-


Roxy snapped awake. Her eyes slowly came into focus and she saw that she was in Erica's bed but she was in her nightgown rather than naked. Erica was there, sitting on the bed looking at her. Kay was no where to be found and......ouch!!! Roxy's hands when to her head as her senses woke up enough for her to feel the recognizable pain of a hangover headache.

"Here, drink this." Erica said and handed Roxy a cup of tea.

Roxy hesitantly took a sip and the headache immediately eased. In another moment it was gone. She was even starting to feel less dried out.

"What's- (cough) what's in this tea?" Roxy asked clearing her throat.

"The best cure for a hang over" Erica said "well at least according to Ira."

"Who's Ira?"

"The new alchemist that recently set up shop in town. Is it working?"

"Yes," Roxy said then after a moment "what happened last night?"

"We over did it that's what happened." Erica said with a sheepish smile. "We closed down the tavern and foolishly bought a bottle of maple bourbon to go. By time we got home we wound up passing out I think. My elven metabolism handles alcohol better but I figured you would have one hell of a hangover so when I woke this morning I got you undressed and then went out for this potion. I'm glad it's working."

"So that's it?" Roxy asked "nothing unusual?"

"Well," Erica said almost sounding embarrassed "when I came back it sounded like you were having one heck of a sex dream."

"A dream.........?" Roxy said "all that was a dream?"

She sat stunned for a moment then decided she would never again have cheese fries after midnight. She should have known she supposed. After all a threesome with some random guy was very unlike her. It had been hot though. Roxy subconsciously bit her bottom lip.

Erica's eye caught her girlfriend's exspretion and grinned.

"Must have been some dream because you only make that face when you're getting horny" Erica said.

Roxy smiled "And what would you do if I was?" she asked.

"This" Erica said and with that she rapped her arms around her lover and kissed her deeply.

They lay down and made love for the rest of the morning.


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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 9

Amelia was very glad it was dark in the room so no one could see how red she was. Her nose burned with a desperate need to let out the sneeze she was holding but she didn't dare. She knew what would happen if she did. Beneath her, her boyfriend Renn was fighting a losing battle and if she sneezed it would be all over, they would both be caught for sure and she would never live it down. She did her best to stay as still as possible and try to ignore the tickle in her nose and the growing tingling in her flower.

The two sat with Carrie and Ira on one side and Erica and Roxy on the other in what had somehow become a triple date. The play taking place before them was.....well she had no clue if it was good or bad, drama or comedy. She was too focused on not getting caught.

Each couple was sitting on each other's laps as the building was completely full. Roxy on Erica's, Carrie on Ira's and of course the two of them. The big difference was Renn wasn't just under Amelia......Renn was...inside Amelia.


"We are going to get caught." Renn said as Amelia pulled him along.

"I don't care." Amelia said pulling him deeper into the dark building "I can't take this anymore. I want you and I want to not have to keep quiet about it."

It had not been that long ago since Ira and Carrie had come clean to the group about Ira being a succubus. Ever since then Carrie and Ira had been even about their sex life then before. They were quite loud at night, and in the morning, and at other random times. In fact it seemed that whenever Renn and Amelia were about to have sex themselves Ira and Carrie would start. 
Amelia never thought she would have regretted inviting Renn to live with them at the large house they shared but this had gotten old fast.

The situation would be awkward enough but the fact that Carrie and Amelia were sisters made it ten times worse. And while normally the more refined and in control of the two, Amelia had a wild side she only showed to lovers. She still could not bring herself to let her sister know about that part of her.

This had gone on for weeks and had led Amelia to try something a bit desperate. She was out in town with Renn one afternoon when she just couldn't take it any longer and wanted him, now. Right then and there. Soon she had pulled him inside a building that appeared closed for the weekend. Inside they had found themselves too close to the windows and then a door and then heard voices on the other side of a wall and kept moving deeper inside.

The building was much larger then it had seemed but soon they came to a large open room. Rows of seats all facing a large stage, it appeared to be at theater of some kind. Going to the back row up against the wall Amelia pushed Renn into a seat, straddling and wildly kissing him. He started to pull at her top but she stopped him.

"No." she said gasping "I can't wait. I need you inside me now!"

She opened his pants and pulled out his already hard manhood. Yanking off her panties she lifted her skirt and trying to get him inside her but the way the chair was built made it difficult. With a moan of sexual frustration Amelia turned around and after lining him up, sat down with a moaning gasp of pleasure. He slipped inside her easily and it was no surprise, she was soaking. She started to move but had not even gotten a good rhythm going when they heard a door open and light suddenly filled the large room. With a stifled yelp Amelia lowered her skirt so it was covering what they were doing and froze. People were entering the room! She knew she should try to get up but some had already seen them and Renn would be rather exposed if she stood. As they were it looked like a couple sitting on each other's lap. A bit odd but nothing too bad. Their only chance was to act normal until they both calmed down then maybe she could slip off discreetly.

People began to take there seats and it appeared they were expecting a play of some kind but why had they all arrived at once in a building that up until now had seemed closed? A woman took the stage and began directing the people to find seats.

"Thank you once again for your understanding ladies and gentlemen." the woman said "We would have preferred to perform the play outside as was planned but the weather sometimes cannot be accounted for."

Amelia moaned in frustration at their luck. When they had been outside she had noticed some storm clouds gathering over head, it was a part of why she had led them to a building for some fun rather than the woods, but she never would have guessed the rain would still cause them problems.

"There are just barely enough seats." the woman went on "Please sit as close as you are able. I would hate to have to turn anyone away."

People began to sit down, as close to one another as they could. The good news was some couples sat on each others laps which at least helped Amelia and Renn to blend in. The bad news was neither Amelia nor Renn had calmed down at all. If anything Renn felt even harder and bigger inside Amelia's flower. A flower that was growing warmer and still more aroused by the moment. Somehow the thought of getting caught was making them both even more excited. Still, Amelia would die of embarrassment if they were discovered. She focused on sitting as still as possible. Hopefully that way she and Renn could control themselves long enough to slip out.

"Hey! I didn't know you two were here." came a familiar voice and Amelia jumped then had to hold in a moan from the pleasure her sudden movements caused.

“Don’t do that.” Renn breathed in her ear also trying to remain discreet.

Amelia looked up and her fears were confirmed. Her sister Carrie along with Ira were walking down the row of seats towards them. Behind them came the fauna Roxy and her elvish girlfriend Erica.

"I like your thinking." Ira said after everyone said hello. "Saving space by sitting on each other's lap."

She sat and playfully pulled Carrie down on her lap. Ira was in her human form of course using illusion magic to appear as a dark haired beauty but Amelia knew that underneath she was an even more beautiful succubus. Amelia was straight, but even she found Ira's true form quite attractive.

Erica and Roxy arranged themselves the same way as the others and soon the play started.

Amelia tried to breathe normally. They could make it. They could. All they had to do was act natural and they could get away with it. So long as nothing else went wrong-


Out of nowhere Amelia sneezed hard. Two in a row as always. She had not even felt them coming. Clasping a hand over her mouth it would appear to anyone watching that she was trying to hold in another sneeze but she was trying to cover a rather sexy moan. The sneezes had made her involuntary clench her muscles in her stomach and flower. Adding to that the slight rock forward that she couldn't help and the sneeze had made fireworks go off in Amelia's flower. Worse yet her nose continued to tickle growing more and more intense until.


Amelia bit her fingers trying to keep quiet. Fortunately the play had started and no one had seemed to notice over the musical introduction.

"Stop doing that." Renn grunted in her ear, his voice filled with strain and desperation. The sneeze must have had the same effect on him, her flower clenching with each one. Amelia's nose did not seem to care one bit however as the tickle grew even stronger.

"I ca-can he-help it." Amelia whispered over her shoulder then her eyes rolled shut again and.....


Amelia's gasped silently as she felt Renn's manhood twitch inside her. She knew he was trying but there was only so much a person could take. She herself was now not only fighting back sneezes but her own orgasm as well. She knew that if she kept sneezing then Renn would likely cum and if Renn came so would she......and the thought turned her on even more. Thankfully it was darker now that the play started so maybe just maybe if she kept quite, no one would know.

Amelia was so busy holding her sneezes back that she never stopped to wonder the reason why she was sneezing.

That reason, of course, was Ira.


A few minutes ago......

From the moment she entered the room Ira knew what Amelia and Renn had been up to. The theater was flooded with sexual energy and Ira spotted had spotted them instantly causing her to smile to herself. She had always known Amelia had a wild side she tried to hide. Being a succubus and having a natural mischievous personality Ira simply could not let this chance slip by.

"Hey, isn't that Amelia?" Ira said as she began to lead Carrie towards the back corner of the theater. Moments later they were sitting right next to the couple with Roxy and Erica on the other side.

She had to hand it to Amelia, she was keeping herself pretty calm all things considered but Ira planned to change that. She wasn't completely evil however, only a little evil. Using a bit of her illusion magic she put up a sound dampener around the six of them so no one else would hear if they made noise. Then, moving as slowly as she could as to not tip off Carrie who was sitting on her lap, she slid her tail into one of the small containers at her waist that held the different types of sneeze inducing magic dust she carried.

Her tail, invisible in her human form, slowly moved its dust covered tip just under Amelia's nose and waited. Ira knew that once the other woman inhaled even the smallest bit of dust she would have no choice but to start sneezing. Doing her best not to grin, Ira sat and waited.


The tickle double in strength and Amelia knew this was it. Unable to fight anymore she gave in and let the sneeze come.


Amelia's flower filled with warmth as Renn emptied himself inside her. He managed to keep quiet save for a small grunt in her ear and a ragged sounding breath, which was saying something because from how full she had become it must have been a pretty big one for him. She herself clasped a hand over he mouth and fought desperately not to moan. Pleasure filled her and she orgasmed hard using every bit of will power not to grind her hips down against Renn. She hoped anyone watching would think she was just trying to hold in another sneeze rather then cries of passion. Finally the orgasm ended and Amelia let out her own ragged breath. She felt Renn growing smaller inside her and sighed. Had they really gotten away with this? A quick glance to either side showed no one was looking at her, everyone seemingly focused on the play. They had. Somehow they had gotten away with it. Amelia was almost dizzy with relief.


Next to her, acting like nothing at all had happened and also fighting to keep quiet, Ira drank deeply. Careful not to take too much so they would not be left tired or feeling drained. She knew it had been wrong but she just couldn't have passed up the opportunity to drink such passion filled sexual energy. 

An hour later the play ended. After waiting for Renn to completely relax Amelia had shifted so he could slide out and in the dark he was able to make himself presentable again.

"Do any of you want to pick up some dessert?" Carrie asked as the lights came on and everyone started to leave.

"Renn and I have other plans sis, but thank you anyway." Amelia said hoping she was not blushing.

"We do too." Roxy said quietly still not fully over her shyness.

"Okay, well everyone have a good afternoon then." Carrie said taking Ira's hand "We should do this again sometime."

"We should." Ira said with a grin.

Once outside everyone parted ways and as soon as it was clear the others couldn't see them Amelia and Renn looked at each and broke into a run back to their home. The rush of nearly getting caught combined with having to hold so much control during their climax had filled them both with a mad lust that needed to be fulfilled.

Bursting through the front door they ran up to Amelia's room and tore each other's clothes off in seconds. Pulling Renn down on top of her, Amelia opened her legs as wide as they would good and grabbing Renn's butt pulled him into her.

They fucked wildly, moaning and crying out in pleasure not concerned at all if they were heard. Neither lasted very long.

During the same time......

Erica noticed that Roxy was even quieter then normal and was pretty sure that she knew what had happened in the theater as well.

"You heard them?" Erica asked.

Roxy jumped then blushed before replying. "Yes. How could I not?  They were right next to us having sex like it was nothing and with my ears....."

Her voice trailed off. Roxy was part fox and had a very strong sense of hearing and smell. Her fauna ears and tail twitched nervously.

"How did you know?" Roxy asked.

"Elf hearing." Erica said pointing to her ears. "Everyone one forgets how good our hearing is."

"I never would have guessed Amelia would be so.....daring." Roxy said "She always seems the most proper and in control of the group."

"Sometimes its the ones you least expect." Erica said "For instance who would have guessed that a shy fox fauna would be such a horny little thing with a sneezing fetish."

"Shhhhhhhh!" Roxy said turning bright red. Erica has spoken the last part in her ear but still. "And don't tease me. I'm turned on enough after the play knowing what those two were up to."

"I know the feeling." Erica said and gave Roxy's butt a quick squeeze making her jump again.

"Quite it or we won't make it home." Roxy said walking a bit faster.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Erica said and seemed to be laying off teasing her girlfriend until....

Roxy's fox ear tickled like something brushed against it and she flicked it instinctively. Realizing what it was she turned just in time to see.....


Erica sneezed and Roxy instantly knew why her ear had felt like it had been touched. As an elf Erica had a very strong immune system and for the longest time had never so much as sniffled in front of Roxy. That was until they discovered Erica's the fur on Roxy's ears and tail. Now whenever Erica wanted to tease Roxy she only had to tickle her nose with her girlfriends tail or ears and would start sneezing almost immediately .

"Still think we can make it home." Erica whispered in Roxy's ear.

"No." Roxy moaned back.

"Want to run off into the woods for a while?"


With that they ducked down an ally and moments later were out of town and sprinting into the forest. The storm had passed and the sun was warming things up quite quickly. Being a fauna Roxy was fast but so was Erica as an elf. Soon they were miles deep and making love in a dry patch of grass under a large tree. The last thing Roxy thought before an orgasm overwhelmed her was how much she loved having sex in the woods. Then she was cuming and moaning Erica's name as the elf made herself sneeze a few more times, just for Roxy's enjoyment.




"What did you do?" Carrie asked as she and Ira sat sharing a piece of pie.

"Me?" Ira asked in mock innocence "Why would you think I did something?"

"I know that face. You did something, likely something lust related. Who did you cover in with sneeze dust? Or am I suddenly going to start sneezing my head off or get suddenly horny as ever, or both?"

"For the record, I haven’t done any of those things, this time, but you do know me too well." Ira said

"But speaking of sex" she leaned forward and kissed Carrie "I'm always up for it if you are."

”You’re insatiable.” Carrie said with a smile, kissing her back.

”And you love me for it.” Ira replied with a grin.

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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 10


Ira woke with a powerful sneeze that sat her almost halfway up in bed. By the time her head flopped back down on the pillow there were more on the way.


Ira sat up as she sneezed and did her best to look around between each one for what on earth was causing them. Succubi did not sneeze easily and her only allergy that she knew of was sunflowers but otherwise for her to sneeze it took a lot of inducing or....

Ira looked up and saw what she expected, a pepper fairy was hovering over her head, vigorously sprinkling her with magic dust, dust that would make even the most stubborn nose burst into a fit of sneezing. Normally Ira would not have minded one bit, she had a very bad sneezing fetish, and would have just let herself enjoy the sneezing until the fairy got its fill of amusement and left. Pepper fairies, like all fairies for that matter, were compelled to do whatever there type was meant for. Some tended the forest trees, others the flowers, and others the animals. Pepper fairies for whatever reason made people sneeze. They found it hilariously funny and most were mischievous, preferring to make people sneeze at the worst times then laugh at there misfortune.

The odd thing was this fairy was not laughing, in fact it seemed angry. It was hard to see her in between sneezes of course but she did look a bit familiar. In fact, Ira did know her.

"HASHOOOOOOOOO!!! Eshu, is th-that HASOOOOO you?" Ira managed to say "What go-gives? ASHOOOOOO Quit it will you! HAH HASHOOOOOOOOOW!!!"

"Oh, you remember me do you?" Eshu said dusting Ira even more "I'm surprised. I thought you had forgotten all about me after you just disappeared like that."

Ira sneezed six more times before she could get a word out in reply. She could have summoned her familiar and captured Eshu so she would stop but a big part of Ira was enjoying being made to sneeze this much. She could feel arousal building inside her and knew that she would likely get herself off once the fairy left.

"I'm HASHOOOOOOO sorry." Ira finally said "I d-didn't know you would b-be ASHOOOOOO bothered by me leaving."

"And why not!?" Eshu said finally stopping the dust shower for a moment "You brought so many people for me to make sneeze. It was a lot of fun but now I need to go and find them on my own again."

Eshu fluttered to the head board and sat. Ira turned to face her letting out three more sneezes from left over dust.

"We could have had even more fun." Eshu pouted "If you didn't always have to have sex with all of them. It got in the way."

"Well, I am a succubus." Ira said "Besides it was part of the deal. And come on, do you really think I could turn it down after their sneezing got me so turned on? Even you couldn't have resisted if you were in my shoes."

Eshu huffed "Maybe. At least then I'd know what the big deal is."

Ira blinked at her.

"Wait, you do know what sex is like right? Fairies do have sex don't they?" Ira asked.

"We're all born from flowers" Eshu said "And we're all female so no we don't have sex, or sex drives as I think you call them. We only care about what we are meant to do or care for."

"Well, no men is no reason to not still enjoy sex but I suppose no sex drive would make things difficult" Ira said. She had never really thought to ask but she had been rather busy with her own desires.

"It is a shame though." Eshu said sadly "You did always look like you were enjoying yourself. I kind wish I could see what it was like."

Getting one last sneeze out Ira thought for a moment. "Well, I suppose I do owe you for leaving like I did." she said "And if anyone can help you discover what sex is like it's a succubus."

Eshu brighten up and fluttered down to hover in front of Ira's face.

"You would do that?" Eshu asked "I have wondered for a long time about it and our partnership made me even more curious." Eshu giggled, her normal happiness returned "So how do we start?"

"Well," Ira said getting up and walking over to the desk "Let's see what we have to work with first."

She rummaged for a moment through the desk until she found what she wanted. A magnifying glass.

"Okay, sit here" Ira said motioning to a stack of book in the edge of the dest. "Now you said you watched me having sex?"

Eshu nodded.

"So you know what parts are involved?"

"Yes, my breasts a little and mainly my flower."

Eshu leaned back on her arms and opened her legs. Like all fairies she was naked and about the size of Ira's hand so she could see her little breast just fine. She could see her flower for that matter but she wasn't sure about one important part. She held up the magnifying glass.

"Could you, open it just a little?" Ira asked.

Eshu complied and used her hands to open her flower. Ira looked through the glass and smiled. Eshu had a clit. In fact everything looked just like a full sized woman's only smaller.

"Are you sure fairies have never had sex?" Ira asked.

"Well legend has it that there were once male fairies. I guess back then we had children like most creatures" Eshu said "But something happened and the males all vanished one day. So we would not disappear the magic of the forest changed us and we began to grow in magical flowers and be born as adults, about twenty-one by human years."

"Wow. That quite a story." Ira said. She felt bad for never having asked before. Well, she would make it up to her little friend.

"Okay, so have you ever touched yourself before?" Ira asked getting back on topic.

"Only when bathing." Eshu said.

"Okay, so try touching the upper inside of our flower, right near the top." Ira said

Eshu did and immediately winced.

"Ouch, that hurts." she said "Sex don't hurt does it? I mean you sometimes sounded like you were in pain but I always thought it was because it felt good."

"Oh, it feels more then good." Ira said "Okay hang on. Maybe this will help."

Ira lowered her hand slid her finger along the opening of her own flower. It was still wet from all the sneezing she had done.

"See if this helps" Ira said carefully placing a drop on the fairy's flower. Like ever other part of her Ira's......flower nectar was made for sex and created pleasurable tingles wherever it touched.

"Ooooo" Eshu exclaimed "That feels all tingly and........oooooo that's feels nice."

She began to rock her hips slightly back and forth.

"Try touching that's spot again." Ira encouraged.

Eshu did so and gasped letting out the next breath in almost a whimpering sigh.

"This!" Eshu said "It feels amazing."

Ira grinned. "Try different ways of touching it until it starts to feel really really good."

Eshu nodded and began to do just that finally settling on a circular motion with her two middle fingers on her clit. With a moan Eshu laid back, the new feelings proving too strong for her to keep sitting up. Her hips began to squirm and rotate as she began to moan with each breath. Suddenly her eyes grew wide and she looked at Ira.

"I-it feels like something is coming."  Eshu said "Like *gasp* like I'm about to explode. Like I'm gonna lose control and *gasp* and I don't know what will happen if I do."

"You will have your first ever orgasm." Ira said smiling "Go ahead and let it happen. You are about to feel better then you ever thought was possible. You never forget your first orgasm trust me."

Eshu nodded and her fingers sped up. Seconds later her eyes grew wide again then rolled back and shut tightly. She grunted and moaned though a wide smile she couldn't help as her legs spread as wide as they could. Her first ever orgasm overwhelmed her with pleasure. She heard desperate moans and realized they were coming from her own mouth. She saw white behind her eyes as she sailed an ocean of bliss.

Watching, Ira smiled as the fairy's body jerked and twitched from the overwhelming sensations. Finally Eshu's orgasm slowed and then finished. She turned her head and gave Ira a weak smile, with tears in the corners of her eyes.

"That was......." Eshu started but we had no words that would do it justice. She knew why Ira loved sex so much, Just that fast she completely and hopeless addicted to orgasms and she knew it.

" it always like that?" Eshu finally asked.

"Well, most people's first is very strong." Ira said "Some might be a bit weaker and others even stronger. Over all they will on average get stronger as you get more experience and try new things."

"Can I do it again?" Eshu said "Right now?"

"Well, some woman can have multiple orgasms and others can't but it's worth a try" Ira said as Eshu already began to touch herself again, then she added "Wait, I have an idea."

Eshu looked disappointed but stopped. "What is your idea?" Eshu asked as she bit her lip and her hips began to squirm "Oh, I really want to do it again" she said in a voice full of desire "I'm all tingly down there and my stomach is fluttering like crazy."

"It sound like you are horny." Ira said smiling as she undressed and laid down on the bed "If we unlocked your sex drive then you will feel this way from time to time and its best to find a private place and do what you just did. Eventually you will feel satisfied and be good for a while."

Eshu knew she would not need much encouragement. Her hand was already creeping down towards she clit. She desperately wanted to touch it until she felt that shock wave of pleasure again.

"Can't I just touch it a little?" Eshu said

"I'm guessing you would be able to stop if you start but trust me my idea is worth it." Ira replied then she closed her eyes an concentrated.

Succubi had the ability to alter there body to meet the desires of those they fed on. Making breast larger or smaller, hips more curvy, butts rounder, and even adjustments to their flower. Ira had though of an idea that would allow them to have sex together even with Eshu being so small. She focused on her clit and began to slowly alter its shape until it was much longer and more pointy. She couldn't make it to big but for a fairy it would be the perfect size.

"Okay" Ira said her own desire showing in her voice "Come over here and I'll show you another way to feel amazing." Sliding a pillow under her hips so the angle was right she opened she flower to reveal her erect clit.

Following Ira's directions Eshu slowly lower herself onto Ira's clit and it slid inside her flower filling her up just the right amount. Ira moaned as the fairy's flower enveloped her clit in warmth. As the fairy began to move instinctively it almost felt like she was getting oral from someone. In other words, amazing.

As for Eshu, she began to lift and lower herself causing Ira's clit to slid in and out of her. It felt even better then her fingers alone. She couldn't help but move faster and faster. Ira began to moan and the sounds turned Eshu on even more. She would orgasm in seconds, she couldn't help it, and somehow that thought turned her on even more.

As for Ira, she had enjoyed sex in just about every way possible but this was new. The feeling was intense, almost too much but never quite crossing that threshold. She had to fight to keep her hips still as she did not want to buck Eshu off. The little fairy was going even faster now and Ira knew she wouldn't last much longer. Ira looked down, admiring Eshu's new found passion, and saw something that made her gasp. With each thrust her her body the fairy was letting off poofs of magic dust. Likely she did not even know it or couldn't help it but soon the dust had filled the air over the bed and drifted into Ira's nose. The succubus gave a gasping hitch as a powerful sneeze demanded its way out of her nose. At the same moment Eshu's orgasm began and she bucked her hips wildly causing Ira's flower to reach its climax as well.


Ira sneezed and came at the same time, her hips bucking, as her was overwhelmed by the intense feelings of pleasure and release.

Eshu had to clutch Ira's leg as to not fall. Her eyes rolled back from a third orgasm caused by Ira's clit thrusting in and out of her flower.


Ira continued to sneeze and cum until finally the dust and pleasure wore off. Eshu tried to stand but flopped down on Ira's mound instead breath heavily. For a long while the two just laid there, then Ira heard soft musical snoring. Looking down she saw Eshu had fallen fast asleep. With a yawn of her own Ira carefully pick her up and placer her on the pillow next to her before closing her own eyes for a short nap. A hour later they were saying there goodbyes, Eshu thanking her for the new world she and opened for her and Ira promising she could come over when ever she wished. They were friends after all. Suddenly Ira stomach growled loudly and after a pause they both laughed. She had not fed on Eshu as she was so small but she was hungry and her dinner the night before had been used up. Eshu said goodbye again and flew away still giggling.

No sooner had Eshu left then Carrie, Ira's Mage lover retuning from morning training, walked in the room.......and immediately started sneezing. Ira guessed there was still magic dust everywhere. Before Carrie could even ask what happened Ira tackled her and in less then 30 seconds Carrie was moaning in orgasm. Throwing her head back Ira drank deeply. What a wonderful morning it had been.

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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 11 and 12


Roxy screamed in surprise and Erica burst out laughing.

"I got you!" Erica said gleefully "I finally got you!"

It had, for whatever reason, become a running joke between the two of them that Roxy could never be snuck up on. Between her powerful ears and amazing sense of smell she always knew when her girlfriend Erica was near. Because of this Erica had never been able to successfully sneak up and spook Roxy. Well, until this morning that is. Erica had woken early as she usually did and started on breakfast when an idea had come to her. While preparing some eggs for the two of them she copped up garlic, onions, and a few other strong smelling but tasty ingredients. When she heard Roxy coming down the hall she threw the spices on the frying pan so they would make some noise and give off their strong aroma, then she quickly ducked into the pantry. Roxy sleepily stumbled into the kitchen with a yawn and looked around for Erica. When she did not initially see her, she thought that's perhaps her girlfriend had run to the bathroom for a moment and she took a second to admire the amazing smell of the herbs cooking. She had been to sleepy to notice Erica emerge from the pantry.

"That was not funny" Roxy said, her heart rate finally returning to normal.

"Oh it was." Erica said grinning. "Besides you have pranked me before."

"And will again thanks to this." Roxy said with a grin.


The two finished breakfast and headed to the marketplace. Their first stop of the day was to the newly opened alchemy shop in the east corner of the square. Small display window showed a collection of colorful bottles and containers but did not allow one to see further inside. As Erica stopped to browse for a moment Roxy suddenly got an idea and grinned to herself. She knew how to get back at Erica for this morning in a particularly enjoyable way.

"We should take a look inside." she said and started for the door.

Erica followed and was about to greet the shop owner when Roxy, who had entered the store in front of her, quickly swished her tail up and brushed Erica's nose. Elven immune system or not Erica's nose was still helpless against its allergic weakness.

"Good mor- HEH- HEKSHOOOW!!! KSHOOOOOOO!!! KASHOOOOOOOW!!!!! Oh excuse me."

Erica unleashed three rapid sneezes as a grinning Roxy watched.

"That was a-HAHKSHEEEEEW!!! a cheap shot." Erica said with a sneeze.

"I told you I'd get you back." Roxy said still grinning.

"I didn't think elves sneezed" a voice asked from behind the counter. The two girls turned to see a very beautiful dark haired woman and a cute red head standing behind the counter. They were both staring at Erica as she got her tickling nose back under control. Roxy noticed that the dark haired girl had an odd look in her eyes. It almost looked like....desire? Roxy almost got jealous for a moment but was distracted by how amazingly beautiful the woman was and her was almost sweet. Like fresh strawberries. The strange part was is was her natural sent. Roxy could always distinguish perfume from natural aroma. She also smelled something else. Magic. This shop was filled with the sent.

Erica walked up to counter.

"Ira, right?" she said "thank you very much for that potion the other day. It really helped with the headache."

"Glad to hear it." Ira said "is this your....?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, this is my girlfriend Roxy." Erica said.

The sound of her name brought Roxy back from the land of aromas. She stepped forward and offered her hand to Ira who rather then shaking it surprisingly kissed it instead. Roxy's hand tingled in a rather pleasant way as the woman's lips touched her skin. Yup, there was something odd about this Ira.

"Nice to meet you." Roxy managed.

"The pleasure is mine" Ira said "this is my girlfriend Carrie"

The red head offered her hand and Erica then Roxy shook it.

"She is part of the city's Darkwatch." Ira went on "and a talented Mage. Sometimes I wonder if she put a love spell on me. Not that I would mind."

Carrie gave her girlfriend a slightly irritated look.

"That's not how magic works." she said. A mostly true statement.

Roxy looked at Carrie and her blazing red hair and wondered if one Mage could put off such a powerful sent of magic or if there was more to Ira the she was letting on.

"So," Ira said "What can I help you with toda- Hah oh my I think I'm gonna-HAH....HASHEEEEEW!!!!!!!! Oh wow. (Sniff) excuse me. These potions give off some strong sents sometimes. What can I help you with?"

Erica offered a bless you then began asking about something but Roxy was too distracted to notice. That sneeze had been......well there was no other word for Very sexy. Roxy bit her lip and took a deep breath to steady herself. Something about this woman just radiated sexiness. How she walked, how she sneezed, how she bent down to pick up a bottle from the lower shelf. Especially how she bent down. Roxy blushed and turned away pretending to look at a wall display. What was she doing? She was in love with a very attractive elf who loved her back. Well she was not really doing anything she replied to herself she just found this girl attractive, all couples must encounter situations like this. There was nothing wrong with them unless someone actually did something otherwise it was like admiring a beautiful rose or something. Right?

"Ready to go?" Erica asked

Being so lost in thought Roxy almost jumped again. She nodded and the two left.



"You alright?" Erica asked as they walked down the street "you look....flustered."

Roxy did not look at her. "I...uh.....I mean......." her voice tailed off.

"You liked Ira's sneeze didn't you." Erica said "I saw that look you got."

Roxy blushed and looked down.

"It's okay" Erica said "she was very hot. I noticed too."

Erica stopped, gently took Roxy by the shoulders and turned her so they were facing each other. With a soft hand she raised Roxy's chin and looked into her eyes.

"I love you and I know you love me." Erica said "and I trust you. Just because you notice her beauty does not mean you wanted to sleep with her. If anything I would be worried if you didn't notice her."

Roxy kissed Erica. "I love you too" she said.

Erica smiled and they kept walking.

"Should we see if she would like to join us some night?" Erica asked holding back a laugh.

Roxy lightly elbowed her playfully. "I never should have told you about that dream." she said.

They both laughed.



"You're getting careless again" Carrie said

Ira boosted herself up and sat on the counter, kicking her feet up and down playfully.

"How so?" she asked "I had my illusion cast. So what if they saw us making out."

"Your illusion magic is not always the best when you're.......distracted." Carrie said "your tail was showing."

"You didn't see them come in either." Ira said.

"Well, I was distracted too." Carrie said "if it wasn't for that elf sneezing you might have been busted."

"That fox girl has a sneezing fetish" Ira said with a grin.

"How do you know?" Carrie asked

"I could sense her getting excited when her girlfriend sneezed." Ira said "I figured I'd make sure and I was right. She about melted hearing mine"

Ira waved her tail which was holding her trusty feather.

"Your evil" Carrie said grinning

"I am a succubus." Ira said with a shrug "plus my evil ways are why you can't get enough of me"

Ira waived her hand revealing her true form. Bright sensual eyes, colorful hair, two dark wings and a body to die for.

"Why don't you close the shop." Ira said "for lunch"

With strong effort Carrie tore her eyes away from Ira and turned the sign on the door to closed. She turned back to see Ira slide her hand across her skin and her clothing melted away. As Carrie walked over to her, the succubus placed her feet on the counter and slow spread her legs reveling her perfect flower. Carrie moaned under her breath then lowered herself and began passionately kissing her lovers petals and bud. Ira gasped and placed one hand on Carrie's head while using the other to lean back as she enjoyed the growing pleasure. It seemed to Ira that Carrie was getting better every time. She did not think she would last long. She was right.




The next few months passed without much of anything happening. Carrie and her team hunted a few creatures now and then but most of her time was spent with Ira either crafting potions or fucking each other senseless. Amelia finally told her sister and Bree about her relationship with the blacksmith Renn and the two had begun openly seeing each other.


Winter came and with it snow.

As always happened this time of year Roxy's hair and fur changed from its normal orangey brown to pure white. Erica aways found this change both fascinating and beautiful.

 KSHOOOOOOO!!!!!!         KSHOOOOOOOW!!!!!      HEH- HEKSHOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Yup (sniff) it still works" Erica said then "HEKSHOOOOOOOO!!" a fourth sneeze bust out of her.

Roxy had brushed Erica's nose with her now white tail and much to her glee the effect was the same. She smiled and after making sure her girlfriends nose was finished she embraced and kissed her.

Later that night after making love the two lay down, cuddled up together and fell asleep. Hours passed as snow gently fell out side there home.



(I should pause here for a moment. If you are hearing this tale and wish only to know of the fun times, of the times when all is well and the birds are singing then perhaps you should end this chapter here. As we all know, the world is not always full of summer and light, sometimes there are dark moments. Moments when you are tested. The next part of Roxy and Erica's tale is one such moment.


Still here?

Then we shall continue............)



About three in the morning Roxy awoke with a shreek from a nightmare. She reached for her lover only to find, nothing. Roxy sat up, her eyes instantly adjusting to the dark and listened. Maybe Erica was in the bathroom. Her powerful fox ears would be able to tell if she was but they heard....nothing. In fact there was no sound at all. She got up and went to the window still listening. If she concentrated she could usually hear the nocturnal animals in the woods. Tonight it was perfectly quite. Roxy inhaled through her powerful nose and found Erica's sent. She followed it to the front door where it led outside but there where no tracks in the snow. She stepped outside and looked around. Her foxlike eyes allowed her to see a few animals near the edge of the woods and a couple of night birds. The were alive, she could see them breathing, but they sat perfectly still not making a sound.

Okay now she was officially scared. What in the world was going on? And more importantly where was Erica? She could still smell her but it made no sense. It had stopped snowing so how could there be no tracks? She followed her girlfriend's sent around to the back of the house. When the shed came into view, she heart froze. Floating just above the snow covered roof, a shadow hovered. In the midst of the dark shape was-

"Erica!!!!" Roxy screamed

What might have been the dark form's head snapped in her direction. In what might have been its arms lay Erica, limp and unconscious. Roxy sprinted forward having absolutely no idea what she planed to do if she got up there. She never had the chance to find out. The shadow turned and moved with supernatural speed up and over the snow covered tree tops. Roxy sprinted into the woods running for all she was worth but it was no use. After about a minute she came to her senses and slowed to a stop. Part of her wanted to burst into tears but a stronger part of her knew that if she did not hold it together she may never see Erica again. She took a moment to mark where she was, then she turned and ran all out towards the village.


Carrie and Ira were warmly snuggled together in there bed when there was a violent pounding at the front door. Carrie's training kicked in and she was awake in an instant. In another moment she was in the hall where she was met by Amelia and Bree both in nightgowns and holding weapons. A rather humorous combination actuality but even so they were not to be underestimated. The pounding continued as they reached the front door. Carrie closed her eyes for a quick moment, seeing what she felt from outside then nodded. Bree swung the door open and was nearly plowed over by a panicked Roxy.

"It took her!!" the faunna screamed "please help! It took Erica!!!"

"Try to calm down" Carrie said "who took who?"

But Roxy's words started to run together as she tried to explain. There was just to much adrenaline in her blood. After a moment Carrie stepped forward and placed her hand on Roxy's head with her thumb on the center of the girl's forehead.

"Calm." the Mage said and slowly Roxy began to slow down. She was still scared and worried and angry but she could think. After taking a deep breath she recounted the events of that night. The three huntresses listened without interpretation then-

"We will need a tracker." Bree said and, after grabbing her coat, she stepped out into the night. Around that time a sleepy Ira emerged from the hall and almost bumped into a sleepy Renn. Carrie turned and looked with wide eyes.

"Renn?" she said "you spent the night?" She turned grinning to her sister.

Amelia blushed but smiled.

"What's going on?" Ira asked with a yawn.

"We will be leaving for a hunt in a few minutes." Amelia said

"What?" Ira asked more awake "what are you hunting?"

"A vampire." Carrie said




Erica slowly opened her eyes and sucked in a terrified gasp. Rather then finding herself in her own bed with her lover she was hanging from her wrists in what looked to be a cave. She shivered from the cold. She was still in her nightgown and while the cave was not as cold as the night air it was still freezing. Erica started looking around, taking in everything she could in hopes to find a way out. As see looked into the darkest corner of the cave she let out a short cry of alarm. Someone was standing watching her.

"Who are you?" Erica asked her fear slowly turning to anger.

"A friend." came a handsome voice. The darkness itself seemed to step forward until a rather human looking man emerged. He was very good looking, with dark hair and strong features but there was something about his eyes. Something that told Erica he was anything but a friend. Something.........dead.

"Sa Nosferatu" Erica said reverting back to her native elvish with out realizing it.

"It's been a long time since I've heard the elvish word for my kind." the creature said "do you know why that is?"

Erica did not want to indulge this creature but she felt powerless not to answer.

"Because of the runes around our cities" she said "cursed kind cannot enter."

"And your race is so stuck up they almost never live among the common folk. But fortunately for me you...." he stepped up to her and breathed in her ear "you are different."

Erica suddenly felt a sharp pain in her neck. The creature's strong arms held her in first. She was horrified to find that as much as she tried to ignore it, the burning pain was turning to burning pleasure. It flowed down her body like lava reaching her flower and cause it to become very wet. Soon she was no longer being held by him but was instead pressing up against his mouth craving more. She could not help it, her body was simply overwhelmed and there was nothing she could do. "There are worse ways to die." some part of her thought as tears slowly started to flow despite the pleasure but just then, it stopped. Her first instinct was to pull towards him for more but as the dark magic faded she instead pulled away violently. She was about to through some venomous curses at the thing but suddenly became very light headed. She slumped, hanging from her arms and drifted from consciousness.



"What the hell do you mean I'm not going!?" Roxy yelled

"I mean exactly that!" Carrie replied just as forcefully "we don't take loved ones on rescue hunts."

"You'll never find her without my help." Roxy insisted "I know her sent better then anyone. I follow it, you kill whatever took her."

"Bree is bringing us a tracker."

"Better then me? I doubt it. Sense of smell runs strong in my family." Roxy said "did you know I can even smell magic?  I knew you were a Mage even before you said so. In fact all of you can use a bit of magic, well except for Renn there."

"No need for magic when your a blacksmith." Renn said "although it would make things easier." With that he headed toward the kitchen. "I'm gonna make some coffee before you two drag me into you argument."

"I can't use magic either." Ira said "your nose must be wrong."

Carrie gave Ira a quick "why did you say that" look. Roxy didn't notice. Instead she sniffed in Ira's direction.

"You're kiddy right?" Roxy said "you reek of magic and something el- EH EHSOOOOO!!!!!!   HEHCHOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!"

As Roxy bust into a fit Ira moved close to Carrie and gave her a nervous look. It must have been the last remnants of the pepper fairy dust the two had been........playing with earlier that night. Carrie finally spoke up as Roxy recovered.

"Okay so your nose is good but that doesn't make what you're wanting safe." then she added "As for Ira, she can't use magic. You're probably smelling my sent on her. We are lovers after all."

Roxy was about to object to this assessment when the door opened. She turned then jumped at the sight of the person who walked in. It was an instinctual response from her animal side reacting to the presence of something higher on the food chain. It was another faunna but rather than part fox as she was this man was part wolf. Bree had also entered and introduced the new comer.

"This is Kay." Bree said "he has experience in tracking and can handle himself if it comes to a fight"

Kay shook Carrie and Ira's hands then did not seem to surprised when Roxy shied away from his offer.

"I'm sorry." he said "I get that a lot from other faunna."

His voice was strong but had a kindness to it that helped Roxy to find hers again.

"I'm sorry too." she said "instincts can be hard to fight under normal circumstances as I'm sure you know."

She turned back to Carrie. "I'm still going." she said definitely.

Carrie was about to object again when Ira spoke up.

"I'm going too." she said

"What, why?" Carrie said

"I know vampires." Ira said "I can tell you what kind it is and how to fight it."

Before Carrie could reply Amelia appeared carrying Bree's sword and her own bow and knifes. "Whoever is going, we are leaving in five minutes." she said "that leech already has a head start." She handed Bree the sword then turned to Renn who gave her a long kiss and wished her luck.

Exactly five minutes later the six of them were heading out into the cold night. All wore thick coats made of furs. The three huntresses had there weapons while Roxy, Kay, and Ira carried back packs with supplies. They headed for the woods Roxy had marked then continued deeper into the wild with Kay, Roxy and Amelia taking the lead. 

They travailed for close to two hours with no sign of Erica save a weak sent. Whenever Roxy seemed to lose if for a moment Kay seemed to find it and visas versa. Another hour passed and the sun stared to rise, however just as it was becoming light, a storm started to blow up and the sun was obscured. As the wind began to pick up Roxy lost the sent and Kay was unable to find it this time. Roxy began to scamper from tree to tree searching, becoming more and more worked up as she did.

"No," she whispered "no no no no. Aah!"

Kay had put a hand on her shoulder.

"Why don't we take a short break" he said

Roxy looked like she might cry but nodded. Kay waived to Amelia who motioned for the party to stop. They found a small thicket that offered some protection from the wind and sat to rest. Bree found a spot next to Kay and Carrie.

"So how did you meet Kay?" Carrie asked

"At the tavern" Bree said "your looking at the new bar tender."

Amelia looked up quickly "Wait what!?" she said "you said he was a tracker."

"Don't get your panties in a butch." Bree said knowing full well that statement would likely have just the opposite effect "he is a tracker, well was, he just wanted a change of vocation. Something a bit less..........." Her voice trailed off when she looked at Kay. He was staring off into the woods, ears and eyes focused. Beside him Roxy was doing the same.

"Somethings coming" Kay said

The huntresses were on there feet in an instant, weapons drawn looking into the stormy woods. The wind had whipped up the snow making it hard to see far. As an archer Amelia's eyes were the best so she was the first one to see-

"Gouls!" she shouted and fired an arrow into the woods. The others saw the first goul come into view just as the arrow hit it and sent it sprawling. Problem was there were about fifty behind it and they were not the slow kind.

"Spread out!" Carrie shouted then pitched a fire ball into the oncoming pack. It impacted causing about three to explode. Roxy started to shrink back at first but then realized she would have to fight. This was why they had told her to stay behind and she was not about to prove them right. A goul charged her thinking to find an easy target (well as much as gouls can think anyway) but it was quite mistaken. Roxy had not used her claws in years but somethings just come back to you. She lashed out with a downward swipe with her right then an upward with her left. The creatures jaw came clean off. It stumbled back and was about to charge again when another clawed hand irrupted through its chest. Too dry and dead for blood the thing just turned to dust and bone, falling away to reveal Kay.

"Heart or the head." he said. He patted her on the shoulder then charged past delivering a blow that took a goul's head off. Focusing back on the fight Roxy pounced on two that where heading her way, forcing one's head to shatter against a tree and using her claws to finish the other. She could hear Bree laughing a stole a quick look at the warrior who seemed surrounded but completely enjoying herself. Her sword slashed and swiped and goul heads flew. Amelia was firing arrows at amazing speed and Roxy saw that they were shockingly multiplying in mid air taking down three to four gouls with each shot. Still they seemed to not be making a dent in the hoard. More kept emerging from the snow and slowly the group was getting overwhelmed. Amidst the madness Ira stood with her back to a tree frantically trying to decide what to do. If she summoned her familiar Shadow to help fight her cover would be blown and Amelia might put an arrow in her just as quickly as a goul. But if she did not...... In the next moment the choice was made for her. A goul had erupted from the snow behind Carrie and the Mage, too busy slinging fire at those in front of her, did not notice. The others were to far away to help in time.

"Shadow!" Ira shouted and the fiend appeared. Knowing her will by instinct it shape shifted into two long spikes that shot forward at blinding speed impaling the goul's heart and head both for good measure. Maybe if she was quick she could hide again she thought but then she saw both Roxy and Bree looking at her and knew she was busted.

"Fuck it" she said and opened her wings while letting her illusion fall. She shot into the air with Shadow by her side. Once high enough she curled for a moment in almost fetal position with Shadow swirling around her then opened her body quickly, arms, legs, even fingers spreading. The second she did Shadow morphed into hundreds of spikes and shot out in all directions. Each spike hit it's mark and nothing else, some had curved around breaches and even the other fighters. Everything seemed to stop for one strange moment then the spikes retracted and the gouls fell to dust. Ira had not missed a single one.


For a moment no one else moved. Ira glided to the ground and snatched up her fur coat that had fallen when she took off. She shivered. Using that much magic had tired her out and made her more susceptible to the cold. As she sat back down in the thicket she saw Bree approaching her, sword still drawn. Before anyone could say a word Bree pointed her sword at Ira's face. Ira blinked in surprise then puzzlement as she was now staring at a large flower. Bree wore a comical look of puzzlement as well staring at the plant that had just been her weapon. Then she realized what had happened.

"Carrie!" she started turning to look at the Mage but the face looking back at her stopped her words short.

"Don't make me hurt you Bree." Carrie said in a low voice "your my friend and I don't want to but I will if you make me."

"She's a Succubus" Bree said "she's bewitched you."

"You know I am far too powerful for her to be able to do that." Carrie said. She was about 99% sure she was not lying.

The others gathered around but only Amelia spoke up.

"Even if she has not bewitched you, her kind kills." she said

"Ira doesn't kill." Carrie said

"It's true I have never-" Ira said starting to get up but Bree, seeming to forget that she was holding a flower pushed it up against Ira's face in a stay put gesture. It would have been quite funny in other circumstances and Kay had to stifle a laugh.

"Let her speak." Carrie said angrily.

Bree gave her a look showing she was just as pissed but Amelia cut in. "Calm down both of you." she said "Ira, what were you about to say?"

"Pohh-" Ira said

"Huh?" Bree said


Carrie's eyes widened realizing that she had subconsciously changed Bree's sword into a sunflower. The only flower in the world Ira was allergic to. She let out an embarrassed laugh. The others finally saw how funny the situation looked and the tension started to ease.

"Sorry." Bree said and removed the flower from Ira's face.


Ira and Carrie took a moment to explain how they met and became lovers, leaving out as much of the private details as they could. Before the others could respond Roxy spoke up.

"Can we please figure this out later?" she said "Erica's still out there."

"She's right." Amelia said "we don't have time for this now."

"Too bad." came a new voice from above them "I was quite enjoying the show."

They all looked up quickly to see what looked like a man standing among the tree branches. Well what almost looked like a man. There was something that just.....felt wrong about him. The huntresses knew what that feeling meant. It was the one they had come for.

"Where's Erica!?" Roxy yelled.

"My new toy?" the creature said "oh you don't have to worry about her, you'll never see her again anyway."

Roxy growled, something she was almost sure she had never done before. She was about to leap up it meet the thing when she felt Carrie's hand on her shoulder.

"Don't." the Mage said "there is a reason you brought us. We will handle him. Stay next to Ira and Kay and don't move"

With that the three huntresses stepped forward. Bree's sword was once again a sword and she held it ready. Carrie stood with a spell on the tip of her tongue. Amelia with her bow. After a moments pause Amelia drew and fired an arrow with blinding speed but the creature was faster dodging the arrow and flying over their heads with plans to rip into the three non warriors first. Just as Carrie knew he would. Roxy gasped as the vampire, whose face looked much less human up close, lunged at her. It got no farther than arms reach before striking an invisible barrier. Lightning coursed through the creature for a moment then it was thrown back into the snow.

"Typical filth." Carrie said "your kind aways goes for what you think is an easy target."

She hurled a fireball at the vampire but it had already recovered and jumped clear. It charged Amelia who unleashed a storm of multiplying arrows forcing it to flip and jump as to not be struck. It retreated and tried for Bree using its speed to dash behind her and clamp its jaws down on her neck. There was a cracking sounds and the vampire howled in pain. Instead of soft skin his teeth had met steal. Bree had changed her skin to armor just in time. She spun and swiped at the stunned creature cutting deep into one of its legs. It slowed the creature just enough for Amelia's next volley of arrows to hit home and pin him to a tree trunk. Carrie stepped forward.

"Wait!" the creature tried to plead.

"Why?" Carrie said flatly and with a snap of her fingers the creature was engulfed in flames. It shrieked only once then turned to dust.


The others stood stunned, Ira most of all. She had not realized until now just how luck she had been to capture these three during there first meeting. Had things come to a fight, she shuddered at the thought. She might have won, maybe.

With the creature dead, truly dead, the storm seemed to die down a little. Roxy lifted her nose and inhaled then she gave a disgusted snort.

"Magic but not the good kind." she said.

"How can you tell the difference?" Ira asked.

"Good magic smells, nice. Kinda like cinnamon and sweet spices." Roxy answered "Dark magic smells foul, like.....well I'm not sure like what just bad."

Ira was just about to ask how her own magic smelled but was cut off by Amelia.

"It is from the vampire?" the huntress asked "can you follows its back trail?"

"I think so." Roxy said answering both questions. She headed back into the woods and the others followed her. Carrie at first had to help Ira along then elected to stay by her side even after she could walk unassisted. She was not sure she trusted Bree. After a few minutes they came to the top of a cliff. Kay peered over the edge.

"Must be at least a hundred feet down." he said "looks like it would take a day to walk around." He sniffed. "I think Erica is down there."

Roxy rushed forward and took a deep breath. The sent of her girlfriend was so reassuring it almost brought her to tears.

"How do we get down?" Amelia asked. She looked at her sister but Carrie shook her head.

"I can only teleport people to somewhere I have set up a receiving gem." she said "and even then I could only send two, three at most."

"I can make the jump thanks to my skin armor." Bree said

"But what if there is another vampire?" Carrie asked "you're good but you still would need us."

Bree gave her a frustrated look but did not object. Carrie was right.

"I could fly you down" Ira said and they all turned to look at her. "One at a time of course. And it would really be a controlled descent. We would have to hike back though I couldn't fly us back up."

"You sure?" Carrie asked.

Ira stretched her wings to there full length in response. "Who's first?" she asked.

"Well then, see you there." Bree said and with that she leapt over the edge aiming for one of the large pines at the bottom. Just before reaching it she turned her skin to steel and came crashing through the breaches to the ground. She made a tremendous racket but was unhurt.

"Bit of a wild heart that one." Kay said

"You have no idea." Amelia said then she turned to Carrie. "You trust her sis?"

Carrie looked at Ira then back at her sister. "Yes"

Ira smiled. Amelia only nodded and walked up to the succubus. Ira flapped her wings then hovered behind Amelia and picked her up under the arms. She flapped harder and then they were over the edge and gliding down. A minute later it was Carrie's turn and even in the middle of a hunt she still took time to note how amazing it was to fly, well glide at least, even if it was just a minute.

Once they were all safely down Ira had to sit for a moment. This was turning into a tiring day she thought with a large sigh. Meanwhile Roxy and Kay were sniffing the air. A moment later they had picked up the sent and soon the group was standing outside a cave that led into the side of the cliff. The enter slowly looking for traps but it appeared that this was not the creatures normal lair but rather a location of convenience. They turned a corner and...

"Erica!!" Roxy shouted and ran to her lovers side. Erica, still chained to the cave wall looked up and gave a weak smile.

"Roxy." she said weakly "oh Roxy, I didn't think I'd ever see you again."

The elf's voice was dry. Roxy began rummaging through her pack even as Erica asked "Do you have any water? I'm so thirsty."

Carrie's eyes widened. She had spotted two red marks on the elf's neck. What happened next confirmed her fears. Roxy held a water skin up to Erica who drank deeply only to suddenly and violently choke it back up. Roxy looked back and forth at Carrie and Amelia as Erica continued to cough then finally stop. The sad look in their eyes gave her the answer she did not want to hear.

"No! No there has to be something we can do!" Roxy said beginning to cry "I can't, I won't loose her again. Please there must be something!"

She looked at Amelia who only shook her head.

"She will start craving blood soon, likely has already." Kay said "Once she drinks, she will change and her soul will be lost." Then he added quietly to himself "this is why I quit being a tracker."

By this point Roxy was weeping. She hugged Erica round the neck not caring one bit if it was dangerous to do so.

"There may be something I can do." Ira said stepping forward. Bree was about to tell her not to get Roxy's hopes up but a look from Carrie shut her up. Ira went on.

"If I'm careful, I think I can pull the curse out of her. It hasn't taken hold yet because she hasn't drank so it should be doable."

"How exactly can you pull the curse out of her?" Bree asked.

Ira hesitated then said "I would have to feed on her."

Bree was about to object when Amelia spoke up. "Would she turn in to a succubus then?"

"No. That's not how it works for us." Ira said then thought to herself "if it did your sister would be one by now."

Something told Ira that Amelia knew this already but wanted to be sure. "Okay then. What needs to happen?"

"A bit if privacy would be best." Ira said "maybe just Roxy, Carrie, and me."

Amelia nodded and began to usher the others outside. Once they were alone Roxy asked "What now?"

Slightly uncomfortable Ira went on. "Well I can't just feed on her, she needs to be............aroused."

They all looked at her. "I'm sorry I don't make the rules." she said.

"Well I'm not exactly in the mood" Erica said with a weak grin. "But I'm willing to try. If it's with Roxy though, not you. No offense."

"None taken." Carrie said answering for Ira.

Roxy shifted her weight nervously not sure what to do next but Ira put a hand on her shoulder then whispered in her ear. Roxy nodded in understanding.

"May I have that?" Roxy asked pointing to Carrie's knife. The Mage handed it to her. Slowly Roxy took the edge of the blade and made a tiny cut in her left palm just below her thumb. The knife must have been very sharp because she barely felt a thing. She was glad of that at least.

A small about of blood began to flow and to her own shock Erica's eyes locked on it and she couldn't look away. Despite what she had just said Erica felt herself getting very wet. She began to pant and as she did her mouth opened revealing that her teeth had become sharp points with two much longer then the rest. Roxy held in a surprised cry at the sight then turned to Ira.

"Almost" Ira said "just a bit more"

Roxy looked back at Erica unsure of what to do, then it came to her. She reached her hand up and placed it on her neck for a moment then pulled back leaving a beautifully red patch behind. Erica's eyes shifted to Roxy's neck and her face filled with a look of pure lust. It was time. Ira began to drink.

Roxy watched in fascination as Ira fed. There was no physical contact at all but she could almost sense, maybe even smell the sexual energy passing between the two of them. Rather than her normal look of enjoyment Ira wore a face of concentration. Her eyes were closed and she was starting to sweat a little. Roxy looked back at Erica and was filled with hope. The elf's teeth had returned to normal and some color was coming back to her face. After about a minute more Ira stopped. Erica slumped for a moment the raised her head.

"Can I try that water again?" she asked

Roxy lifted the water skin to her lips and the elf cautiously tasted a little, then she began to drink rapidly. Tears can to Roxy's eyes again but this time they were of joy and relief. She reached forward and began working on getting Erica free.

"Thank you Ira!" Roxy said "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Ira only smiled weakly then turned and began to walk out of the cave. As Carrie followed her Ira's pace increased until she was almost at a run and once she was outside she pitched forward and threw up. Surprised Carrie went over to comfort her as the succubus expelled the tainted energy from her system. After a few more heevs she was finally done. She tried to stand only to have Carrie catch her and help her sit.

"I may have over did it a bit." Ira said managing a smile "it was worth it though."

"Yes it was" Carrie said hugging her "I'm so proud of you."

The group out side approached and were about to ask what happened when Roxy and Erica emerged from the cave. Everyone smiled, even Bree.

"Maybe you're not so bad." Bree said

"We still have to get home and give Erica time to rest and recover." Amelia said "it's going to be a long trip back thanks to this cliff. We should get moving soon."

"There is another option." Carrie said "I can send three of you back and the rest of us make the hike."

"It should be Ira, Erica and Roxy then" Amelia said but Ira shook her head.

"I just need some time" the succubus said "you should go. You can help Roxy care for Erica."

"We will be fine." Bree said

Amelia looked at Kay and Carrie who both nodded. "Okay" she said.

"You will appear in my workshop." Carrie said "Erica should eat and sleep as much as she can till we get back. Okay everyone, stay close together and don't move."

Carrie spoke a spell quietly to herself then raise her hands and the three vanished in a quick flash of blue light. Drained, Carrie sat down wondering which of them felt more tired now Ira or her. Sending three people was pushing it but she was sure Roxy would not want to stay behind and Amelia had the knowledge to help Erica recover.

They rested for a few minutes then the remaining four set out. The hours and the miles passed and soon it was getting dark. Kay, who had been scouting ahead returned saying he had found a good place to set up camp for the night. Carrie and Ira used the last of there energy to set up camp while Bree went to gather firewood and Kay to hunt down some dinner.

Bree walked through the slow covers woods searching for some area where she might miraculously find dry wood. So far no luck but at least she had some time to think. So Ira had been a succubus all this time, wow she must be losing her touch she thought to herself. And Carrie, was she crazy? Fucking a creature that was supposed to be an enemy. And they were fucking although Bree was pretty sure the whole house knew that. Ira was not exactly quite when she came and neither was Carrie for that matter. Maybe they thought the walls were thicker or maybe they just didn't care. Well it was rude damn it. Especially when she had not gotten any in.....shit how long had it been? Bree had a short fling when they first settled in Pineoak but since that ended her flower had seen no love that her own fingers had not provided. She missed sex. She really missed sex. And to make things worse, even Amelia was getting laid. Amelia! Prim, proper, no sense of humor Amelia was getting more ass then she was. Bree swiped at a small tree in angry frustration. The poor thing did not stand a chance against her sword and went down in one blow. Bree barely noticed this however because when she hit the tree, all the snow held by its branches was all to happy to come raining down on her. Some went straight down the front and back of her armor.

"Gah!! Shit shit sh-sh-shit that's cold!" Bree said dancing about trying to pull her clothing away from her skin to let the snow fall through. Bree shivered.

"That's fucking gre- GEH - HAAAASHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" (I sneezed writing this sentence. Ironic.)

Bree let loose her typical sneeze that matched her personality, loud, unapologetic, and unrestrained. She sniffed and rapped her furs tighter around herself trying to warm back up.

Not long after she finally found some dryish wood and some dry kindling. With Carrie's magic they should be able to get it burning. She started to head back then noticed something from the corner of her eye. She looked closer and saw Kay, a good distance away, crouched down near a patch of brush. He had his back to her and appeared to be stalking something. She stopped to watch for a moment and her eyes were drawn to his powerful looking body. He had left his coat at camp saying he needed to be able to move freely to hunt and now Bree could see his strong legs and arms quite easily. Her eyes drifted north from his legs and she admired what she saw there. With surprising suddenness Kay shot forward and chased after the rabbit that had finally come close enough. They disappeared into the woods as Bree marveled as his speed. She always forgot how fast some faunna could be and Kay was very fast. She was pretty sure they would be having that rabbit for dinner. She headed back to camp.

As Bree returned she saw three tent like shelters and a fire area marked by a circle of stones. Carrie sat near the fire pit and helped Bree to arranged the wood. One quick spell and there was a nice fire going. Ira, who had been lying down in one of the tents came out to warm herself. Bree noticed that she looked very tired, drained almost and she found herself starting to feel sorry for the creature. Ira had saved Erica after all and even after all this time she had not killed Carrie. Maybe she was not evil. Bree caught herself staring at the succubus' body and look away. Creature or no, tired or no she was still gorgeous. Bree shook off thoughts that were trying to creep into her mind. While she preferred men she did like girls as well.

Kay returned with two rabbits, skinned and ready to be cooked. A few minutes later three of them were eating heartily. Kay offered some to Ira who shook her head.

"I can eat for fun but it doesn't nourish me so I'll pass." she said

The sun set soon after dinner and they all laid down for the night. Bree and Kay each had there own tent while Carrie and Ira shared one. They said there good nights and tried to sleep. None could. Carrie kept tossing and turning trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach. Actually they were a bit lower than her stomach. She rolled over to find Ira awake and still looking weak.

"Are you okay?" Carrie asked

"I'm so hungry." Ira said with a pained look on her face.

"Well, for some reason I'm horny as hell so why don't we get you something to eat and satisfy us both." Carrie said and leaned to kiss Ira.

The succubus stopped her. "You don't have enough energy." she said "if I lose control because I'm so hungry I might start draining your life force. Normally you could take it a little but you have used so much magic today that I'm not sure what might happen. We should wait till you have recovered. I'll survive."

Carrie nodded. "That's why you did not try for a quick snack while they were gone." she said "I understand. It's just going to be a long night. I'm really horny for some reason."

"That's my fault." Ira said "when we are really hungry succubi start producing pheromones that get people worked up. It helps us find food easier."

"That's kinda cheating." Carrie said with a grin then she kissed Ira good night and tried to go to sleep.

A hour or two passed and Bree was still awake. She just could not get comfortable and the fact that she was aroused for no damn reason was not helping. Normally she would just take care of business but with Kay and his wolf ears in the next tent she dare not try anything. She sat up and decided to go for a walk hoping it might tier her out. Plus she had to pee. She got up and quietly made her way into the woods for some privacy. She was just about to do her business when she looked up and saw Kay. It looked like he was.....she blushed. Apparently he was answering natures call as well and from this angle she got a full view of his manhood. Maybe it was because she was horny or maybe it was that he was rather well endowed but she could not seem to look away. It was also curiously, she had aways wondered what faunna were like down there and much to her delight he look completely human in that regard. She wondered why he had not caught her sent as she approached but she realized she was down wind. The breeze was keeping her hidden but it also caused her to shiver, and it was tickling her.....   Bree tried to hold it back, she really did but as someone to who almost never stifled she was not good at it. Her eyes slowly closed as her nose betrayed her.


She was pretty sure she had just woke up the whole forest. She definitely got Kay's attention. He jumped, stopping what he was doing and quickly put it back in his pants.

"Enjoying the show?" he asked with a grin after seeing who it was.

She smiled, glad he was not mad.

"Sorry." she said "I just needed to take a leak."

"Well don't let me stop you." he said still grinning. He moved back round the tree he was standing behind and Bree heard him continue what he had been doing. Bree was tempted to try to steel another peak but her bladder was getting impatient. She moved behind a different tree then, her sly grin returning, she moved so she was only partly behind the tree and squatted down to pee. Halfway finished she looked over her shoulder and was pleased to find Kay peaking round the tree at her. Though caught he did not look away only grinned again. There was desire in his eyes and the sight of it raised her own. She finished then stood and turned around leaving her flower uncovered for him to see.

"Like what you see?" she asked, a part of her shocked at her own boldness.

"Very much." Kay said. "You?" His pants were still undone and he reached in revealing his full self.

Bree wanted it. She wanted him and she could see he wanted her. Crazy or not she was helpless not to say what came to her lips.

"If you want it all you have to do it come get it."

A moment later they were up against a tree kissing passionately. Her hands were on his and his hands on her's. He grabbed her leg and lifted it opening a path to her flower. She lightly bit his neck and huffed "please, fuck me!". He slipped inside and began to do just that. She moaned, failing in her attempt to keep quiet. To be filled with warm pleasure again, it had been far too long. He was thrusting hard and fast which was just how she liked it. Her hands gripped his butt encouraging him on. It did not take long for her to feel a very strong orgasm begin to build inside her. Tingling warm pleasure grew and grew and she started moaning freely, not giving a shit who heard her. Then it came, her eyes rolled back and she let out a noiseless scream and her breath was lost in the flood of release. She felt him finish as well and her insides filled with even more warmth. It had been very good but it had also been very long. Bree pushed Kay to the snowy ground, her fur coat, still on, flopped over to cover the place where they were joined. She began to ride him vigorously and was please to find that he was still hard. His hands found her butt under the furs and held her. In a few minutes she was moaning from her second orgasm and was amazed to find that Kay was too. He could go more than once. She orgasmed a third time before he finally began to soften.

Back at the camp Ira sat up suddenly as a wave of sexual energy flooded through the camp. Unable not to, she began to drink. She tasted both male and female energy and would realize later that it must be Bree and Kay. For the moment however all she could think about was drinking. The flood was more than enough and must have come from a couple with passion to spare. Carrie, still awake figured out what was happening. She was glad Ira finally had nourishment but she was jealous not to be the one giving it to her. To make matters worse she was now hornier than ever.

Bree and Kay retuned to camp and lay down in the same tent. Now enclosed in a warm place they removed each other's clothing and continued there attack on one another. This time Kay was on top, holding Bree's wrists above her hand with his hands and gong fast and hard again. She would cum other three times and him once more before they finally were done and fell asleep.

During the entire time Ira drank deeply from the excess energy the two were giving off and in a way so did Carrie. When Bree and Kay started in the tent, Ira had looked at Carrie to find a sad face of longing staring back at her. She realized that her lover was the only one left out of the night's sensuality but she still felt it was too dangerous to risk feeding on Carrie as weak as she was. Suddenly she had an idea, an old succubus spell that, while never used like she was about to try, should work. She placed her hands on the sides of Carrie's head and spoke a quite spell. Carrie was about to ask what she was doing when Ira began to drink again. Carrie gasped as a feeling of warm pleasure began to fill her. Before she was lost in it she realize what it was. Ira had told her of a spell that let one partner feel what the other was feeling. That meant that what she was feeling was how Ira felt when she fed. It was like an orgasm almost but much slower and more consistent, like being slowly lowered into a hot bathtub filled with pure pleasure. Carrie's mouth opened and her eyebrows arched in reaction to the feeling. A single tear fell from her eye. It was.....words could not describe it. After what seemed like forever the wave passed and Carrie came gently back down from heaven. She had never felt so satisfied in her life. She felt like she had just eaten a gourmet meal. Ira slowly removed her hands and the feeling of fullness left leaving a feeling of sensual afterglow.

Fully satisfied the four had no trouble drifting off to sleep. The next morning no one spoke of the night's events although they all seemed to know what happened. The packed up camp and after a half days travel they had returned to Pineoak.

Carrie and Ira were the first to check on Erica and were pleased to find her and Roxy in good spirits. Erica looked like her normal self again and seemed to have fully recovered save for two small round scars on her neck. Sadly she would have those scars for the rest of her life but it was a small price to pay.



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Re: [F/F + M/F + Mature + Explicit] The Legend of the Sneezecubus (Fox, Wolf)
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Chapter 13

Her face was very beautiful and yet, somehow wrong. She had dark hair, almost pure black, and slightly pale skin but not sickly, more in a beautiful winter morning kind of way. Her green eyes, pale as her skin stared intently towards a pile of ash slowly shrinking in the wind. Her red lips curved in a barely discernible frown. Freezing gusts howled around her, continuing to blow the ash away until only one thing remained. A skull. The woman lower and picked it up turning it over in her hand. Missing it's jaw bone it looked human accept for one major difference. Two long fangs protruded from the upper teeth.


"Fool" the woman said coldly. With a lightning quick motion she imbedded the fags into the tree leaving the skull held to its side.


"Hang there like the idiot you were" the woman said her voice showing only the slightest hint of irritation.


A single gruff laugh came from her side. The woman was short, only as tall as Carrie but even Bree would have have looked tiny compared to the hulk standing next to her. A bear of a man with dark brown hair that fell across a hard weathered face. He wore a smile that was not at all friendly. The woman turned his direction and while it looked as though he could have broken her with one hand he moved aside with speed and respect that one might give to a tiger.


With the large man in tow the woman walked up next to a third individual. Thin tall, though not as tall as the other man, he stood motionless starring into the woods. His face was completely void of emotion of any kind. His pointed elven ears moved forward just the slightest bit as he listened. The woman stopped next to him, her unspoken question hanging in the air.


"Huntresses" the man said his voice betraying only the slightest amount of disgust. The large man let out a low rumbling growl.


"And?" the woman said.


"Fauna, two." the man went on "A wolf and a fox I believe. And..... a succubus."


The woman hissed like an angry cat then just as quickly regained her composure.


"Interesting." she said "I look forward to meeting them."



Later that winter....



Almost two months had passed since the incident with the vampire and things were slowly returning to normal, more or less. Erica had rested a full week but thankfully had made a full recovery. Kay and Bree had started seeing one another and Renn now spent more nights with Amelia. The biggest change was that now Ira no longer hid her true self. After her reveal in the woods she no longer bothered to cast illusions while in their shared house.


She had once even forgot to cast her clothing spell and came to breakfast naked causing many surprised gasps and Renn to almost choke on his eggs. A very red Carrie quickly ushered her back to the bed room where they agreed that maybe real clothing would be best from now on. Ira had of course chosen a sensual wardrobe, if only slightly due to winter and warmth being an issue. Carrie had wondered how she would be dressing when it was warm again.



As for Roxy and Erica things had returned to normal, well mostly. Being kidnapped and almost turned into a vampire was not a pleasant experience and while Erica seemed to be her old self around most people, Roxy could tell she had changed. As for why Ira had not erased her memories of the event as she well could have, that had been Erica's choice.


"She did not want me to" Ira had said when Roxy asked her about it "I don't know why but I offered and she turned me down."


Roxy had not been pleased with Erica's choice but it had been just that, her choice. All Erica would say was that the event had taught her something she did not want to forget.





Late one morning.....


Carrie stirred as the morning light peaked into her bedroom. Rather then getting up right away as she usually did she snuggled deeper into the warm covers. It was the last day of the week, her one day to sleep in and she intended to use it. She shifted back just a little to snuggle up against Ira feeling the warmth of the succubus sharing her bed. Warmth and something else. Carries eyes opened sleepily as she felt a unusual hardness pressing gently against her butt. It took her only a moment to recognize the feeling. While she was in a relationship, if she could call it that, with a girl for the moment Carrie was bi and had been with men in the past. She knew what was pressing against her.


Carries was fully awake in a instant jumping up with a spell ready to filay whoever the bold bastered was who had been brazen enough to sneak into her bed. As she spun she was met with a surprised shout from a familiar voice. Ira sat up quickly, a look of shock in her eyes.


"What's wrong?" Ira asked looking around frantically.


"Someone was-" Carrie began then stopped short and stared, her eye fixed on Ira's waist.


"What the fuck?" Carrie finally managed "Ira what is that?"


Ira looked down and with a embarrassed shout quickly covered herself with the sheets. It was an odd thing to see but Ira was blushing, hard.


"I-I must have been dreaming" Ira studded "I'll make it go away."


"Hang on a minute" Carrie said "How, what, I didn't know you could......"


Carrie slowly reached and pulled away the sheet revealing.......


Carrie's eyes widened. Seemingly growing out of Ira's flower bud was......well something no female had.


Encouraged by the look of curiosity on Carrie face Ira said "I'm a succubus. We can naturally fulfill anyone's sexual desires, even that of a completely straight woman."


"Aren't there incubbi? Male succubi?" Carrie asked "I thought I read somewhere that there were?"


"No" Ira said shaking her head "All succubi are female but we can change our bodies as much as needed in order to feed." Ira looked down blushing again "I don't like to change personally. I like flowers, having one I mean."


"So you have never?" Carrie asked.


"Never needed to." Ira said grinning "Never found a woman I couldn't seduce just as I am."


Carrie had barely heard Ira's reply. Her mind and her flower had both finally caught up with what she was seeing and the opportunity that was before her. She could feel herself becoming quite moist. She loved sex with Ira and it was quite satisfying but Carrie was bi and she  sometimes missed the feeling of warm fullness that came from sex with a man. Now she could have the best of both worlds.


"Lay down" Carrie said her eyes filled with lust as she gently pushed Ira onto her back.


"I'm not sure we should-AAHH!!" Ira began to say went Carrie's fingernails slid up the shaft.


Carrie sat on Ira's hips and had lifted her dripping flower over Ira's shaft went the words sunk in. She paused.


"Could I get pregnant?" Carrie asked.


"Well, no but HAAH AAHH!!" Ira again was cut off as Carrie lowered herself down letting Ira slide inside.


Carrie moaned. She felt so full. Ira was the perfect size. Unable not to Carrie began to rock back and forth causing Ira to slide in and out of her flower.


Ira grimmest trying not to be lost in the feeling. Carrie's flower was so wet and warm and felt so so good. Before she knew she was doing it Ira began to move in time with Carrie making for longer deeper strokes. Somewhere in the back of her mind Ira knew they should not be doing this, that it was risky, but that part seemed oceans away with the building pleasure.


A few moments later Ira felt a sudden buildup and knew she would cum in the next few seconds. Worry flooded back to her and she grabbed Carries hips to stop her. She just couldn't risk it, she couldn't........


Her thoughts trailed off as she saw Carrie's face.


To the untrained eye it just looked like Carrie was enjoying the sex, which she was, very much so, but Ira was very familiar with the look Carrie had.




Out of nowhere Carrie sneezed, her usual three times. Maybe it was the left over magic dust from last night, maybe it was just a random sneeze, whatever the reason it pushed Ira over the edge. With the first sneeze Ira's eyebrows arched and she gasped. With the second her eyes rolled back. With the third she came.


Carrie's eyes grew very wide then they too rolled shut and she threw her head back letting out a scream of exsticy.  She felt something come out of Ira that lit her entire flower a blaze with white hot pleasure. Her hips bucked uncontrollably and eventually Ira slipped out but still the orgasm continued. Carrie moaned and cried out sounding like she was being tortured when in reality it was quite the opposite.


Ira had completely lost herself as well and had been pushing as hard and fast up into Carrie as she could before she slipped out.


No sooner had their moans slowed and quieted then Carrie felt a wave of sleepiness flow over her. It was all she could do to flop off of Ira and back to her side of the bed before sleep took her, almost violently.




In the room down the hall Amelia and Renn had both jerked awake at the sound of Carrie's scream. Amelia almost reached for her weapons then, recognizing her sisters voice, she flopped back down covering her ears with her pillow groaning. She was happy her sister was enjoying her lover, she really was, but did they have to keep forgetting others could hear. Renn smiled and kissed Amelia's red cheek.


Soon the moans died down but as she was already up, Amelia decide to start her day.





Ira lay next to her panting. She knew she should not have let that happen but something almost instinctual had overwhelmed her resistance. She looked at Carrie as she slept and tried to tell herself that things would be okay, that the odds of what she feared happening were very low, and they were. She just couldn't shake the feeling she had made a mistake. Standing, Ira heading to the shower. Maybe it would help her calm dow a bit. She did decide however that she would tell Carrie everything when she woke. She owed her that much.



The place the mayor of Pineoak had given them was quite large for what was essentially a three person Darkwatch. Years ago when the last Darkwatch had existed it had been twenty strong, now most rooms were empty and unused. In the center of the building was a courtyard that had at one time been used for training. A few old archery targets still stood near one side while the rest was a mostly open area used for sword practice.


There were two benches on either side of the training area and on this crisp late winter morning Roxy was seated on one with Bree across from her on the other. Between them a figure was in elegant motion, equal parts grace and aggression.


Roxy watched intently as Erica moved through her forms. The style made full use of the light blade combined with eleven speed  and coordination. The sword itself was about an inch and a half wide and just long enough so it could be drawn one handed. Elvish steel made the blade extremely strong despite how light it was. Two crescent moons back to back made up the hilt and a long blue shash was attached to the end of the ornate handle. A skilled fighter could make the cloth spin and flap, drawing the attention of there opponent away from the blade itself.


Roxy watched in amazement as Erica twirled and spun both herself and the blade, moving smoothly through the forms she had learned. Bree watched with a more critical expression judging the correctness of each move and stance.



Almost as soon as she recovered from the vampires attack, Erica had asked to learn to use a sword and Bree had offered to help. The sword had belonged to Erica's father and been passed to her when she had come of age, although until now it had simply collected dust on a shelf.


Roxy watched as Erica started her final movements, sweat dripping off her forehead even in the cold air. With a final thrust Erica finished and after a quick twirl, slid the sword back in its sheath as though she had done so a thousand time. Roxy was still amazed at how quickly elves picked up on things.


"Good." Bree said "Very good. Honestly I'm pretty impressed. Just remember with that sword to use your speed and parry other blades rather then meet them head on."


Erica nodded and picked up a towel or wipe her forehead. With her lover’s back to her, Roxy let her frown show. She knew that Erica was imagining the vampire that had bit her. Imagining killing it over mad over.


On the side of Erica's neck two red marks shown bright. Whenever her heart beat fast the marks turned bright red and became very obvious. When she was calm they were much harder to see but still there. She would have them the rest of her life, a reminder of what she had been through.


Roxy stood and walked up to Erica placing a hand on her shoulder.


"Are you okay?" she asked.


"Sure." Erica said "Just got into my workout, that's all."


"Well, I'm alway here if you want to talk." Roxy said hugging her "I love you."


"I love you too honey." Erica replied then smiled "You know, I need it take a shower. There's room for two if you care to join me."


Roxy blushed hard and Bree laughed.


"Don't let me get in the way." Bree said and with that she headed inside.




The old building’s showers where built with efficiency in mind rather then privacy. Six shower heads three on each side of the wall with a few drains in the center of the tile floor. To offer a little modesty the group had to placed a two sided sign on the door to state if the person inside wanted privacy or if they didn't care. This was mainly for Bree and Ira who had no problem at all walking right in on someone, or being walked in on.


Roxy then Erica started giggling as they took off there clothes and stepped inside. Erica turned on a pare of neighboring showers and after the water warmed, stepped under it with a long sigh. A moment later Roxy joined her letting out a sigh of her own. A warm shower on a cold day felt so good. A fell spells from Carrie had allowed the water to be warm and even hot if one wanted, a rare thing in there world.


After they had washed, helping each other with their backs, Erica pulled Roxy under her shower head and kissed her. They held each other enjoying the warmth of the water and each other.


Roxy stepped back for a moment to really enjoy the sight of Erica's body and quickly let out a surprised yelp as her back side smooshed up against what could only be another back side. She spun, holding her hands to cover herself and was not completely surprised to see Ira looking over her shoulder at her.


"Don't mind me." Ira said her words sounding seductive even though she did not mean for them to "Go on. I'm just warming up for a bit. It's freezing cold today."


"I-Ira" Roxy stammered "We talked about this. You can't just walk in on people."


Ira's innocent smile lit up her face making Roxy blush and look down. Why did she have to be so darn hot. Even with the love of her life right behind her Roxy couldn't help but feel attracted to the succubus. She guessed it wasn't really Ira's fault. She was naturally that way. It just made Roxy feel guilty.


Erica touched her shoulder and Roxy looked up at her to see an understanding loving smile.


"Ira" Erica said "Would you mind giving us a few minutes of privacy?"


Ira looked from one to the other then nodded still grinning. "I suppose." she said "I didn't know I would be interrupting anything. My bad." She winked and walked out of the shower to where the towel were kept looking sexy as ever.


Erica read Roxy's face easily. "You don't have to feel guilty." she said "Even I find her attractive. We can't really help it. She's a succubus and will always look alluring to anyone who sees her."


She hugged Roxy and she squeezed her back tightly.


"Thank you." Roxy said then let out a sharp gasp. Erica had slid her finger along the opening of Roxy's flower.


"But there's no need to let all this arousal go to waist." Erica said and kissed Roxy deeply as her fingers went to work.







Ira felt the wave of Roxy's climax only moments after drying off and took a small sip of the delicious energy.


"You didn't last long cutie." Ira said and giggled taking another small sip as she headed back to her room. Roxy tasted like cinnamon cake. Ira loved how everyone had their own unique flavor.








Hours passed.


Around mid day Carrie finally woke up. She tried to sit up and failed, falling back holding her head. She was dizzy. Almost like she was hung over. Looking around she saw Ira was not there.


"What happened?" she said to herself weakly "Did she accidentally feed on me too much? Is this what it feels like?"


She knew that whatever had happened it had likely been an accident but still Carrie thought they might be better off sticking to their normal activity from now on. A few moments later the dizziness passed at she got up and dressed.



Carrie found the house empty. Nothing new really. The couples were all likely out and even Bree who had just recently told everyone about her and Kay. The two had been finding every excuse to see each other after their night together in the woods.


The memory of that night brought on an almost physical response and Carrie had to take a moment to steady herself. That night in the woods Ira had let her feel what a succubus felt while feeding and she could not stop remembering how amazing it was. She had asked Ira to share it with her again but the succubus had refused saying that it had been a bad idea and that humans could become addicted to it. Carrie wondered if she already was. She had caught herself thinking about it often. The slowly building steady full body pleasure that was like an orgasm but not.


Carrie shook her head. She was a Mage not some darkleaf junky. Regaining herself Carrie decided that she would get some lunch in town. She was starving. Maybe she could stop by a bar or two and look for Bree and the others but food first.


Selecting a light cloak, as winter was almost over, Carrie went out the front door and headed for town.



While larger then its neighbor Red Maple the town of Pineoak gave the illusion of being small due to how spread out it was. Almost like many small towns near each other there was a minute or two walk between one group of buildings to another. The town square had the largest concentration of buildings all facing inward towards the two trees for which the town was named. A large oak tree and a large pine competing for height stood next to one another with the town meeting hall next to them.


Carrie walked through the town, enjoying the cool crisp air of late winter. It was later afternoon and she had just had a very large lunch at her favorite pub. Yet for some odd reason she felt hungry again. Strange, she had not even spent her morning training to work up an appetite. Perhaps it was from her time with Ira that morning.


"Hey Carrie!" a voice called out. Carrie looked up to see two familiar people approaching and for the moment forgot about her hunger.


Roxy and Erica were walking over. Roxy was smiling brightly, her hair and tail fur had streaks of orange amongst the white, yet another sign that winter was ending. Erica looked as she always did, more passionate than most other elves but still restrained by human and fauna standards. She wore a pleasant smile and her fathers sword. All things considered she had taken her abduction by the vampire rather well but Carrie had noticed that the elf was rarely with out the blade or the blue scarf covering the fang marks.


Roxy hugged Carrie, almost jumping into her arms. Carrie marveled at the fox fauna's seemingly endless cheerfulness.


"Good to see you too" Carrie said then turned to Erica "And you as well."


Erica nodded offering a small smile. 


"Good to see you as well." she said.


"We are going to the winter markets." Roxy said excitedly "Would you like to come with us? Please say yes. It will be fun."


In the town of Pineoak as well as many others in that part of the land winter markets were held during the cold season leading up to a holiday on the first day of spring that celebrated the start of a new year. The markets sold many winter goods, small trinkets and carvings, cheeses, smoked fish, sausages, and a warmed spiced wine that was amazingly delicious.


The thought of that spiced wine and maybe a some smoked salmon made Carrie's mouth almost water.


"Sure" she said and before she knew it the three of them were walking through the market with a cup of hot wine each with salmon for Roxy, a sausage for Erica and both for Carrie.  She was still so hungry and even after the food she was somehow not satisfied. Maybe if she just let the food settle her body would realize she had eaten.


Trying to get her mind off her odd hunger Carrie began to browse the many booths of goods. A table of colorful candles and soaps caught her eye and she walked over. She had yet to get her sister a Winters End gift and some flower scented soap would be just the thing. Carrie looked over the selection, picking up and smelling two or three before selecting one she thought Amelia would like.  As she payed the man behind the booth Carrie felt a familiar tingle in her nose. "Good thing Ira is not here or she might get all hot and bothered" she thought as she felt a sneeze building.


Carrie turned away from the booth and after making sure no one was in front of her....




Carrie sneezed three times as she always did, uncovered and aiming towards the ground as was polite in their world, each a bit stronger then the last.


Then something odd happened. As she recovered she felt.....well maybe smelled or even tasted would be a better way of saying it but either way she picked up a very strong and pleasant sensation from behind her. It made her stomach growl and her flower tingle at the same time. Something was.....emanating from behind her.


Carrie turned to find the source of the wonderful sensation but all she saw was Roxy and Erica standing looking at her.


"Bless you" Erica said.


Roxy simply stood quietly, her cheeks the slightest bit red.


Carrie looked over their shoulder for, she did not know what, but something had called out to her. She sniffed without realizing it and smelled a wonderful sweet sent, almost like cinnamon cake, coming from......was it coming from Roxy? New perfume maybe? But what kinda perfume would make her smell so...... delicious?


Abruptly Carrie came back to her senses and realized that Erica and Roxy were staring at her.


"S-sorry." Carrie said blushing a bit "I guess those sneezes were harder then I thought."


Roxy turned even redder and again the intoxicating aroma wafted off her. Suddenly Carrie wanted to kiss her and more, even with Erica standing right there. Carrie shook her head and took a breath to steady herself. What the hell was wrong with her? Roxy and Erica were a couple and she had Ira, yet it still took effort not to jump the fox fauna right there.


"Are you feeling alright?" Erica asked putting a hand on Carrie's shoulder "You look a little-"



"I-I'm fine" Carrie managed "I need to be going."


Carrie swept past them and walked rapidly away. She felt dizzy and strange and suddenly did not trust herself around her two friends. She had never felt such a strong sudden attraction and desire. She had suddenly wanted them, both of them, badly. Carrie broke into a run hoping to get the feeling out of her system. What the hell was wrong with her?


Back at the Winter market Roxy and Erica looked at each other. What was that? They both wondered.









"So way kinda name is Kay anyway." Bree asked with a teasing grin.


Kay gave her a slightly annoyed look but was also grinning.


"It started as a nickname" he said as he began to wipe the bar with a towel. "When I was younger, I ran with a group of hunters and learned how to track dark creatures. The hunters started calling me 'canine' to try to get under my skin." He finished with the counter and filled an ale for a customer at the end of the bar. After walking it to the waiting dwarf he returned to Bree. "After a while it changed to 'Kay' for short and just kinda stuck."


"So what's your real name?" Bree asked. She was sitting near the middle of the bar near where most of the drinks were so she could talk to Kay more easily.


Kay only smiled and refilled her glass of port.


"Trying to get me drunk so I don't remember I asked?" Bree said


"You and I both know it takes more then two glasses of port to get you drunk." Kay said taking a sip from his own glass of honey whisky "Now as for the other effect port has on you" he leaned forward to whisper in her ear "That I might be going for."


With him this close Bree could smell the sweet whiskey on his breath and the rustic sent of a strong man. She felt her flower tingle and begin to get moist, the port only making things worse. For what ever reason the sweet rich wine like drink always made her horny.


Bree grabbed Kay's neck and kissed him hard, her tongue passionately searching his mouth. He kissed her back with the same ferocity that he always did. He was similar to her in the way he liked things and since they had began sleeping together they had fucked many more times then they had make love.


Thinking back on past times made Bree want it again. "Can't you leave the bar for just a minute?" Bree asked not even trying to hide the desire in her voice "There is only one or two people in here anyway. Most of the town is at the winter markets."


"That dwarf at the end of the bar would rob me blind if he noticed I was gone." Kay said. He leaned forward again and gently bit Bree's ear causing her to moan quietly. "Besides" he said "It's better when you have to wait for it. Once Lizzy gets here to take over I'll take you out back and fuck you silly."


"If she doesn't get here soon I'm gonna jump you behind the bar." Bree breathed in his ear.


She meant it and he knew it. Bree was always nearly insatiable but for the first time she had found a man able to keep up with her. They had been at it almost every day multiple times and he was always ready.


"She has two minutes to show up" Bree said undoing a few buttons of her top and momentarily pulling one side open to reveal an erect nipple.


Kay's eye drew down to her chest, then he walked around the bar to stand in front of her. The dwarf did not seem to notice, his head was down on the bar and he appeared to have dozed off.


"If your trying to make me impatient" he said taking her hand "Turnabout is fare play."


He place Bree’s hand on the front of his trousers where she could feel a strong large firmness. She sucked in a breath and moaned it out. She slid her hand over his belt and inside, grasping his hard form. Their eyes met and they both new they were seconds from loosing any control they had left.



The door to the pub burst open and Carrie appeared, still breathing heavily from running. Bree jumped and pulled her hand out quickly in surprise. Kay grimmest.


"Ouch." he said calmly.


Bree blushed. "Sorry." she said and turned to Carrie "You're in quite the hurry. Something wrong?"


"Good question" Carrie thought but instead said "Just going for run and I thought you might be here so I wanted to say hi."


Carrie could smell something sweet and delicious coming from there direction. Almost like a sweet mixed drink with rum and fruit. She knew she should not have alcohol after running but the scent was so alluring she still asked. "Could you fix me a drink Kay?"


"I'll tell you what." Kay said "If you watch the bar for a while you can have whatever you want on the house."


Without waiting for an answer he took Bree by the hand and headed for the basement door.


Carrie walked behind the bar as they left and noticed the smell seemed to go with them. It couldn't be from them she thought, so perhaps they spilled some amazing drink on themselves. Carrie began to look around the shelves for anything that smelled wonderful. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she was acting very strange but her need for........something was too strong to think straight. At the end of the bar the dwarf still had his head down, not noticing a thing.



Kay pulled Bree down the stairs to the underground storage area he used to keep the kegs of beer and meed cool. Inside he turned her around and with playfully but strong push he bent her over a large keg. She managed to unfasten her pants before he pulled them down, they had ripped quite a few items of clothing during there romps, and she felt her arousal beginning to drip down her legs. She pressed up against him eagerly but he did not enter her, instead he only teased the edges of her flower.


"Tell me how bad you want it" Kay breathed his voice filled with the wild passion she was quickly growing to love.


"You know how bad I want it" she almost moaned then her voice grew almost demanding  "Fuck me now! Give it to me as hard as you can!"


He began to do just that.


Bree felt the beginnings of a  powerful orgasm almost at once. She could hear their bodies slapping together and could feel waves of pleasurable fullness with each stroke. He would likely make fun of her for cumming so fast but she couldn't help it.


Bree threw her head back and let out an only slightly muffled yell as the orgasm burst into flames inside her.


Upstairs Carrie was almost knocked over by a sudden wave of.......something. Her legs gave out and she fell down behind the bar, placing a hand over her mouth to stifle a moan as her body lit up with new and strange feelings. Somehow Carrie knew that the hunger she was feeling could be satisfied with this energy if she could just figure out how to accept it. She fumbled for a moment trying to discover how and then a strange new instinct took over and she opened herself.


The energy flowed into her like a raging current and Carrie fell back against the side of the bar her eyes wide and her mouth hung open. A warm feeling of incredible pleasure slowly began to fill her soon reaching the height of the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced and then beyond. She did not know if she was crying or laughing. She could not even remember where she was, all that mattered was filling herself with this wonderful energy. A thought somehow managed to form in Carrie's nearly overwhelmed mind. A memory. She had felt this once before, one night in the woods, with Ira, the night she shared with her how it felt for a succubus to feed. Shock and realization together hit Carrie like a slap and she clamped herself off from the flow of energy. "She.......she had been feeding" she thought. “How? How could she possibly be able to?”


Still in shock from this strange occurrence Carrie was hit with a flood of new thoughts and emotions, almost like memories. Being in a storage room filled with beer kegs. Being pushed down on one. Opening her flower hoping for a man to fill it and then having that man do just that. But also memories of playfully pushing down a beautiful brunette. Of pulling her pants down to see a dripping flower. Of entering that flower beginning to slide in and out, each movement felling better and better until....


Carrie shock her head violently as sensations of familiarity came to her, as she recognized the memories as being from Bree and Kay. Struggling, Carrie managed to get to her feet and stumble towards the door. She couldn't stay here. If the two down stairs went another round she didn't think she would be able to stop herself from feeding and if she was somehow feeding like a succubus she could kill them both if she fed to much. Ira had always told her that she had never killed but also that it took a lot of strength and will power at first until she trained herself to just drink the sexual energy and not the life force. Carrie could not tell the difference.


As she stumbled through the door she crashed into two people. It was Erica and Roxy again.


"C-can you watch the bar for me. Kay will be back in a minute." Carrie managed to say as she pushed by.


"Are you sure your okay?" Erica said.


"Your acting a little strange." Roxy said "Why are you in such a hurry?"


"I just gotta used the ladies room." Carrie lied "Drank too much spiced wine."


With that she ran off down the street.


"Why not just used the one in the bar?" Roxy asked.


Erica shrugged and they went inside.




“Ira?! Ira!” Carrie shouted as she burst through the front door of the house. She kept running as she checked each room looking for the succubus but she was no where to be found.


“Great” Carrie said, a mixture of worry and frustration “What the hell am I going to do now?”