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[Guide] How to use the new Media Gallery
« on: May 04, 2011, 11:23:39 PM »
Reaching the Media Gallery

Getting to the Media Gallery is fairly simple. First, you must be logged in to access it. Second, either click the Media button listed in the main navigation at the top of the screen, or click the "Art and Stories Archive" forum link on the front page. Option three is to just click here. You still must be logged in.

Using the Media Gallery

The new Media Gallery has been well received, but many of its features are going unutilized. Please take a few minutes to read through this list so we can make the best use out of this amazing addition to the site.

Navigation from Home

Navigation Bar: Found at the top of the screen immediately above the Shoutbox, this is the forum path and can be used for navigation. Immediately below the Shoutbox, there are a few other links available on all pages of the Media Gallery.
   Home - Takes you to the main Media page, same as if you had clicked the Media tab.
   Unseen - Lists all gallery items that you haven't seen yet, as well as images with new comments on them.
   Search - Brings you to a search page where you can search various fields of the image information.
Home: Welcome! Oh, and there's a link to the old style art archive listed here for those that prefer the text-only listing.
Albums: Images are sorted into various folders termed albums. Some of these albums have sub-folders. The numbers listed say how many files are in that album.
Recent Items: Shows the 10 most recent uploads to all albums.
   View - Normal view is the default for images and shows a small thumbnail. Filestack view is the default view for story albums and lists the files in a manner similar to the way the old archive did.
   Sort by - You can sort by rating, views, date, and alphabetical. Doing so here will sort all items, doing so in an album will sort only for that album.
   Image Stats - To get to an image, click the title, not the thumbnail. Listed on each image are number of views, number of comments, and the weighted rating of the image.
Random Items: Five random items from all albums. Maybe you'll find something neat from this.
Recent comments: Lists the most recent comments to the gallery uploads.
Latest Albums: Meh, pointless really, with how things are structured. Can't remove it though.
Statistics: File and comment totals.

Navigation in Albums

Not too much is different here. Albums are sorted alphabetically by default, show 25 items per page, and Benevolent Dragons have the option to "mass download" entire albums.

Loading the Image Page

There are two ways to get to the image, one is the proper way, and the other is a method that I wish I could remove.

Clicking the Title: - The correct way to access an image is to click the title of the image. The title is the text found above the image's thumbnail. Doing so will launch a page that contains details about the image such as cause of sneeze and the artist's website. Most importantly, doing so allows you to rate and comment on an image.
Clicking the Thumbnail: - The incorrect way to access an image is by clicking on the small thumbnail. Not only does this not bring you to the page containing extra information, but it does not even bring you to the full resolution of the image you are trying to access. I cannot change this functionality (though someone with coding experience likely could) so please, click the image's title instead.

About the Image Page

EXAMPLE - Furaffinity Banner

Now let's go over the features that an image page has. I'll be using the Furaffinity advertisement banner as an example for this.

Navigation: An important part that's a little hard to find. The navigation bar can be found below the forum tabs and above the Shoutbox.
Film Bar: For lack of a better name right now, the bar of thumbnails at the top of the page. This navigation is slightly different from the normal small-thumbnail view. Clicking on an image here instead of the title will not take you to the image-only view. Also, clicking the double arrows at either end will advance you 5 images in that direction. Sorry, I can't change the coding to make the titles show their full length here.
Image Pane: The image and other information
   Image Title - Full title of the image. EXTRA - ARTIST - GENDER - TITLE - EXTRA2 See "About the Archive" for more information on the naming process.
   Image - The image itself. If the image is an animation, a Flash thumbnail may be used instead. Images shown here may not be the full resolution. If not, click the image to view the full size version.
   Description - Used mostly for stories and for some of the animations, provides extra information about the file.
Info Pane: Details about the image, many of which are searchable by clicking on them. Sadly, the search function removes the ability to sort, and multiple fields cannot be searched at once. Yet another shortcoming of the Media Gallery, but the functionality still exists.
   Posted - When the image was uploaded.
   Width Height, Filesize, Filename - Technical fields, self explanatory, no one really cares :P
   Views - Number of views given to the image.
   Rating - This feature allows users to rate/vote on the image. You can give a rating of between 0 and 5. Select a rating from the dropdown and click "Rate it!" A note about "Weighted average," this feature causes the value of the votes for someone who votes on everything to be worth less than those of someone who only votes on an item or two. This is the 'official' value of an image. When viewing the image page, you can see the actual rating of an image with the yellow boxes. For example an image is rated as 4.5 with 2 votes. It had been given a 5 and a 4. The weighted average reads 3.65 despite both votes being higher than 3.65. That's just how the system works and it's not a bug.
   Sizeplay (Searchable) - Found only on Stories, sizeplay gives information on the size of the sneezer. For more information, see "About the Archive"
   Anthro? (Searchable) - Is the sneezer anthropomorphic or non-anthropomorphic (animalistic)?
   Gender (Searchable) - What gender is the sneezer?
   Species (Searchable) - What general species is the sneezer?
   Cause of Sneeze (Searchable) - What is causing the sneeze depicted?
   Artist Name (Searchable) - Who drew the picture or wrote the story?
   Artist Website - The artist's website, if available.
Extra Buttons - There's a few buttons under the Image Info section
   Report - I believe I have this one enabled for anyone to use. Click this if the information listed on the image is incorrect for some reason. Mistakes happen, so if I tagged something wrong, or the artist website link is incorrect or broken, report the image and let me know.
   Download - Click this to save the file to your PC. You may have to right click and save as to do this.
Comments: An underused feature of the Media Gallery
   User Comments - If there are any existing user comments, they will be displayed. Comments themselves cannot be replied to, only the image itself.
   Adding a Comment - Okay adding a comment is admittedly really hard to figure out. For whatever reason, it's hidden. To show the box to add a comment, click the arrow at the very bottom next to the word "Comment." After that, type in your comment and it will be added to the image.
   A note about comments - Adding a comment will list a notification to the Media tab at the top. I don't know how to turn that off, nor do I know how to view a comment without clicking individually into each image. Given such an inconvenience, I actually don't mind all that much if no one uses the comment feature. :P

Other Questions

Can I upload images? - No. Only I will be managing the gallery, despite functionality that could be added to change that. If you wish to contribute, please see "About the Archive"

What does the number mean next to Media? (Media [506]) - That number is how many unseen items there are in the gallery. To remove this number, there should be a quick way to mark everything as 'seen'. Viewing 'unseen' will show you only the images that it has marked for you as unseen. It's a little cumbersome but not horrible.
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