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[F + Elephant] A Frisbee, a Trunk, and a Squirrel
« on: September 25, 2022, 05:17:57 AM »
An open park in the middle of a busy city can be the perfect retreat from the indoors. For a group of highschoolers that have been locked up all winter, it’s a go-to destination during spring break. On a particularly warm spring day, three seniors decided it would be the perfect opportunity to pick up their frisbee tournament from last fall. Really, it was just a matter of who had the least drops, nothing fancy, but they loved it regardless.

A female elephant gazed down the antelope to her left. The smaller girl was fast, but was she quick enough for the power throw that she had planned?

“Oh I see what you’re up to Lizzy, but I can catch anything you send my way.”

“Is that so Jessica? Well how about….” She turned the other way, “This!”
Lizzy snapped back round, jetting the frisbee to Jessica’s left side, but the gazelle was ready. She bound across the grass, placing herself underneath the frisbee, and as it slowed in speed, she leaped up to catch it, no problem.

“Aw, shucks.” Lizzy sighed.

The wolf boy on the other side smirked, “You never learn do you? Haha, Jessica never misses those.”

“I know I don’t! But I’m not letting Lizzy win again.” The gazelle smirked, she switched to an underhand grip on the frisbee. With the utmost grace and fluidity, she spun around twice before letting go of the frisbee in Lizzy’s direction.

The elephant girl thought she was ready, it wasn’t coming in fast at all she held her ground, waiting for it. “Alright, is that really the best you can…. Do?...”
The frisbee wobbled in the air, though not losing any speed. It began to curve to the right, past Lizzy. It zipped by and she watched, stunned as it zipped along further in its trajectory. It went around her almost like a boomerang, though it didn’t return to the girl who threw it. The orange disc went straight for a hole in the tree behind Lizzy and disappeared within the wood.

“Aw dang it you two, does your rivalry always have to result in the frisbee getting stuck or lost?”

“Calm down Andy, I’m gonna get it.” Lizzy remarked, then she continued under her breath, “So I can toss it right back at Jessica’s face for pulling a trick like that, hehe.”

She strutted over calmly, as to deceive her opponents. Upon seeing the hole, she tried to reach her hand in, but, being an elephantess, her height and proportions kept her fingers from reaching more than a foot in. “Shoot, hmm… I guess I could try my trunk? It’s skinnier.”
Normally, she didn’t like putting her trunk in unknown places like this, but winning against Jessica was worthy of exemption.

It creeped in, feeling around to be careful. She breathed through her mouth as she hated the feeling of anything foreign in her nose. She passed where her arm had reached, still nothing. A couple more inches, still only bark could be felt. It was fortunate that her trunk was so long, it had her to the point where only a few inches remained outside the tree when, “Aha! Gotcha now you mischievous disk.”

It was in an awkward spot and as her trunk was already stretched to its limit, it was tricky to dislodge.

What she couldn’t see was the squirrel that had noticed all the ruckus from downstairs and had come up to their attic to investigate.

“Ey! What’s the big idea?!” They grew outraged at the intruder, and got closer to shove them out. “Get outta my house ya big intruder!”

“C’mon… C’mon… Almost… Almuh...hih.... What’s that?!”

The squirrel’s tail was thwaping Lizzy’s trunk with force that, to the rodent, would at least deter. But to the elephantess, giant in comparison, it only tickled, especially due to how bushy their tail was.

“Eh… hah… Who’s in there? Stop ihhhh… it!” 

“All you big folk are the same, thinking you can barge into any little critter’s tree. Well, ya can’t!” They gave a swift hit across the end of Lizzy’s nostrils, the beginning of the end.

Her trunk was scrunching up and contorting as she hitched, “Ah... heh, heh, hih…. Oooh…..” She tried to regain her composure, but the constant barrage of fur was winning the fight. “Hggg, please, whoever is in there, stop it right now! You’re making huh-have to… Sne… suh… Sneeze!!!”

The squirrel finally comprehended what the elephant was trying to say and immediately panicked.
“Agh! No! No, no, no, no, no! You’ll ruin my house! Get that thing outta here this instant!”
They were now trying to push the dextrous appendage out by pushing at the tip, but this was the opposite of help at the moment. Their little paws only tickled at the most sensitive part of her trunk.

“Heeebehhh.... Don’t… d-duh-don’t touch my nostrils I- ihhhhh….” It was building up fiercely.

“Please hold it in!”

The elephant’s eyes were watering, and they shut more and more as the sneeze approached. Unbeknownst to her, but easily visible to the squirrel, the tip of her nostrils were growing scarlet from the irritation, and they flared bigger and bigger as time went on. Deeper and deeper breaths signified the beginning of the end.

“Ahh…. Ahhhh… Hihhhhhh……”

The squirrel turned back to see if they had anything to get the thing unstuck, but they forgot about their tail. It swished right onto, and then into Lizzy’s right nostril.

“OH! I- heh, can’t hih-huh-hold ihhhhhht! Ahhhh! Eghhhh!!!”

The squirrel ducked as best they could for cover.

“Gih-hih, gonnuhhhhh…. AHHHIIIHHHH…. KECHEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!”

Her trunk exploded into the tree, it rattled the whole thing as it did. The gargantuan sneeze pushed all the attic belongings against the opposite walls. The squirrel narrowly avoided getting an old nightstand to the face and tried to recuperate. They sat up slowly, and looked at the clutter around them. Their attic belongings were thrown about at the side of the tree she had been blown to, though most looked unscathed.

“Ah geez, well, I expected that to be a lot worse, but at least it’s over. Look, I’ll admit that my fuzzy tail might’ve caused this. I’ll get you the frisbee back as long as you-”

She was interrupted by a light breeze going by her. Looking back at the girl’s trunk, her nostrils were more normal size but the redness wasn’t gone. More hitches came from the elephantess, whose trunk-end now began to flare back as it had done before.

“Hggg…. I’b sorry…” Lizzy was trying, she really was, but she knew her nose too well, “I alwaiihhhh… always sneeze in thruh… thruh… threes!”

“NO! Don’t do it!”

“I can’t help ih… it… I can never do just one.  I… hehhh… ehhhbe...buh…”

The squirrel dashed as quickly as they could to get underneath her nose. They lifted it up with all their strength, hoping it would get directed upwards instead of at her or her belongings again.

“I’m suh… sorry… sor… suh… IIIIIIPPPKKKKTTTHHHH!!!!” Lizzy’s nose erupted again, a bit more powerful than the first time, though she tried her best to stifle it.

The squirrel was knocked to their knees but held their grip on the trunk. The sneeze didn’t blast their things to bits (or them), and rushed up the length of the tree.

“Thank the stars above! Now just keep it pointed up and-”

“Nnnggghhh…. HEHHHH….”

The girl’s next breaths were much more desperate and deeper. Her trunk started twitching and threshing violently.

“The last wih… weh… one is always the biggest… Ahh…. Ahhh…” Her body froze up, as all the motion was being taken up by her trunk. For the squirrel, it looked like a bucking bronco, smacking all around inside her home.


“What do I do?!”


“I”ve gotta… hmm…”


The squirrel took to instinct, as if it was actually bucking like a bronco, they were gonna ride it. They waited and leaped at the precise moment to land on top of its end. They held on for dear life, partially to stay atop it, partially to hopefully stifle this final allergic release. Maybe if they pinched it shut, it wouldn’t destroy their home? The squirrel’s grip was as tight as could be imagined for its size, and the moment of truth came.

“Guh-gonna…. Gonna! XNNNTTTT!”

They had done it! Only a stifle came out of the ginormous trunk, but then…

“Yes! That’s three, now get ou-”




“Hey, I thought you said only three!”

“I di-did, but my nose, heh… is stub-stuh-stubborn. It won’t accept any stifles, that just makes me have tuh, tuh, tuh, tuh… to sneeze more!”

The squirrel face planted into the trunk she was corralling in frustration, “So, you’re telling me that unless I let you sneeze the biggest sneeze ever in my home, your trunk won’t stop hitching?”

“Y-yeh-Yes, sorry…”

The squirrel hung their head, defeated, “Dammit… Alright, well do your worst.” They let loose their grip on the bulging sniffer and prepared for the end as Lizzy’s nose went into full meltdown.

As she continued some of her biggest hitches ever, the trunk flailed, but then started to contract in anticipation. It actually got shorter and shorter with each breath.

“Eh…” It shrunk a quarter up the tree.

“Heh… igheh…” Now it was a third the way up.

“Ebih… hggg… I’b sorry…” Now halfway up.

“It… it’s ehhh… gonna be hyuh… huge! Igh… HEH…” It had contracted nearly all the way up to the opening.

The squirrel, with their resolve, had one last plan. The impending sneeze would wreck their home if let loose, but what if they hit the thing out? It was already so scrunched up and it would all come out if given a proper enough shove.

“Alright, I either jump at it and save my home, or else an elephant's trunk is about to blast me to kingdom come. What could go wrong?”

They climbed on top of their piled up furniture and prepared to jump, “Here goes nothing!”
With a skilfull leap, they stuck the trunk square in the septum, and dislodged it from the hole just as Lizzy couldn't take it anymore.


Lizzy landed flat on her back, her trunk pointed straight upwards and her nose blew nearly every single leaf off the tree in a cone of area above her! They all came floating down as she sat up, dazed by the excessive outburst she’d just had. The squirrel look down from the hole this girl had peaked her trunk into. “Oh thank goodness, you didn’t obliterate my home!”

After a second of rubbing her trunk, and head for that matter, she looked back up at them. “Oh wonderful, I’m so sorry about all that.”

“Welp, I guess since ya didn’t cause any damage, you’re fine. But let this be a lesson as to poking around in places that aren’t yours.”

“Definitely, I-”

“Lizzy! Are you ok?”

Lizzy was cut off by her friends calling over to her, and she faced them.

“Yea! Just had a big sneeze!”

“Well, did you get the frisbee?”

“Oh! Hold on!”

Now she went back to the squirrel at the tree, “Excuse me, would you be able to get the frisbee that got stuck in there out for us?”

“If it’ll get ya away from here, sure.” And after a few seconds of struggling to get the disc that was super sized for them up and out the tree, Lizzy had it back in her hands. Though as she stared at it, the bare tree branches, and the squirrel she thanked for their help after the incident, a thought came to mind.

“Um… Might I ask one more thing?... Then I promise we’ll get out of your hair for good!”

“Oh goodness, now what?”

Within the next moments, Lizzy grasped the frisbee in one hand, and was right back up against the tree near the hole.

“Alright, ready? And you promise you won’t point it towards my tree?”

“I won’t! Absolutely.”

“Ok, here goes nothing.”

The elephant's trunk raised up to the hole, where the squirrel waited, turned around. Once it was lined up in height, the squirrel straightened out their tail and jammed it inside Lizzy’s left nostril! They twirled it for just a bit, and rapidly withdrew it, dashing back inside their home.

“Heh.. iiighhehh… Oh yea, nuh-now I’ll show  Jessic… Jessicuh….” Her nose began its usual twitching and flailing, and she allowed her lungs to fill up as far as they could. “Ahh… Ahhhh…” Another powerful one was building. Her trunk was going mad. She had to grab it with her free hand and she took the frisbee with the other and placed it so that it was gripped at the end.

“Hey Jessica! Get re… r-r-ruh…. Reeehh….ready! Hiiighhhiihhh! Aggghhhh!”


The pressure coming from her sneezing trunk blasted the frisbee to speeds it had never seen before! It zipped towards her friends, and didn’t give but a split second for them to react and jump out of the way. It zoomed past, all the way across to the other end of the park.

“Holy moly Lizzy, what was that?!”

“My new technique! Haha!”

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Re: [F + Elephant] A Frisbee, a Trunk, and a Squirrel
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2022, 10:22:14 AM »
very well written! ^^ keep up the good work!

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Re: [F + Elephant] A Frisbee, a Trunk, and a Squirrel
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2022, 01:19:16 PM »
Absolutely great read!

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Re: [F + Elephant] A Frisbee, a Trunk, and a Squirrel
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2022, 04:03:11 AM »
This was a treat to read! Normally when I've read fics with characters that sneeze in triples they're back to back rapids, but this has a lot of build up and urgency between each. The last one being "always the biggest" was the cherry on top.