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[Dragon + Messy] Cuddle Troubles and Snug Hugs
« on: August 06, 2022, 01:31:41 AM »
This is my first actual completed furry sneeze story! It has quite a unique format compared to most other stories around here. The whole thing is told in first person, and the two characters donít even have names! Let me know what you think of this roguish approach!


Youíre cuddling in bed with me. Weíre having such a wonderful time together. Your dragon talons stroking down my fluffy hips while my arms are wrapped around your smooth scales. Our heads lean against each other with our eyes closed as we lay and snuggle in peace. Your eyes open and you familiarly feel your snout start to itch. You know youíre going to sneeze.

We both know you donít sneeze fire, though itís always messy and youíre embarrassed by how exaggerated your sneezes are, even though you canít help it. But youíre worried about ruining the moment weíre having together, itís just so perfect. Although you also really donít want to blast a cannon of snot at me from point blank range. You pull your head back from mine and tell me you might feel a pretty nasty sneeze coming on.

I open my eyes and notice for the first time how obvious it is in your expression that you need to let out a big one. I can see you start turning your head to the side and away from me. Then a smile creases my face. I wrap my legs tightly around your torso, then grab you by both horns and angle your head back directly towards my face, our eyes locked dead on and your face hitching and scrunched up desperately trying to fight off the pending sneeze, while my face looks hungry and devious for whatís about to happen. In a soothing yet commanding voice, I say, ďDo it.Ē

Youíre caught so off guard that it distracts you from the sneeze for a moment. You were certainly not expecting what you just heard me say. When the thought enters your mind, you hesitate at the awkwardness of it. Youíd easily be able to turn your head away to the side for the blast, if I wasnít firmly holding you in place by the horns. Youíre always powerless to move whenever I take hold of them. You also canít use your two hands to scrub at your nose or bat me away because my legs are trapping them by your sides. Even so, despite how badly you need to sneeze right now, every bone in your body is telling you, ďDonít do it.Ē

I can tell that your polite instinct or self-conscience fear is forcing you to hold it in. Smiling comfortingly, I bump my black nose with your heavily twitching snout between the nostrils. This squeezes your eyes closed, and I can hear you hitching quickly and rapidly as I see you trying so hard to clamp your mouth shut in the middle but the edges on each side are showing shiny fangs and a violently shuttering maw. In a soothing voice I coo, ďItís okay, I want it. I want to know what itís like to be sneezed on by such a powerful dragon. Theyíre always so strong and loud, yet youíre always so calm and timid. I wanna see what Iíve been missing out on. And besides, it would be a shame to have to pause such a perfect moment like this.Ē

That seemed to do the trick. I had broken through your stubborn instinct to be polite and fear of embarrassing yourself. You still canít move your head to rear back, but your eyes open a little as they roll up, your mouth spreads wide as you stop trying to force it shut, and your quick hitching gasps turn into long, slow inhales. Each breath gets longer, slower, and deeper than the last. Your muscular chest is expanding and compressing so much as you breathe in and out.

Iíve never been this close to you during a build-up before. The sight of your entire upper body as you gear up for a really big one sends shivers down my spine. Itís so exhilarating. I can tell this is certainly going to be one of the nasty messier ones: the roaring loud ones that send a geyser of snot in a splash area wherever that innocent yet muscular snout is pointing. And since Iíve held my steady grip on you this whole time, itís pointing right at me.

To be more specific, itís pointing directly at my face. Our heads are less than a foot apart. If I had enough time, I could count every one of your glittering white fangs as your enormous jaw stretches to its maximum reach. Nostrils flared wide, eyes once again squeezed shut, muzzle scrunched back as far as possible, your face presents the ultimate image of a powerful ďreally need to sneezeĒ expression.

And with that, you completely let loose. Without holding back at all, you make the longest, deepest, scariest roaring sound Iíve ever heard in my life, and you blast me at point blank range with a tidal wave of thick gooey snot as well as a whirlwind of of gigantic exhale. Snot from the wide open nostrils, wind from the overloaded maw. I definitely wouldíve been blown several meters back if my legs werenít clinging onto your torso so tightly. I feel as if Iíve been launched horizontally into a thunderstorm, with wind lashing against my face and heavy drops of rain pouring down on me from the front. It is the ride of my life.

After what feels like slowed down hours but was really only a few seconds, the long sneeze finally comes to an end and the snot and wind stop coming out at me. We both sit up and I can immediately see that you are completely exhausted. Adding on the persistent hitching of trying so desperately hard to hold it back at first, that massive sneeze really took out all the energy you had in you. Youíre panting slowly and deeply with your tongue out trying to catch your breath. Meanwhile, all my fur is ruffled and standing on end from the experience of having survived a gooey hurricane. I feel so exhilarated from the whole thing, as if I just got off a wild roller coaster for the first time. And only after wiping my eyes clear do I realize the very thick strand of snot bridging from my upper chestÖ straight to your two nostrils. I cannot help but snicker at it.

You regain your breath a little more and notice the strand for the first time. I can see you deeply blushing behind your scales as you freeze in utter humiliation. Itís a lot like all the times you sneeze in public and everyone turns their head to stare at you, except youíre even more embarrassed because this sneeze was ten times more exaggerated and went directly onto another living creature. Youíre so cute when youíre all flustered like this. So strong yet so vulnerable. At first you try to make an effort to apologize but your words drop dead before you even get any of them out.

I scoot over to you and wrap my arms around your body while giggling. Youíre still tense, but then I tell you, ďYouíve sure got a special nose. You know that? You really blew me away there. That was very powerful, Iím sure you really had to let that one out for quite a while there, and all just to please me. I think I owe you something in return. Now where were we?Ē I pull us both down from our sitting positions to lie back on the bed, next I take your arms and guide your dragon talons to stoke down my fluffy (and now snotty) hips once again, then I wrap my arms back around your smooth scales, and finally our heads lean against each other just as before, with the bridge of snot from your nostrils to my chest remaining intact. You close your eyes peacefully, and I can see that youíre even more content than you were before. I look over your shoulder to see your tail wagging. It looks like you wonít be embarrassed or ashamed of your big exaggerated sneezes so much anymore, now that you know at least one creature appreciates them. And I sure do love having a dragon with such an extraordinary powerful nasal reflex, especially when that dragon is really just a big softy at heart. With that thought, I chose my eyes too as we continue to cuddle and drift off.

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Re: [Dragon + Messy] Cuddle Troubles and Snug Hugs
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2022, 01:37:37 AM »
Thatís my first story! After years of reading all kinds of furry sneeze stories across the Internet, I have come to several personal preference analogies that I focused on following when writing this story. Check it out:

1. World-building and character introductions can cost more than theyíre worth. Sometimes itís best to simply start the story off right when the situation to trigger a sneeze occurs, and explain details and background ONLY as they become relevant to the situation. Thereís no need to go through paragraphs upon paragraphs of details on locations or history before finally getting to an actual sneeze buildup.

2. Donít just write ďAHHHĒ and ďCHOOOĒ all over the place to captivate the sneeze. Actually describe what it sounds like and the instant feeling effect it has.

3. Switching between character POVs while at least one is gearing up for a sneeze gets confusing for the reader. I understand that roleplaying stories pretty much demands that to work, but for stories written by one person, the entire sequence may be easier to follow if itís entirely seen through the eyes of just one character so readers donít get lost in whoís doing what.

4. Sneezes of normal everyday civilians can be loud and exaggerated with accidentally knocking down expensive vases and getting others covered in snot, but it feels out of place to make it so wild that a sneeze destroys an entire wall of a building. Thatís just unrealistic because in any world where such a constant major problem exists, they wouldíve found a way to fix it other than just hope the strong sneezers donít get their noses itchy for every second of their lives.

5. Not all sneezes need a trigger. Sometimes they can just come completely out of nowhere at an unfortunate time by coincidence, without being caused by an allergy attack or cold reaction or some tickly object hitting someoneís nose. Sometimes the best sneezes occur all by themselves.

I wanted to focus on all five of these unpopular sneeze writing techniques when making this story, and I think iím pretty proud with how turned out!

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Re: [Dragon + Messy] Cuddle Troubles and Snug Hugs
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2022, 06:30:12 AM »
I don't think those tips are unpopular at all. I pretty much agree with all of them. :P Though, I do like having some form of vocalization to help drive the imagination, to keep it focused. I think it's fun to consider these types of anti-tropes when writing stories though. Question why we do what we do, and experiment with alternatives frequently.
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Re: [Dragon + Messy] Cuddle Troubles and Snug Hugs
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2022, 08:39:19 PM »
Definitely turned out well.  Thank you!