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(Hi everyone. So some of you may know me from the other forum (SFF) but in the event you are not a member there and/or have not had the chance to read this story I decided to share it here.

So first a couple of side notes. First, its long. I wrote this years ago over the course of a year or two. Second, the furry characters take a bit to show up but become more frequent at the story progresses. Third the M/F parts take a bit of time to happen as well.  Lastly I do my best to edit but you will likely still find occasional spelling errors, my apologies. All that said I hope everyone who reads this enjoys it and if you would like to give your feed back I would like to know how you liked it.)

Chapter 1

Carrie was excited. That was not quite right. She was that mixture of fear, nervousness, and anticipation one gets when they have been practicing something for a long time and finally get to perform for the first time. The day was warm and sunny. The group she was in was about one mile west of the village of Pineoak having just entered a light woodland area where the trees where still sparse and short. The reason for her excitement? This was her first monster hunt.

Carrie's sister Amelia, who was walking ahead of there trio, was a skilled archer who had been hunting monsters for years now. Their third member, Gabreella or Bree as she liked being called, (Not Gabby, never Gabby) was a close combat warrior. She wore her typical light and rather revealing armor but this was not to show off her body. "Not that you have anything to be ashamed of," Carrie thought. She wore that kind of armor because of the nature of her abilities. Both Amelia and Bree had some basic magic they could use in combat. Bree's was mainly defense based where as Amelia could multiply or move arrows in flight. She rarely missed. As for Carrie? She could use much more than base magic. She was a full fledged Mage. She had studied since she was little with the hopes of one day helping others. "Today she would get her first chance," she thought.

The village of Pineoak had been recently plagued with a series of odd occurrences and had issued a request for help. Villagers had been disappearing only to return hours later so exhausted and drained that they usually collapsed and slept for days. What was more odd was they all had memory gaps only being able to recall having gone for a walk in the woods then nothing until there return. The last oddity was that when they returned, before collapsing, they had all been having bouts of sneezing. Even those with no history of allergies had been having fits of sneezes as they stumbled back to the town.

There were many supernatural creatures in the land of Patria but most were harmless and had good relations with humans. Some even lived as a part of human society. On occasion however some creatures became dangerous. A rough vampire on a killing rampage for instance such as Bree and Amelia last hunt. Some magic and silver tipped arrows had made short work of that one. Carrie wish she could have been there. Oh well, no matter she was here now and it was possible what they were chasing now was some kind of vampire hybrid. One that fed of energy rather then blood. The sneezing part was weird though. Anyway, here they were hoping to find a lair of some kind. If it was a vampire type then fighting it in the daytime was ideal.

Soon they came across a promising location. An ancient run down outpost. It was made of stone and built into the side of a hill suggesting that most of it was under ground.

"Alright, Bree said "now we are getting some where."

"Okay, form up," Amelia said.

She stepped forward to take point readying an arrow. Carrie came next. In the middle she could cast a shield around the group easily if needed. Bree came last, sword drawn. If something came up behind then She could spin and engage it up close.

They entered into a stone hallway that descended into the structure. After about a hundred feet Carrie began to sense magic. She looked around and saw a collection of faintly glowing runes carved into the stone surface of the wall. She motioned for the others to stop as she stepped forward to inspect the runes. "Hmm, sound activated," she thought. Anything over a whisper would activated the spell which she determined to be some sort of incapacitation magic. Not lethal but it would render them defenseless in some way. "Sound activated was smart," Carrie thought "especially against mages who had to speak there spells loudly and clearly to have the best result." She motioned her companions to come close and whispered the situation to them. She could try to disarm them but it was likely bet just to move out of range. Bree nodded and they continued on.

They had just started back up when it happened. Bree heard the sound of tiny wings flutter past her head. She turned to look and her eyes widened in shock as she drew in a breath. It was a fairy. Not that that was problem in and of it self as there were many fairies in this part of Patrie, the problem was the type of fairy.

Most fairies kept to themselves, tending to plants or animals and could be identified by the color they glowed. This one glowed purple. That ment on thing. A pepper fairy. Pepper fairies were mischievous creatures with an odd sense of humor and a fascination with sneezing. They would often cause woodland creatures to go into fits and then laugh and giggle at their expense. They loved teasing humans even better however and would often wait until the person was in the worst situation for a sneeze to occur then dust the with there magical dust. If a one got even the slightest bit in there nose, it was not a matter of if they would sneeze, it was a matter of when. They was not stoping it.

Bree stared in horror hoping the fairy would not try to make her sneeze when her nose felt the first tickle. "Oh crap," she thought realizing what had happened. In an effort to stay quiet she had subconsciously clamped her mouth shut therefor when she saw the fairy her shocked inhalation had gone through her nose instead. Try as she might to prevent it, her breath hitched letting more of the fairy dust in her nose.

"No pepper faira.....ahhhh....shoo.....I don't want yo.....your......your ma......magic.......magicalahhh......AHHHHH!!!" Bree tried to whisper but it was no use. The fairy only laughed teasingly and showed Bree with even more. Bree could not help it. Any second now she would sneeze full force and loudly as she always did and there was nothing she could do. AAAAHHHH....AAHHHH...AAAASHOOOO...HAAAAASHOOO...H AAAASHOOOOO!!!!!!

Carrie nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden noise. As she spun around she heard the sound of the runes activating. Almost a popping noise mixed with chimes. She instantly felt her eyes get heavy. "Damn it," she thought "a sleep charm." She tried to focus and casts counter but her words came out slurred, like she had spent the whole night drinking at a tavern. As she struggled she saw her sister had already collapsed. Bree was on her hands and knees fighting but clearly losing the battle to stay awake. Carrie herself had staggered to the wall and now she slid down it. Suddenly all that mattered was sleep and she could fight it no longer. She slid sideways to the floor a fell fast asleep, snoring lightly. The last thing she heard was a fairy's laughter. Or was that many fairies.


HAAAAASHOOO!!! Carrie's eyes popped open at the sound of the sneeze. "What the ffffuck?" she said groggily as she struggled to get her bearings. AAAAASHOOO!
Another sneeze. It sounded like Bree. Now she remembered. The doorway under the hill. The runes. But where was she now and why was she......naked!? No not quite naked but in her undergarments. She felt a spell come undone and she had to catch her balance. She had been supported by magic but now that she was awake the spell ended and she found herself standing with her arms bound above her head. She felt a stir next to her and found her sister was besides her, also bound at the wrists to the ceiling.

Carrie began to piece things together. There was obvious magic at work in this place and chains on there wrists were rather self explanatory. It was there missing clothing that was the biggest clue however. Only one creature would remove clothing. A succubus. Not good Carrie thought. Succubi were rare but well known. They would capture or seduce there prey and..........well let's just say the results could be deadly all be it enjoyable, at least at first.

Much like vampers, Succubi did not have to kill to feed but Carrie had no intention of giving this one the chance. A quick spell and they could be free. Just then two fairies fluttered up to either side of the sisters. So she had heard more than one. Everything pointed to a succubus but how did the pepper fairies fit in? HAAAAASHOOO!!! AAAAASHOOO!!! She could hear Bree sneezing her poor head off. "Damn it," she thought "casting is going to be near impossible if I am having a sneezing fit." The fairies wasted no time. One placed a feather between Amelia's breasts and began to bounce them up so the feather was ticking her noise. It much have been a magic feather because not only did it go right were it needed to but it stated to work instantly. Amelia's eye started to flutter and her build ups began.

"Ahhhhh!!! No!" Carrie protested "Stop tha.....thahhhh....Ahhhh!!!"

She had been dusted by the fairy on her side and while distracting by concern for her sister, she had breathed it right in. The effects were instant. Her breath hitched, her eyes rolled sneezely, and still the sneeze built in strength. This is going to be a big one she managed to think before the need to sneeze became all encompassing.
Ever since they were young growing up on their fathers orchard, Amelia had always sneezed in doubles. Her sister on the other hand had been blessed with triples. She never stifled and rarely covered as it was considered polite in Patria to sneeze uncovered towards the ground if one could. Not that covering was possible now and stiffling? Good luck trying to when pepper fairies were the cause.

HATCHOOO!! HATCHOOOO!!!..........HATSHOOO!!! HATCHOOOOOOW!!!!! Amelia let loos with her traditional double followed by another then another.

CHOOOO!!!......ESHOOOOO!!!!......EESHOOOOO!!!!!!..........................EHSHOOOO!!!!......EESHOOOO!!!!.....EH, EH, EHSHOOOO!!!!!!!! Carrie sneezed full force not holding back at all. In fact she was trying to sneeze as hard as she could. If she could get the dust out she thought she might have a free second for some magic. She felt responsible for getting them into this mess and damn it she was going to get them out of it. Especially before the succubus arrived. Speaking of which, what the hell was with the fairies? What kind of succubus was this?

Ira Kushami was her name and Carrie was right, she was not a normal succubus. Ira had started out normal, well as normal a one can be who must feed on sexual energy and pleasure for sustenance that is. Over the years however, she had gotten so bored. Sex had become just like eating bland food. There was nothing exciting about it any more. She had tried everything, different races, elves, humans, fauns. Different genders, she liked females better as they could go on for much longer before having to recuperate. She had tried everything she could think of the try to "spice" up her meals but she was still bored. She never tried killing, "No, never kill" she had told herself. She liked people and wanted them to enjoy things. She did have to erase there memories sadly but it was much safer that way. Plus she would not ruin them for future partners. Sex with a succubus was the best most beings ever had.

Ira had been bored for years until one night. She had been in a tavern using an illusion to appear as an attractive human red head and was slowly seducing one of the female patrons. She still liked that part, the sensual conversation, watching the person's interest grow, watching and sensing there desire and lust for her increase. Ira only slept with people who wanted to sleep with her. She could over power most people's will if she wanted to but it was much more satisfying if the person truly wanted her and was not just under her influence. Ira had suggested to the young brunet that they step outside for some privacy and they now stood behind the tavern at the edge of the woods. She planned to keep seducing her then make her offer, take her somewhere privet, enjoy herself as best she could then move on.

Ira was running her fingers through the girls hair, whispering to her things that would make just about anyone blush, when the girl suddenly pulled back and got a strange look of desperation in her eyes. "What the-" Ira stared to think then the girl burst forth with a feminine but very strong sneeze. IHSHOOOW!!!!!! Ira stared awestruck. She had never seen someone sneeze. Succubi never sneezed naturally and she had never seen someone else do it, at least not up close. Ira felt a tingle down below. She did not know why but that was about the sexiest thing she had ever seen.

"Oh wow," she said, "do that again, please."

"She can't on her own," came a singsong like voice, "but I can make her."

Ira looked up to see a purple fairy hovering over there heads. It dusted the girl and immediately the face of desperation returned.

"Shoo stupid fairy" the girl tried to say but all she got out was Sahh, IHSHOOO!!!!

The fairy burst out laughing.

Ira was enthralled. Now she finally understood what it was like to have a fetish. Most would not find what was happening sexy, but she.....she was getting wetter by the second. She wanted to have sex with this girl now. She needed to! Ira almost tacked the poor girl, clinging to her neck and kissing her passionately. "Mmmmf" was all the girl got out before she was caught up in how great the kisses felt. Succubi were very good at such things. They flopped into the bushes where Ira gave the girl the night of her life. She did not care if someone saw then, she was some turned on she just did not care. The fairy, still laughing, had made the girl sneeze during the act and Ira came hard, almost from the sound alone. "You have it bad girl" she had thought to herself later but she could care less. Sex was hot again! Ira's eyes rolled back, her tows curled, her wings spread,.........wait..wings spread!? "Oh crap!" she thought. She lost control of her illusion for a moment and reviled her true appearance, wings and all. Thankfully the girl did not notice. Probably because she was squirming in the middle of the best orgasm she had ever had. After coming down off the high, Ira had erased the girls memory but let enough for her to dream about that night. "I owe you that much for opening a whole new world to me." Ira whispered as the girl slept in the soft grass.

"You there, fairy!" Ira said.

"Bye" the fairy said having just recovered from its latest round of laughter. It stated to flutter way.

"How would you like to have even more people to tease?" Ira called after her.

The fairy stopped. "Go on" she said.

In the months that passed, Ira recruited two more pepper fairies and worked out an arrangement between them. Teach her about this new found fascination and allow her to utilized there abilities when she wanted and in return they would be allowed to tease all her "victims" for a time before she had her turn.

It had been wonderful. Ira had explored sneezing at length and even discovered she could do it herself if they used there dust on her. It took a bit more but it worked. Together they had many amazing nights with many people. Did this make her a Sneezcubus? She did not know of there was such a thing but she did not care. She loved it. Sneezing, watching others sneeze, and during sex.......great night sister there was nothing like it! She began studying and refining the fairies dust soon after moving into the old outpost near Pineoak. Whenever her need would arise, which was very often now, she would roam the town, find a willing person, and bring them back to her lair for the sneezy night of there life. In the morning she would erase there memories, always safer that way, and send them back. Apparently that was still enough to rase suspicion as the town officials had sent for hunters. Ira was not to surprised when a fairy fluttered up to report that three hunters had been spotted entering her home.

"Shit, I was afraid of this" she said.

She had taken precaution in the form of trap runes but that might not stop them.

"Oh, they will," the fairy had giggled and she had been right.

Ira now sat in her bedroom/sneeze lab, which just so happened to be one floor below where the huntresses were now bound, and debated what to do next.

Killing them was out of the question. She could just run but damn it was she pissed. She liked it here. Scare them she thought. "I'll get back at them by scaring the pants off them." Ira had to giggle. That was not the way she normally got someone's pants off she thought.

Scare them, right. Scare them, erase there memories, then run. She was ready. She summed Shadow.

Shadow was her familiar. A shade creature formed from a part of herself but with a mind of its own. Succubi could call upon familiars for offense or defense as well as to help with any magic more complex then illusions. Magic such as minor reality alterations. Ira planned to have shadow help her pass through her ceiling so as to make it appear she was rising from the ground to her prisoners. She would rise up, wings fully extended, fangs bared, "maybe some red eyes, yeah that will help" she thought. Hopefully they would take her for a dark fiend and she would get the effect she wanted.

Shadow appeared, began circling around her, then after a moment headed toward the ceiling where he created a dark portal. "Perfect," she thought. If she had to retreat she did not want the huntresses to be able to see that there was a room below. She opened her wings and began to rise.

Carrie's eyes immediately went to the floor as the black portal appeared, spilling dark smoke to either side.

"Here it comes," she thought as she sneezed another triple "damn it." She could throw that thing through the wall if she could only get the words out but the sneezes were just to frequent. She had been right though, it was a succubus. One trying to look scary she thought. That was kind of funny, cute almost. Like a kitten trying to appear menacing but it just coming out adorable. Under different circumstances she may have been quite amused but she was to busy sneezing to much care right now.

Ira continued to rise from the floor. "This is going perfect," she thought. Maybe she would try saying something threatening next or maybe-

It was then she felt her nose tickle.

As a succubu's familiar, Shadow was very much like his master. As Ira changed and developed new interests, so would he. So when she became fascinated with sneezing so did he. He also had her teasing sense of humor and fondness for pranks. With all this in mind what happens next was not so surprising.

Shadow had been looking for an opportunity to play a prank on Ira for a while now and when he saw how distracted she was while summoning, him he though he might have his chance. While circling her he had carefully removed one of the special feathers she kept attached to the back of her belt. These were all generously coated with fairy dust and never failed at there job. Even on Ira.

As they rose through the floor, Shadow slipped the tip of the feather into Ira's nose and started gently twisting it. The result was instant. Ira's eyes and teeth returned to normal as the strong tickle in her nose caused her to lose control of her illusion.

"No Shadow!! Gimme a br.......a brea.....breahhh......Ahhhh....AHHH-TESHOOOO!!!!!

Ira sneezed hard. She lost focus on almost everything as the feeling of relief and pleasure filled her. Then she was falling. She disappeared through the portal, back into her bed room. She opened her wings to catch herself when...TESHOOOOW!!!! Ira sneezed again. Her wings flapped at an awkward angle and she was sent sailing across the room, spilling over her desk, through the collection of objects she kept there, and coming down in a heap on the other side. Of all the thing to follow her off the desk, her jar of magically altered fairy dust. A jar that was all to happy to empty its contents all over as it fell.

As Ira got her bearings she heard Shadow's snickering laughter.

"Shadow you asshhhah......holeahhh......EECHOOOOOW!! Behhh....beehhh.....AASHOOOOO!! Be gone!!!!" she managed to get out.

Shadow vanished. She would need to have a talk with that idiot about appropriate times for pranks. Now she had to get moving and escape-TESHOOOOW!! ESHOOOO!!! Oh wow did sneezing feel good though. It was hard for her to focus on anything else.

HAAAASHOOOOOO!!!! Mmmmmmh. Ira let out a tremendous sneeze and moaned at how good it felt. In fact, it felt a little too good. She frantically snatched up the jar that had fallen on her desperately hoping not to find what she did. It was the dust she had recently been experimenting on. Her goal had been to cause the user extra "enjoyment" while having a fit. In fact, if the person sneezed enough they would have a powerful.......well let's just say they would greatly enjoy it.

EHSHOOOO!!!! Ira's hips squirmed as the magic began it's work. "Good night this feels fucking amazing!" she thought. Her experiment had been a wonderful success but this was not how she had hoped to try it out. She had to get out of there before-TESHOOOOW!!! Aahhh!! Mmmmmmhh!!! Before the huntresses got free and came for her. Struggling, Ira got to her feet, clamped a hand tightly on her nose to try to slow the sneezing and headed for one of her homes many hidden exits.
Carrie saw the succubus rise, sneeze, then fall back through the portal wide eyed. She heard a second sneeze then a clattering crash and the sound of someone falling in a heap. Carrie raised an eyebrow in a "what the heck was that all about?" exspretion. The fairies who had all turned to watch the succubus' arrival hovered silently for a moment, then burst into fits of laughter. Loyal as they might be humor and amusement trumped all. They laughed and laughed ignoring anything save the hilarious thing they had just witnessed. This included the huntresses they had been teasing. Carrie saw her chance. She indulged the tickle in her nose. EHSHOOOO!!!!......EESHOOOO!!!!.....EHCHOOOOOOOO!!! Carrie sneezed as hard as she could and as she had hoped, most of the dust sprayed out of her nose. The tickle lessened greatly.

"Time alter! Triple Accel!!" she shouted and the world around her slowed to a crall.

This spell would allow her to more three times faster than normal and she hoped that not only would she be able to free herself but that it would slow the effects of any fairy dust still in her nose allowing her to overcome her fit of sneezing.

Looking up Carrie pulled her hands as far apart as she could then slammed the shackles together with all her strength. She was gambling that they were as old as everything else in this place and she was right. They shattered.

Now free Carrie quickly looked around the room and spotted Bree's sword leaning against the wall. She ran to it, snatched it up, then returned to her sister. She swung with all her might at the chain attaching Amelia's shackles to the roof. At three times normal speed, the sword easily sheered the chain in two. "Now for Bree," Carrie thought. She was already becoming tired but she knew she could free Bree before the spell broke down. Time Alter was very useful but very taxing. It took a large amount of both physical and magical energy to maintain. The faster she accelerated, the less time she could keep the spell together.

Carrie headed for Bree who was fastened to the far wall. Just as she reached her, Carrie felt her nose begin to tickle again. Moving fast had slowed the dusts effects but some was still in her nose. As she reached Bree, Carrie's eyes half closed and her mouth opened just slightly. She was going to sneeze. "Okay," she thought, "sneeze first then free Bree." Much safer than trying to swing a sword mid sneeze. Carrie turned around, away from Bree, and let go.

The pepper fairy Eshu was having the time of her life. What an absolutely hilarious day this had been. Three humans she had been able to trap by making one sneeze at the worst possible moment, one of her favorite tricks. She had been able to tease all three of them to her heart's content which was hilarious by it self, but what had just happened.....was there a word for more than hilarious? Eshu did not know but it defiantly describe what she had just seen. There friend Ira had just fallen through the floor and from a sneeze no less. Eshu could not have held back the laughter if she wanted to. She had been too busy laughing to hear Carrie's spell but she did hear the loud clang that followed. She spin around to find one of the humans free and moving way faster then she should be able to. By the time Eshu called out to Hashu and Rayshu, the two other pepper fairies in the room, the human had freed the second human and was on her way to the third. They headed after her.

"No fare! No fare! No fare!!!" Eshu thought "this human is spoiling all the fun. She-"


The fairy's thoughts were cut short by a tremendous blast of air. Carrie had sneezed. Three times. Full force. Uncovered. At three times normal speed. The result was a gust of air that sent all three fairies sailing across the room where they landed in a pile of old rags and cloths. Eshu sat up after a moment, a cloth amusingly draped over her head like a hood.

"Wow," she marveled, "what a sneeze." Then she flopped over on her back. She was not hurt but she definatly needed a minute.

Carrie stared for a moment, shocked at the force she had just unleashed, then she spun around, freed Bree, and released the spell. She immediately felt drained and had to put one hand on the wall to steady herself as she handed Bree her sword with the other. Amelia ran up having retrieved there clothing and her bow.

Meanwhile Bree ran toward the door to the room they were in. "Steel" she though forcefully in her mind and her skin changed into steel like armor. This was why she wore reveling clothing, she could change her skin momentarily to different hard substances. She was going to shoulder her way into the door and bash it down. Well, that was her plan at least. Just as she reached the door-


Bree was surprised by a sneeze with almost no warning. Her head and upper body pitched forward from the force of it just as she reached the door. She slammed it it head first breaking it down, tripping over it as it fell then sprawling into the hallway beyond. Carrie had to muffle a laugh, clamping a hand over her mouth.

Bree stood, her skin returning to normal but much redder than it had been as she flushed with embarisment.

"At least you got the door down," Amelia giggled "let's get out of here."

Sneezing periodically they made there way towards what they hoped was an exit.

MffffSHOOOOO!!!!! Aaahh!!! AAHH!!!! Ira tried to stop it but the sneeze got out anyway followed by the blissful wave of pleasure. She gave a short cry despite trying to stay quite. Her magic had been too good and now her skill was working against her. Truthfully most people would have collapsed already, succumbing to the amazing feelings the sneezes were producing. After all Succubi magic was made for this kind of thing although this was likely the first such application.

Ira felt another sneeze building. "Crap," she thought "I don't think I will be able to help it if this one slips out. I am gonna fucking come." She renewed her grip on her nose and started to tickle to roof of her mouth with her tongue. An old trick she discovered by accident that sometimes eased the need to sneeze. The feeling backed off the slightest bit. "Hah" Her breath hitched once and the sneeze held, for the moment. "Almost there. Almost there," Ira thought frantically. She was torn by the need to flee and the strong desirer to just give in and let the impending orgasm wash over her. To add to the problem, she was now soaked and everything was sliding and pressing as she ran increasing her pleasure.

There. The way out. She could see it up ahead, she could make it she- Heh!! Her breath hitched again. In her excitement she had stopped ticking the roof of her mouth and the other tickle increased in strength.

She had to stop it. She could'nt. She would get caught. She did not care. She-

Three things happened at once. Ira hit the door to the exit at a run and removed her hand from her nose to help open it fast. With her hand off her nose the building sneeze finally cut lose.


This sneeze was too much and one of the best orgasms of Ira's life began. Ira fell through the door landing in the warm forest on her hands and knees but she hardly noticed. White hot pleasure was pulsating through her radiating from her "flower" outward to the rest of her body. She moaned and cried out at the top of her lungs, any fear of being caught washed away by the tramendos waves of exsticy. In fact, all thought was gone save that of what she was feeling and still the pleasure grew in strength. Ira's eyes rolled back and her back flexed and arched as she grasped at the grass with her hands.


The dust was still working its magic and this next sneeze started another orgasm before the first had even finished. Ira's breath caught in her throat and her body shuttered as the second wave raced through her. It felt better than the first if that was possible. It felt like someone was inside her. Someone who knew just how she liked it and was very good. At the same time it felt like she was being eaten by a girl who was an expert. Ira had always believed that girls were better at flower kissing, her nickname for.......well you get the idea.

Her orgasm was both from inside and from the bud of her rose. It was unreal.

Ira squirted. She couldn't help it. The liquid ran down her legs to the grass below. She let out a long moan like scream then collapsed onto the grass her body twitching with aftershocks.

Ira lay there in the afterglow for what seemed like hours although it was likely only a minute or two. "Holy night sister," she thought when she finally could think again. "That was......." there were no words for it. She stood up slowly, dizzy and weak knees from what had just happened. Wow, just wow. She could not wait to try the dust again, on purpose this time. "If I use that on someone," Ira thought "I could live for a week off the pleasure I could feed on."

Then she head a twig snap from somewhere up the hill followed by two sneezes. Someone was coming. The huntresses! Ira frantically cast a quick illusion that left her looking like a beautiful blond elf. She was in no condition to run but maybe she could fool them into thinking she was another victim. She waited nervously.

Moments earlier.....

Carrie squinted as they emerged into the sunlight. Not the same door they had entered through but at least they we out side.

"I'm sorry guys," Carrie said "if it weren't for meh...Heh....ESHOOOO!!! ESHOOOO!!! HEH-ECHOOOOO!!!! Damn dust! It was my stupid choice to not disarm the runes. I got us into this."

"You also got Uh...AAACHOOOOOOO!!!! You got us out of it" Bree said with sneeze.

All three of them still had some lingering fairy dust that was tickling them.

"You did good little sis-HATCHOOO!! HATCHOOOO!!! Oh those fucken fairies!" Amelia cursed. "Sorry. You did well."

Carrie still felt bad though. "Next time" she thought "I will do better next-"

She was cut off but what sounded like a scream from the other side of the hill.

"The dark fiend!" Amelia shouted "it might be attacking someone. Let's go!"

"That wasn't a dark fiend," Carrie stated to say but the other two were already running over the hill to the other side. Was she the only one who saw that it had been a succubus?

They crossed over the hill and Amelia let out two more sneezes as the started down the other side. "So much for stealth" Carrie thought.

The three of them came upon a she elf lying panting in the grass. She looked shaken but other wise unharmed.

"Are you alright?" Bree asked. "Was it the dark fiend?"

"Dark fiend? Uh yes. Yes it was," the elf stammered. "I was just going for a walk when it came running out of this hill and just about ran me down. Scared me half to death"

"Well I am glad you are okay." Amelia said "Do you know which way it went?"

While her sister was talking Carrie just stared at the elf. Something did not look quite right. And was that the slightest hint of magic she felt? Standing just behind her sister and friend while they asked about the fiend, Carrie closed her eyes and muttered a spell under her breath. One that would allow her to see past illusions. When she opened her eyes her breath almost stopped. Before her stood the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.  A vibrant being with firey passionate eyes, colorful hair, and a body that would make anyone week in the knees.

Carrie's mouth hung slightly open, just for a moment, until her caught herself. Was she blushing? She sure felt like it. What stood before them was beautiful in every way as far as she was concerned.

It was still a succubus she finally thought. This amazing creature could be deadly and they had a responsibility. Carrie was just about to tell her sister what she saw when a thought accrued to her. This succubus was not very dangerous if you were prepared. It was hiding from them know because it knew it would lose a strait up fight. She could handle this one herself. It would help make up for her screw up and prove to the others that she was capable. Yeah she could do this.

The "elf" was finishing saying that her clan was camped near by and that she was grateful but did not need them to escort her home. "She likely wants to try to stay here," Carrie thought "perfect. I'll know where to find you."

Ira glanced at the third huntress who had been silent to far. Was she staring at her? Ira thought she could almost see desire in those eyes maybe even lust. These were looks she new well. "She must have a thing for elves." Ira thought.

"We should get going." Carrie finally told her companions. "It's getting dark and we don't want to try to fight a dark fiend at night. We can pick up it's trail in the morning.

"Agreed," Bree said.

"Glad you were not hurt shenii."(Ma'am or miss in elvish) Carrie told Ira.

Ira only smiled and turned towards the woods.

The huntresses stared back towards the village.

Carrie planned to return that night. She would confront the succubus and drive it off. She would prove she was a capable Mage. She would-

EHSHOOOO!!!!......EECHOOOO!!!!..... HASHOOOO!!!!!!!!

"Damn magical dust!!!" Carrie cursed.

Chapter 2

"Had a summer lover
In a forest so green.
Kept 'm warm in the winter
Left 'm frozen in the spring
My my..........
How the seasons go by."

Ira Kushami sang happily to herself, her hips swaying and bopping to the music in her mind. She had first heard the song in a tavern in Pineoak and thought it was absolutely great. It was almost written for a Succubus.

"O's and X's was it? Oh never mind," she thought.

Ira was back in her bedroom/sneeze lab packing her things and getting ready to move on. She really did not want to leave Pineoak as she had grown quite fond of the town and the woods in which it sat. Sadly however she was accustom to moving. Safer that way. Better to not get too comfortable and let ones guard down. Hunters were always out there. It was a shame that Succubi usually killed. As far as she knew she was the only one who did not. Not that any hunter would believe her so she guessed it did not matter.

At this point all she had left to pack was her lab equipment but she had work to do first. Ira knew she should likely wait and create more latter but she could not stop thinking about how amazing the special fairy dust had been. It had been like nothing she had ever experienced and she wanted to try it again. She also could not wait she watch someone else under its effects. Ira's hips squirmed momentarily at the thought.

The pepper fairies Eshu, Hashu, and Rayshu were tucked warmly into there nest like dwelling in the far corner of the room. Ira could hear them snoring softly. She yawned. It had been a long day and she was tempted to join them in dreamland. That would likely not be wise though, she told herself. She was already taking a risk finishing up this batch of dust and she needed to get moving. She would let her friends sleep until she was ready to leave then wake them and start out.

Ira added the final bit of magic to the dusk and held up the glass jar to take a closer look. The purple dust had just the right amount of red sparkles in it. It was finished.

She was about to put the bottle down when she saw a reflection in the glass. Someone was behind her!

"Shadow!!" Ira shouted spinning around.

"Dispel!!" came a female voice from the darker side of the room.

Shadow, Ira's familiar, had just started to materialize when he was sucked back into his dimension.

Ira stood shocked for a moment as the figure in the dark stepped forward. It was the huntress from earlier that day. The short one with the firey red hair who had said something to her in elvish. She had just smiled and turned way as she did not speak a lick of elvish. "Damn it," Ira thought "She must be a Mage. How else could she have banished Shadow."

Ira bared her fangs. She knew she was likely no match for a Mage but was not about to give up easily. She edged towards her lab table.

"That's far enough!" the Mage said "Serpent rope fasten four!"

Two ropes slithered down from the rafters like snakes and caught Ira by the wrists. Two more appeared from the floor boards grasping her feet. They pulled tight. Not painfully but Ira was held fast.

"Who are you?" Ira demanded with only the slightest hint of fear showing through. "What do you want with me? I did not do anything wrong."

"My name is Carrie. And you have been kidnaping people." the Mage said stepping closer to Ira.

"I never took anyone against there will." Ira said. "Not that you would believe me."

Funny thing was Carrie did. She did not know why but she some how felt the succubus was telling the truth. Was she glamering her? No she had prepared for that. How was this beautiful, sexy, amazing, wonderful creature doing this? She did not know why but she could not take her eyes off her.

"Your kind kill," Carrie said stepping forward. "I can't leave you to endanger the town." She kept moving closer to the beautiful creature. She knew it was probably a stupid thing to do but she almost could not help it. She wanted a better look and felt sure her magic would keep the succubus trapped. Carrie moved within arms reach then stopped.

"What is she waiting for?" Ira wondered. She watched the girl approach. There was that look again, she had seen it that afternoon on the hill. A longing look of desire. She sensed it more clearly now. This, Carrie, she was attracted to her. Ira tried not to grin. She might just survive yet. If she could get her a bit closer.

"You know," Ira said in her most seductive voice "this does not have to end badly. If you let me go I could make it worth your while."

She leaned forward as much as she could allowing for a rather generous view of her breasts to be seen over her low cut top.

"There are things I could show you you would not believe." she said watching as the girls eyes fix on her chest and not on what was slowly moving behind her.

"D-don't try to seduce me creature." Carrie stammered. Yet she still moved a bit closer. "I have a respons- HEH!!"

A sudden strong tickle filled Carrie's nose. "Wha-HEH?!" she said stepping back. She had been too close and had not seen Ira's tail until it was to late. The tail held one of the special feathers Ira always kept in her belt.

"Aww something wrong little Mage?" Ira said teasingly. "You look like you might sneeze. Better not because I really don't think you will be able to keep these magic ropes working if you do. Then again it doesn't look like you'll be able to help yourself. What a predicament."

Carrie was trying hard, rubbing her nose and trying not to breath through it. To her dismay the tickle only grew. "I'm not gonna sneeze, I'm not gonna sneeze.............Oh crap! I am gonna sneeze," she thought as she realized she had lost the battle.

Ira watched as Carrie's eyes half closed and her mouth open the slightest bit. "Wow she is cute," Ira thought as she drank in every detail of the coming sneeze. She found it quite hot watching the girl try to fight the inevitable. Finally.....


Carrie sneezed her typical triple. Enjoying for just a moment the feeling of relief that came with them.

Ira pulled with all her strength and as she predicted the ropes gave way. "That's much better," Ira said.

"Stop-HAH!" Carrie started but another sneeze had began its build up.

"Sorry honey but I have to be going," Ira said. "It really is a shame too cause your very cute." She turned to go.


Ira was hit from behind! Carrie had tackled her sending them both tumbling onto Ira's bed.

"Thought I was-HESHOOOO!!! helpless did you-ECHOOOOO!! Well guess aga-HASHOOOO!!!" Carrie said as she struggled with Ira trying to hold her down. If she could not speak for long enough she could not cast spells so this was really her last option. And she was pissed. At herself and at the succubus for tricking her. She planned to hold her down until she stopped sneezing and could get a full spell going.

Ira was caught off guard and while physically stronger than Carrie she had become tangled in the sheets and was fighting them as much a Carrie.

They rolled and turned and fought never really trying to hurt the other just trying to get the upper hand. All throughout Carrie was sneezing her head off.

In less then a minute they were hopelessly tangled and had some how wound up face to face and unable to move.

"Well this is just great" Ira said "Now look what you've done."

"This was your fault!" Carrie yelled or at least she tried to. She was interrupted by the biggest tickle yet.


Unable to move and with her arms tangled, Carrie's sneezes had only one place to go.

Ira gasped as the mist Carrie expelled showered her face. Watching the redheaded Mage from this close as she let loose her sneezes was to much for her to handle. She lost almost all thought save that of her base instinct. She was a succubus after all and had not fed in a while.

Ira kissed Carrie, deeply. She met resistance for only the slightest moment then, hungry acceptance.

At first Carrie was stunned by the suddenness and passion of the kiss then she was lost in it.

(I should pause for a moment to explain something. Succubi are different from other creatures in many ways and one of which is their saliva. It produces pleasurable tingles wherever it touches.)

When they kissed Carrie's mouth lit up with sparkling pleasure. It was like no kiss she had ever experienced.

Earlier that day.......

Carrie, Bree, and Amelia had returned to the town of Pineoak just after sunset. They were very tired and after returning to their rooms at the Pineoak tavern Bree and Amelia wasted no time turning in.

Carrie however had other plans. She was still determined to go after the succubus and knew that tonight would likely be the only chance she got. She had some preparing to do first though.

After returning to her room she immediately when to her spell books and began looking up protection magic. A spell to increase her life force so if things went wrong the creature would not kill her. A spell to counter glamours and charms so she could not be manipulated. A spell to banish familiars. One to make her immune to-


"Damn it!" Carrie shouted then clasped her hands over her mouth. If she woke her sister in the next room her plan might be shot. But she was so sick of sneezing. Every time she thought the pepper fairy's dust had worn off she was surprised by another round. And try as she might she could not find a spell to counter the dust's effect. She was down to only one set an hour so it could be worse she figured.

Okay almost ready. One last thing however. Carrie went to her bed and laid down. She had an itch of a different kind to take care of. Even though she knew she had to fight her, she still could not stop thinking about how beautiful the succubus had been. Carrie had always been attracted to both genders but most of her relationships had been with men. But this was different. The creature had been hands down the most beautiful person she has ever seen and she was monumentally attracted to her. To make matters worse she was horny. Which was the worst thing one could be if they were trying to fight a succubus. Likely it was from the beautiful creature but the fact that it had been a while was not helping matters. Carrie had to get this out of her system and she could only think of one way.

It did not take long........

Less than two minutes later Carrie was catching her breath. She had been able to remain quite but just barely. Okay. She was ready.

She got up and crept downstairs and out of town heading towards the woods.

Not long after she found herself in the old run down outpost under the hill. She made her way inside, this time disarming any magic traps she encountered but there were few. She crept down a level and made her way to a large room that had been arranged like a bedroom. She spotted the fairy nest near were she entered and could hear there soft musical snoring. She quietly cast a spell to insure they slept till morning them crept towards the succubus who was at a large lab table and was singing to herself. Carrie stopped to listen for a moment and found that the creatures voice was very beautiful. As for her swaying bopping hips and butt, they were just plain sexy.

She shook off the thought. She had a job to do. Carrie started forward.

Present time......

It took a minute but they were able to free themselves from the sheets. Carrie now lay on her back her clothing no longer on. She did not really remember taking it off, all she had been focused on was the amazing kisses that Ira was giving her. Not that she had gotten around too much but Carrie had done she share of kissing. This however was on another level altogether. The passion, the pure lust, the urgency of Ira's lips was unreal. Plus Carrie's mouth was alive with tingling sensations. "If the kissing was this good......." her thoughts trailed off as Ira slid her hand down her own chest and her clothing slowly vanished. Underneath was the most amazing body Carrie have ever seen. Perfect curves and shapes with just the right about of hips and breasts. Carrie reached up a trembling hand to touch them but Ira caught her fingers with her own.

"Oh you don't get to touch those yet," Ira said teasingly.

Carrie eyes were pleading as Ira moved out of her reach and lower her head towards Carrie's hips.

"I am starving and I need a snack first," the succubus said.

"What are you going to-AH!!" Carrie started to ask but Ira had touched the bud of her soaked flower and the sharp sudden pleasure stopped her words cold.

"Trust me" Ira said and she took one of the feathers from her belt. Slowly she inserted it into her nose and began twisting it. Dusted by the pepper fairies the feather did its job quickly. Ira's breath hitched and her eyes fluttered.


Carrie looked down puzzled.

Then Ira sneezed, right onto Carrie's flower which she had been gently holding open.


The spray that left Ira covered Carrie's flower and the young Mage gave a short cry of surprised and pleasure.

The effect was the same although instead of her mouth, Ira's saliva had set off fireworks in Carrie's flower.

Ira waited only a moment before plunging into Carrie's flower, licking and kissing every inch of it. Carrie's hips bucked and squirmed, her back arched and she raved like someone being mercilessly ticked. She could not help it, the feelings were too intense for her to stay still. Ira however never lost contact, she was skilled after all, her mouth continued its passionate kisses.


Ira sneezed again, this time with her mouth up against Carrie. It sent vibrations though Carrie causing her eyes to roll back and her mouth to open in a silent scream and still she had not even come yet.

Ira caught Carrie's flower bud between her lips and sucked, tickling the tip of it with her tongue as she did. This was finally to much for Carrie, her eyes squeezed shut and her face took on an almost panicky expression that many girls make when they reach a hight of pleasure they until then had though impossible.

Carrie's orgasm washed over her like a flood. She tensed, letting out sounds she had no control over. Wave after wave flowed through her and she though she might die from the unearthly pleasure. At that moment she did not care if she did. She would die happy. After what seemed an eternity the waves finally slowed and started to fade.

Ira however was still not satisfied. "Try a bit of this," she said leaning over Carrie's chest and looking into her eyes. "I'm sure you'll love it."

Carrie was about to say she did not think she could handle more so soon when a sharp tickle started in her nose. Her eyes popped open to see Ira sprinkling purple dust with sparkles of red into her nose from between her fingers like a cook adding a pinch of spice to a meal.

Carrie was in no condition to resist. She sneezed almost instantly but oddly only once.


Carrie cried out again in surprise and pleasure. The sneeze had caused her to orgasm again. The waves returned in force and she was once again carried off to bliss. As they calmed....


A second sneeze came along with a third orgasm.

This continued for four more sneeze each bringing pleasure as intense as the one before.

During all of this Ira drank deeply.

Succubi all lived on sexual energy and pleasure. Most are very greedy and impatient. They entice there victim and once the person begins to feel aroused they force the "door" open so to speak, sucking often violently, the sexual energy from their prey. They do so with such force that often the person's life force can be caught up along with the energy flow, killing them if fully drained.

Ira had discovered another way. Rather then forcing the "door" open she would continue to build the energy and pleasure up insider her partner until the "door" burst open of its own accord. Ira then drank in the overflow. It was like placing one's head under a fountain or waterfall and drinking what fell in their mouth while letting the rest rush past.

Being caught up in the wave Ira would not only feed on but also experience her partners pleasure. It was an unbelievably satisfying sensation as Ira felt her needs being fulfilled.

She closed her eyes subconsciously biting the side of her lip as the fiery sensation filled her. It was not quite the same as an orgasm. If that was like a wave this was like lowly submerging in a hot bath.

Ira sat up and opened her wings stretching them to there full length as she grasped the bed sheets with her hands and let herself be lost in the feeling.

Slowly after a few minutes they began to come down. Ira leaned over Carrie giving her one last long kiss although the girl barley seemed to notice. Then she flopped down on the bed beside her.

As for Carrie...... "I'm dead." she thought "I must have died because it is not possible for morals to feel that kind of pleasure." She was trembling. Sweat covered her from head to tow. She was panting and tears were in the corners of her eyes as she finally opened them. As she realized that she was not in heaven but still in the underground room she looked over at the beautiful creature whose bed she now shared. They were face to face. Ira's bright eyes staring at hers.

"I'm sorry" Ira finally said "I just couldn't help myself. You are just so beautiful and I .....I lost control."

Carrie was amazed. The succubus looked almost like she might cry. This was no blood thirsty creature as she had first thought. This was an amazingly human one.

"It's okay," Carrie said "That was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. Thank you so much. It was amazing."

Ira was stunned. She had never been thanked before. Most all of her partners had fallen asleep almost instantly after she fed on them. This Mage must have an amazing amount of energy in her.

"What is your name?" Carrie asked.

"Ira," the succubus replied. "Ira Kushami"

"May I share your bed tonight Ira" Carrie asked. "I feel like I won't be able to keep my eyes open much longer."

With that Carrie yawned, which caused Ira to yawn as well and remember just how tired she was. Like most creatures a nap after a good meal was very appealing.

"I would love you too." Ira said. She curled up to Carrie cuddling her in her arms and legs.

Carrie felt so warm and comfortable that she fell asleep almost immediately.

Ira took a moment to watch the young woman sleep. She found her amazingly beautiful and wished she could never leave her side. She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep wondering what the morning would bring and somehow knowing it would be wonderful.

Chapter 3

Carrie was so comfortable she did not want to get up. She had began waking as the room she was in slowly illuminated from the morning sun but the bed she was sleeping in was almost too soft. And these pillows were just, wow. She did not remember the inn having such nice beds. Perhaps the bed was responsible for the wondrous dream she had had. Wondrous and strange. It had been about the Succubus she had encountered yesterday, about going back to fight it and somehow spending the night together instead. A night filled with sneezing and........wait a minute.......where was she? Carrie's eyes popped open and she sat up. She was not in the inn. She was in an underground room. Sunlight was poring in through a window high up in one of the corners. Carrie moved to get out of the bed and placed her hand on something soft were her head had been.



A startled cry of surprise caused Carrie to give one of her own. She tried to spin around but her feet tangled in the sheets and she toppled off the bed onto her back.


"Ouch." she almost moaned.

As she looked up from the floor a head with brightly colored hair and even brighter eyes popped into view looking down from the bed.

"Oh my! Are you okay!?" Ira said

Carrie shouted in surprise again and without really thinking about it she cast a escape spell that she had intended to use if things went wrong.  One that would teleport her back to her room at the inn.

Before Ira could say anything, Carrie vanished.

"Hey!" Ira shouted to a now empty room. "That's not fair, we were just getting to know each other."


Carrie appeared in her room and blinked in surprise realizing what she had just done. It had been a reflex but one she now regretted. She had wanted to stay and talk about the night before. About what had happened and why.       Ira.       That was the creatures name. The world for love and passion in a ancient language that had been almost lost over the years. "Quite fitting" she thought "and beautiful." Feeling a sudden chill Carrie finally realized she was missing something important. Her clothes! She let out yet another surprised shriek and ran to the dresser for some new ones. She started to get dressed but not before the chill of the room made her...


"Oh wow" Carrie said as her nipples began to harden. It's just from the cold right? She was not getting turned on......was she?

For some reason her sneezes just felt different than normal. Better, more relieving, more enjoyable. "Why was that?" she wondered. Had Ira done something to her? She remembered the previous night and how good sneezing had felt when she was with the succubus. Maybe she had done something to her or maybe she had helped her to really take note of something she had taken for granted for so long. Carrie's nose tickled again and her breath hitched. She took a moment to really concentrate on everything this time. The burning tickle in her left nostril. The building need for release. The almost excitement as the tickle finally grew strong enough to cause a reaction and...


Carrie sneezed her triple as always but for the first time in her life she really relished the feelings. It was quite amazing when you stopped to think about it. A tease, a build up, a strong release, it was almost like a little orgasm.

"Hey Carrie, you awake yet? It's almost noon!"

A shout thought her door snapped Carrie away from her thoughts. It was her sister Amelia.

"Uh yeah. Im up, I'm up." Carrie said fumbling with the last of her clothing.

"Well we are heading down stairs for some lunch. You really should join us." Amelia said.

"Yeah. Sounds good. Gimme a sec." Carrie replied.

She went to the mirror and looked at her frazzled hair with a sigh. "Bed hair from hell" she thought. Well it was kinda cheating but she did have a quick fix for that. She spoke a spell and her hair went from an utter mess to beautifully styled curls. Sometimes she felt a little guilty using her magic to short cut things like this, but only sometimes. She took one last look at herself then went out to meet her sister. As she expected Bree was there too. Both were dressed in normal clothing rather than there hunting attire but Bree still had her sword at her side. While there was no sign of Amelia's bow Carrie knew that her sister was still armed with two daggers concealed under her blouse.

The three headed down to the inn's first floor which doubled as a tavern. It was already rather full as people gathered for the mid day meal. Bree spoke with the host and they were soon led towards a table. They passed through the crowded room Bree first and Carrie last. The Mage was lost in thought still trying to make sense of all that had happened last night. She was really only here so her sister and friend would not notice anything odd. As they passed the bar, which was surprisingly full for lunch time, Carrie was instantly filled with shock, surprise, and anger as she felt a hand grasp her butt. Her small cry of supersize was lost in the noise of the busy room. She spun around fully intending to brake the nose of whoever had thought they could get away with that. She saw a dark haired human woman grinning at her and she drew back to sock the idiot. Her raised fist stopped short however as the face changed for just a split second, the eyes becoming that beautiful bright color she could not stop thinking about along with the amazing colorful hair. Ira winked at her and the illusion magic returned once again hiding the succubus in human form. Carrie stood dumfounded. What was this idiot thinking? Was she trying to get herself killed?  She must have known Carrie would return to her fellow huntresses and they would not hesitate to-

"Carrie! You can buy her a drink after lunch. Come on I'm starving" Bree shouted teasingly.   

Carrie turned and walked to the table and to her dismay her chair was facing the bar and she had a clear view of Ira. They sat and a waiter came over to take drink orders. Carrie absentmindedly ordered a water and kept sneaking looks at Ira. Why was she here? How had she followed her? Most importantly what should she do next? If her sister and Bree got wind of the succubus less than five feet from their table there would most likely be a fight and one with her caught in the middle. She would never fight her friend or sister but she did not want to fight Ira either. Carrie looked up towards the bar just in time to see a familiar look of de
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Looks like this one also got cut off. I checked in forum settings and it doesn't SHOW there's a maximum character limit on posts, but there may be something there that caps it out. I would try to slice each post at around 50,000 characters or so. (There's a 20 second cooldown on posting if you want to avoid any errors regarding post speed.)

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Hey everyone. Sorry the ending got cut off. I will post the rest when I get the free time. Might take a bit but Iíll do it for sure. Till then just think of it as a to be continued. 😉