Author Topic: Scooby Doo sneezing while hiding, First NEW comic & story in 1 yr and 8 months  (Read 194 times)

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I was inspired by my return of Agent Sonya story and artwork so I figured it was about time for me to dust off my pencil and paper and draw a new Scooby-Doo sneeze comic and what would a Scooby comic be without a story to go along with it.

I'm sorry it has been SO long!



Scooby-Doo and Daphne are trying to escape two more of Sonya's agents that are after them. They stumble upon an old factory, the Fluffy chicken feather pillow Factory. They duck inside and quickly start searching for a place to hide. They made their way up to the second floor when suddenly all of the overhead lighting is Switched Off. The two members of Mystery Inc are suddenly plunged Into Darkness. They freeze in place and both start to try and look around. Daphne whispered to Scooby to follow her as she got down on all fours and slowly tried to make her way Forward in the Darkness. Scooby-Doo was not sure which direction she had headed off in so he just stood there shaking with fear. He whispered Raphne Raphne rare are you and then he strained his large brown ears listening for her reply. He heard nothing and thought for a moment about loudly calling out to her but he knew that if he tried this he very well could give himself away. Lucky for Scooby that even though he could not see anything he still had his secret weapon, his highly sensitive super sleuth nose. He began to sniff around trying to pick up on Daphne's perfume. His large black nose suddenly picked up on a faint trace of Daphne's signature scent. He put his snout to the ground and began to sniff wildly from side to side as he slowly began to walk forward as he followed her scent. His Jowls rubbed against the cement floor as his large nostrils flaired wildly as he sniffed and snorted at the ground. He had not moved very far from where he had started, Maybe about five to seven feet but he started to pick up the scent of Daphne's perfume much stronger. Scooby suddenly heard the sound of two pairs of stiletto heel boots on the cement floor of the floor he was on. He began to move quicker in the direction of Daphne's set. His nostrils flared and strained as wide open as they could as he frantically sniffed at the floor. He moved a couple more feet forward when suddenly his body froze coming to a dead stop. There was something in front of him, no wait it was on top of him no it was all around him. Scooby's sensitive nose suddenly felt an intense tickle all around it. He lifted his head up off the ground and he felt the tickles that were around his nose fall away unfortunately for the large Great Dane he still felt two very intense tickles one in each of his nostrils. As he stood there in the darkness he could feel something up inside his nose lightly wiggling and tickling around. His eyes quickly filled with tears and a thin layer of sweat covered his body. His nose begin to Twitch and scrunch up on his face. His big black nose began to Twitch side to side almost like something was chasing it. A terrible yet familiar sensation came over Scooby-Doo he could feel a sneeze beginning to build inside his nose. He quickly raised his right paw and placed his plump Brown pointer finger against the underside of his nose. Scooby-Doo could feel his tears running down his cheeks and mucus dripping from his nostrils running over top of his pointer finger. What was even worse was that his finger under his nose was not helping to hold back his building need to sneeze if anything it felt like it was making things worse. Suddenly his finger slipped Away from under his nose as he could feel his lower jaw begin to quiver as his mouth fell open. His nose began to tickle even more intensely and it actually felt like something was up deep inside each of his nostrils tickling around. Scooby-Doo could feel his eyes growing heavy lidded as his eyebrows rose up on his forehead and began to knit in together. His body taking in large gulps of air as he could feel his nostrils straining wide open as a snotty discharge streamed from them. Poor Scooby thought to himself oh no please not again not another sneeze. His brain tried its best to fight against his noses necessary reaction to produce a powerful sneeze to expel the irritants from his nose. A mental tug-of-war was taking place between his brain and that small spot in his brain known as the sneeze Center and at the moment his sneeze Center was winning. Scooby-Doo's mouth fell open wide as lower jaw fell open slack. His eyes closed tightly Squeezing out a river of Sneezy tears. His head began to rear back a little as his large nostrils strained. An audible sound begin to come from his mouth the sound of a building sneeze, raaaaaa, yaaaaaaa, yeeeeeee. Scooby-Doo fought as hard as he could but as his body began to build with a powerful need to sneeze the tickles deep inside his nose was growing unbearable finally he could not take the tickling anymore and a powerful sneeze erupted out from inside of him RAAACHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!